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This upcoming week won't be a good one for the Trump campaign.

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posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 03:28 PM

Wow. I just went back to glance at the OP. It isn't about Hillary. It's about Manafort.

A non-issue, as he's no longer with the Trump campaign....

posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 09:51 PM

originally posted by: muse7
This is a breaking story this evening, not even Monday yet and it looks like the Trump campaign already has another scandal to explain away this week.

Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Mr. Manafort from Mr. Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party from 2007 to 2012, according to Ukraine’s newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau. Investigators assert that the disbursements were part of an illegal off-the-books system whose recipients also included election officials.

Anti-corruption officials there say the payments earmarked for Mr. Manafort, previously unreported, are a focus of their investigation, though they have yet to determine if he actually received the cash. While Mr. Manafort is not a target in the separate inquiry of offshore activities, prosecutors say he must have realized the implications of his financial dealings.

Before he fled to Russia two years ago, Mr. Yanukovych and his Party of Regions relied heavily on the advice of Mr. Manafort and his firm, who helped them win several elections. During that period, Mr. Manafort never registered as a foreign agent with the United States Justice Department — as required of those seeking to influence American policy on behalf of foreign clients — although one of his subcontractors did.

New York Times

The New York Times is reporting that anti-corruption officials in Ukraine have discovered ledgers with payments of up to 12 million dollars for Mr. Manafort.

While working in Ukraine, Mr. Manafort had also positioned himself to profit from business deals that benefited from connections he had gained through his political consulting. One of them, according to court filings, involved a network of offshore companies that government investigators and independent journalists in Ukraine have said was used to launder public money and assets purportedly stolen by cronies of the government.

Perhaps Mr. Manafort sarcastically accepted these payments?

A Journalist on Twitter is saying this is just the "beginning" for Manafort.

Speaking as someone who has a story coming this week: This is just the beginning for Manafort. It gets worse.

I wonder what else is coming?

So Trump is going around the country screaming about corruption while his campaign manager is involved in some shady business in the Ukraine. He's already down in the polls by double digits on most of them...every time he accuses Hillary of corruption it puts more pressure on himself to release those tax returns.

Everything Trump says about corruption can be countered by his campagin's close ties to Russian and Ukraine oligarchs. This guy doesn't want to support NATO countries in the region, refuses to arm western-backed rebels in the Ukraine and is infatuated with Putin.

1) Trump has praised Putin numerous times, calling him a far better leader than Obama.

2) Donald Trump has taken an anti-NATO stance.

3) Donald Trump's campaign's ONLY intervention in the entire GOP platform was to remove anti-Putin language from the platform re: Ukraine.

4) Not only that, but just days before the RNC, Carter Paige, one of Trump's foreign policy advisers traveled to Russia and gave a speech attacking America's policies towards Russia, calling America's focus on democratization and fighting inequality "hypocritical."

5) The Intelligence community has confirmed that Russian Intelligence is responsible for the hacking of the DNC, which is an obvious attempt to harm Hillary Clinton's campaign.

6) Furthermore, Donald Trump called on Russia to release/hack any emails they could get their hands on.

7) Trump's campaign manager has ties to pro-Putin oligarchs who were propped up by the Kremlin. This isn't new information. As long as 2005, there were calls to McCain's people to try and do something about Manafort because he was working against American interests in the region.

8) Now we know Manafort received a cash payment of more than $12 million. Which, I mean, seeing how good he is at running a campaign is clearly money based on competence!

Well, considering all the many candidates that this creep has worked with in the past, I think this says A LOT about all the present politicians in this country. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT. Every single one of them, so if anything it shows even more how much we need an outsider and non-politician in the White House...I don't think this will matter to the VOTERS at all. Of course, to the propagandists in the mainstream media who have been after Trump since day one, while ignoring all the crimes of the Clintons, will of course try to make a big deal of it.

Though especially now, that Manaford has resigned, it's a non-issue. Unless you want to talk about all the criminals who work with the Clintons. I give Trump a pass for being naive. I also think he made a huge mistake by taking that creep as a VP. He was obviously trying to appease the corrupt souls of the republican party....

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