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Gambler's tale: When the Dealin's done

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posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:29 PM

2014- Plano Texas
Apartment Complex

"The game is over Isa," Cladius Crane shook his head as he watched the news report.. "They are lying their ass off about this.. That makes three separate styled event.."

"Cladius my dear what are you talking about.. I know the Government is lyinng about Ebola.. It shows in the non-verbals.." Isa looked at her boyfriend, "Three Separate styled events?"

Cladius took a deep breath, "The first event covers the propaganda of the media.. You will note most of them have no clue what reality is.. They are sheep following orders.. Several have quit the news because they refuse to be sheep.. The second event points toward an imperialistic nature of the sitting president.. The sacrificing of soldiers for political reason and nothing else.. While using number one to bury any questions over it.. Third and its big.. The Ebola material seems to be an indicator of attitude.. They want and view us as someone that needs to be controled.." Cladius looks at the TV, "Taken together.. Each is a channel marker on the nature of the game.. The big boys are playing ruler but not of the people.."

Isa looks at Cladius.. After a moment, "I agree with all your statement but I cant follow the leap of logic.. Where are you going with this.. I am confused.."

"Agh!!!.. It is so simple.. Ok.. Pretend each is a channel marker," Cladius Crane takes a deep breath.. "It shows the overall nature of the full environment.. Political favors, support structures, and military interactions.. They follow patterns like an old coon dog out hunting quail.."

"Is the channel marker like some thing of a flag," Isa asked honestly trying to understand..

"Yes.. It marks the spot like which pipe or channel, water is going down.. In this case it is human activities.." Cladius Crane took a deep breath, "I can predict the future.. At least in this case.. The great experiment of America is over.. As time starts to go by the following will happen.. First inflation wil rise as the government attempts to keep the Fiat currency from resetting.. Second time bomb, the Officials have to protect their income streams above everything else.. After all the DESERVE the income.. " Crane rubs his forehead, "As this increases cost, taxes have to go up to cover expenses.. Causing the market to reset itself.. Kind of an invisible pimp hand.."

Isa is wide eyed, "So The market is to be treated like a living entity.."

"With government regulation like whips and chains beating the dog," Cladius takes a moment.. "Minimum wage will go up but the value of the dollar will drop.. Making the gains percieved, worthless because those that back it are morons.. You cant keep doing the same thing again and again and expect a different result.. Keep in mind the regulation is needed somewhat.. A dog must be trained to go outside and not in the house.."

"Cladius," Isa looks at him.. "I love you but this.. Lets see If I have it straight.. You say America is over.. First off because of control at perceptions by government officals.. Then the Currency is Fiat so it wil begin trying to reset.. Thirdly the rulers of America are focusing more and more on the money and power of the positions and not the job itself.. The market will react to their behaviors?"

"Yes.. In effect the Politicians will overgraze," Cladius responds.. "I think the idea was covered in the Tradgedy of the Commons.. What we will see is an emergence of a pwoerful group lead by and individual.. They will hold the reins in one hand and the whip in another.."

Isa clicked by acident to the History channel, "Continuance of government planning.. In the event the President vice President and or Speaker are unable to perform thier duties.. This group of individuals will..."

"That is not funny Cladius," Isa looked at the TV screen.. "So your saying someone along the lines o fCeaser will seize the reins.."

"No more like Agustus.. Everybody remembers Julius.. He did not get to hold the reins long.. Someone came in and took them," Cladius watched the program as it played.. "All the pieces are their.. Now it will be up to the leader to make this happen.. I just wonder.." Cladius takes out a pad.. He walks over to the computer desk with the lap top and I-Pad.. He open up both devices, "Now let me see here.. This formula is quiet simple.. I already have an idea.."

Isa rolls her eyes, "I am going to bed baby... Please come to bed.."

"I have to do this.. Its the creative force, "Cladius starts writing down material.. "If I am right I can make cetain investments in a certain order.. They will grow and grow.. Others I can bet on failing.. Longer story but they are all seasonal.."

Mia Rolls her eyes, "Fine!"

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:31 PM

Thanksgiving 2014
Apartment Complex

"Amen," Cladius laughs as he starts eating.. "See I told you my research would pay off.."

Isa looks at her two children, "I still cant believe the judge just signed off on it.. Reja never got to even defend himself.. "

"Cladius how did you manage to do that," The twelve year old ask.. "Dad was angry.."

