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Eyes Turn Blue Before Death

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posted on Oct, 10 2017 @ 09:16 PM
a reply to: reldra

Hello Reldra,

Your post was over a year ago and I imagine you lost your Mom by sorry. It was good that you were there for her.

I came across your post looking for answers as well on a similar matter. My experience was that I was helping a friend who had a 6-hour surgery and afterwards, she was having a hard time waking up, resulting in the hospital putting her in ICU.

Before she had waken up from the surgery, when I said her name, she did open her eyes and they were an opaque grayish color (like what you see in a horror movie). Her eyes were brown naturally and reverted to brown by the next day. I think
they were even brown once she had actually waken up, as I look back at things; I wish I had noticed for sure.

I had concluded that her eyes changed colors because of the meds; however, now I am second-guessing that, as they showed no signs of the grayish color the next day and how would all of the meds detox to that degree in about 8 hours?

Days later, I told my friend whom this happened to what I saw in her eyes; she concluded that she was dieing and I saved her life (I was working on bringing her back by moving her hand around to touch the bed, blankets, my arm, my hair, etc to get her awareness up through intentional contact with the physical universe).

I wish I had thought to ask a surgical nurse this question while I was there, but it was rather stressful and quite a relief when she did wake up.

I hope you see this reply, Reldra, and I hope it helps you. Blessings.
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posted on Oct, 10 2017 @ 09:24 PM
First off my sympathies. As someone who has taken care of both parents in Hospice (plus an inlaw) I feel your pain.

I have to tell you that in my experience both in the pediatric ICU and transport I have been there at the moment of death for more than I can count (well over 200 at this point) and have never seen what you describe. I did not observe that with my parents either.

That being said eye color can shift a bit based on light conditions but not say change primary colors

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 05:56 AM
I see that this thread has been revived. I am sorry for the loss and pain you went through last year. I hope you are doing well now.

I have long wondered something about both my mother-in-law's and father-in-law's eyes. The both have dark brown eyes. But sometime in the last 8 years or so since they hit their late 70's, early 80's, their eyes turned blue around the edges. Yet no doctors have remarked on it and they themselves just shrug it off if I ask. I have seen many of my own family members reach 80 to even 100 but have never seen two people with dark eyes turn blue. They each have an outer ring of blue at the outer edge about 4 mm thick. It's hard to estimate. This depigmentation started when both were in good health. They have health problems now, though. My father in law is older by a couple of years and I think the process started in him first. But I can't be sure,

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: SheeplFlavoredAgain

As a person ages the melanin inthe eye can decrease. Blue eyes is simply a lack of melanin showing the color of your iris.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 08:14 AM
If I were to take a guess I'd say it were something to do with a lack in melanin. My fiance's eyes change colour during her period.

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