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Bill Clinton: 10,000 Syrian refugees could be settled in Detroit.

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 07:30 AM
I've lived 2 blocks north of Detroit for the past 40 years. I didn't even know what a Muslim looked like up until 5 years ago. I now have a mosque at the end of my street and 2 more within a mile radius.

So far I've had a 5 year old Muslim kid yell infidel at me while driving down the street and he threw a rock at my car. I had another Muslim lady get very rude with me at the store and after the conversation she yelled allahu akbar as I walked away.

I'm disabled and had my food assistance cut to nothing because I make too much money on disability according to human services. I get $800 a month from Social Security. I'm one step away from being homeless but yet we can take care of 10000 Syrians?

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 07:39 AM
a reply to: wantsome

How the hell do you live in Detroit for 40 years and NOT know what a Muslim looks like? Your next to Dearborn. Which a friend from the area usually refered to as "little Mecca".

You seriously need to get out more, dude.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 07:40 AM

originally posted by: Skadi_the_Evil_Elf
a reply to: wantsome

How the hell do you live in Detroit for 40 years and NOT know what a Muslim looks like? Your next to Dearborn. Which a friend from the area usually refered to as "little Mecca".

You seriously need to get out more, dude.

The area I live in didn't have many Muslims. Dearborn is 25 miles away.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 08:04 AM
People fled the city and area because there were no jobs. NO jobs to speak of. How are these people supposed to make a living? They all have to open "little shops", and start their own businesses.

It would be nice, I guess. But how will they live until they can become self-sufficient? And the infrastructure is shot. Imagine what the water pipes look like. Worse than Flint's. They will be starting from scratch, except for the little houses that can be repaired.

I guess if they have the perseverance and determination it could be done. Over a period of decades, yet even then they would be isolated in yes, a ghetto, which is what we Don't Want.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 08:09 AM
Not sure how much they would be starting from scratch..... more likely they will scream human rights unless we build them all nice homes, and plenty of mosques of course.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

How about we move the refugees into Bush's Ranch? Last time I heard his ranch is very spacious. Besides Bush pretty much played a role in the Syrian Fiasco.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 09:37 AM
I a reply to: MrSpad

I agree. Most Americans dont want to go to the dying cities. Let them become refugee enclaves. Works for me as long as I dont have to pay for it.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

I live in Detroit - a majority of those houses are NOT structurally sound

nice thought tho'

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 12:45 PM
Clinton and his ilk from both parties are so out of touch it would be laughable if it weren't so DAMN sad!!!
They are CLUELESS!!!!!!

To drop 10,000 people from any culture that diverse is insanity!!!!

There was a long article this summer in the Detroit Free discussed a SINGLE family.....a mom and maybe 3-4 kids....and their experience being dropped into a depressed neighborhood of Detroit.
It matters not the country of origin.
What matter is these were people not used to running water or constant electricity.
Even with appliances such as a washer and refrigerator available they were out of their element and over their heads.
They had to be taught...and some kind workers did help them well as neighbors.
Don't forget...they also knew little or no English.

They had to be shown the stores, how to use buses, money. How to use what we take for granted.
That you don't have to use stones to beat your clothes clean.

Detroit...and probably most cities in Canada and North America do not have the resources to help such huge numbers.
Livable housing HAS to be available....not just some hovels that are little more than a roof.

Jobs have to be available....and let me tell you in metro don't see all that many help wanted signs for citizens....

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 03:03 PM
So what's the problem letting them in? They're refugees seeking safety from war and instability. It goes without saying we have a hand in the problems over there, but it's also true this is a humanitarian matter.

Otherwise.... on the economic side of things, how much education or skills do they have? If they're uneducated or have low skills, that could be trouble because we need jobs for peoiple on the lower rungs. But how is that going to happen? Machines and computers are improving incrementally, maybe exponentially in some cases. These're replacing the jobs on the lower rungs. So schooling is increasingly valuable to counter. It used to be you could have a standard of living just completing grade school. In those days the grade schools weren't somehow magically giving people college-level education. Instead people just did not need to know as much as they do now. Back then many skills were learned parent->child or on the job real-time. There was a lot of strenuous repetitive physical work. Knowledge and communication is more important now, meaning school and social interaction factors more into success.

Many of us living in the US had great grandfathers or grandmothers who came here from elsewhere. They couldn't speak english. They were--generally speaking--in the same boat as many illegal immigrants today seeeking jobs and a better life. The difference is the country had large amounts of jobs and land for them. This was especially true early on when putting up a cabin and acquiring work might net you many acres of land. It's not the same today.

What needs to happen is a change in the first 30 years of life. College will need to be free, just like HS was made free. These costs are absorbed by the tax system. They're required costs for our standard of living. This means money will have ot be rerouted from other things. Nothing is free. As a society, we have to figure out where that money will come from. Costs have to come down and be altered. We may need to figure out how to make communal places for people to live. This means common shower and bath rooms. This means living in small spaces. It probably also means bikes or less private transportation. But remember the internet increasingly makes working from home easier. Things we can't predict will factor into it.
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 04:33 PM

originally posted by: MrSpad
Cities like Baltimore and Detroit are begging for refugees. They need the workers and the tax base. Although 10,000 is a tiny number so its over all effect would not be great. These are people who risked their lives to escape war and radical and then spent 2 years being investigated and questioned over and over by a half dozen agencies knowing that they have less than a 1% of getting. They are exactly what some of dying cities need.

