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social justice in colleges explained

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posted on Nov, 24 2015 @ 06:45 AM

originally posted by: LadyGreenEyes
So, the state government can do whatever they want, and you can't complain. No more complaints, then, about states that don't accept certain types of marriage. it isn't the federal government, after all.

What? Um... No... I said GOVERNMENT. I didn't put any adjectives in front of the word. You are really trying to reach here. It's really not that complicated...

If someone can legally be punished for their speech, then some form of government is involved. Make up your mind, already. Either it's always wrong, or it's only wrong if it's the federal government. You can't gave it both ways. If someone is fired for free speech, that's a violation of their rights. Unless they are shouting and disrupting the work environment, they shouldn't be able to be fired for simply holding a different opinion on this or that topic. Nor should social injustice bullies be able to demand that someone is fired because they don't like the person's opinions. When that is allowed, freedom isn't present.

No. The government isn't involved if I call you a racist for saying something racist. The government isn't involved if a business fires you for saying something racist. Being fired for something you say isn't a violation of your rights no matter HOW much you want it to be. A business isn't a government and a business has the right to self-determine it's own business atmosphere. By saying that a business isn't allowed to fire someone for saying something racist, you are arguing for government intervention here.

Your opinion here is wrong. You are trying to add too much to the First Amendment by purposely confusing what it is saying. You really need to learn the distinction between government and private. Free speech ONLY (I repeat) ONLY applies to the government (state, local, federal, etc).

Odd, because that's what you are claiming. Certain groups demand free everything, and then claim that others don't have the same freedom, and you defend them. When others, myself included, point out that this isn't fair, or freedom, you act like the other person is confused. We aren't confused at all.

Actually you are only demonstrating that you have a poor grasp of how the First Amendment works. That's all you are doing here. If you disagree with me, you disagree with our Constitution.

No one complained for being called a racist hen they were one. People complain about being called racists for being born into white skin. Catering to people that behave in such a fashion is flat out idiotic, and the universities ought to know better.

Who cares what reason you THINK you are being called a racist for? That is irrelevant. The point is that it is perfectly free speech to call you it. Just like you have the right to say racist and intolerant things. It's all free speech.

As for hypocrites, that would be the people claiming others are racist for being a certain color. That is a perfect picture of real racism.

We aren't discussing what is and isn't racism here. We are discussing free speech. Stay on topic.
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posted on Nov, 24 2015 @ 10:23 AM
moving towards it? when has it not been indoctrination. the biases in higher education run deep, long before this cycle aimed at mindless consumers. heck, i learned columbus discovered america, but for who? not so, just anglo saxons, except not really cuz the vikings. always a sphere of information, creating the narrative, now so just more obvious cuz they just that dumb now. so wat? means we get off cheaper, no need for the skool use the average indebtedness less options drive my position higher.

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