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parrallel // alternate universes / multiverse theory [ my opinion ]

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posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 01:51 AM
a reply to: nonspecific

yup - the infinite multivereses is a posibility i accept :


such multivereses would NOT [ my opinion ] be " graded " or indexed

by graded - i mean sorted according to changes from one to the next

which is a key point of my objection to people claiming ` multiverse differences ` to explain flaws in thier perception

the berenstain // " berenstien " argument sums this up

of all the multivereses that a random cohort of people could shift from - ALL the people in that thread ONLY cite the spelling of the authors names as the difference ????????

why have ALL the people in that thread come from that one alternate ?????

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

I do not as you know have the answers to that question!

I cannot comment on the bear issue as I am from the UK and only vaugley aware of the show, I could not say how it's spelled and in truth theres already a couple of threas about the bears in particular.

What if there was a collision of some sorts between two universes and things got a little muddled up as it where?

Also bear(pun intended) in mind that thses people are fixing on one common difference between two proposed universes and will on the whole be completley unaware of the infinite amount of subtle differences that also exist but can not possibly know of as a group to discuss

For an example I did not put a full stop at the end of the last sentance and theres a whole new bunch of univereses that are similiar but different in a way that knowone would ever notice.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 05:48 AM
a reply to: nonspecific

appologies - the questions were quite rhetorical

but you do have to wonder - of all the multiverses - we have an influx [ more than 50 ] from the one where the only noted difference is the spelling of an authors name

does that not strike you as odd ?

i find it preposterous [ given the prosaic rebuttal availiable ]

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 06:10 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

I agree that it is unusual and does not exactly give creedence to the multi world theory.

My personal view on the bear issuse is that it's a spelling vs pronunciation issue. If you started having the books read to you and your parent pronounced it one way yet as an adult you read it differently that would cause you to question it.

Another example although easily explained is different countries caling things by different names.

I assume you are aware of an American tv show about a retired teacher who became a crime writer and began investigating murders in real life, her name was Jessica Fletcher?

Theres a link to the syndication names of the show here Link

Imagine a group of people from different countries all talikng about the same show and arguing about the name of it.

The thing is though all that aside these threads and there odd conclusions cannot really debunk some of the worlds greatest thinkers of the day and there proposals about multiverses, string theory ect.

It's like not beliving in the possiblity of alien life because you have watched some rather dubious youtube videos and based your opinion on the fact they are obvious fakes.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

I haven't seen any new research on how large a scale quantum engtanglement principles or dynamics can apply. I think if research were to ever point to that possibility, I'd love to see how we could apply knowledge to something like time travel, or teleportation. That would force us to rethink the question of "is bilocation or existing in multiverses possible" into a more tangible field of study.
edit on 4-7-2015 by JustTamms because: left out words important to context

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