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Alt-Right Recruiting Kids With ‘Pokémon Go Nazi Challenge’

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posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 06:38 AM

originally posted by: knoxie
a reply to: dismanrc

what deplorable thing to say about gay and transgender people. not surprised.

What? That they are pushing their agenda on our kids just like the OP is saying the NAZI group is?

You can take the NAZI playbook for power and replace the word NAZI with SJW and not even have to blink an eye.

- Destroy the classical family
- Substitute society/government in its place
- move the people towards government support/control
- centerlize healthcare
- remove arms and means of revolt
- Demonize a group or goups of people to maintaine focus
- supvert the education system and move from learning to indoctrination
- Move he people from self support to centerlize support.

The list goes on. The idea of gay and trnasgender is just a stepping stone on the power building block. Notice that the rise of the "transgender" issue has even cause a spinter in the LGBT community. Also look at the rise of the pedophile community and on going changes in the "clinical" studies. Do some research, some of the same terms and ideas that where used in the rise of the "gay" issue to a normal standards is being used in these studies now. Be on a look out for this in the next couple years if the SJW phase doesn't implode. Wouldn't suprise me at all if in ten years we see the movement to legitimize pedophiles as just misunderstood and should be allowed to live their lives. (By the way this has already started in some mainstream research journals.) Look at the last couple years. The gay rights movement has about run it course in the focus or the people, hense the sift to transgender issue to put some more fuel on the fire. One that starts to flames down whats the next to fuel it...

posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 06:47 AM
You guys believe this still? Lmfao. Ats above all ignorance

posted on Sep, 13 2016 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: Kandinsky

originally posted by: dismanrc

originally posted by: buster2010

originally posted by: Kali74
a reply to: TheBulk

Did you bother to read past the title, or verify that whether what the article or myself is claiming is true or false? Tell me what exactly I should be ashamed of.

Maybe he thinks it's a good idea to expose kids to racist, antisemitic, homophobic, Nazi propaganda? People that expose this kind of crap to kids needs a foot broke off in their butt.

So it OK to exposed kids to being gay and transgnder and all the rest of the fluffy left stuff, but not the other side of the same coin?

I think both sides of this coin are as bad as the other.

I see a gay or transgender warrior the same as a NAZI one. I don't agree with ethier one, and think our kids should be protected from both idelogies until a later age when they can deal with it.

I think you might be missing the whole "nazi" ethos here. The Nazis want to rule the world, kill the Jews, enslave black people and so on. Ideally beat a few blacks and have a few lynchings on the way. Essentially they're predicated on violence and ethnic cleansing.

What aspect of gays or transgenders are you seeing that's comparable to the guys who started WW2?

As I posted in another answer. The "gay" and "transgender" movement are just a smoke screen for the SJW crowd. They use the same tactics as the NAZI . Once the fuel of the the LGBT movement has burned out they will be dumped. The pedophile movement is already being groomed as the (one of?) next banner holder of the SJW group. Read some of the latest research journals. Some of the same terms used to make being gay socialy accepted some years ago are being used. "They have no control over their feeling" "It is a natural act" "they should be allowed to live their loves" Do a little research on the physiology and sociology studies in the past couple years. The banner is being groomed to be passed because they can't get the steam out of the LGBT issues like they could a few years ago. It may or maynot be passed to the pedophiles, but some group will be elivated as the "victim" so the fual can burn bright again. Once that happens the LGBT will be dropped back.

The blacks in the US are starting to realize that thier blind support for the SJW crowd has been misguided. Remember they held the spot as the "victim" for many years before they where replaced by the LBGT crowd.

Liberals are the foot soldiers of the SJW, the DNC and the other left wing "socoalist" ideas, but they are not the leaders. The leaders are fanning these flames for all they are worth and will drop any group that does not produce the heat.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that conservatives and Libertaians are completely right. BUT they do tend to focus more on the individual instead of the group. Its harder to indoctrinate and lead a group of indivigual thinkers then it is a "group" mind. SO they tend to be less useful to the (for a lac of a better word.) the "leaders" (PDB ETC). They also make good targets for the SJW to focus on.

Also remember the the ideas the NAZI professed where the same ideas being professed by most other nations in the world at the time. What they DID do was focus these ideas and put them into practice, wareas in most other countries they where just talked about. NAZI Germany was also a product of location, time, history, drive and determination. The focus against the Jews (And others, don't forget) was the fueling of the fires to focus the "masses" as much as it was against the hatred of the Jews. IE The good German worker is the victim and is being held back by the Jew.

I don't dislike a person because they are gay. I dislike a person because they keep shoving it in my face. Just like if a Christian keeps shoving it in my face. IF something comes up in causal conversation or I ask a direct question then OK. Other wise your personnal life is your business and I DONT want to hear about it. Also doesn't mean you can't show it, just don't make a national production out of it. Hold hands, wear your cross, carry your bible, you can even ask if I would like to know something but if I say no thanks drop it.

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