"Trenton.. Mathematics," Cladius took a large piece of turkey.. "Mix it with history and some biology and viola.."

"That was black magic.. They never realised what was going on.. That was more then Math and history," Isa poured gravey on her turkey.."I read the bank statements.. We got another set of dividends deposited.. " Isa mouth seven thousand dollars..

"Ok Mister black magic man.. How does a dork in a new school get the cheer leader," The older son speaks.. "Or teacher.. Mrs.."

"Dont you dare answer that Question Cladius, "Isa looks at her sixteen year old son. "Marcus Ramseys Dref.. You like one of your teacher.."

"Isa," Cladius responds.. "Leave Marcus alone.. Its a man thing.." Cladius takes a deep look at Isa's oldest son, "You put in a bad situation here kid.. Privately I have to root for you.. Its the male union card thing.. As the father fighure it is my duty to make sure your well armed and trained.."

"I do not need help raising my sons Cladius," Isa gets idignant..

"No my dear you do not.. It is why at most I will be called uncle by them.. I have the responsibility however to get them through these rough times.." Cladius drums his fingers, "Marcus you have some home work to do.. A lot of it.."

"No.. I do not need homework" Marcus takes a bite of the dressing. "Tell me how to get the girl.. "

"The Prize is not the journey.. You have to put in the work of some type and the universe judges your efforts," Cladius takes a moment.. "I need to do this anyway.. After thankgiving dinner, while your mother and Trenton watch the saints.. I am going to pay you twenty bucks to answer my questions on teenage boys and girls.. I can do the numbers but I need to make sure I have the perspectives right.."

Isa shakes her head, "Marcus why not just tell her you like her.. You speak with confidence and authority and any woman will listen.."

"Actually.. I needs this to improve my numbers.. Early pubescent mating rituals I failed at his age.." Cladius shook his head, "He had the guts to ask for advice.."

"You failed in this in high school," Marcus got a look on his face.. "Great.. Then you do not know the numbers for your black magic.."

"Actually I do," Cladius grins and waves his hand over his food.. "I want to recreate from scrath in your case and then compare it to my notes.."

"Your gonna help help get the girl," Isa narrowed her eyes.. "He is innocent and does not need corupting Cladius Nero Crane.."

Marcus sees Cladius getting in trouble, "Momma.. I do need help for the end of semester finals.. Mrs. Shoemaker is a ball buster.. I will need to figure out these formula's.. And Mrs. Ovilitch is promising a big history test. She thinks if I do not learn history I am doomed to repeat it.."

"He can help you wth the math and history," Isa narrows her eyes.. "I better not find out he gave you advice on seducing any of your classmates.."

"I promise I will not tell him how to seduce his classmates," Cladius winks at Marcus.. "We are house hunting here soon.. We can afford an upgrade from this peasants townhome.."

Isa missed the Wink as she had gotten up, "Now boys behave.. I am going to get more sweet tea.."

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:35 PM

December 16th 2014
Plano Texas

"Mrs Dref, I am not to happy with your son.." The older man was very pissed off, "My wife has been tutoring him in mathematics.. Well I want to know where this came from.."

Isa sees the used condom ," Mr. Shoemaker.. I assure you that it is not my sons.." Isa gets a feeling in the back of her mind, "thanksgiving.. Marcus Ramseys Dref!!!"

"Yes Mother, " Marcus calmly walks out of the den.. "Me and Juliet are studying History.. So far we have gotten to.." He sees Mr. Shoemaker holding a condom, "The bronze age collapse.. Mrs. Ovilitch is wanting us to cover the known kingdoms.."

Juliet comes in behind him and giggles when she sees the condom.. " Mrs. Dref.. Is it ok If we grab a snack.. I am actually finding this Aegean Apocalypse interesting.."

"Take Marcus with you.. Call Trenton down and make him some bannana chips with peanut butter.. There are fruit cups if you want some Juliet," Isa Dref shook her head..

As the two kids start to leave, "Hang on a minute.." Mr. Shoemaker looks at Marcus, "I found this upstairs.." He looks at Him, "If this is not yours.."

"Mr. Shoemaker.. that is quiet enough.. This is an inappropriate conversation.." Isa looks at the man with the condom in his hand, "My son did not diddle your wife.."

