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Summoning UFOs - do they appear/disappear?

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posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 07:53 PM
There's also this guy in the UK, who calls his "summoned ufo" videos of balloons "mimics"

One of his recent videos, "Transforming Anomaly" shows this

which with a quick google search shows that it's this

As does a search of pretty much all the other "anomaly's" he apparently summons.

A little bit more research and you find he is located at the dark blue spot on the left, and the main retailer HQ of these shaped balloons is where? A mere 5-10 miles East of his location (blue spot on the right).

I don't know about Yahweh and some others, but the link above is a liar, fraud, idiot. Sorry if you're here reading but what you're doing is wrong. Not sure what's worse, him or his 426 "believers"... !
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posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 09:09 PM
I've suggested to folks how they could see UFOs and they subsequently did.
The trick is to go a good location during a time when they are likely to be seen
and scan above the horizon. Not exactly summoning, just timing and focus.
So my suggestion is go out in the country during clear days or clear night or even when there is good visibility and high altitude uniform cloud cover like strato-cirrus. Go to remote or country areas with lots of mountain peaks, marshes, geologic faults, granitic rock with lots of quartzite, caves, deep springs, river mouths, waterfalls. Time of year; spring when the weather's first getting really good and your spirits are "up". Drive or walk far from the madding crowds, be aware of your surroundings, look up in the sky from time to time and stay aware of nocturnal lights or silvery objects by day. Eliminate stars, aircraft, planets, meteors, clouds, and what you have left is unidentified. If it is truly "Wyrd" you will know it ; )
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