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Kill The Police, Riot, Then Slavery UK

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posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 01:23 PM
a reply to: Kester

Honestly, fight for what exactly? Nobody gives enough of a # to use their power to change things. You can bet that more people will vote for the 4 major parties despite a proven track record of corruption and outright contempt for those of us without the excessive needed wealth to buy their favour.

And as I mentioned with the London riots as a precedent (although in that instance they were justified in going after everyone as it was pure criminal), if we fight back, they will come for us and lock us away. The rules that apply to us, that we never even signed up for in the first place but were enforced upon us against our will, do not apply to them. When they fight us its law enforcement, when we fight them its criminality or terrorism.

The even worse thing is that the vast majority of people will believe their lies, and support the tyrants, or just sit on their apathetic backsides while watching the predators rape and pillage the vulnerable and defenseless, even cheering it on. Then there are the outright animals who will take advantage of the situation for their own evil ends and things will be even worse. They are barely restrained by the law as it is.

posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 01:35 PM

originally posted by: Firefly_
Honestly, fight for what exactly?

I think that's a subject for another thread.

I'm off to buy some errrrr..... beer.

posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: Kester
Gloucester police were outnumbered in a drunken after hours drinking brawl?! That's it?
Our police here in the UK are outnumbered all the time, always have been, right now where I am in tourist season at any given time there is 1 warrant carrying officer or PCSO available for every 5000 citizens or so. This in the biggest geographical police area in England (Devon & Cornwall) by the way, even London is closer to the Exeter police headquarters than the furthest extremes of our constabulary.

Friday and Saturday nights all the available cops are at bar and club zones in major towns and our handful of cities, so if you want a cop outside of those local areas expect to wait a long time. Our crime is relatively low compared to the rest of the UK, and everyone I know calls the police as a last resort in any case. I've met many a cop who has been grateful and turned a blind eye towards 'positive community action'.

The 'UK riots?' Lol, we had nothing going on in these parts then, and everyone I heard talking about it at the time was just saying how glad we are that scummy folk like that do not seem to be much of an issue for us.
I wrote a thread about the police situation here in the South West (Is it police numbers or a nice environment that keeps the peace, or is it just a crazy mix?) and I remain strong in my opinion that our cops have always been nice because they know they are outnumbered, especially with only 1 in 10 carrying tazers, and they know that in Devon & Cornwall their friendly manner is responded with well by the communities. Even in the 'roughest' estates we have in Plymouth and Exeter.

I've helped cops out a few times over the years with violent offenders and I've seen many other blokes help cops out when they've been outnumbered and doing the right thing. Maybe it is a cultural thing but coppers are treated well in these parts, even by local chav lads or is amazing what a friendly attitude and discretion with 'informal warnings' can do to make even the more naughty elements of society appreciate the police.

Long may our police/community relationships continue in the strange way they do here...maybe it's because we all know we need the tourists and if the South West became thought of as some sink-hole estates in major cities of Britain then people would stop coming and spending their money here.

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posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: grainofsand

The general crime may be low but the smuggling along the north coast is constant. The Bideford fishermen stopped reporting stray bales of cannabis they caught because customs spent so long searching their boats they lost too much fishing time. A fair bit of co caine comes from London to Barnstaple then down the coast. For some reason that doesn't get stopped. While I agree totally with what you say about friendly and efficient constables in that area, I've personally seen, (while getting medical attention for a crackhead because his dying mother asked me to), surveillance teams who seemed to be treating it all as a holiday.

Great post and great thread you linked but I am disagreeing with you on the low crime. A lot of it is out of sight. I'll get shot for saying this but there are a lot of bikers with little farms/smallholdings who have far too many firearms. They must be up to some dodgy stuff to feel the need for so many guns.

When a violent madman kicked off at a remote farm near where I lived the local farm lads kept it under control till the constables navigated their way through 'the maze'. That's what we need all around the country as the cuts bite. Local lads backing up the constables. Easier done in a rural area with strong ties.

Also one of the reasons fewer illegal vehicles are stopped in the rural areas is because when you squeeze past them looking guilty they have to find somewhere to turn around by which time you've taken one of the turnings that leads back into the middle ages.

posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 05:57 PM

originally posted by: Kester
a reply to: grainofsand

Great post and great thread you linked but I am disagreeing with you on the low crime. A lot of it is out of sight. I'll get shot for saying this but there are a lot of bikers with little farms/smallholdings who have far too many firearms. They must be up to some dodgy stuff to feel the need for so many guns.
Haha, cheers man, I'm well aware of similar folk, and keep friendly acquaintance with people who it makes sense to, but definitions of crime in my head only counts when it is against 'civilians' who are not involved in crime. My observation is not a unique position.

It really is a game, and the police play it as well, if only for an easy shift, because they know it is treated as a game as well by most criminals who are not pissed up or robbing smack-heads.
Police here don't really give a toss about minor stuff...I almost have to remind myself that pot is illegal lol, but treating innocent and unconnected people badly is frowned upon, even by criminals.
All of us can imagine our Mam being treated badly when she was just going to the shop. Nobody wants that #.

posted on Apr, 9 2015 @ 04:30 AM
Thanks and interesting name, Where do you know the name Joe Vialls from?

Can you give us a reference to his warning?


posted on Apr, 9 2015 @ 05:31 AM

originally posted by: Kester
My grandfather was a Met bobby who was awarded a commendation for catching a team of runaway horses. I consider it a family tradition to avoid horse related injuries in British cities.

I've lodged my design with a small number of trusted accomplices and, if imprisoned, I have the option of sharing my design with the prison community.

I like your style!

Great thread and a topic that warrants more discussion.
A 'human' and compassionate police force who retain their individual sense of actual justice may side in large numbers with the populace of communities they interact with in a revolutionary situation.
Governments won't take that chance.
Severing community links with the people who keep order creates an us v's them situation and also turning police into 'revenue collectors' by way of issuing fines etc, detracts from doing the work that actually keeps the peace, by exchange of mutual respect and availing of the wealth of 'local knowledge' available.
It is all heading very quickly in a dangerous direction.

For the worshipers of power at the highest levels Star Wars - 'Battle Droids' that accept all major credit cards would be a dream come true as a police force.

It is just my opinion and has been discussed here on ATS that the Riots of 2011 were used as an experiment and allowed to progress and inflate as they did. It provided invaluable data of public order breakdown progressions and behaviour and allowed them to test in reality theri newly developing 'cyber policing' methodology by tracking social media and its influence in the rioters behaviours etc.
I think that they flooded the boat to see where the leaks were, and to practice fixing them. With greater force.


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