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5 min protein soup ~yum!

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posted on Jan, 31 2005 @ 10:53 AM
Ok so I was bored one night, thought i'd screw around in the kitchen and use up leftover's sooooo I took out:

A box of fat free chicken stock broth
1/4 colby jack cheese
8 stocks of celery
4 dashes of worchesterchire sauce

and cracked pepper to taste.

WOWZERS! This soup was awesome... It's only takes 5 mins to make and it's good for 4 servings, make sure to stir until cheese melts.

Throw in some corn starch to add thickness, and thanks to eoh, mine wasn't lumpy this time!!

Slice the celery thinly, and i'm sure if you diced up some tomatoe's it would taste even better, but I didn't have em so I couldn't use em.

Good luck and lemme know how it tastes!

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