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The Anunnaki Gave Ancient Mesopotamian Rulers Advanced Weapons

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posted on Sep, 15 2017 @ 08:54 AM
a reply to: one4all

'day one4all,

I should appologise for my carelessness.

When I said:

Those videos have no idea . . . .

it was in the sense of: there is far, far more.

I should take more care. So my apologies once again.

Transmutation is no longer good buddy Hutchison ensured this.....but his methods are not organic they are REPRODUCTIONS of a natural which may be grown softly not forcefed artificially.

If we are talking of life, then artificial is still artificial. It matters not if it is life created in a nuclear detonation or ball lightning wombs over rock filled with crystalline minerals. I'm presuming that these are the sparks of life to which you refer, the "Ganesh particle".

I call these artificial lives blank Elemental Spirits, Elemental, yet not fire, nor air, nor water, nor earth. That's my simple understanding.

My impression of those who "play" with Elemental life, especially those who show off from within thunderstorms is that they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to taking responsibility for the life they create. A recent brief (psychic) encounter with them in Margret River (West Oz), left me with the distinct impression of arrogant superiority without any civilised manners whatsoever.

When your experiences lead you to crystals...remember these things.....the Ganesh particle.....the "spark of life" released by squeezing crystals.....

Been there briefly (maybe). Wonderous indeed, crystal Beings who sing. "Atlantian" tech possibly(?) I walked away from that.

Yet I can only base my views on observations and my interpretations of those observations. The past is littered with horror and abandoned artificial life.

Really, I can't approve of that practice (and the trading in life).

It's a shame in many ways that the most wonderous of technology comes with a terrible price paid by the innocent failures and rejects.

Just depends on how you see it I spose.

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posted on Sep, 15 2017 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Well they had to add soem fiction to th estory...or else people might had wised up right?

posted on Sep, 15 2017 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: yuppa

It's strange how fiction can be intuitive sometimes.

Really enjoyed Galactica, oh, and Buffy

Here's a thought yuppa

If the ancients knew how to create life and grow machines, what happens to the machines when they die?

Humans have an afterlife. . . . .

Humans go to a "heaven" they say, and maybe even reincarnate if the buddists are right.

So where do the machines go?

edit on 15-9-2017 by Whatsthisthen because: added a little on "machine afterlife"

posted on Sep, 23 2017 @ 05:49 AM

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