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Humanity's brother and God. [ORI2016]

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posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:38 PM
Tiama circled the settlement in his ship. He looked on as the new life forms carried the large stone slabs on the floating sleds he had gifted them. The melodic noise their inner workings produced kept the humans singing. They liked the melody more than the ease it offered their work.

He checked his gauges and saw he was nearing the limit of the newly founded city. Warning lights came up, he was crossing into his sisters realm and that was expressly forbidden.

It was about time for the inauguration ceremony and his city was about to be named after his honor. He smiled as he thought about what people would think if he was late. The beautiful silver ship neared the landing platform at the base of the structure his humans were building.

Tiama landed as was greeted by his minsters. The priests he was training to carry his worship to the people he was entrusted with. His humans.

Tiama didnt like the idea of the humans worshiping him. It was the way of the world now. He thought about his mother whom his sister had killed. The thoughts were weighing heavy on his soul, so he quickly turned to one of his priests as they walked the halls of his palace towards the inner chamber.

"Diogna, what do you think of our settlement?" He asked. The priest responded with the typical subservient words of worship. "Great Tiama ,you have made for us a wonderful city that will last until the ends of time".

The comforting words didnt reach him. He then decided to reword his question.

"Diogna, have you read the works of our library which I gifted to the priests of the temple, the ones we gods were taught with in our youth by our progenitors?"

"yes, I have. I have studied them very diligently, as instructed. Does this not please you?"

"It does, Diogna, I am pleased that you should know those things the priests of my sisters city do not."

"What did you think about my fathers decree to rebuild our world?"

Diogna was puzzled but quickly responded with curiosity. "YES, I am sorry to say that I do not understand his words, could you explain?"

Tiama smiled. "Do you not know our language? Or do you not understand my fathers meaning?"

"I understand the words, but the meaning is elusive".

"well diogna I will tell you something the other gods will never tell you. Things that will never be known by man or those like yourself. You and your kind are not like us Gods or the humans you oversee. You were cruelly placed in between both of our worlds. Because of this I wish to ease your confusion. The confusion we gods have placed in your hearts."

Diogna was more confused, but remained silent. Tiama instructed him to gather the priests in the courtyard behind his chamber at midnight.

Tiama closed the great bronze doors to his chamber behind him and Diogna hurried off to complete his daily tasks directing the humans in their labor.

The inauguration ceremony went ahead with no problems and all the work of the humans and priests paid off handsomely. They had a great shining city that was the envy of many gods the world over. Its great halls and beautiful arenas resounded with cheering as the sacred city was consecrated to their god king Tiama.

The blue fire of the central temple spreading down to the city bellow, lighting the homes of all through the channels in the streets and walls of all the buildings both great and humble. The central pillar rising from the heart of the temple rose high and the humming golden machines of the temples inner workings made a melodic noise that was heard beyond the city and deep into the surrounding valleys.

Tiama spoke, "Citizens of my city I give you the fire of the gods. With our great temple now almost complete I light the fires that fate struck out so long ago. The light of the world my progenitors were born to. The light other gods would keep from you, but that I share freely with all those who serve me."

" I give you this gift so that we may pursue together the birthright of all, man and god alike!"

Tiama proceeded with the ceremony, performing the honors and rituals of the old world. "just like it was" he thought to himself. He was content to fulfill his fathers wishes at least here and now. To give to the man beasts those things that the gods destroyed.

"We start with power. With the completion of the temple we will generate enough power to run all those machines my father hid away so long ago. The great thinking machines of the past, with all the knowledge of the former world quietly hidden away within the storage crystals he had restored to their former glory. The great energy shield for the city that will glow with blue light and protect his humans from the other gods. The creating machines that will build the wares and things his humans would never imagine possible. Wondrous things even I only tasted and experienced sparingly where power was possible in small measures."

Tiama looked on as the humans cheered and celebrated. There was a great feast prepared with all the bounty of his lands. All was well, and Taima was content to retire for the evening. He instructed his priests to allow the humans to rest for the rest of the day and enjoy themselves. He declared that this day every year would always and forever be a day of rest for all humans until the end of time, and with that he withdrew into his palace.

The priests were preparing for the night, sending the heroes to the city walls with their blessings given to their weapons and armor. The head priests along with Diogna instructed them to finish quickly as they had an appointment with their god and they had no intention of being late.

They gave the heroes the last blessings and hurried off to the central palace behind the temple.

There they gathered under the balcony of Taima`s chambers which over looked his private courtyard.

