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My (original)demos at soundcloud. Album recording already in process. Link at bottom.

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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 09:21 PM
I saw a thread that looked like this except it was about covers of other artists.

Here is mine, except: All original material. Link at Bottom

Hey guys and gals of ATS. This is a thread I decided to make just for you. I started playing drums 15 years ago. This thread is about my music life so far, the up-comes and let-downs I've had through that process and how I finally convinced a serious producer to produce me and my record. The next step is to get a manager, a record contract and a band since I'm finally recording my album in a serious studio. It is finally getting real.

The fact of the matter is I'm from a big Island with little to none population in most of your eyes.

In 2003 I bought my first drumkit and I started teaching myself and through my friend who is a guitar player to play drums. His father was an adept drummer/teacher and he(my friend) had lept up a couple of things here and there. I became adept in the style we were playing, Hard Rock/Metal, in a year.
I could do the rolls and keep the beat as long as I followed the rythm guitar. Not good enough(the drums lead the rythm most of the time).

Scroll down one year and I was a lone drummer, basically kicked out of the band because I had a serious finger injury and could no longer accompany the band in practices nor on stage. They used that to their advantage to get rid of me to get a better drummer. I am thankful.
28 stitches later and all odds bent towards me losing my finger and the movement of three others and hence my drumming skills, it was my right middle finger and basically the majority of my hand. The doctor predicted I would lose my finger and never regain control in my other ones.

I decided the best way to recovery was to train as much drum techniques I could and usher in the ability to PLAY GUITAR,
a thing that had always petrified me in awe of dreaming of learning.

I fell IN LOVE with Classic Rock/Pop and Folk.

I started writing songs with that in mind.

Take note: (I had always been a classic rock/pop, folk and britpop fan) but the only thing I had experience with, was metal.

Hence, I was an adept at drum technique, and later (through self teaching) guitar and bass. The only thing left was to learn how to control my voice.

I started looking into frequencies and how everything relates to scale. Light, colour(which is light), sound, electricity(those things can be converted to each other and hence you can get an equivalent of each from the other) etc. Basically the vibration of my vocal chords in this instance.

I succeeded in time.

Through that process I discovered the "rythm" how to "ride the snake" and the mathematical rythm that related to humanity and our understanding of bpm and hz. In theory at minimum and it his quite hard through practice of all the instruments. To be like a steam-train. To keep that "chugga-chugga" in time, every time IS hard when you don't realize what drumming is: Keeping time. Tic-toc.

The demo's I'm gonna share with you involve me, and only me. I play guitar, bass, drums and I sing lead vocals and backing vocals.

The thing is. The first recording is from 2010 and the trouble I had with drumming, guitar, bass and vocals since my beat was off time many of the times and I was still learning everything else as well. I was changing the beats per minute manually(me playing) to the feel of the song. And since I was recording I tried to keep the drums as SIMPLE as I could.

I mastered the "familiar" "feel good" rythm a year ago and it will be featured on my album, thanks to Ringo(of The Beatles), Mick Avory (of The Kinks) and all the greats; Ginger Baker, Ian Pierce etc.

But all the drumming in my demos is simple.

Hence. wrong because it isn't the feel of the songs.

I was stuck in some presupposed bodily function that had just this mechanical rythm and was way off keeping it becaue I "felt the music wrong".

I did not "feel the snake".
The many rythms we are attached to through feeling and all those bands (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks
Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Eagles etc.) had. They did not use metronomes nor any measurement most of the time.

Mainly feel.


So I'm gonna share with you a DEMO record that is basically recorded without metronomes (except for "The Son" and "Children of The Light") and cuts/inserts.
The only edits made were "live" digital effects and overdubs because I am just one man. I can't Mitoses.

This is not gonna get me attention in the long run because this demo album is as it is and the channel on soundcloud is more than one years old. And I will close it on the first of October

(These demos will close on October 1st)

So for the first time I am opening myself to the public with my music and I choose you ATS to be the judge.


So basically It's all me, guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

I used no metronome except on two demos.

No cuts/inserts. hence all "live" overdubs when they are. Basictrack then overdubs.

Produced my me.

Recording in process in studio.

Enjoy. :




I understand if this breaks T&C. So mods remove if thread is such.
The soundcloud tracks will be gone October 1st 2017.

Enter at your own risk.

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posted on Sep, 21 2017 @ 09:34 PM
I need to send this to the sis. She loves this kind of stuff.

posted on Sep, 22 2017 @ 12:04 AM
could only take about 15 seconds before stopping, sorry. Just when I thought it was going good you went all out of whack then normal again then whacky. Lol. May be ur style or something but couldn't listen any more. Lol. Sorry

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