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The Ketogenic Diet??

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posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 10:04 AM
Hi there!

I have seen mentions of the bone broth but didn't follow up on why that was a good idea.

I am finding minerals to be something I have to make effort for- I started getting those little muscle spasms in my legs; and in my eyelid, that always tells me I am needing minerals. I went out and got foods rich in minerals, and stocked up on specific bottled waters that are mineral rich... but the bone broth sounds good and I will try making that next week then!

You didn't get that flu then? That's what I was wondering- if is systematic with everyone or not.

Thanks so much for your input! it is much appreciated!!

posted on Jul, 2 2016 @ 03:16 PM
a reply to: Bluesma

No, I didn't get the keto flu at all. I don't know if the bone broth is the reason, or if I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. But I did enjoy it... it is very energizing!

posted on Jul, 14 2016 @ 02:33 AM
I'm just keeping updates on this thread, maybe just for myself, to note how it is going, and in public in case there is anyone else thinking of doing it and researching others' experiences.

At this point (it has been two weeks) I am convinced this diet has changed my life completely- in a positive way.

1- I am enjoying foods like I never have before.
There are a lot of foods I had the habit of eating on bread, for example, that I am now eating alone, and realizing not only do I eat less of it that way, I can relish the taste of it much more intensely.
(Paté is an example for me, but another one could be peanut butter, for other people who like that)

2- I never feel starving.
This comes into play when faced with temptations. Even went to a fancy ice cream shop with my husband and granddaughter, and was able to sit with them while they ate enormous dishes of ice cream (she having my favorite, mint/chocolate) and I was able to forego it without a sense of suffering- only a good natured humor about it.

3- My energy level is constant.
I do not feel the ups and downs I used to- like boundless energy at 6AM, dead exhaustion at 2 PM. I always feel calm but energetic. Because of this, I stopped drinking so much coffee. I used to drink several cups throughout the day, and now down to only one in the morning.

4- Menopause symptoms have almost completely gone away.
Hot flashes, lack of mental clarity, failing short term memory...gone, in a rather dramatic way. My mind feels clear and I sleep like a baby. I had been getting painful joints all over my body, and that is completely gone, as is the tennis elbow pain that was repeatedly flairing up.

5-I am losing weight
The first week I lost two kilos (4.5 pounds). I decided the second week not to look at the scale because that is a lot, it might be mostly water, and I don't want to become obsessed with the scale, which can be misleading anyway.
But I can see and feel a huge difference- no more bloated stomach, and a visible difference in my legs and arms in terms of that ugly cellulite, loose fat effect. This morning when I got out of bed, hubby watched me and exclaimed on how much I have lost.

6- My skin and hair have NEVER looked so good!
Especially since I have suffered much of my life with cystic acne, and just generally sensitive, reactive skin, I have never known this experience before- my skin is smooth, no red areas, blotchiness, or irritations. No oily or dry patches... It just feels ... stronger when I touch it? It's so weird, to be able to actually touch my face (for all of my life, that has been a no-no I have gotten used to avoiding, because my skin was so reactive it would get inflamed, irritated and sprout spots if I touched it). Only someone who has really struggled with problem skin can probably appreciate that. It almost makes me want to cry with joy.

My urine suddenly smelled strange about a week ago and I got concerned, until I found out it is a normal part of the adaptation process as you go into ketosis. Which means I started moving into ketosis rather quickly, yay!

The ONLY downside I have experienced so far is the reactions of other people. The french like to mock each other, though it is all in good will- I am being mocked a lot by my family members. My husband, kids, and in-laws watch what I eat and what I am refusing, and find it completely nonsensical ("you won't eat bread, but you'll eat a huge piece of roast with fat on it???"). My mother in law saw me putting coconut oil in my coffee in the morning and laughed her head off.

The common judgement so far has been that I have gotten caught up in some sort of internet hoax (that is possibly even dangerous).

My husband is starting to become interested though, and taking it a bit more seriously. He's asking more detailed questions about it, and choosing sometimes to eat the same as me. I think he will soon want to join me in this. I don't know if he could stick to it though because he really likes fruit a lot. We'll see.

Anyway, still haven't had the flu like symptoms some get, though I am experiencing a bit less strength and stamina when I work out. That was very clear last week, and from what I understand, it is normal as my body is adapting. I'll see this morning, as I am about to go out for my run, if that is changing yet. In any case, even when I feel I can't keep running, I simply walk, and extend the distance instead.

So that's my notes so far. An awesome experience so far. In two more weeks I'll ask my doc for a blood workup to see how my blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterols are doing.

posted on Jul, 18 2016 @ 01:21 AM
Second week, the visible difference in my body is so impressive I took a look at the scale- in two weeks I lost 6.5 pounds.
But the most striking is the muscle mass. I don't know if I had all that muscle underneath my fat already or if it is increasing, but it is awesome!

Feeling great still mentally and physically. My stamina might be increasing- I'm getting back to the same amount of running I did before I started this. When weight training or doing yoga, I only feel more strong.

I started keeping a journal though, noting everything I eat, weighing it, and noting calories, fat, carbs., and protein.

The crazy thing is that as I go along, I am eating less and less, and am falling further below my macros (the amounts I am supposed to each day) In each of those catagories, I am way short! Though I am eating coconut oil by the spoonful, pouring olive oil on everything, making effort to eat.