There on his balcony appeared their god king dressed in light silk and golden ornaments. He raised his hand to bless them and asked them to sit and listen.

"Oh wise priests. I have selected you from birth. You my captains, have been bred for the purpose of guiding man into his uncertain future. What you have been told by the other gods who entrusted you to me, like the humans you direct has been a lie."

They would have sat up and clamored, but their discipline and their faith and love for their god kept them patient and waiting for his words.

"Listen and know this. I am no God. No creature on this earth is a God. I am one of many who were born from a world now long dead. A world our progenitors saw dealt a mortal blow. The lands rose to upheave our cities, the seas rose to swallow our plains whole. All of nature consumed what our noble progenitors built over eons."

"Who knows of the story of our worlds destruction?". Diogna rose knowing his gods mind and temperament and with confidence spoke.

"We know of these things taught in the sacred texts. What you say of the nature of your excellence is wrong though. Look at all the wonders you and your brothers and sisters are capable of". "how can you not be a God?" "what does this have to do with the story of the old worlds death?"

Tiama spoke again. "I say this because its true, and I wish to share with you those things kept from you."



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posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: tadaman

That was awesome! A great read!

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: tadaman

It's great he pops out on your longer posts on the left and says Don't M. LOL

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:12 AM
Tiama spoke on

"in the times past, after the great fall, we gods saw our efforts at perfection foiled. For too long before the fall we controlled our breeding and our ascendancy. We cornered ourselves into a state of incompatibility with those we deemed unworthy of our own kind. We set our world into perfect casts, much like the other gods have made in their cities."

"You have been made as agents to infuse our essence and bridge the gap between us gods and man. We wish to stay on this earth and need to become as compatible as you are with humans. To this end our progenitors, the Titans we gods killed, entrusted to us and your kind the hope of our world."

"We gods waged a great war over the control of mankind". "We seized the humans from our progenitors who protected them and you so as to have them serve us. We gods did not want to share our inheritance with the beasts we made to be our servants. Please forgive this revelation but even your kind were to be our servants. You were not to be spared from the toil and labor of the humans."

The priests were visibly shaken. The words weighing heavy as they considered them. Tiama continued.

"I have been in possession of great and wondrous things my father hid away from the other gods, and especially from my sister." "He like the other titans saw these things as the future of not just us gods or you our priests, but of mankind. Together we would all rebuild as one family the world that nature, fate destroyed."

The temple the humans are building that houses the blue fire of the gods is not just a powerful light that keeps the night away. It is a power that will bring back to life all those wondrous things I speak of. The works of the world we gods hail from."

"I am going to give to men and priest alike the power of the gods. I will do this since that was the intention and will of my father and the other titans. I once defied them along with the other gods. I have grown tired of the evils we gods have perpetuated, the lies we have made true. The truth is we have grown fat and lazy. We do not gather our own food, build our own homes, or do as other creatures of nature do."

The priests were puzzled except for Diogna. He directed them to be silent and honor their god in his words.

"You see we gods have changed the will of the titans. We wish to retain all that was lost but not rebuild the world lost. We wish to build a new world in which our servants and our priests exist to make our lives useless in leisure. Something I can no longer bear."

"The essence in you all I have also imparted to my humans. I wish for them to be as you. I am a prince of the gods, and so you and our humans are of royal blood. You have divine right to rule."

"This will inspire great anger in the other gods. They would destroy you and our city and our humans down to the last."

"This I wish to avoid, and for this I will entrust to you the secrets of the gods, so that together we can survive. Just as my father and the titans wished."

"you are my watchers, my chosen who guide man." "I am your god, your king". "I am telling you, ordering you to see me not as a god, but as your older brother. We are a family and the humans are even as my brothers."

"the priests were silent but disturbed now and nearly in tears."

"Great Tiama, why do you say these things? If they be true what will be our fate when your sister and the other gods learn of your treachery?"

"Do not worry my priests. I have prepared all things".

"This city will not stay here to be picked apart by the vultures of the armies of the gods." "Even now they fight over the dominion of the earth, the remnants of the old world, and the humans they see as their rightful slaves"

"this city is not just a home, but a ship like my own personal vessel. A ship of the sky".

"When all is ready and enough power is generated by the central temple, I shall raise it up and hide it upon our moon." "I know that the war of the gods that destroyed much of what was left of our world will rage on. The gods are petty and have lost their way."

"they hate mankind and will seek to punish them for all time" "I entrust to you this city, our library, and the works my father preserved." "you are to survive the great war to come, a war my loyalties mandate I find my demise fighting in".

