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Its your journey

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posted on Oct, 26 2016 @ 05:20 AM

Plato once wrote a allegorical work called the;" Allegory of the Cave ". First time i came across this, was about three years ago..
I never understood it then, i placed a subjective view on it based on my experience in life and i wish i could remember my interpretation of it..

Plato didnt really described the world as we perceive it, but more to how reality exists if we only learn how to observe and listen.. Most of the human race or actually the wast majority, will always live in the cave and enjoy life as naive children to its end..

What happens when you start to perceive reality in a way that is real.. When you can look at the Hanging gardens of Babylon, walk dry riverbeds even look for gold in King Solomon wast mines.. See the tree of knowledge with the apple and the snake.. Walk around in King Solomon stable or even look at the piercing of Jesus but one remarkable tale was watching King Arthur lift Excalibur..

I did a journey of my own, to search for my history, instead i found a legacy, a legacy i found scary at first. I embraced it and tried to understand it more than just to have knowledge about it..
The philosophical discussions made by old references of deductive and inductive arguments to fine the middle path..

Is my journey ending or come to an end, well no. Perceiving reality as it is will make a decision to work for humanity easier, cause three years ago, i wished the end of it..

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