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Trailer Porn: Blue Planet II

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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 12:38 PM
The groundbreaking original released almost 17 years ago remains one of my all-time favorite documentaries/series ever. So I'm a little more than excited for this next installment. If you remember anything about the original, you will remember the revolutionary visuals and the incredible scores, along with the amazing stories narrated to us by the great Sir David Attenborough. Can't wait to see what they were able to capture with all this newer technology. I think I can listen to David speak all day.

I will keep this short & sweet and let the trailer speak for itself -- with the help of Hans Zimmer and Radiohead.


posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 12:44 PM
a reply to: knowledgehunter0986

Please don’t put porn in titles. It gets my hopes up, then when I click on them, my hopes are shattered.

On a less devastated note, it’s good to see the series is coming back. I used to really enjoy watching it and learnt a lot about our little rocks creatures.
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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 01:44 PM
Oooh, looking forward to this one! You're right- that Blue Planet documentary was stunning.
This trailer looks so cool! Loved the music too

(Have you seen Baraka btw?)
Have a great rest of your weekend!

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 02:02 PM
Islamic singing, couldn't watch beyond that.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: TinfoilTP

That's english. And its Thom Yorke. Are you being facetious?

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: zosimov

Nope, but after googling it, I think I might have to now! I was actually looking for a documentary to watch.

Have a great Sunday, my friend.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 03:06 PM

originally posted by: denybedoomed
a reply to: TinfoilTP

That's english. And its Thom Yorke. Are you being facetious?

No, I was being turned off by the definitive Islamic style music. Very New World Orderish.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: TinfoilTP

To each his own i guess. Never considered radiohead to be islamic new world order-y.

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 04:34 PM
Awesome, absolutely love this stuff, as it provides glimmers of hope about beauty and awe in our world that is not only aesthetically satisfying to behold and be part of but is also necessary for our system of systems to thrive and function. It's so sad we have such paradise around us and yet we either take it for granted or fail to act/ support conservation of such ecosystems.

So while I am elated for this release and hope it will serve to draw forth admiration and a sense of stewardship for our planet, I also want to take this opportunity to juxtapose another reality, the other side of the same coin, if you will.

I apologize for being Danny downer, and it is not my intent to stain the idea of this thread, but rather accompany the scope, and drop some seeds of awareness that may serve to summon a deeper concern for the largest habitat on earth.

Trailer for A Plastic Ocean on Netflix

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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: waftist

No need for the apology, that is a great addition and an important sentiment. The more awareness we can bring to this beautiful planet, the better!

posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: knowledgehunter0986

Thank you! Fond memories of this. Not only was it an amazing series that I showed to anyone who would watch it, I have a CSB for it:

The original Blue Planet series had a 1-800 cable TV ad.

I remember sitting with my grandmother right after she asked me what I wanted for Christmas and the ad ran. I said "How about that?" and she promptly ordered.

I did have to wait till Christmas to get it, though. =)


I remembered a friend and I were watching one of the episodes at his apartment. Out of nowhere there was a bright flash, followed by a weird, green, orb-like light that came through the curtained window. When I said "WTF?" (not shortened) he simply said "I don't wanna talk about it. Someone is f-ing with us."

Never will forget that event, and blue planet was playing at the time.

Again, thanks for jogging a happy memory of my dearly departed Grama! And a really weird experience I shared with a college buddy!
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posted on Oct, 15 2017 @ 08:08 PM
Trailer porn...
Dolphins that spit...

Consider me hard!!

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