Diogna was amazed, saddened and now weak. He began to speak but was interrupted by Tiama

"I have loved you as my brothers. I was there when we gods made you priests with our own essence. I was there when the humans were made, of which you share half your essence." I will not be there in the future I ask you to create." "the future that was intended but that we gods ruined in malice and greed." "the world we would not share with mankind that we envy"

"For this and my part in betraying our progenitors I must face my destiny. My sisters armies are gathering even now to betray me. To take from me you my priests, my humans and all that I have preserved like my father of the old world. She would use this all to wage greater war against all the gods. They would do the same to her and myself."

"When the sun rises again, this city shall rise with it, a great energy shield will surround this city and take you and the humans to our moon. There you shall learn and train. There you shall become as we gods. When you are ready and understand you shall return to earth to free your brothers, the humans."

"I give to you this symbol, the snake. I impart to this brotherhood formed, the symbol of eternity. "

Tiama raised a golden circle, a snake consuming its tail.

"this is the symbol of the future. When the gods are silent and dead, as we will be, you must return and make known to those of your class the truth. Impart to them the understanding I give you, and to the humans the truth of their origin"

"that though they were made to serve us, those that made them wished for them to be as our equals. That they are as us, made in our image. You my priests will become as them. Your essence and theirs will mix until we gods are but a distant memory"

"When this world is dead and destroyed, as I know it will be in this our last war of gods, you will return and seed mankind with cities like this one. Perhaps not as wondrous but equal in glory and purpose."

"Go now and prepare, think of your words to calm the humans when the city rises. There will be much fear, but you must impart to them the love and care I have given you."

With that all departed the courtyard. All but Diogna.

GREAT GOD TIAMA! he shouted.

Tiama spoke but did not reveal himself. It was not customary to see gods cry.

"What is it my noble friend"

"I wish to ask you, those that do not perish in this war, the gods and their priests, they will forever hunt us and hate us"

"Yes, they will. I have anticipated this."

"yes, but why not simply come with us and live on, as you will not die"

"Diogna, do you know what my mother did as my sister killed her?" "nothing, she smiled. She turned to me and said that all things have their season and now it is time for the season of the titans to pass"

"We gods had our season, for centuries we built our cities, waged our wars placing weapons into the hands of humans to die for our greater prosperity and their greater enslavement. You our priests to be our concubines and captains in our enterprises. Never had we earned all that we took from our progenitors"
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posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:21 AM
Tiama continued to speak

"I wish to honor the will of my father and our mother. I wish to restore the dream of our world now dead. I know one day, perhaps far and long removed from now, this city will descend from the skies and give to man all hope we gods stripped from him. The wisdom you and your priests will preserve and give to them."

"I must prepare for war my dear friend. If we are to succeed, and this city is to make it to the moon unnoticed by the other gods, I must go and wage war with my sister who is near and watchful of us."

The sun will give the temple all the power it needs and the blue shield shall rise. I must be out of the city before this time.

Diogna paused and then smiled. "great FRIEND, go now and celebrate your season." I understand and wish only to thank you for all you have done for us. We that are unworthy of your grace."

Diogna then walked off. As he faded into the shadows Tiama clasped the last of his armor onto his body. He made his way to his ship that lay prepped and ready for departure.

As he circled the city over and over again he remained watchful of all.... just as the sun was rising, he watched as the humans were told to gather by the priests, all waving to the ship as it circled....the first rays of the sun hit the temple and it shown like a jewel, and the temple burst into wondrous blue light and great beautiful melodies were heard all around as the ancient machines turned on one by one.

"I give to you that which was always yours, my brothers."

As the shield rose around the city and it lifted into the sky Tiama wept once more and left in the direction of his sisters city, ready to die in honor, ready to join the titans in death that he betrayed like all the other gods so long ago.

"This is my sacrifice for you."

He let loose a great iron arrow that scorched the earth where his city once sat. A great pillar of fire and smoke rose up and filled the heavens with blinding light.

"they will think my sister destroyed my city, and I will go now to destroy hers".

He flew off with the second iron arrow shining under his ships belly.

The blue light of his city now far in the heavens nearly gone from sight....

and that was all we ever knew of his fate.

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posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: Quantum12

Thanks man!

I am glad you like the story and the funny on the side. Thanks again!

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: tadaman

Write, oh enlightened one.. I enjoyed it very much

posted on Mar, 16 2016 @ 12:18 PM
a reply to: Tsuro

Cheers mate!
Thanks for reading and its awesome you liked it too!

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