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Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?

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posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: mikefunctions
Excellent. And the relation you have with God now is based on the fact that you trust him. That's what I'm talking about. And Jesus is hoping that the Son of Man will find many more people like that.

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 10:06 PM

originally posted by: ketsuko

originally posted by: smurfy

originally posted by: DISRAELI

originally posted by: smurfy
But don't you see, the end times judgement is by default just that.

And the quoted comment by Jesus is about the need to maintain faith until that moment arrives.
I think you're trying to get me into discussing something else (not sure what), but I like to stick to my chosen topic.

I'm not trying to draw you into anything about any faith, I am trying to draw you into a perspective of judgement.
The two videos show an ensemble of characters, who there needs to be judged?

Everyone will be judged. That's the nature of God.

In that incident I have given? or just a general ratbag of stuff, how do you judge, and what are the consequences? is science to be totally ignored when it has undoubtedly made the human condition better in many ways, while elsewhere has undoubtedly made the human condition much worse.
How do you evaluate an Earthly witch hunt as judgement in faith, after all there is a devil...the devil if you go with the flow, in fact. How singular that is? and where faith then becomes the devil's work where the innocent suffer? by that I mean do you think that all those people who died as witches, or portrayed as such, were in league with the devil? probably not, the real killer is though, that, some people may have been executed by the state, because they committed murder because of belief, you can see how tricky that is, it's happening now because of [religion/s] and dogma. Dogma I don't need, Faith I have in plenty in the human race, that I know thus far and is blindingly obvious, others may think different, but that is to ignore what has come before without proportion.
I don't want a God who made me everything that I am [sic] to be judgemental, which by default means that some of the spanners used were not up to the job.

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 10:25 PM
a reply to: DISRAELI


As always your teachings are sound.

Looking forward to your next thread.

posted on Apr, 29 2016 @ 10:33 PM
a reply to: smurfy

Doesn't matter what you want. It only matters what is.

One thing is for sure, I have far more faith in God's ability to be an accurate and impartial judge than I do in any human being's.

I am guessing it is more your dislike of God's standards than it is His ability to judge.

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 12:11 AM
peter wept bitterly,He must have felt like a turd. He was warned in advance as are we. Arent you one of them? I saw you with him.

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 01:09 AM
a reply to: visitedbythem

This needs some elaboration ?

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: DISRAELI

once we are gathered to Jesus in the clouds. there will be very little faith and a whole lot of enduring, overcoming and so forth until he sets up his kingdom. right now there is faith in the world I have seen it and it happens everyday.

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: ChesterJohn
We won't need so much faith in his presence, but the relevant point here is how much faith is evident when he arrives.
He wants his people not to have fallen away. "He who endures to the end..."

posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 01:42 PM
a reply to: DeathSlayer
Thank you. After this, I go into John's gospel for a while.

posted on May, 1 2016 @ 06:30 AM
Ezekiel is also called son of man so it is not a phrase that makes Jesus God.

The bible is a book that combines historical characters into one, and makes other historical people multiple characters.

No historical accounts of Jesus exist, and Josephus mention is most likely added by the church.

The teacher of righteousness of the dead sea scrolls is one source for the character of Jesus. Jesus Ben Onias is another and Appollonius of Tyana is another.

Luke is none other than Lucius Plutarch.

Paul is part Saul of the Herodians and part Appollonius. Josephus never mentions Paul because he wasn't real. He was just Saul and the epistles of Paul have clues that he was the Saul of the Herodians.

Alleged is the key to the bible. The people who read it literally are the wide road and the few who see the hidden truths the narrow that few will find.

If you want the most likely real teachings of the man called Jesus the Gospel of Thomas is your best bet.

posted on May, 1 2016 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: CapstonePendulum
I'm not going to take your post seriously because I know who you are.
You are the erstwhile Gnosisisfaith of the multiple accounts, more recently nicknamed Padawan by one of the other members.
I noticed you reviving this one after SilentSage was banned, so I guessed you might show up here.
Your posting history of erratically varying opinions means that individual posts have no particular value and don't need a detailed response.

edit on 1-5-2016 by DISRAELI because: (no reason given)

posted on May, 1 2016 @ 10:25 AM
At the rate we are going, He will not.

posted on May, 1 2016 @ 10:59 AM
a reply to: LaWnOrDeR92
Even so, the expectation is that there will be a "remnant". Elijah thought he was left alone, but the Lord told him there were at least seven thousand others who had not bowed the knee to Baal..

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 06:05 PM

originally posted by: DISRAELI
a reply to: LadyGreenEyes
You are right, and of course he already knows that answer.
So the question is really what we need to be asking ourselves- "Am I going to be one of the faithful, or one of those of "little faith", or am I going to "fall away"?"

Exactly! Then, once we know where we stand, talking to those we know is always good. Our friends should know what we believe. They can choose to disagree, but they should know.

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: stosh64

You are welcome! I love that one myself, and now and then like to put pictures to the ones that really move me in some fashion. Hope things are better.

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