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Alleged IS terror bomb constructor in germany

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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

See this story in light of the other 'incompetent' acts lately and patterns emerge. Dresden crimescene issues, boyish pranks and now more blind spots to ponder about. Reminds me of the NSU-terror-story with vanishing documents and our nasty BKA actually covering up murder.

Forget those bastardly liars, traitors and murderous scum, here's the deal: we could end this for good and make syrian refugees our new agents in the field, that's obviously the efficient way to counter-terrorism.

Great thread, it's a tad too focused on the details for my taste. Looks like you've observed all that madia-spindoctering meticulously for hours, holy crap... who does that to himself voluntarily? All hats off, that's darn admirable! Stay frosty!

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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 04:00 PM
Thanks for the compliments!

And yes, i have to think of the NSU too, for sure, as of the second and third generation of the RAF.
The Celler Loch for example...

I just came back home and i am tired, have to sleep.
But one i have to leave before i visit my bed.

I told you folks about the Sauerlandgruppe.
Ok. So now, the reason why the limping and shuffling chemnitz suspect could flee from the "protectors" was their clothes, their battlegear of 30kg. Sorry, but a cop that can sprint for several meters wearing a 30kg battlegear should be no cop!

And now guess why the "protectors" couldn´t catch Daniel Schneider, one of the so called Sauerland Gruppe "Terrorists"...
Because of their heavy battlegear...
Link german, please use a translator

I love those "coincidences"...

Tomorrow i will have something more, some fresh stuff!

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Following the incident, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that "we have to do everything humanly possible — and, if necessary, change the laws — to ensure people's security."
Merkel has been repeatedly criticized for her open-door policy toward refugees, which resulted in millions of undocumented migrants from war-torn regions entering the country.
According to German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, parallels can be drawn between the incident in Leipzig and the deadly attacks in France and Belgium.

German Authorities Likely to Beef Up Security, Change Laws Amid Terror Alert

No sh!t, Sherlock!
Oh My Goddammit, bluntest Bull#-Terror-Bingo at it's finest. 3 strikes and you'll pass out!

Well. Let's change the laws for work as well, for security reasons!

0,9 out of 100000 workers die due to fatal accidents at work, which is roughly 13 times (lucky number) higher than the terror-quota of immigrants for 2015 alone: 1 out of 1380000.

More water on the basic income mills, it's way too dangerous to work your ass off...

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posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

And coincidentally all these terror attacks are similiar, even the explosives

They used TATP because you can find all the chemicals to build your bombs, in most stores, without the need to show and ID

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 05:57 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

i will, im at work so I just scanned my eyes over at lunch. Probably more the situation i am in terms of time. I dont go on in much at home. will give it a read seems to be positive comments about this thread.

the joys of being a slow reader

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 09:15 AM
Beobachter: Thanks for producing this thread.

Today the german news outlet "Die Welt" reports, that Al-Bakr went back to his old apartment in Eilenburg, Saxony.

Police even warned the guy who lives there now to not open the door, since the syrian on the run could come back to his old apartment.
The guy who lives in the apartment was not at home, but his girlfriend openend the door.
She and a neighbour said Al-Bakr was not alone, since multiple voice have been heard.

They called the cops. It took them one hour (!!!) to arrive at the apartment. Al-Bakr had not car, he propably walked to the train station (15 min walk) and took the train.

So he evades the GSG raid (german special police force, similar to SWAT teams). Then he appears at his ex-apartment (which the cops assumed and hence warned the tenants). Despite that it takes them an hour to go there. Eilenburg has a population of 15k so, one hour is ridiculous.

Later he got caught by some other syrians. The story there is, he asked for a sleepover,they called the cops, but the cops did not understand (language issue), so the syrians handcuffed the guy, snapped a picture of him and went with the picture to the police.

All according to the media. Strange strange story.
Plus there would be an accomplice still on the run.

Die Welt article (in german)

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 01:27 PM
a reply to: svetlana84

Here's a good piece in english:

Mr. Bakr and another Syrian who rented the apartment in Chemnitz are in detention. There has been no information so far on possible accomplices.

