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Banksy in Gaza: Haunting images among ruins of war

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posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 04:38 PM
Banksy is hands down the most important contemporary artist. I know that may come as a bit of an insult to friends here who are artists....

But I absolutely love Banksy. I love his art, and I love his message(s).

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 05:26 PM

originally posted by: JiggyPotamus

originally posted by: TinfoilTP
Capitalizing on others misfortune, not direct monetarily but in notoriety. Why do people approve of this stuff? The guy is a notorious fame seeker.
The misfortune is the utter failure of the Palestinian leaders to their people.

So by your logic anyone who attempts to draw attention to the misery of a people is seeking financial gain or notoriety? I suppose that everyone should just forget about all the misfortune and wrongdoing around the world, because if one attempts to inform others of these issues on a national or international level, they are in the wrong. Even the media is making money from spreading the news of the world. Anyone, even a blogger, who attempts to spread information about the misfortunes of others, is apparently taking advantage of these people, considering that they make some money from their website. There is no situation in which it could be stated someone is not benefiting from spreading information of this type. Even ATS is making money, therefore if you yourself attempted to shed light on an issue there is someone benefiting. And even you would be increasing your notoriety, albeit to a small degree, by posting on a website like this. So your way of looking at the situation is simply incorrect. That is not even considering the fact that motivation and intent are a huge part of the equation. The reasons behind an act are extremely important, because even good intentions can have negative consequences. How do you know what the artist's intentions are? The evidence suggests that he is doing it to bring awareness to the situation in Gaza.

He leaves behind expensive art for Hamas to sell off to fund terror.
Whether he intended it or not, it is now there and his art goes for a lot on the market.
Maybe Israel will target them before they are used against them.

You cannot equate news or bloggers or what not to an artist creating something of value, news and bloggers only report on what is already around.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 07:48 PM
a reply to: TinfoilTP

Do you have absolutely any proof whatsoever that "Hamas is going to sell off" this work?

Maybe Israel will target them before they are used against them.

Psst...More like, Israel will target them and annihilate them before too many people see them. The only problem? Pictures and the net and all that.
They'll work on that too though.....use your imagination to imagine the ways.

*On these works...



You cannot equate news or bloggers or what not to an artist creating something of value, news and bloggers only report on what is already around.

Yeah, because all those reporting the news or blogging are doing so out of the kindness of their [black] hearts'? Yeah, sure.
Media sharks often do it for $$$, nothing more. They could care less about the "plight of the people"....they just wanna see it bleed!
..........because, that sells. That money often funds terrorism as well.
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posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 08:48 PM

originally posted by: TinfoilTP

originally posted by: boymonkey74
a reply to: TinfoilTP

So do all artists but I think the images carry an important message.

The only message I see is that the Palestinians are screwed by their leaders with no hope in sight. I didn't need him to scribble all over the place to know this so the only message left was,

Banksy wuz here!!!

Maybe a better message would have been to deliver food and clothing, he could have scribbled all over the relief packages.

The only message i see is someone trying to raise the world's attention to the ongoing plight of the Palestinians. People were all over it during the war, but many simply forget and move on. The livelihood of many Palestinians is all but destroyed, and they continue to live in horrible conditions.

If it wasn't for Israel bombing Gaza in the first place (in response to the abduction and killing of the three Israeli teenagers), then they wouldn't have had the war. Gaza would not have suffered and thousands of its people would still be alive. You can solely blame the Palestinians all you want. I know that this current war was Israel's fault, but i also know that no side is innocent.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 10:46 PM
Bansky should visit other war torn sites to make a similar statements. All artists do not capitalize on their work. Nor do I believe Bansky(whoever they really might be or be as in different people doing these) is doing that.

Selling the artwork? That seems kinda complex and bit of a stretch to be concerned about. Unless maybe they sell what looks like a door. The rest would probably crumble. Or otherwise how would they re-claim crumbling concrete for resale, more likely would have to piece it up for Ebay.

posted on Feb, 27 2015 @ 02:25 PM
Saw this video today, loved it. Great artist, great message. Anyone who wants to learn a bit more about Banksy, watch Robo vs Banksy on youtube.

posted on Feb, 28 2015 @ 05:54 PM
So is this "good samaritan" off to Israel now to paint on the sides of bombed busses and doors to the bunkers where the Israelis have to hide? All this "artist" is doing is promoting himself. Shameless self-promotion of a horrible situation.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 10:11 AM

posted on Mar, 27 2015 @ 01:05 PM
Take a look at this video
After Banksy: the parkour guide to Gaza – video

In response to graffiti artist Banksy's Make this the Year YOU Discover a New Destination Gaza tourist video, the territory's parkour team show us what real life is like there and their dreams beyond the border. To the sounds of Palestine's biggest female hip-hop artist, Shadia Mansour, join Abdallah AlQassab and the rest of the free-running team as they flip, somersault and leap their way round the ruined city

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posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 09:24 AM
Banksy said in a spray-painted statement:

Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day,


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