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posted on Sep, 2 2015 @ 08:47 AM
- Can you forgive, the old man asks.

- I dont know, why? Does it change anything?

- No, but if you forgive someone who has done very wrong, it shows your heart.

- Old man, dont go there, you want me to forgive someone who massacred my whole legacy?! While dining in gold!! Used them as Slaves!!! Defiled them, tortured them, chased them on every corner of this earth!! YOU WANT ME TO FORGIVE THEM FOR THAT! They are still the same! They will never change!! You give them a hand and what did they do to you? They took your soul!! They cannot be trusted, i WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM!

I always forget that The crimson armor feeds on hate, i lost it for a while, it feeds more hate, the balance is what i forget.

The old man looked down, looked up into the sky; - I forgave them, i always do, you see my hands carry blood which they will never do. Your armor hears every call, it feeds on it... Can you forgive them?

- Why do you want me to forgive someone who did everything wrong, i replied.

- If i ask with all my heart, to forgive them. When someone did very wrong, show them more love.... forgive them.... You say but yourself, the pendulum always swing both ways.

- I looked at the old man wondering if he went mad; But the pendulum always goes both ways, i calm my breath, and say these few words; I will forgive but never ask me to forget, one wrong step and i will turn it all to ashes.

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