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Is the Doctor Dreaming?

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posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 03:53 PM
I recently saw the christmas special, in which (spoiler alert) the Doctor and his companion get caught by crab-looking aliens which wraps on their head and induce a dream state.

These aliens live off the image which the victims have of them. Thus, the Doctor suggests his friends to not look at them, and not think of them.

Is it not this familiar?

In the episode "Lisen" (link), at one point this happens:

Clara tries to convince Rupert that there is nothing under his bed, as he sits away from it in fear. They crawl underneath, only for something to sit on the bed above them, despite Rupert claiming that no one else has entered the room while they have been talking. On emerging, they discover a figure underneath Rupert's blankets, and the Doctor, who suddenly appears, demands that they turn away from it and promise that they will not look at it. They do so, and it vanishes out of the door.

Now the figure was quite blurry. But I find there is as rather strange resemblance between the victims in Last Christmas and the strange figure in Listen. Add to that that both figures draw strength from looking at them!

Is the Doctor dreaming? For the entire 8th serie, the characters are never actually shown travelling through the time vortex!

And, finally, in Last Christmas, the Doctor points out that victims of the dream-inducing aliens have an injury near their right eye, where the alien access their brain. Yet, when both the Doctor and Clara wake up... They have no such injuries, just like when they woke up in their precedent dream levels!

Has the Doctor been dreaming ever since Listen?

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posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 04:01 PM
reading your post, it did make me think, and i am a big fan of the writer Steven Moffat,

and most Doctor who Seasons are linked by something, maybe you have just ruined the new seasons plot!!

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posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 04:07 PM
a reply to: Phatdamage

Having seen two series of Moffat, I can only agree with you mate!

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: swanne

I am a massive fan of his other work.... Sherlock!

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 04:20 PM
a reply to: Phatdamage

My only regret with Sherlock is that there is not enough episodes per seasons.

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 05:29 PM
a reply to: swanne

A similar thought ocoured to me but I think he may have been dreaming since the final two part ending
Remember Clara tricks him into a trip to a volcano.

As lava is required to destroy the tardis keys

She places one of those sleep patches on his neck.
He corrects her later saying there not sleep patches but dream inducers,

Bear with me all this happened at the edge of a volcano .
The Doctor apparently fools Clara by chastiseing her that those patches could never work on him.

But In the last Christmas episode he awakens twice from his dream .

Both times it looks like he is again lieing at the edge of the volcano.
So maybe your right or maybe he has been dreaming since the dream induceing patches at the volcano.

CLARA knocks him into a dream state ,,,,And all the heavy hints about her being the Doctor as she knows how to fly the Tardis .
Remember she the impossible girl who has been with the doctor through all his incarnations since he stole the Tardis .
We know she can fly it through a phycic linkn
And can probably fly it manully as well

River Song can fly it so can Tash queen oof the phyco nuns,

So Danny gets Killed

Clara knows the Doctor wont alter events in her own time line .
She lures him to somewhere private where he wont be disturbed
A volcano rim seems quite a good choice
Places him into a dream .
She clicks her fingers enters the Tardis an uses it to go back and save Danny Pink from dieing in a traffic accident.

So that's why the doctor reawakens twice in the exsact same volcanic location.
Wearing the exact same out fit that stupid top shop looking jumper with glitter woven through out it.

So what we are getting is a dream with in a dream within a dream ad infinitum???

I know the doctors clothes tend to be a uniform but this Doctor s outfits alternate beteen a black hoodie or long coat with either a black shirt ,An once or twice a purple shirt.

But that horrible black sweater with the sparkles was his attire at last Christmas
And the volcanic episodes.

So opening scene of the next series I predict will start in the bathroom with Danny Pink exiting the shower.

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 05:33 PM
I am of the opinion that doctor #12 and Clara are both a nightmare ... and I hope to wake up soon and find #11 (Matt Smith) still flying the TARDIS.

posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: FlyersFan
Nah Peter Capaldi IS Excellent as the Doctor an unlike the recent incarnations since the reboot is a genuine fan
Eclestone simply used it as a vechicle to try an revive his flagging career,

As soon as he got rave reveiues an plaudits he renaged on his contract and hoped to move on to something better.
It must rankle him that he got his first break in acting on a tv series called
Our Friends IN THE north .
And Im sure Ecclestone is just a tad envious Daniel got the Bond gig and Hollywood stardom A Lister an the only job he managed since leaveing Dr Who was a channel four biopic where he played J ohn Lennon.
With the worst Liverpudlian Accent ever!
dAVID tenant also wanted to use it to further his career,
After limited sucsess playing CASANOVA IN A BBC TV SHOW.
MATT Smith a complete unknown whom had never even seen an episode of DR wHO Also refused to sign an extension to his contract .
Used it again as a stepping stone
CANT blame an Actor for attempting to move on to bigger an better parts .

