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Wikileaks Hillary knew Saudis sponsored ISIS took money from them, and helped cover it up

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posted on Oct, 20 2016 @ 05:41 PM

originally posted by: Grambler

originally posted by: Astyanax
a reply to: shooterbrody

Dear lord. Are you really so naive?

Are you really so naive as to expect that states have no secrets? Or that their public pronouncements are not acts of policy?

Why are you so arrogant and smug? If you want to have a serious conversation, fine.

Yes. So did just about everybody else.

No they didn't. This has been repeated over and over by people, but all of the articles posted show that the US claimd Saudi Arabia was an environment where private citizens could fund Isis.

Hillarys email makes it clear she was admitting the government of Saudi Arabia sponsored Isis.

And since everyone knew this,let me ask you, are the saudis still funding Isis?

No. It was her job (while Secretary of State) to look after the interests of the USA. If sanctions were in the country’s interest, then sanctions there would be. If they are likely to damage US interests, then there will be none.

But that is not for you or I to decide. It is for the relevant constituted authority to decide. I believe that authority, in the US, is the President.

I am sorry but this is flat wrong. If our leaders decide that helping fund a terrorist organization that beheads gays, commits genocide, and has child sex slaves is for the greater good for some reason then they need to be removed.

If you are willing to give them a pass on this, what would you ever criticize them for?

Maybe they start killing their political opponents in the US. Well they know best!

And the kicker is Hillary and obama lie to us and say they are fighting Isis. Why would we believe anything they say? Maybe they want Isis to come in wuth the Syrian refugees. Maybe they think that would be in the best interests of the country.

And then they have the nerve to lecture people about womens and gay rights, and religious intolerance. All the while they are supporting people that rape women and behead gays and kill anyone not of their religion.

No, the Clinton Foundation accepted money from them, as it had every right to do.

Do you honestly think that the Clintons were not enriched personally through the foundation? Remeber, they were broke when they left the white house. If all of the speaking fees went to the foundation like you said, how did they get so rich?

And just bbecause it may have been legal for the foundation to take the money doesn't mean they shouldn't be held morally responsible from where it came from.

If Putin gave Trumps foundation 25 million dollars, the media would explode with anger.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are longstanding allies of the United States, which has defence agreements with both countries. It is hard to see how American security interests would be served by abrogating those agreements. What would happen next? A US occupation of the Gulf? Or should you just leave them to the Russians and the Iranians?

The official stance of the US government is not that these countries are arming Isis. It is that they are helping us fight Isis.

Is Isis our enemy? So Hillary is knowingly arming our enemy, and if others in the government know that these weapons are going to Isis and they are sending them, then they are guilty of treason too.

Is your stance that we have to arm a country that we know is directly giving weapons to isis because if not we may have to occupy the gulf, meanwhile the fact that Isis exists is now forcing us to go into places like Libya and syria. This is a joke.

Every major conflict we have been in in the past 30 years is over terrorism, but now we need to fund terrorism to avoid conflict?

No, its treason.


The why does the US try others that find terrorim? We blame foreigners that give money to terrorist and try them as accessories to those crimes, but when Hillary knowingly helps Isis, including after she was in the state department by sending her associates to work PR for them, she is not responsible?

Strategic errors are not treason. Andwhere else should American citizens die? On foreign soil?

Aiding a known enemy of the United states is treason, not a strategic error.

You clearly don’t know much American history.

Next, please. Can someone tell me, without all the hysterical reaching and confabulation, what wrongdoing has actually been shown here?

Thanks in advance.

The facts have been outlined.

You don't think there is any wrong doing because you think there is no problem with arming and helping Isis.

You think that it is necessary, and no one should think it is a big deal.

Then let me ask you this,

you say you have known for a while that the Saudis arm isis, and that you know we arm them and give them money, but no one should care about it because its no big deal.

Then why doesn't Hillary hold a press conference and announce that she knowingly helped arm Isis, her foundation took millions from the Saudis while they were sponsoring Isis, and she helped cover this up with her staffs PR firm.

She can explain how it was necessary. Its no big deal right? No one would even care, they would just agree that Hillary knows best.

She could explain that while yes, Isis has a policy of keeping children as sex slaves, she had to help them, and Trump saying lewd things is worse for women.

You think this is all ok, so surely everyone else would agree with you, right?
A lot of people are brainwashed. Now that we are supporting al queda aligned "militants" on Syria, now it's all good. Even though the "war on terror" previously claimed we don't support those actors and will fight anybody that does...
It is so Orwellian..

posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 09:43 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


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