Refugee’s Capture in Germany Is Said to Thwart Terrorist Attack

There's nobody on the run. Not according to the nytimes, SZ, FAZ or heise.

Problem with this 'would be on the run' part is your source Die Welt, I guess.
But you're right. It's a very weird story, stranger than strange.

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 03:51 PM
Came right back home, the newest thing i can tell you is that the suspect Jaber Albakr commited suicide.
It was known that he might try this, then you are under constant surveillance in a special cell.
But somehow he could commit sucuide.
Or should i better say that a witness was silenced?

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: PublicOpinion

Terror-Bingo, i know a german website you visit...fefe...

posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: svetlana84
I have a strange feeling that all the syrian persons involved(him and the three that handcuffed him) were V-Männer, paid secret service puppets.
Or blackmailed to be V-Männer. And that Jaber Albakr maybe was fooled by his fellow syrian "friends".

It´s too late and i am too tired, but maybe tomorrow i will gather all the new information, "coincidences" and illogical storylines and deliver everything to you.

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posted on Oct, 12 2016 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Before he killed himself he claimed the two holding him and handing him over were insiders on his terror plan, not random Syrians! Wtf!?

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

I just wanted to post the suicide story, but I see you are on it.

I totally agree, this smells a lot like "V-Männer". (paid infiltrators/instigators).

The guy escaped the police and special police forces twice, gets arrested by other syrians and then kills himself - despite a warning in the police report, that he is suicidal.

So no more chances to get informations from this guy. Convenient for his partners in crime. To say the least.

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 04:18 AM
Good morning, folks.
Yes, the news about that Albakr said that the three syrians, that caught him were confidants, reached me after waking up this morning.
Sometimes i feel like it would be better if i wouldn´t be right when i smell fishy events...

I took the time to watch the Press Conference of the saxonian police, that will start in several minutes.

We know now that the suspect is dead. The jail officials didn´t giva any news since last night, are silent.
Don´t forget what i told you about Saxony in east germany, that the most people(the silent majority), the justice, the police are hidden or open rightwingers.

The news spread the round, every "expert" is telling us that now that there is almost no chance to clarify something.
(The PC starts, i will watch, listen and write, have to use my space of free time xD)

But it´s again all about "Pleiten, Pech und Pannen", flops, failures and fumbles. As it ever was with the german "anti-terror" measures.
I can tell you that if judicial officers know about the suicidal tendencies of an inmate, this inmate will be under constant surveillance, at least every 15 minutes the judicial officers will open the cell and look for the inmate, if there is not a camera in special cells for such cases.
Or/and they won´t leave that inmate alone, another inmate would be brought to his cell.

I had to do some months because of not paid fines because of cannabis possession(i don´t pay fines for a nature given plant!). While that time i was one of those guys that had to stay for a while with an inmate that allegedly had suicidal tendencies. I can tell you, he hadn´t, it was just a kind of terrorizing this inmate, because for the jucidial officers this guy wasn´t easy to handle, he was fooling them whenever he could, took his some months as a joke, he knew longer times in harder jails.

As i hear from the PC now, the officials did everything right. WHO WONDERS...?
Last night i heard that they controlled him only one time per hour. Now they tell us that they looked at him every 15 minutes. i hear now that the suspect even tried one day before to hang himself at the lamp(very curious, the jail i saw from the inside had no lamps where somebody could hang himself). Trying this he destroyed the lamp. But the officials thought it was an act of vandalizm, or a trick to look how the officials react. Nobody came to the idea that he maybe tried to hang himself.

It´s very hard to listen to that PC, because of the saxonian dialect... xD
But more because the wall of words that flees that officials mouth. Not much saying words.
But i heard now that they expanded the time to look after the inmate from 15 to 30 minutes now(he didn´t try again, we have to give him more time...). Maybe he had a little help of "some friends"?

Now it´s time for the reporters questions, but i can´t write that fast, will look for something written later.

Btw, at the day of the failed arrest, the growing amount of explosives, the suspect caught by fellow syrians, i thought this story couldn´t get more illogical. I never learn out...
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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 04:36 AM
At least some things are for sure:
We have a fishy "terror" event again, again full of "flops, failures and fumbles".
And the one that could tell anything about all that, like the syrians that caught him being accomplices(maybe V-Männer), is dead now.
And that everything happened in very fishy circumstances.

