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Alleged IS terror bomb constructor in germany

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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:57 AM
Ok, now all eyes are on Khalil A, the owner of the appartment.

Where the "security" forces NOW(they didn´t find it right now, thats their story now) found the explosives in a fridge.
How long does a special forces team need to find an already finished suicide bombers vest and 1,5kg of explosives an a fridge. I mean, where can you hide a fridge in an appartment?

Because first the story was that they needed several hours to find any explosives, first it was just chemical residues that maybe could be used to build explosives. So every "sleepsheep" thought it was hidden somewhere, maybe behind a double wall or similiar. But now they found a vest and 1,5kg of explosives in a fridge, because the explosives had to be cooled? How long does one need to find and open a fridge???

The more i hear, the more i look into that story, the more ridiculous it gets.
I even had another idea. Listening now to all politicians from all parties demonizing saxony, it´s officials right now, maybe i have to look from another perspective to the whole event. Maybe this was an attack from the western parts of the secret services, deep state, against the nazi-contaminated federal state.

Because now every politician demands a cleaning up in saxony, that now the barrel is overflowed.
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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 06:02 AM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Personally speaking, I think a great deal of this crap is engineered to produce phobic tendencies in the population. History shows that those prone to intolerance, hatred, bigotry and so on, are easier to control by propaganda, than those who are aligned toward a desire to unite people of all backgrounds.

That whole right/left thing is created to divide the people. Like other things are used for the same purpose, old vs young, middleclass vs poor, poor vs poorer, employees vs unemployed, etc, etc.

So the people are deflected from the real terrorists, the real criminals, the real responsible individuals and the real reasons for things that happen.

That is for sure!

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 06:16 AM
Next curious thing:
Normally terror suspects instantly are brought to Karslruhe(to be jailed in Stammheim or Bruchsaal later) in a helicopter, with a bag over their head and escorted by special forces.
Not this suspect, Albakr.
So the (western german) Attorney General(sitting in Karlsruhe) didn´t even think that this guy is really a terrorist?
Not the only one then...

Another "funny" thing:
I heard one of our media attention seekers aka politician(or even ex politician now, thought he quitted some days ago), Wolfgang Bosbach, saying:
"Now we don´t know anything about the backers. Where did he get the explosives from?"

Thought the suspect ordered chemicals via the web, thought he cooked it himself and build even a vest with hot-melt glue. And that this glue was the reason for the failed try to arrest him(funny, isn´t it, not the ordered chemicals, but the hot-melt glue...)?
Those officials need to arrange with each other better, to fool the people!
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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 07:09 AM
Another candy from todays press conference: the woman who was supposed to do the suicide watch in prison was in her first year of education on the job. (Azubi).

So the most important terror suspect who escaped police twice and could potentially have valuable information on terror cells/connections is guarded by one woman who is a greenhorn on the job!?

It just seems they tried everything to get the guy from the hook, one way or another.

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 07:28 AM
The guy was under surveillance before (in 2015) despite being an "asylum seeker" he traveled twice to Turkey and even Syria.

I begin to wonder, if there is a connection to the bombs in Dresden.

Just recently there have been two smaller bombs blown up, one near a Mosque, one near a conference Center.

Most media declared it as "right wing" attacks - with zero evidence.
Since the mosque is a Ditib Mosque, and Ditib is accused of being behind the coup in Turkey - i could see a turkish organisation behind these attacks.

And maybe this AlBakr guy knows more, or rather did know more..

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 12:27 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Karlsruhe? He didn't commit any acts of terrorism, he was charged for conspiracy and possession of explosives or something like that. Thus Leipzig, makes sense if you ask me.

Anyway. This story is getting weirder and weirder each day. Let's see if I get this straight.

The judge said he denied food and thus deemed him suicidal. But the JVA Leipzig decided otherwise, didn't put him in a special cell for suicidals and after a little chat with a psychiatrist they've declared our possible suicide-attacker non-suicidal.
Someone saw that he destroyed the lamp in his room and meddled with the socket in the wall and yet didn't review their assessment? But our greenhorn had a bad feeling and found him dead later on, surprise!

Was wir über den Tod von Jaber al-Bakr wissen (german)

Reform of security legislature, that's what this seems to be about. Only the special services are under federal control, Police is part of the regional administration. The 'incompetence' of our Saxon Police in this case will be sold as the legitimate reason to bring Police under federal control, further reducing any 'lack of communication'.
And we'll see our politicians whining for more security laws nationwide, of course... fricken deep state terror! We're obviously being played here.

Thanks for your contributions, folks!

posted on Oct, 15 2016 @ 10:35 AM
As a little time went by, and i have some space to gather informations, i will do this today and tomorrow and post the news.

As i read now, we are now at 2kg of explosives, but only 500g were found...

