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A fascinating open-minded unbiased Documentary 'Revelation of the Pyramids'

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posted on Oct, 26 2015 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: TarzanBeta
There is no topic, whether the truth be known or not, that is not without debate. Therefore, to be so petty as to allow inner complaints to infect the realm of the ignorant seems, ironically, ignorant.

The pettiness arises from posters pretending that lies told about the AE's is "debate."

There's plenty of debate about the Giza Pyramids and monuments. Oddly, none of the real debates include such things as "Earth energy - like Tesla" or some sort of high-tech machinery, or help from aliens.

Given that there's no evidence for any of that, it's not surprising that it doesn't enter the real debate.

Imagine watching a debate, and one of the sides brings up some wholly unevidenced claim in order to support their position.

Is that a legitimate debate tactic?

What you characterize as debate in this thread is actually ignorance on parade.


posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 11:25 AM
I'll admit that I don't want to sit through an hour and a half of youtube video (to be fair, most of you probably wouldn't sit through an hour and a half lecture class on Middle Eastern History). So I can't say if it's unbiased. But for those of you who did, does the documentary mention the following:

* Egyptians started building large stone buildings at the time of King Djoser (3rd Dynasty, 200 years or so before Khufu)... including Djoser's step pyramid.
* the interior is not solid, but contains a lot of fill (rubble) and gypsum plaster
* Khufu's father, Sneferu, built four pyramids (one of which was a total failure... the final one is actually Khufu's on a smaller scale) all within a 20 year reign - the total volume of these pyramids is about the same as the smallest of the Giza pyramids.
* that the Egyptians had working quarries and professional stonemasons working on monuments 200 years before Khufu
* that they were transporting large blocks of stone all over Egypt for monuments and temples before starting work on Khufu
* that they didn't pull the blocks up just one at a time, but had 200 crews of 100+ men moving and working on all sides of the pyramid at once (throw the book at them if they show the "ant stream" method of hauling one block up at a time)
* that there was a whole town there to support this
* that even in off seasons, there were 3,000 or more people working there
* that the crew was up to 20,000 ONLY in earlier stages and only during the flood season
* that it was corvee labor, only for the flood season

If the documentary doesn't mention those, it's not very unbiased. Presumably it also mentioned the other 130+ pyramids but it might have failed to mention the massively huge temples that were more difficult to construct (columns, plus roofing with large stone blocks).

Anyway, there's a set of known data by which you can measure if something's truly unbiased or not.
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posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 04:24 PM
The trick is, you have to agree to be aware of that data set.


posted on Oct, 27 2015 @ 08:48 PM
a reply to: PickledOnion

Thank you OP.
Haven't seen this.
Is it narrated by Albert Finney, the bad guy in the Bourne/Ludlum movies.
Thanks again. & S& F

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