But i bet in some days or weeks, everything illogical and unanswered will be a "crude conspiracy theory". The official version will be the only truth, doesn´t matter how illogical and fishy it is.
And the freedom of all german citizen will be cut again a bit and nobody will protest against big brother growing.
"Big brother is a must because of all that fishy terror threats, we have to observe all potential terrorists, all of the german citizens..."
As it ever was...
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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 04:39 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

I must congratulate you on your tenacious attention to this story, as I feel it exemplifies the constant assault that we are under, from those who would go to any lengths to propagandise, including, but by no means limited to, murder.

The way I see it, is that you have hit the nail most firmly about the head, with regard to the idea that this story is at least partially manufactured, by the security services to justify whatever infringement of the liberties and freedoms of people, they can get away with.

This is hardly untrod ground for the German government, but you would have thought they had learned their lesson by now. Something is rotten, stinking like corpse flesh in a hot room.

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 04:51 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit
Thank you.
And i will follow this case, because this time i could almost "predict" that this story stinks again, while this story unfolded.
Last night i said that i think that maybe all involved syrians were secret services puppets.
This morning i wake up and hear that Albakr said that the other three syrians were confidants...

Or about the growing amount of explosives found, while i was writing on the thread, it grew from almost nothing to now 1,5kg of explosives...

Then the circumstances that the "suicide" happened in saxony, under the eyes of the officials(that controlled him, as they said). I bet in a western german jail this never had happened, but who am i, i am just a crude conspiracy theorist that fails with every single of his conspiracy stories...

It´s too much, and the story still is unfolding.
I have to read and re-read a lot, have to collect all the illogical sayings of the officials, all that stinky stuff, to make no mistakes, to throw not everything together and mix things up. At the weekend i will have a bit more time to read and search, collect and write.

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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:08 AM
I forgot to say how positive it is for saxony that nobody is talking anymore about their nazi problem now.
About "Das Volk" that yelled "Cu*t" and intelligent things like "You gay skunk" at the german "unity" day. Not long ago, nobody talks about it anymore.
Or that at the night of the failed arrest "Das Volk" instantly went on the streets again, propagating their usual nazi stuff. Nobody talks about that anymore.

But "everybody" is feared now of syrian "IS terrorists" that cook kilograms of explosives.

I am feared of our deep state...

It´s getting more and more crazy. Albakr was allegedly willing to blow himself up. As they say now he was almost ready with building a suicide bomber vest. Where is any evidence of that claim? Ah, i forgot, the controlled detonation live while an interview.... If it wasn´t that dangerous what´s happening here again, it would be funny. No pictures of that almost to the end build vest? Not even fake pictures of another vest?

Ok, so he was ready to blow himself up(official story), tried one time to hang himself, put his fingers in the socket, but they expanded the time to controll him from 15 to 30 or 60 minutes? I bet they put him in there and left him alone, if he really commited suicide.

"Politicians", puppets from ALL parties now "critize"(almost demonize) saxony, it´s justice, police, judicial officials. But not the nazi problem anymore...

Wow, this story is getting bigger and bigger...

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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:18 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

What we should all be concerned about is that some how, despite the drubbing the awful bastards received in WW2, there are still some fascist bastards walking around making noise. I rather think we should have done away with them all by now.

posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit
The "funny" thing is, in parts of eastern germany is almost every average citizen a rightwinger, while in the west you have them too(in little, often seperated towns), but not in that degrees. "Funny" is, the east germans had TWO dictatorships, first the Nazis, then the Stasis.
Seems like they loved the nazi dictatorship more than the stasi dictatorship, when they want to go back to 1933.

But the worst thing is, that rightwinger thing is westernworldwide now.

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posted on Oct, 13 2016 @ 05:46 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Personally speaking, I think a great deal of this crap is engineered to produce phobic tendencies in the population. History shows that those prone to intolerance, hatred, bigotry and so on, are easier to control by propaganda, than those who are aligned toward a desire to unite people of all backgrounds.

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