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Will an economic collapse be beneficial to us in the long run?

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posted on Oct, 1 2017 @ 10:24 AM

originally posted by: starwarsisreal
a reply to: AboveBoard

I'm a millennial and I seriously have no faith on my own generation. All they cared about is their iphones and other petty things.

And even if I don't want it, it's inevitable due our flawed current economic system. Trump hasn't done nothing to improve things. All he cares about is twittering rather than leading. If he and future presidents focused on the root causes like removing the parasitic bankers, only then will we see improvements.

The only best thing is hope for the best.

Ok. I agree with the Trump twitter comments and leadership issues, because I'm not a fan of his.

I also know that EVERY generation has the same issues. Not every individual is shallow and self-centered, but that is what being immature is - being self-focused as opposed to civic minded or other-focused. It's part of our growth spiral as humans.

Anyway, I think you mean well, but I disagree regarding the "remedy" you proposed. They've already seen "The Great Recession" and suffered massive amounts of unemployment coupled with massive amounts of personal debt, often school loans.

As to what will "work" for them - becoming parents and having that kind of greater responsibility might shift their energy towards being more other - focused. It's the first generation of technophiles, so there's gonna be a bit of an evolutionary swing in regards to media focus and communications...


posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 12:20 PM
Will an economic collapse be beneficial to us in the long run?


Not at all.... we really need to put a 'collapse' in better perspective...

sure the Petro-dollar and the USD as the global Reserve Currency Days are Numbered
but the replacement coming principally from Russia/China & BRICS/SCO/ eastern financial powers
will decimate the Main-Street USA population (but not so much the Deep-State & Elites/ Gov't employees/those with connections

for instance.... with $20+ Trillion on the books as Debt, unsecured Debt, by all rights the DOW and Bonds should have already started Spiraling into their respective Oblivion... a crash of 49% on the DOW and 8% interest on Bonds/Treasuries

but the DOW is nipping at 23,000 before Trump even passes any form of Tax restructuring/decreases & seeing his 1 year anniversary as a beleaguered President

the DOW bubble is still factoring in the $20Trillion+ in accrued Debt... and is secure that the Fed policy for inflation will succeed and dollar devaluation (huge deflation) will not happen in the next 10 year forseeable future...And the Fed policy of containing some $14 Trillion in assets & cash monies within the banking system itself...God-help-us if the Fed & the TBTF banks open the flood gates of all that pent up USDs that is stragecially removed from circulation---or we would have a Venezualia crisis explode in our faces within 2 months !

i'm not adding to my sparse Dividend Reinvestment Plans for any more contributions...I seek storable foods/equipment/goods instead with my disposable income...

I would not be surprised if the bloated/ballooned Stock Market got past 23k-24k in 2018 and even up to 30k DOW by 20-20 or until the public & world lose confidence in the USA Fed economic tricks/metals Fraud/DOW manipulations asndd turn Eastward to the Shanghai Gold Exchange & Eastern Markets & One Silk Road program instead of the fraud riddled Western Bankers & the scams of that rotten swamp of Zombies
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I made this post in reflection of reading the following
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also see:

lists the many nations now signing-up with the Eastern Money bloc, the list of usa allies is a tell-tale sign that folks like Germany are covering their butts.. & the Saudi's are fixing up a oil-yuan-gold exchange process that might soon outpace the shrinking petro-dollar matrix
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