But Peter Capaldi IS A LIFE LONG Whovian a fan whom admits he has landed his dream Job
I PREDICT Peter Capaldi will be the longest running incumbiant of the role ever.
Give him time as he is after all a lord of time and he will grow on you.

WOULD LIKE TO SEE Stax as a new companion though
Clara also wanted to leave the show an terminate her contract

NOT To many jobs for 3 ft five inch actresses unless the deside to do an up date of the x files an cast her as Dana SCully.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 04:35 AM
a reply to: swanne Sherlock, 3 shows where not enough. That is for sure.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 06:39 AM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

Good case.

So all this is so Clara can save Danny Pink? Hm, it would suddenly place a rather large importance on Pink. Funny how the namer looks like Rose. And Olson Pink is the last man standing at the end of everything instead of the Doctor...

And then, there is this strange thing we hear, still in Listen. As the young Danny is having nightmares, we hear his parents say:
"He whines so much! He'll never be a Timelord... "

Hints everywhere... This character is VERY important.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: swanne

That was the Doctors Parents saying he will never make a timelord.
Clara had travelled to Gallafrey using the phycic link .
The young Doctor was sleeping in the barn of there Familys farm.

Clara gives him courage as she tells him he will have to return to the Barn one day to do something important.

And its the barn he returns to when he is going to detonate the ultimate weapon the one with Rose as an interface / conseince.

We have no idea whom Dannys
Parents are we know he was in an orphanage wich suggests he may not know himself

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: Ceeker63

On the bright side Moriatti is comeing back.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

Tenant was a lifelong fan of doctor who and also told people multiple times how it was his dream job.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: Heruactic

Tenant was a lifelong fan of doctor who and also told people multiple times how it was his dream job.


I Know he loved the SHOW and his favourate Doctor was Tom Baker .....
Being a young actor staring in Casanova the part of Dr Who was his dream job .
Exposure to a world wide audience Casanova although excellent would never reach an Audience on a par with Dr Who.

What I meant was David Tennant was a young realitivly unknown actor when landing the Dr Who gig..
Peter Capaldi Is an established A List actor an award winning actor of large an small screen.

I IN KNOW WAY THINK I DISSPARIGED David I liked his portrayal of the Doctor .
I don't know him personaly but he seems like a decent bloke.

Mat Smith also a Dream job for him also virtually an unknown actor an although not a fan of the show cant hold that against anyone.
And In his defence he did indulge in days weeks of reveiueing all the previous episodes and previous Doctors .

His Favourate was Patrick Troughton also my favourate.
And its Troughtons Doctor He used as his template to act the character hence the bow tie an the manic hand movements an charging about.

The only Actor I DISPARIGED SLIGHTLY IN MY POST Was C Ecclesone .
I also thought he was excellent at times and could have been epic if he had done a couple of more seasons as per his 3 year contract .
He didn't honour it though.

And as I said at first he was great in the role but towards the end when I think he was asking to quit the show.
I think his acting became a caricature as if he was playing the Dr as a Panto chacter ,
Like Sylveter Mc coy made the Dr Chaplinesce I had to stop watching the show when he took on the mantle.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 05:19 PM
OH I see the mistake a mada

reply to: FlyersFan
Nah Peter Capaldi IS Excellent as the Doctor an unlike the recent incarnations since the reboot is a genuine fan
Eclestone simply used it as a vechicle to try an revive his flagging career,

Sorrry this made you think that I considered D Tennant as a non fan..

To me there are people whom like something archery or skiing ect they may indulge when they can on vacation.
Then there are fanatic /fans whom use all there efforts to indulgein said activites.

There are people whom enjoy pc gameing to passs an hour or two.
Then theres fanatics a Japanease teenager found dead slumped on a key board bcos he has just played World of Warcraft 79 hours non stop forgot to sleep eat or drink he was so engrossed an mesmerised by the tech he was in the thrall of.

He was a fan an extreme on but still a fanatic.a

Same with comics I like Batman Avengers ect but I was a fanatic for 2000 thousand AD a british comic .Im a Scot was also fanatic of an Americ Comic about metel men
Anywone remember them?
THre were a mr gold mr tin lead an silver I think
Anyway I digress P Capaldi doest like Dr Who he is fanatic mildly fanatic about the show as is poss to be.

im pushing 60 an relative newcomer to this tech I like books but I finaly had to give in 10 years ago an discover what the hell a google was .
I knew it as a number
Had no idea what a search engine was.

Supose im on the cusp o a silver surfer .
Even though I discovered thr innerweb the initial novelty soon wore of I utilise it but still spend more time reading books than going on line or watching tv

Radio 4 an books my cup o T

What im trying to say is I forget that on this new fangled medium people can misconstrue you words.
And there for your thoughts .
Because your not in the room with them to explain your self.

