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Saudi Officials to Behead 28 Muslims for Holy Mecca Stampede

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posted on Oct, 10 2015 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: enlightenedservant

In fact, the Prophet Muhammad & the first 9 Caliphs all forbid teaching from anything other than the Qur'an, which proves the religion was a "religion" long before different sects started adopting Hadith & Sunna. (Plus we believe the basics of "Submission to God" is the same religion given to all of God's Prophets, from Adam onwards.) I think the major disagreement you & I have over this is the concept of a "religion". It seems that you mean "organized communion with strict rules & standards", while I mean "specific way of life that follows God & His directions".

The Quran speaks of deen and sects for people for who choose to follow other than the path of God. It is the same path the Prophets took and promoted. If submission to the creator was a religion then the angels and animals who all submit to their creator are the most religious.
Here's a comparison between religion and deen:
[Quran 2:256] "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] deen."
Deen has been falsely translated as a religion since the Quran was hijacked by sectarians who follow hadith books and are not content with the Quran because "it doesn't explain everything in detail like[insert made-up prohibition or prayer name]
[Quran 6:38] "We did not leave anything out of the book"
[Quran 16:89] "We have brought the book down to you to provide explanations for all things"
[Quran 6:114] "......He has brought down to you this book fully detailed"
[Quran 18:54] "We have cited in this Quran every example for the people, yet the human being is most contentious."

Hadith followers turn a blind eye to these verses

There really is not such thing as a peaceful religion. The true islam from the Quran which means to submit to your creator is a peaceful a state of mind but not a religion. [Quran 13:28] "Only in the remembrance of Allah does a soul find peace" Why not only in religion does a soul find peace?

Religion is like a gang, it operates under the guise of monotheism, spiritualism and morals while in fact doing the exact opposite. These gangs(sectarians) hijack revelations from God(Torat, Injil and Quran) invent their own books alongside it(hadith books) and create their own religion(sect). The path to God(deen) is not a religion. You do not have to be part of gang to believe in God. All the messengers of God were monotheists AKA submitters, not religious.
The so called holy wars are not holy wars, they are gang wars. There is no such thing as a holy war in the Quran. There is only self-defence and jihad. Jihad literally means to struggle in the path of God. suppressing your desires is a form of jihad, helping fellow humans is jihad, going to work and earning money in a halal way is jihad, charity is jihad, gaining knowledge and seeking the truth is also jihad. What isn't jihad is to go make an empire by conquering peoples lands(like the Islamic caliphates) and shoving your beliefs down their throats or even threatening people to convert of die. Again, you really can't "convert" to the path of God. Another problem with religion.

I only became a Muslim because of my personal relationships with both God & Shaytan. It literally had nothing to do with God's Prophets, His Holy Books, or my Muslim parents (though I respect all of His Prophets since He chose them to deliver His message). I'm a nondenominational Muslim because I reject the human influences, & I've dedicated my life to fulfilling my personal covenant with God. I'm only bound by the Qur'an & my personal lessons from God because of that and because I'm not satisfied with the origins & conclusions of the human innovations.
If you reject hadith books(hearsay crap) and you're content with the Quran, then you are a muslim. However, that isn't the end. A muslim by Quranic definition is a peacemaker
A "muslim"/peacemaker can NEVER be backward because he/she will be a peacemaker and not a criminal, and the reason people are backward is because they are criminals and cause corruption and bloodshed. It is analogous to saying "why is an intelligent person stupid?". An intelligent person can never be stupid.
On the other hand, a Muslim (capital M, proper name, follower of a fabricated man made religion, never used in Quran) can be backward if he/she is not a "muslim"/peacemaker and is a criminal instead and causes corruption and bloodshed.

So ironically, I'm still a Muslim by your definition even though many denominational theologians consider me a heretic.
You are a muslim, don't pay attention to them. I'm not just considered a heretic, I've been threatened as well. Only God can guide them.

But nearly all believers I meet in real life consider me a devout believer & Muslim. The main point I'm trying to make is that most Sunnis & Shiites are still absolutely Muslims, especially those who follow God's actual directives & are "non practicing" with the additional stuff.
You mean followers of the religion of Islam. It's a sect, hence they are sectarians. They deny the exclusivity and divinity of the Quran by following books authored by Bukhari and co to "fill those empty gaps" in the Quran because apparently, it doesn't explain everything in detail.
Such are not believers. You will obviously disagree here and probably ask yourself, "99% of 1.6 billion Muslims cannot be astray"
[Quran 6:116] "And if you obey most of those in the earth, they will lead you astray from Allah's way; they follow but conjecture and they only lie."

I've even concluded that that's why we're supposed to get along with the other People of the Scripture. Because as long as they're following the same core beliefs, they're just as worthy as we are for Heaven (1 God; respect God's Prophets & Holy Books; Heaven & Hell, Shaytan/the Devil is bad; help the needy; treat God's creations well; do good & not bad; no adultery, stealing, killing, fornicating; make peace not war, etc). As examples, the 3 believers who've influenced me the most were 2 Christian women & a Muslin woman. I almost hope they make it to Heaven more than I do (almost, I'm not volunteering for Hell for anyone though).

As long as people treat each other well and are able to debate without name calling or threats, I see no problem.
[Quran 2:256] "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] deen." Every human has a right to believe whatever they want.


posted on Oct, 11 2015 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: StallionDuck

Sorry but the world has been turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia, and their best friends the zionists in Israel, for a very very long time.

Theirs will come.

posted on Oct, 21 2015 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: Spider879

The beheadings are inconvenient toward their agenda of tolerance of Islam, so it is better not to talk about them. That is my take.

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