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I have experienced much of what we all come here for........

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 12:56 AM
Hey f*ck it, I might as well offer what I know and have experienced.

UFO's, alien abduction, I can tell you plenty from personal experiences.

Illuminati, satan worshippers, Anunnaki..... YEP, I have some encouters and experience with them as well.

I live in north east Ohio. I won't say near which major city but well, we have the rock n roll hall of fame here

UFO sightings are pretty common here and the one UFO picture the government
was willing to acknowledge as legite was in Dayton Ohio, 1954(I believe) which is also where EVERY SINGLE UFO report gets sent to be studied and filed away permanently.

So all I can say is, ask some questions. I was half tempted to just post some experiences and information, but sometimes it gets too difficult to make sense of things.
I think I have some rock solid answers but at the same time, there is too much to speculate that also shoots holes in answers or theories...... at the same time though, it doesn't make them wrong.

I have a lot of information to share. I have learned that if you are exposed to these things and prove yourself worthy of keeping a secret, you will eventually be brought into one of the inner circles of direct involvement. I am very sought after, but want no such part in these people....and things.

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 12:58 AM
Welcome to ATS, MadMordigan. Hope you enjoy your stay.

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 12:58 AM
welcome!!! share your experiences! - and watch out - the ATS might cost you some insomia

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 01:03 AM
Good to meet you Mad! I live pretty close to you and travel to the Akron area frequently as I have family there. I've never known of any strange activities around there but I will now keep my eyes open. Welcome.

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 06:22 AM
Welcome to ATS enjoy the ride...

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 06:53 AM
And please feel free to post in any of the aforementioned forums of interest for discussion (without the censor circumvention).

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 06:56 AM
Welcome Mad

Hope you enjoy the forum as much as i do.

Very interested in what you have to say regarding your post. Hope ya gunna enlighten us all with your stories.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 03:33 PM
We have a large amount of UFO sightings here. Recently there was one witnessed by a lot of people, including Cleveland area police.
The police actually made a press statement though that was on one of the major nightly news channels.
They said, and I quote, "It's just normal activity", and that was it.......

About 7 years ago, a friend and I used to see this same chrome colored UFO towards the end of the month....usually about the 26th and after. This went on for easily 6 months and the sightings got more and more frequent. What more importantly should be popinted out, we realized they seemed to be following us.
We had also witnessed the light shows from it you see in video footage. Where they change color and size and almost seem like some cosmic light show though I'm certain they're up to something when doing so.

ANYWAY, one day I said dude, that thing is DEFINITELY following us. So I drive East for about 20 minutes and it goes with us. We actually see numerous cars pulled over and people standing and watching it, some with binoculars.
SOOOOO, I turned around right?
We drive for about half an hour west and the damn thing follows us. Low and behold, more people are pulled over watching it. We get so far west I say screw it, lets drive into Cleveland and see my Grandfather and go to dinner with him....the thing he always does with company.

We get to Cleveland right. The downtown area is within sight and a 5 minute advance on the freeway. The UFO is now directly over the downtown area and buildings. Now take into account it was always pretty high in the sky but there was generally a pretty large panaramic view of it.
All of a sudden 5 to 6 military jets show up and are rocketing in it's direction. There are two airpoprts RIGHT there that are more military and industrial use than passenger.
Like in the videos and other footage, it like shrinks in size, expands and then basically streaks away but more so borderline simply vanishes.......

Here is my conclusion. The guy I was hanging with was pretty much a polar opposite of myself.My mother told me one day he looked just like her uncle Danny, and it turns out his last name, was also within our family tree.

Further more, both our families have military and their Grandfather was like some sort of scientist/engineer. What's funny is he read ALL the tabloid newspapers like the Enquirer as his regular newspapers....kinda like in the Men In Black movie......

I sometimes wonder if because we were such oposites, they were studying us and even more so, wondering why we were friends.....
I still believe whatever their reasons were, they were MUCH more sinister than anything I can imagine.

I think anyone who believes any of these entities doing these things have purely positive intentions, needs to pull their head out of their a$$.

This is one of the relatively mild encounters........

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 03:48 PM
Hi there....

I'm in NW Ohio, the Glass City... we have the world famous MudHens.

Glad you found your way to ATS.

I travel to Cleveland on a weekly basis to work, we have an office there, have you heard of Schindler Elevator ?

anyway, welcome, if you need any help, please ask.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 04:13 PM
I have .....oddly enough.

I'm not even sure of where but I do travel through the downtown area often enough.

On a totally different subject, for the most part, there was an elevator repairman from Cleveland that participated in the tough man contests on the FX channel some years ago. His name is John.....

The guy was small, pale and rather weakly looking.....but the tough SOB laid a pounding on men literally 4 times his size that were in stellar shape!!

ANyway, that story I shared is absolutely nothing compared to some others. There's a lot of weird stuff going on in Ohio and my curiosity got it flaunted in my face. I mean not just UFO stough. We're talking cult/secret society crap.
....Basically, they're running this entire area that stretches from one side of the state to the other along the coast of the lake....

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