If you were converseing with me In real time as oppose cyber blog disjointed time.
An I said Ah Ha P Capaldis a huge fanatical Dr Who buff an loves the Show.

You turn to me an say David Tennant likes the Show also.To wich I reply .
Im not surprised it gave him his biggest break ever in his acting career It would be any actors dream job to land the role of Dr Who especialy as he was the youngest at that time to play the Doctor.

P Capaldi how ever Is a Fan and I think you get my drift on what I perceive as the differing frames of mindset.... ie FAN

wISH I could remember them metal men super hero comics?.

ps I googled them I was right metal men an a metal lady
if you in2 c0omics thease are awsume. LcZGdCM%253A%252CKRBhoTzPN09CMM%252C_&usg=__Ki6RrQk1GACDjoyiY_6rtO2OxGk%3D&ved=0CC4Qyjc&ei=GpCgVO23BcG0UbeGgMgL#facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=cGS79SYLcZGdCM%

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posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

Any movie producers reading at A T S
An happen upon this post an think metal men could be a block buster idea for Movies
P Message me an as Iv called Dibbs I will let you have my intelectuall reminiseing /rambling.
Fot half a million euros, Pluss two percent of any futre box office profits.

If how ever Metal Men mysteriously gets announced as the next big super hero franchise
I will hunt you down an go MENTAL MAN on your ass.


posted on Dec, 29 2014 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: ecossiepossie

Hehe, right you are mate.

posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 07:44 PM
I just hate the writing of the episodes.
They overuse the potato, lizard, mole trio in lots of episodes. I do not get to see lots of brilliant doctor moments. It is like he is stumbling through the scenes. I could be just growing out of it but i miss great episodes like Satan pit, Silence in the library, Blink, age of steel, shakespear code ect ect. Steven needs to earn my trust back because this last season was very bad in my opinion except for the "Mummy on orient express" episode.

posted on Jan, 2 2015 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: Heruactic

I agree. But maybe this "stumbling through the scene" is voluntary - maybe it's just another sign that the Doctor is indeed dreaming. Maybe that's exactly the impression Moffat is trying to convey - a sleeping Doctor attempting to make sense of his dreams.

Notice that he almost never used his sonic screwdriver, too.

I tell you, he is wide asleep.

posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 02:05 PM
BBCA went on a rampage recently and played loads of episodes. Since all I had ever seen was one episode many, many years ago and the movie in '95 or 6 I decided what the hell, lets see what this show is like.

Unfortunately, my dvr sucks and many of the episodes recorded were partials and unwatchable so I missed lots of the story. I can't comment on if he's sleeping or not because of too many missed episodes. One thing I thought was odd was The Silence were part of the good guy team on the church but later are the bad guys, or did I misunderstand that? I watched many out of order also so I may have gotten that wrong. He called them priests on the church so I don't know.

I like all the guys they have used but haven't seen the first dude, Eccleston. Matt Smith took a little while as he was a bit manic but I really enjoyed him near the end of his run. Of course, the obligatory "What do I know?" has to be played, as I've only seen around fifty of 800 episodes.

One of the first episodes I watched was Ameilia Pond's swan song and the Weeping Angels are really creepy and scary. And has there ever been a prettier name on tv than Amelia Pond? Even that gets remarked upon in one of the shows which I lol'd. While the Daleks, Cybermen, etc. are not very friendly and quite scary in their own right the WA are the ones that stick in my mind. Creatures of nightmares, certainly.

Jenna Coleman. She drives me crazy. She's as pretty a girl as I've ever seen and I find myself not paying attention to the show, just watching her do her thing. How ridiculous is that?

I've been watching The Librarians just for kicks and it's basically Dr. Who redux just slightly cheesier(and that's saying something as there's plenty of cheddar in DW) with a slightly different character. Sort of a American version of the show and it only took them fifty years to do that. Wonder why it took so long.

I put a set of dvd's from the first doc in my cart at Amazon and sometime in the near future when I get a few extra ducats so I can watch and see what it started out like. I've also stopped picking up useless dust catching trinkets(I've got more than a few) but I do want a mini TARDIS model. Not too big just a small one. Seems like that is something I should have on the collection of stupid stuff.

One last thought(s). I find the Dr.'s struggle to figure out if he's a good guy or not interesting. Even he doesn't know. Strax kills me. He may be the funniest alien since Mork.

"...and then we'll melt him with acid rain"

"What was that last bit?"

"And then we won't melt him with acid rain"

Just the way that was done had me crying. Always calling men women and vice versa and pretty much anything else he says is comedy gold IMO.

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