Juliet giggles then pauses.. "Wait a second.. He thinks you F$%^ed his wife.. You and me.." Juliet stormed out of the Hallway.. "Your cheating on me?"

"Thanks asshole," Marcus grabbed the condom and poured it over Mr. Shoemaker.. "You just cockblocked me with a very hot girl.. All because your wife stepped out on you.. Well since the man on watch is me.. Get out.. Now.." Marcus growls, "Then I am going to call the cops because you brought biohazard into the house.. Juliet will never talk with me now.. "

Isa narrows her eyes, "You.." She eyes her son and the whole situation dawns on her.. Taking a moment, "Mr. Shoemaker please just wait in the back yard.. I have two children to feed well three.."

"Listen I am so sorry.." Mr. Shoemaker listens as Marcus tries to talk with Juliet, "I just assumed because of the tutoring sessions.. God I feel like such a fool.." He calls out, "Mr. Dref's.. I apologize for thinking you slept with my wife.. It must be someone else.. I have to go.."

"Did you think it might be someone else sir," Marcus angrily responds? "Juliet.. Please.."

"Mr. Shoemaker.. You dont think Marcus slept with your wife," Juliet looks upset..

"I didnt sleep with.. with Mrs. Shoemaker," Marcus paused and his mother caught it..

She moves her jaw sideways, "Mr. Shoemaker.. Let the kids fix their issues themselves.. Join me out back for some tea.."

"Mam.. I truly apologize.. I have to go.. Tell your boyfriend I did not mean to start anything," Mr. Shoemaker got a look on his face..

"You talked with Claduis.." Mrs. Dref took a deep breath, "Please you do not have to leave.."

"I do," Mr. Shoemaker was stepping all over himself.. "It means it was the damn pool boy.. I am going to get him fired and the company is going to lose a lot of business.. I am going to spread the word among the other husbands.."

Isa Dref took a deep breath "Well thank you for stopping by.."

"Mrs. Dref I apologize for this ," Mr. Shoemaker heads out the front door leaving behind the condom on her floor..

"Juliet would you go upstairs and get Trenton for me," Mrs. Dref politely speaks..

"Yes mam.. He was on his phone with My sister last I talked with him.." Juliet goes upstairs quietly, "I apologize for my attitude.."

"Its Ok Honey.." She waits till Juliet goes upstairs and drags her son aside.. "You didnt sleep with her.. Now you sound like your future step father.."

"Well mother.. I did not sleep with her," Marcus got a look on his face.. "I did not lie mother.. she stepped out on her husband and it is not my fault.. I even asked him if he even considered someone else.. Dumb butte left the evidence here.."

Cladius opens the door from the Garage, "I saw Mr. Shoemaker leave.." He looks at Marcus and shakes his head..

"You helped him," Isa narrows her eyes.. "He ," She pauses as she hears Juliet yelling at Trenton.. "She is only five years younger then me.."

"She is sweet and innocent,"Juliet growls.. "Get down stairs NOW.. Mrs. Dref.. Trenton was having .. UGH!!! Phone.. Disgusting.."

"Juliet.. Please go into the Kitchen and make dinner.." Isa Dref smiled as the two came downstairs, "You three are going to come with me.." She walks to the backyard and holds the door..

Cladius holds out his fist and both boys fist bang... "On the good news.. I did make progress.. I think I can reverse engineer the sea people.. I am just testing the technology.."

"Mom's pissed," Trenton takes a deep breath..

"Not as mad as Mr. Shoemaker," Marcus snorts..

"S#$% boys," Cladius grins.. "You dont really live until you have pissed off a woman.. And by the look on your mother's face I am in deep.." He looks at Marcus and then Trenton, "Yeap.. At least your using protection.. Time to bounce.."

"Now boys," Isa had her eyes narrowed.. As soon as the door shut, "He had sex with his teacher!!"

"I do not think you used the right word my love," Cladius Nero Crane grins..

"Scuse me," She looks at her oldest son.. "You F$%^ed your teacher Marcus?"

"Again my love.. I believe in details being important.. "Cladius looks at his future step son, "Your using the wrong word.. Yours indicates a single one.. I believe he probably aimed for both of them.."

Isa's eyes go wide and she starts cussing in Russian..

