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Mandela Effect theory: 'The Babel Virus - SIGINT Consciousness Manipulation'

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posted on Oct, 9 2017 @ 03:08 PM
a reply to: fleabit

It's not limited to words - it's memetic information, which can be codified & transmitted. The auditory & visual centres of the brain could be stimulated, and so images of Dolly in Moonraker could very well have been incorporated into the signals. You have to imagine the signals as somehow propagating through a carrier wave, a medium, which can be interfaced with the human brain/mind. Imagine an aquarium with lots of fish & unusual creatures swimming around, with various staging & props being situated around & about - and here's you, wandering along on the bottom of the tank as you go about your everyday business, but unless you're in a particularly receptive state, you're unable to see these weird & wonderful creatures & props around & about you in the medium of the water (a standing waveform which facilitates the impelled movement & interference patterns of a variety of memetic imagery, perhaps even having words & phrases hung around their bodies). Every now & then, when you're daydreaming or in an otherwise receptive state, semi-hypnotised, in a light trance, you can catch glimpses of these weird & wonderful shapes & forms swirling around you in the medium, and indeed at the subconscious level they are always perceptible - only strengthened by enhanced receptivity. This is one aspect of my 'aquarium theory of mentation by proximity within the medium'.

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posted on Oct, 9 2017 @ 11:27 PM
I've also come to think there might be some sort of technological explanation for the ME. I posted this elsewhere but it's backed by links to mainstream research.

I don't believe that the ME is a result of time-travel or parallel dimensions. Please see the links to research papers below on optogenetics and how this science can be used to implant false memories, visual and auditory hallcinations by aiming light signals at the brain.

There is a new field of scientific research called "optogenetics". Optogenetics uses light to stimulate and control parts of the brain and has been used recently to implant false memories into mice. The following articles are either from mainstream science publications or are actual research papers so this technology and science is actually possible today from publicly known information and is not in the realm of science fiction. This science has been used to create false memories and create visual and auditory hallucinations. I believe that this technology could explain the Mandela Effect bearing in mind that there are no international laws or treatises on bioengineering and there's no legal or ethical obligations for scientists developing this technology to adhere to. Also, the known papers are just what is in the public domain, it could very well be the case that private entities are much further along in their research.

this article talks about memory implants. From the article (emphasis mine):

Berger and his research partners have yet to conduct human tests of their neural prostheses, but their experiments show how a silicon chip externally connected to rat and monkey brains by electrodes can process information just like actual neurons. “We’re not putting individual memories back into the brain,” he says. “We’re putting in the capacity to generate memories.” In an impressive experiment published last fall, Berger and his coworkers demonstrated that they could also help monkeys retrieve long-term memories from a part of the brain that stores them.

It can be used to control the brain remotely via light and at the level of individual neurons:

It can be used to create advanced visual images in the brain (emphasis mine)

Even when detectable sensations are elicited, reports differ regarding the content of the evoked sensation. in some studies, patients reported sensations of ‘complex forms’, such as faces or visual scenes from memory [10,19,29], while in other studies only simple form sensations, such as phosphenes or colour spots, were evoked [18,20,28] (figure 1a). The circuitry of visual areas further downstream may generally support more complex electrical activity patterns that cannot be readily induced by focal electrical stimulation. We discuss in §2b(i) how these differences in evoked percept might arise from anatomical and functional differences between primary and extrastriate visual cortex in both the human and non-human primate brain.

It seems like it can also manipulate/create auditory hallucinations

These findings provide a synaptic and circuit basis for the motor-related corollary discharge hypothesized to facilitate hearing and auditory-guided behaviours.

Not forgetting that scientists can already manipulate memories with it:

Tying them all together is that this research is all in mainstream science publications and the Royal Society link above already shows they are experimenting with humans (I believe it was blind people in that case).

Scientists Use Light to Reactivate Lost Memories in Mice With Alzheimer's Symptoms

Again, this science is from mainstream science publications with research papers so it's not in the realms of science fiction. I'm interested to see if the Mandela Effect sceptics are willing to consider other possibilities when presented with evidence. Again, I don't believe the ME is the result of time travel or parallel dimensions and am happy to reconsider my opinion on any topic if I'm presented with new and better information. I'm not even saying I'm right about this technology being behind the ME, but would you agree that it could at least be included as a consideration?

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 01:49 PM
I have witnessed something that I have been debating whether or not to speak about, and I think I figured out how to do it responsibly. I am posting it specifically in this thread because it is possibly explained best using the theories introduced here.

About 3 weeks ago I witnessed at least 1 thread announcing the death of a very popular ATS user. There was a memorial thread stating they had passed away due to natural causes, and multiple pages of people giving their condolences. I didn't comment on that thread because I think giving condolences to a dead person on a forum is a waste of time, and because I didn't particularly agree or respect the way they go about things.

Then last week I saw someone mention hoping they would chime in on a particular topic, and I almost commented "they died 2 weeks ago", but as I continued to read the thread I saw them post multiple times. Obviously they are not dead, and I am unable to find the thread mentioning their death using the search function.

Without stating who they are, out of an attempt to not be morbid or disturb the hell out of them, did anyone else happen to notice that?

Very, very strange. I am really hoping someone will be able to validate this for me.

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