I will now check all the illogical informations, psreaded by our "security forces" and the MSM.
The whole timeline of the event, the official statements to the events, are completely different.

We have from "no evidence for IS ties" to "fast-radicalized IS terrorist" to radicalized by Imam from Berlin" over "no concrete evidence for any target of a terror attack" to first "trains as targets" to now "a Berlin airport as concrete attack target".

We have our "Masterchief" of the Verfassungsschutz, Maaßen, in two inzerviews, telling two different stories.
First he said that the Verfassungsschutz was aware of al Bakr since the beginning of september. Because of findings and informations from secret service circles, "security" circles. I even read, at that time, that this informations came from foreign secret services. After this informations they tried to identify(?) and localize him, as he said. And that they were successful at Thursday(!) before the failed arrest. (Btw, the whole desaster is described as great triumph of the "security" forces by Maaßen, many politicians and the MSM xD).

In another interview he said that they were able on friday, to identify and localize al Bakr...

Then we have Andre Hahn in an interview with BR2, vice chairman of the parliamentary control committee of the secret services, saying that al Bakr was under surveillance for a longer time.

The Spiegel:

Middle of september: First informations arrive at Verfassungsschutz and BND. He is accused to have ordered chemicals via the web. He is under surveillance. He was able to take shelter at Khalil A´s appartment in Chemnitz.
Friday(!): The Verfassungsschutz is able to identify and localize him ruffly, and informed the police.

An observation since the mid of september would make sense now, after they know now, suddenly, that al Bakr travelled for one day to Berlin, "to check out the airport..."
I travelled to Duesseldorf the other day. So it is a must to think that checked the airport in Duesseldorf, isn´t it?

In an interview on monday after the failed arrest Maaßen talked about the security measures that were taken on friday(again not thursday, like in the first interview) before the attack. That they knew from "security circles" that al Bakr wanted to attack trains, then this information concretized to an Berlin airport, somehow. He said that his agency had informations about al Bakr having contact to the "IS". What was put into perspective by himself the next day, in an interview with the ZDF. Now he only is talking about "good reasons" to think that al Bakr maybe had contact to the "IS"...

Furthermore he said that the Verfassungsschutz noticed that al Bakr ordered chemicals via the web. The problem here is the version of the Attorney General, from the 10th of octobre, where Khalil A, the owner of the appartment, ordered the chemicals. More over his version says, or said at the 10. 10., that there are NO findings for a concrete target of al Bakr`s alleged bomb attack.

The question about which "security circles" it have been, that gave the informations to the Verfassungsschutz, is "answered" only very vague by him, with "Police", "intelligence services" from germany and europe. Respectively the exchange with partners. Where did that news about foreign intelligence services come from, that was reported by the MSM?

There is one "journalist" that brought the US americans into the game. Florian Fade from the Springerpresse´s WELTonline. It´s Springerpresse, one of the biggest transatlantic, US loudspeakers and opinion makers. Not to trust, but maybe they were right, because of their transatlantic contacts. Who knows, nothing in this story is to take serious anymore, especcially for the official versions, the different ones. He said that US intelligence had tapped into mobile telephone conversations of al Bakr. Withou giving any source for this assertion.

Including the alleged calls to the "IS" contact persons in syria. They heard allegedly that 2kg of explosives were ready. And they allegedly heard that al Bakr named a Berlin airport would be better than trains, as a target. And that this calls were the reasons for the security officials to take action at saturday, the following day. In this WELT story, there were allegedly two detonators, screw-nuts, glue, metal pipes and 1kg of chemicals, that could be use to build TATP, were found. Do you miss something, like i do? Don´t forget that one version tells us they found a suicide bombers vest, almost ready built, only the "uninsurable" hot melt glue was missing, that is needed for every bomb vest...
"Following our experiences, hot-melt glue is usual with persons that want to do suicide attacks, to build the vests..."(Maaßen)
I have problems now to stop laughing again...

So, allegedly 2kg of explosives were ready built, only 500g of the explosives were found, one suspect was on the run(possibly with the rest of the explosives). Allegedly they even knew that al Bakr wanted to allegedly attack an Berlin airport(following one of the different official stories).

Why wasn´t that Berlin airport closed down because of a terror threat???

There are one million more questions. Now i will gather new informations, maybe too about the outcome, the coming success of the "peeping Toms", the big brothers with their demandings for more power to big brother.
(we need a joint smiley too, i don´t drink alcohol xD)
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posted on Jun, 5 2017 @ 04:50 PM
Germany believes it can construct an army of refugees military aged men, to be used as cannon fodder against Serbia, Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine after its re-unification with the Eurasian Union. This is of course another hallucination of the German-EU failed leadership, as the only thing that can come out of it is terrorism in Europe.

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