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Breaking: Gunman running Near Purdue Campus

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posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:19 PM

originally posted by: introvert
a reply to: butcherguy

Anyway, it is my body and I can do what I want with it.

I think that was meant for the other thread we are discussing.

Getting threads confused?

Not at all.
You said that I was making a fool of myself. Myself... to do what I want with.
I am not all hung up on ego like some.
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posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:25 PM
a reply to: Blaine91555

I saw and posted this (and the network probably highlighted it) because of the massive school threats in NY and LA today.
It turned out to be unrelated, even though it involved a campus...but nobody knew at the time.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:44 PM
Shelter in place lifted. No gunman found. Police continue to investigate the robbery.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 03:58 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I meant that as a criticism of the media, not the thread.

It bothers me that the rest of world is being led to believe something that is not true. Violent crime is way down from what it used to be all this media gives a message that is just not true.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 04:02 PM
Run Forrest, Run!
WTH kind of news is this "might be a robbery" crap?
Now go hide under a desk and wait for SWAT to tell you it's ok.

posted on Dec, 15 2015 @ 05:08 PM

originally posted by: Martin75
Now they are saying it is a robbery.

The White House must be on spin control.

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