You're assuming those refugees want to work and pay taxes. Hopefully they're different than the refugees invading Germany who want a free ride and have their hands out, hoping to be supported by the state.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 04:57 PM
From Zerohedge:

"As Julia Hahn notes, it is unclear from the video why Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans already living there, who could perhaps benefit from good-paying jobs.

We may soon find out: Hillary Clinton has called for a 550 percent expansion to the importation of Syrian refugees. Based on the minimum figures she has put forth thus far, a President Hillary Clinton could potentially import a population of refugees (620,000) that nearly equals the population of Detroit (677,116).

Here a quick note: in the US, 91.4% of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps, and 68.3% are on cash welfare, according to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services.

This may be something else for the American public to consider in the 69 days remaining ahead of the presidential election."

Well f# a-dittle-do...

This is a conspiracy site so one man's paranoia is another's common sense. Look at it this way..

For those FEMA camp/round up the citizenry believing folks, never mind our own military/police being used against us or UN troops or even some other foreign government looking to square our debts with them. Maybe the incursion is through this potentially mass "immigration" of folks who hate us the most. It's practically IMPOSSIBLE to vet them all and historically, the few can do considerable damage. With funding and weapons ties to multiple high ranking politicians and alphabet agencies that also trained them, is it not possible that there is an agenda or operation to import cells/covert operators to bring American citizens to their knees????

This isn't too far fetched...

This is ATS....just saying.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 05:19 PM
Are there jobs in Detroit?

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: markosity1973

Well...Old historic Dearborn City Hall has moved west...and the Arab American Museum is across the street from the old City Hall....and signs now hang there from the poles saying "WELCOME TO EAST-BORN".

Not kidding....

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 05:25 PM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

Bill talks about

bill isn't running for president.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: Stormdancer777

If you know someone, you might get an auto job.
McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
There's a few large groceries, like Whole foods.
Wayne State U. and the Medical Center.
Three sports stadiums.
Cobo Center....where they have the Auto Show, etc.
The school system and city/county municipal offices.
Small businesses, gas stations, etc.
Cultural venues, like Music Hall, Hard Rock Cafe.
Blue Cross.

Not many of the above are entry level employers.

And vast stretches of prairie.

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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 06:00 PM
a reply to: DontTreadOnMe

Cobo was still Union last I went there.

I had some high end driving arcade games to be linked up, on a rental. It was CRAZY trying to unload and go in and set the stuff up. They wouldn't let me touch my equipment during unload.. There was this huge drama scene going on with these 2 old pricks riding the arse of the old prick hi-lo (forklift) driver (the old cliche of 2 foremans standing over the hole and the one guy with a shovel, verbatim). Twice the guy put the hilo brakes on to jump down the throw down with them (they deserved it). Then their people had to move them up there. We get inside the spot, I had to argue with them for them to even let me link the $5,000 machines together (which involves opening them up and practically climbing inside to hook them a very specific way). Finally the let me but damn I've had disdain for Union's ever since, and since then I've seen even more bizarre tyrannical like behaviors in their lot down in FL.
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 06:02 PM
Put them in Flint. I hear the water there is delicious.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

A lot of those jobs are Union....and/or professional.

Oh, there's also some higher end restaurants.
And a produce hub.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: DontTreadOnMe

From someone who lives in the Metro area...there really arent many jobs that can be easily obtained for a variety of reason.

1.Stark and dark empty lots one has to pass by working the odd shifts even some Mcdonalds type jobs may require a new worker in their "probationary" periods.
2. Unreliable transit system. Non-existent, hardly on time, sometimes pass you by ...but they are working on it. Slowly. New Center Area track ride to downtown (like a trolley-rapid location transit) from the New Center Area to Downtown Detroit along Woodward Ave.
3. A lot of jobs the majority of searchers arent or cant get qualified for.
4. Ethnically diverse areas where if youre arent bi-lingual(speak and/or understand Arabic or Spanish)...even gas stations...they wont hire you.
5. We have a "JOB SHOP" on the news everyday..but when they say we have LOTS of jobs for you....then they drop you need 2 years experience or/and education and must be willing to work any shift, any holiday. That news "JOB SHOP" is seriously a joke for the average worker in desperate need to feed their families. Yeah there may be a job...but most wont fit the requirements...and maybe cant get there due to the bad busing system.

One final thing that really irks me. When there is a JOB FAIR? You hear about it THAT DAY on the news when they tell you to get down there with 10 copies of your resume and dress for success.

Im sooo blessed to work for the government, volunteer and instruct, have a decent wage and 401k..when so many others all around me...cant get to or find a job worth getting.

In closing...I dont want to give the impression there isnt anything out here. There is. Its just really, really hard for the average unemployed person searching.

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