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Does God exist?

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by JHAustin

I think the question should be, "Does Atheism prove God exists?"

Everybody on this forum has their own conception of God. Now before the atheists stand up to defend themselves, all atheists have a concept of god, they got to have a concept to disbelieve in or there is no point. Atheism is a rejection of a codified set of beliefs, how can they reject something if there is nothing to reject?

We live in a universe of Relative Duality. Up and Down, Left and Right, Belief and Non Belief. In order for rejection of belief to exist, or just plain non-belief in something, that something must exist. Although the Psalmist said that anyone who won't believe in God is a fool, we should be grateful that Atheism exists.

1. I'm grateful for nonbelievers since they provide a stark contrast to which we can get questions and answers.

2. Although the Atheistic Evangelism is out there, they are providing a simple service. See point 1. Although there are some intelligent people out there in the Scientific Community who should not be atheists. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, when he described the new theories of the beginning of the Earth, I liked it so much that I said "he'd love it if he were a god!" (i.e. creating his own planet Earth).

3. Sadly, though, because of their rejection of belief, an Atheist thinks they are smarter than God. Which is simply not true. Just ask them if they can figure out teleportation or the Star Trek transporter (Someone did, actually. )

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 01:33 PM
Yes, God, Creator, All that Is, Is. Everything is God and nothing is not God. If it exists, God created it. In absolute perfection. Love God.

reply to post by JHAustin

posted on Aug, 4 2012 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by JHAustin
No effect can exist without a cause.

Including god? That'll take some explaining.

Consequently, nothing can exist in the absence of creation.

"The word "creation" implies that something was purposefully created. A complete assumption. How do you know existence even had a beginning?

This physical universe exists and, therefore, is the result of creation.

This universe exists, the rest is an assumption.

Source of that creation is obviously infinite in wisdom and power with regard to the physical universe, and reflects total truth of the physical universe, and in infinite wisdom is also infinite in what man would consider goodness. So, let's call source of that creation "God."

No, let's not. Let's be humble enough to say when we don't really know.

Therefore, if we define God as "source of creation of the physical universe, infinite in wisdom, power and goodness," we have a slightly different definition than what man customarily uses, but we have an accurate definition of what we can call God.

No, we have an accurate definition of a complete guess. Filling in gaps in our knowledge with notions of god. That it might make us feel all warm and fuzzy won't make it truth.

Accordingly, we can intelligently and truthfully say God exists.

I see very little intelligence or integrity in this assumption.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 12:00 AM
What a totally twatish question.

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