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If you could be the 'God of the Simulation' would you do it?

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posted on Jan, 22 2018 @ 11:37 PM
Howdy! For me, it would depend on why I made the simulation.

If I made it as an experiment to see how they developed and what they became, then I wouldn’t intervene. Whatever happens, happens, regardless if they stumbled upon my existence.

If I wanted them (solo through all) to have a certain end development stage, then I would intervene as I felt necessary to ensure that end development was achieved. That includes if I felt “bad” element/s would interfere with or taint the end objective, I would subtly eliminate those bad elements by natural causes, freak accidents, etc.

In either case, I wouldn’t want to be worshiped or have my existence known.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 04:31 AM
a reply to: Nothin
I haven't criticized anyone specific, just making observations, sharing facts, opinions and perceptions or impressions in general (I also use the verb "seems" a lot, referring to 'seemingly to me, from my perspective or perception, as far as I can tell'). Why do you imply things about what I don't want to dip my toes in that are incorrect/untrue/false and read into my words if that was what was implied with that phrase about toe-dipping? Is criticizing something I shouldn't do for some reason? Why do you make fun of me supposedly not being rational, having the effect or ending up painting something negative on and being critical of my way of thinking, reasoning or commenting?

I love fiction for my entertainment, I just don't get fiction and reality confused. I love my imagination and that of others. Almost all the movies and TV-shows I watch are either fantasy or science-fiction. Have I offended you for speaking about reason, facts, truth, reality, knowledge, fiction, imagination, falsehoods, myths/false stories, things that are falsely called "science" or "knowledge", "smooth talk and complimentary speech" and a standard with which to measure new information such as the claim or philosophy/idea that reality is merely a simulation (or any variation on that such as the phrase "persistent illusion" that seems to be popular as well and connected to Bishop Berkeley's philosophy of immaterialism, tar-water salesman extraordinaire)?

For those with nothing better to do, here one can test their reasoning skills and knowledge (familiarity with facts/truths/realities):

True or False IQ TEST

Of course, the quickest way to do that test is to answer every question with "we don't know (yet)" even when you know the correct answer. But I don't think you get many points for that, actually, the option is not available in that test, perhaps because the answer is available to those who do know the truth of the matter* or acknowledge their ability or want to learn it? *: in this case regarding the questions asked in that test and in this case one can also discover the truth of the matter (the correct answers to those questions) if one uses their reasoning skills in a proper effective manner on the knowledge one possesses related to the questions; a proper effective standard with which to measure new information.

Quoting you:

Do you think that those posting in this thread, live-out their entire lives irrationally?

No, that's why I didn't say it. I hope you're not trying to fit me into a box with a label on it or are reading something into my words that isn't there.
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