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Is it important for a world leader (U.S. President) to believe in God

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posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: ChesterJohn

if you believe not in god then you have already won yourself over to science.

Science definitely wins me over. I value evidence over faith. Happy we are on the same page finally.

I find your blind faith, and absolute ignorance towards science, the least likely thing to win me over.

But science is not the tell all of truth.

Science is about discovery. There is a lot left to be discovered. Unlike religion, which falsely claims to have all the answers already.

There is no evidence that any stars came before the earth.

Good grief.

Genesis also says birds flew above the oceans before all land animals. I'm sure you would say there is no evidence birds evolved from land animals though, right?

All the science is wrong. Hell, maybe there is no such thing as evidence!

posted on Oct, 31 2016 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

"cosmetologist"? That's a make-up artist. LOL!! Ironic.

Love them Freudian Slips

posted on Nov, 1 2016 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: ChesterJohn

Then you must reject the Talmud, The Tanak, Quran, the Veda's, et al all books that relate to religiousness of any kind from the cuneiform writings of Gilgamesh to the the current writing so L Ron Hubbard and Scientology, the JW's, the Mormons, and the Muslim et al. And stick to you pseudo intellectual practices that make you the god of your domain.

This you said I "must" do after I stated the clear truth that the Bible is not a "true story."

I have no problem "rejecting" the Talmud, The Tanak, Quran, Veda's, cuneiforms, cave paintings, hieroglyphics, Dead Sea Scrolls, or any of it as being "TRUTH." That doesn't mean they are 'trash' --- I've already many times acknowledged that The Bible - for whatever it lacks in true journalism - is a world-heritage piece of literature.

Not even a big novel or a 'series' - just a compilation of short stories, memoirs, surmises, hearsay, and fables. Every culture on earth has an "origins" myth. Yours is no more accurate than the Australian Aboriginals' Dreamtime or the Native Americans' turtle island....

That said, all of those volumes you listed above have value as artifacts and expressions of humanity's desperation to understand that which we are unable to understand. We WANT to know why we are here, where we came from, etc.

I think Ancient Aliens is a thousand times more likely to be true than any of the 'angels' and 'miracles' and 'spontaneous healings' and 'resurrections' in the various creation myths.

And I don't need your permission to disregard any of those cherished volumes as "truth" - because they are not; if they were, they would all be the same. But they aren't. So - none of them are accurate or true, unless there are pantheons and each tribe or group has their own separate 'gods' ---- and if that's the case, where did all those 'gods' come from?

If you've been paying attention to my stream of thought at all, you'd know by now that I'm not an atheist. I am - and will remain - an agnostic unless and until indisputable personal experience shows me otherwise. I already have had paranormal experiences like 'ghostly' things happen. I've already had near misses where I'm sure 'angels' were nearby and helping.

I believe in reincarnation, and the eternal survival of the soul. I just don't believe in your personal God and "Jesus". While I think Jesus was telling the truth as well as he knew how, considering he was a Jewish Itinerant Rabbi living where he did after he came back from India/Kashmir where he studied with Buddhists, he did not have the safety of free speech or the language to try to explain things in a way that his listeners could grasp.

Sadly, that is still the case - the mythology has been misunderstood and mistaken as "truth", because the feeble minds of your average Joe or Mary can't wrap their heads around anything more esoteric without their eyes becoming glazed over.

Anyway - Jesus didn't die on the cross. He was taken down still alive, given to his friends to tend to his injuries, and survived. He said his goodbyes, and then he went back to Kashmir, where he is buried now. He lived to be an old man there, and they knew him as Issa.

Look it up.
You won't turn to a pillar of salt for reviewing the other candidates for 'truth'. I promise.
God would want you to investigate, to humble yourself to my ideas just as you'd like us to humble ourselves to yours....

fact remains:
Agnostic. We DO NOT and in fact CAN NOT know. On purpose. Some of us do, who have been around the celestial block a few times --- and we come back here to teach and try to help the true seekers. But the proud know-it-alls, and the staunch champions of fable as truth, are not ready yet. You just aren't. It's okay. You'll get plenty of chances, and you'll be back time after time until you get to the enlightened level you seek. Keep trying, though. Don't just decide you are correct when nearly everyone around you has clearly demonstrated that you lack any evidence and that you are mistaken.

posted on Nov, 4 2016 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

we'll see soon enough.

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