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Does this mean there an electronic bug has been planted

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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 03:50 PM
a reply to: AreUKiddingMe

I don't think it's a bug.

Me neither. Helps to check. Running an EMF meter around is a good way to confirm, too. Sometimes AC circuits in the walls or even the little wall transformers they sell with appliances also can cause interference.

Are there power lines overhead? Ham radio operator move in next door?

Where I live there was this antenna up on the mountain, a radar that swept a full circle. Every time it swept by the house all the radios gave a short, mmm. Those that know of it will be able to name it.

The ham operator up the way had one of those yard sized antennas and he would overload circuits all the time when he keyed up his mike

Then theres the ghost static…

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: option158

I mow the lawn nudes as they can't use video of me nude in court.

Seriously?.....I'll bet your a real hit with the neighbours!

By the way....they can use video of you mowing your lawn in the nude if your causing a nuisance and it's needed for evidence, strange behaviour which ever way you look at it!

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: rival

Very true. There are other ways we're tracked as well.

Last week, a triple-homicide rocked my community of about 30,000 population. Long story short, the 19 year old son shot his sister and parents in an attempt to become sole heir of the family fortune. Truly tragic and senseless.

Well, its come out in the local press that in his confession, he left his cell phone in his dorm room en route to commit the slayings "in case they tried to ping it."

However, he used his PikePass (RFID chip based technology that allows you to bypass tollbooths and later recieve a bill in my state) that is now being used as evidence of his location, with time stamps.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: decltype

The only thing you need to do is to ask yourself about who you think you are...kidding. Honestly. Is there something about your life that is a threat to law and order either locally or nationally? Or on the outside, is there some dastardly evil enemy of yours that would bug your equipment and have the knowledge, equipment and access to carry it through?

If you have no great secrets, power or plans to thwart the steady progression of the world around you, then the problem lays not outside of you.

I speak with some knowledge of what I mention. As a UFO abductee many decades ago, I eventually worked myself into thinking rather bizarrely about what else was involved. At one point after a couple of years, I shook my head and said to myself about my project at that time that this cannot be....

To proud and embarrassed to seek any form of outside help, I eventually wrote a step-by-step guidelines for myself that determined how I should approach my wild concepts. To say that I was entirely successful would be a lie as I have allowed myself enough room to be more or less still a maverick among the herd. The paper that I wrote was later approved by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a noted psychologist that works with UFO abductees.

You are, of course, on your own, you own pilot, be careful of not flying too close to the sun.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 11:16 PM

originally posted by: Aliensun
a reply to: decltype

The only thing you need to do is to ask yourself about who you think you are...kidding. Honestly. Is there something about your life that is a threat to law and order either locally or nationally? Or on the outside, is there some dastardly evil enemy of yours that would bug your equipment and have the knowledge, equipment and access to carry it through?

If you have no great secrets, power or plans to thwart the steady progression of the world around you, then the problem lays not outside of you. my moronic story. I don't think it is that complicated a thing to get bugged by the nsa. If it can happen to me, heck, it can happen to you or anybody--even your small children. Read on and prepare to laugh at my stupidity:

My only experience getting eavesdropped upon (i think) was during my middleschool and early highschool years. Being female and talkative, my best friend at the time and I would have daily phone conversations that lasted literally 5 and up to 8 hours at a time. We were (and are) pretty silly girls. We used to do harry potter/a series of unfortunate events crossover fanfictions over the phone. Like I would be dumbledore and harry and draco and she would be ginny and yeah we would say things like "HOLY SH^T VIOLET BAUDELAIRE JUST THREW HERSELF OFF OF THE ASTRONOMY TOWER AGAIN--BUT THIS TIME SHE HAS A BOMB! AND OH MY GOD OH NO OH NO ALL THE FIRST YEARS THAT WERE BELOW PRACTICING QUIDDITCH ARE FREAKING DEAD!!!"

yeah. hooray for a dark sense of humor. Well anyway, imagine scenes of violence and bloodbaths at hogwarts and stupidity and definitely the use of a lot of red flag words, oh and we also had a code language: crystal meant we couldn't talk because someone was in the room and solid meant all clear xD because we were cool like that.

So point is, somewhere along down the line we started hearing strange things on the line. Like echoing. And crackling. And once even breathing. Like we were on three way when we were not. Then her phone would pick up on phone conversations of one of her neighbors (she lived in an apartment complex) and that would cut into our conversation. Sometimes we would get totally cut off and have to call back.

Well, this weird stuff went on for a good year or more until we got a bit tinfoil hatty and started to wonder if someone was listening in. And we would go on and pretend to talk to the government whenever we heard the weird echoing thing. And after a while, it all stopped. Probably when they realized that they had just wasted hours upon hours of precious time listening in on the most idiotic (and hilarious) phone conversations ever. I bet someone got fired lol but yeah. This is obviously before the whole nsa 'revelations' but it just seemed pretty obvious that the gov't would do something like that since it was after 9/11 and all. I feel kinda bad for wasting the nsa's time, actually. But i hope at least they enjoyed our stupid story!
edit on 20-10-2014 by rukia because: editing

forgot to mention this happened not only on her apartment phone but also on her phone when she went to her dad's house. I was on the same phone all of the time (this is before I had a cell phone. I think i was around age 12 or 13 at the time) and I live in a house. So, yeah it was a pretty novel experience. Fun times
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omg and i just remembered. one time we had this story line that involved terrorists. Voldemort and Count Olaf had joined Osama bin Laden and his merry band of terrorists to form E.V.I.L (lol yes: every villain is lemons) and were hell-bent on killing harry potter and the baudelaire orphans. They actually took over hogwarts for a while, and kidnapped Ron and the Quagmire triplets and then beheaded Ron on video because dumbledor didn't meet their demands--and then they murdered the Quagmire triplets as well for good measure. the video was beamed via magic to appear in The Great Hall over breakfast (thus scarring the hogwarts students) lol ohhh now it all makes sense why the nsa would want to listen in

sigh. i think i just won the i was the stupidest pre-teen ever in the history of ever award

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edit on 20-10-2014 by rukia because: oh my god i can't believe i actually did this when i was little >_< wow so embarassing

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 01:18 AM
a reply to: decltype

Bugging technology is both highly advanced and now moving out of vogue as electronic hacking is now the norm rather than physical bug placement, most modern telephones can be accessed from the telephone exchange these day's and they can actually turn on the microphone to listen to the sound's of the house which coupled with sound enhancement and filtering technology can turn even that poor condensor microphone into a high quality listening device.

