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NEWS: Theatre ends play in Sikh protest

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 07:37 PM

Far from advocating apathy, I think what the protesters should do is write their own plays, music, and art in celebration of their religious figures if they're concerned that "the wrong message is getting out".

Well, not every protestor is an artist

Stopping others from presenting their art and preventing others from enjoying it is not a mature decision in a free world.

Well, it's not a free world.

Certainly, it is within their rights, but to enjoy freedom, one must allow others freedom, as well.

I do not agree with the violence, but in any kind of mob, emotions get heated up and things get blown out of proportion. This is mob psychology; not sikh psychology.

The artist has the freedom to express themselves, but as I said, as soon as they involve others, especially when you are dealing with religious sensibilities, they lose some of that freedom. It's just how human society works.

The artist needs to be responsible, like anyone else, in what they express. If I go outside right now blaspheming Jesus in a church, I'll deserve everything I get. There are just certain things that should not be said or done in society.

However, if you believe in it and it is for a greater good, such as refuting a false-truth, then it is right. Now, tell me, what kind of greater good is coming out of depicting Jesus as gay? Or a rape in a temple?

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 07:50 PM

Actually Sikhism did adopt warrior traits later to quell Islamic aggression, hence why swords are an important part of it's religion. The later teachers/gurus of Sikhism were warriors too, particularly the 10th one. The Sikhs also fought against the British and defeated them.

You may have confused swords being used as weapons, rather than thier disciplanary reason: The last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave Sikhs some tenets to abide by, they can be found here:

There are plenty of fundamentaly driven sites, beware !!

In fact, if you come across them, be sure to tell me, i'll tell you if they are. If any site insinuates that the Guru's were more than human and had supernatural powers, don't read it.


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