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Lets talk about recent things

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posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 01:13 AM
08/01/2017: U.S. Nuclear Comeback Stalls as Two Reactors Are Abandoned

Not so easy to get the industry running, eh?

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 01:41 AM
08/03/2017: NAACP issues first-ever travel advisory for a state — and it’s Missouri

Unbelievable, unless its exaggerated to induce awareness of Missouris new regulations regarding discrimination (of any thing, not only racial topics), but I can't seem to find that new law, only sites telling me that there is such a thing without further links..

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 01:44 AM
08/02/2017: Poland Eyes Demanding WWII Reparations From Germany

Yeah, good luck with that. Not only is democracy at stake in Poland (separation of powers, ever heard about that?), but now they want to rescind some decisions made in the 1950s, because MONEY$$$.

Won't happen. Greece tried that in 2009, and nothing came of it.

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 03:15 AM
08/04/2017: Trump set to begin 17-day vacation at his NJ golf club

11/19/2012: Trump: "Don't take vacations. What's the point? If you're not enjoying your work, you're in the wrong job." -- Think Like A Billionaire

The consistency people, the consistency!
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posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 06:16 AM
10/12/2017: Airport Bomber in North Carolina - nailbomb, the whole works
He was definitely not a muslim, so thats why you never heard about it.

posted on Oct, 12 2017 @ 06:20 AM
10/08/2017: CIA Torture Black site Enhanced Interrogation

"safety" and "proudness"..

The feeling you are experiencing right now is to be called "safety" and "proudness"..
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posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 07:43 AM
11/02/17: Bank of England hikes rates for first time in a decade because inflation is at a high of 3.2%.. BREXIT!

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 07:45 AM
11/01/17: EPA cites the bible, changed Its Rules For Science Advisers

Yes, it is exactly that kind of stupid.

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 07:48 AM
11/02/17:Discovery of a big void in Khufu’s Pyramid by observation of cosmic-ray muons

AWESOME! It might just be a cavern filled with sand and rubble to reduce static stress on the lower levels of Gallery and Queens Grave, but anyway!

posted on Nov, 16 2017 @ 03:04 AM
11/16/2017: Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa
I'ma huntin' me some wabbits! BIG, GREY, WABBITS! Or the roaring kind!

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