This is highly unlikely to be a bug of any kind, you note it happens when you turn your TV on, well it sound's like a short causing electrical noise that is being recieved by the radio at close range, while it is true the DAB radio used digital signal's there is still a lot of analogue materian inside one and the wires from the circuit board to the speaker (Which is an analogue component) as well as the circuit tracks themselves on the circuit board are all prone to recieve interferance from close high amplitude radio waves which you would hear as crackling, buzzing or static coming from the speaker.

I would suggest you check the television and try placing it in another wall socket on a different spur (socket ring, like kitchen, upstairs, downstars etc if they have seperate fuse at the fuse box) to see if there is a problem with the television that has yet not manifested but could in the near future or more worryingly with the wall socket (take the DAB radio to the same area to see if it is the TV), do not attempt to fix the socket yourself but turn off that socket at the fuse box if you have selective fusing in your home and have a electrician have a look if moving the TV to another socket solve's the problem, if it does then the socket wiring is probably just loose but there may be some carbonization as well.

One note, private investigator's etc still use bugg's but changing the state of the television from OFF to ON would not affect them at all this does sound like nothing more than electrical noise, you are more likely to get noise with motor's such as washing machine's, (electric) lawnmowers, drill's, food blenders etc but this may be down to a loose component in the TV what we call a dry joint, over time as you turn a device on and off it heat's up and cool's down, poorly soldered component's can break loose through expansion and contraction the same as what is called circuit creep in computers were slot component's can work loose but here the solder fail's, this creates a broken, intermittant connection or spark gap that can cause electrical noise that your DAB radio can recieve as static noise, like I say though the DAB recieves digital signals and eradicates analogur radio noise the circuit is still prone to recieve static noise from close sources after the DAC (Digital to analogue convertor) has done it's job and this can piggy back on the electrical current fed to the speaker.

Best of luck, if you get an OZONE smell or an acrid burning smell however feint from your TV it is worth contacting an engineer to try to save your TV before the fault becomes worse so he can find the dry joint or blown diode etc.

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posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 04:13 AM
Just thought I would add this, one of the now old bugging technology's used a very clever IR laser technique, the laser would be bounced off any reflective flat surface such as the external window's whose large surface area acted like a diaphram turning noise into movement on the glass that could be red by the vibration causing movement in the laser and that could then be turned back into sound.
But any flat surface can do, so if you had a glass cabinet inside your home that was visible through the window it would actually be the target of choice as the external window also picks up vibrations from outside, though these external vibrations are easy to cancel using sampling of the external sound and cancelling that from the data picked up by the laser, this makes the interal object, cabinet, picture with glass over it, internal panel door etc more desirable.
Still bugging technology has come on leaps and bounds despite the fact it is no longer number one in proper spy circles though police still use them as do low level intelligence agent's.

Now These are retail outlet's over here in the UK that sell spying bug's, these are about twenty generations behind cutting edge surveilance technologys but show you some places that a bug could be hidden in plain sight.
Our socket's and multi adaptors are different but the principle is identical,
Another place that is ideal is unpowered hi fi speakers, using a transistor switch the bug cuts off when the hi fi is active but when it is off uses its own power cell to convert the small oscillations picked up by the speaker diaphram and converted into electrical distortions in the coil back into sound, such bug's though have a limiter operation due to power cell life and transmission drain, in the old day's they used to have to fit a bug into a telephone, they still have that technology but it is old and outdated as I say they can simply turn on modern telephones even with the handset down at the exchange to use the microphone as an audio pickup device.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 05:18 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

This. The most likely culprit is a component breaking down in the power supply of the TV, producing a ton of electrical noise.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 07:31 AM
a reply to: Argyll

My neighbours are over a 1km away, I didnt get a picture, I just gave it to the cops.

I did take down the name of it though (ill find it) , look pretty of the shelve type deal.

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 08:18 PM
I felt the same way still do but it's a battle in the mind they don't do anything even if they're real, fight the fear

posted on Oct, 21 2014 @ 09:09 PM
I get TV signal block when I turn a light on or sometimes move around. It sounds like ur being prepped for a stalking routine. Piss them off by using weedblock fabric and charcoal screen in your bedroom. They get us when we sleep.

posted on Oct, 22 2014 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: rival

i like how everything we type in the box here has this spell-checker thing running on it..
..that means EVERYTHING we're typing
is being "monitored"

sure, it's only software doing that..
but it IS happening (sounds like a pantene commercial?)
and we all know progress doesn't go backwards

i wonder how all this stuff 'evolves'
like.. "touchscreens"
you have to actually make contact with the screen (as of now)
but i wonder... far off might it be
when you don't actually have to make "contact"
and whatever weird little invisible rays or w/e
(that you have to "touch" these days)
will be actually extending out from the screen
"making contact" with the viewer sitting in their favorite lazyboy..
..doing God-knows-what

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