This morning I did not even want to eat at all, though I make sure to fast 12 hours a night (if I eat at 7 pm, I won't eat until 7 am). I had to force myself to make and eat some eggs.

All I really want is water. I drink like it is my obsession. Actually thinking of going back to join the gym again and get proper training. Just when I thought I was old and had no choice but to become a fat and flabby grandmother, I suddenly feel like the world opened up again!

posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 05:41 AM
Hi there!

High fat, low (no) carbs - awesome diet! I've been doing it for a couple of months, albeit I have slipped into a weekend binge a couple of times, and quite honestly I feel amazing. Some weight that would never shift like the love handles and abs is slowly performing a disappearing act. I don't get bloated anymore when I thought being bloated was just a normal part of eating. I don't have cravings for sugar. Another thing I did was skip breakfast, best choice ever! We don't 'need' breakfast.

Happy with the results so far.

posted on Jul, 19 2016 @ 12:30 PM

originally posted by: angryhulk
Hi there!

High fat, low (no) carbs - awesome diet! I've been doing it for a couple of months, albeit I have slipped into a weekend binge a couple of times, and quite honestly I feel amazing. Some weight that would never shift like the love handles and abs is slowly performing a disappearing act. I don't get bloated anymore when I thought being bloated was just a normal part of eating. I don't have cravings for sugar. Another thing I did was skip breakfast, best choice ever! We don't 'need' breakfast.

Happy with the results so far.

I went from having big omelettes in the morning, to a protein shake, to nothing at all in the morning. I just am not hungry in the morning anymore. I also used to eat a snack at four o'clock (since here in France dinner is at 8 PM) but I have stopped doing that as well. I am actually having trouble eating all that I am supposed to.

I am stoked.

posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 12:47 PM
Continuing with my blog-thread....

I got it- the keto flu. Suddenly felt like total crap, had diarrhea for two days, was so nauseous I didn't want to eat anything. Muscle weakness, fatigue. Up to that point, my ketones in urine were very high everyday.

Then- I woke up this morning feeling great- and my ketones had gone down quite a lot- test was in light pink. I got worried, because I have so strictly respected my diet, I barely get in 10 grams of carbs a day, my ratios are as perfect as I can get, there's no reason I would fall out of ketosis.

Then I read that this is actually a sign of becoming keto-adapted, normal at three to four weeks. My body begins consuming the ketones my liver is making, instead of having them flush out with my urine.

I really felt icky for a couple of days though. Took fiber (Baltone) , and that helped get the runs under control.

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posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 03:55 PM
a reply to: Bluesma

Keto flu is usually avoidable by upping sodium when you start, the water flush just drains your electrolytes so you need to balance it back. For some lowering carbs gradually rather than going cold turkey is also good, I never get it anymore just by upping sodium and taking potassium and magnesium, and usually eating lower carbs anyway when not on full keto. Good thing is, if you do get it, usually only lasts a few days.

The diarrhea can be awful, caused by a change in gut bacteria and more fat in the diet, thankfully this passes too!

Don't worry about the ketone test strips, it's normal, especially if you have whey powder and quite high protein. You should just rely on how you feel to keep track, you know, mentally good, no more bloating, energy spikes, keto tongue, urine smell etc ... I once obsessed over keto sticks, now I never use them.

Good luck

posted on Aug, 15 2016 @ 06:46 AM
been wanting to try this myself. im an ex vegetarian/ obsessed runner...
i was pretty weak and thin

everything i eat now is so carb heavy and i get bloated a lot.

i want to do ketogenic foods and do strength training
and be fit energetic and toned!

posted on Aug, 15 2016 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: dreamlotus1111

Well. I can say, I felt good on it, physically. But I was at a plateau- I hadn't lost any more weight in three weeks, and was cutting down my calories less and less- sometimes fasting for 20 hours, never having more than 1200 calories a day, keeping to a maximum of 10 carbs a day or less, drinking water all day.

I was in ketosis- not only urine sticks confirmed it, but it was evident by the smell of my urine and the taste in my mouth.
I watched my body get more muscular, but no change on the scale. I ran more, used heavier weights, no change.

Then we went on vacation with my daughter and her husband, and I was so irritable about the lack of progress, I was not much fun to be around. So I thought, maybe I need to have a cheat day to unblock the situation. I ate fries and ice cream. I am still not back in ketosis, but I have gained no weight, at least. I am about to go on a cruise for a week, in which I have free unlimited drinks and food, so I think I might not keep up the diet while on that.

So what I would have to say to someone considering it is- do it if you want to feel healthy! Because I did. It resolved problems I had with inflammation, menopause, and muscle building. I plan to get back on it and begin again when summer ends. From what I can tell, if you are very overweight, you can lose weight fast. If you are close to your desired weight, it can be difficult (I am bout five kilos, eleven pounds away from my goal).

But it is hard to keep up if it is a time in which you have to face a lot of social eating. It is fun to get creative with cooking, and amazingly easy to make delicious keto foods! I got my husband hooked on cauliflower rice.

But I have fallen at this time. I plan to get back on the horse, as they say, because it was worth feeling so good.

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