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:41 PM

cut into two parts

Reykjavík, Iceland
December 22, 2014

"Mother why are we here again" Trenton was holding Juliet's sister's hand.

Juliet was looking around the Area, "Its nothing but a land of Ice.."

"Juliet.. Manners.. Mr. Craine paid for us all to come to Iceland.." Juliet's mother was very polite "Mrs. Dref.. I want to thank you for this trip.. It is something new.."

"Trying to buy my daughters," Juliet's father responded..

"Mr. Orwel.. This is a working vacation for me," Cladius looked out over the airport and at the city.. "I figured the kids could and the women folk could enjoy the sights.. Everyone gets to spend time together.. I have to walk around some.."

"We cant Afford anything here," Mr. Orwel responded.. "This is a bad idea Mariam.."

"Jebidiah Orwel," Mariam was not to happy.. "Your embarassing me.. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.. It may not be Aspen.. But it is a foriegn city in another country.."

"Mr. Orwel.. this is business expense for me," Cladius looked at Isa who got a look on her face..

"Work.. You said this was a vacation," Isa got angry..

"Darling to justify the expense on our vacation I am hiring everyone here.. Dont go crazy but each of you have about a grand to spend you have to make last a week.. " Cladius looks around, "If I can call you Jeb.. I might need your advice as we walk around.. Juliet was telling us you grew up on a fishing boat.. Well I need that experience.. I will pay you two grand plus cover expenses for your consulation.."

"Two thousand dollars on top of expenses," Jebidaih Orwel looked at Cladius Craine.. "Make it Two thousand a piece for my family and you have a deal.."

"Jeb," Mariam was not to happy.. "that is Rude!!!"

Two thousand for you and Mariam.. A thousand for each of the two girls.." Cladius Craine watches the people walk by, "Not counting expenses.. I expect daily reports from them.. "

Jebidiah and Cladius negotiated for a few more minutes.. With both women getting very mad at the two men..

"Deal," Jebidiah stuck out his hand. "Two thousand for me and the misses.. Fifteen hundred for Juliet's work.. Thirteen hundred for Gaia's work.. You cover all expenses.."

Shaking Jeb's hand, "Now ladies the first part is going to be hard on you.. You have to shop.. First I want you to look for tourist crap.. Find American things first.. "

"Wait I am being paid to shop," Mariam looked at Isa.. "Has your boyfriend lost it?"

"I told you momma he got like this all the time.. He has an Idea.." Juliet looked at Mr. Craine, "He did help us pass Mrs. Shoemakers class.."

Jebidiah snorted causing his wife to hit him and glare..

Isa closed her eyes, "Everyone.." She looks at her oldest son and then to her boyfriend, "Baby.. What exactly are you wanting us to buy?"

"Remember your budgets, keep notes, and stay in groups with others.." Cladius looked at Mr. Orwel, "Marcus your on guard duty.. We are in a strange city.. Boots on the ground.."

"Understood," Marcus grins.. "Ladies.. It means I will be the oldest male out so it is my responsibility to ensure your safety.."

tbc part 2

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:43 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Part two

"Arent we going with them," Jebidiah looks at Cladius?

"Not at first.. You repair cars for a living and you grew up in a fishing household.. I got to get a quick snapshot of this area I cant get online.." Cladius looks at everyone who is lost, "This is all research.. I have the functions in place but I prefer the actual experiences.."

Several Natives seem to be listening..

"These people of Iceland are very unique and special.. A few years ago the Governments of the EU tried to screw them.. Like our financial crisis the governments were going to bail out the bank.. The difference is these damn people refused to pay for the banks mistakes.. In fact it was the people who made the government not bail out the banks.."

Several of the natives listening quietly got the information translated for them..

"They told the banks to go to," Mr. Orwel pauses for a second... "Where to go.. So why are we here.."

"I want to understand why this was the only country in the whole damn world that did this," Cladius turns to Isa.. "Baby consider it a game.."

"Mr. Craine," Gaia quietly ask. "Why is this important? Its a lot of money to pay for us to shop be ourselves and interact.."

"Gaia.. Thats a good question.. Very good," Cladius Nero Craine walks over to the gift shop.. "I will take this.." Cladius takes out a black card and hands it over to the gift shop attendant.. After he pays for the item he takes it of to Gaia..

"A snowglobe with a viking in it," Gaia is very curious.. "What does this have to do with anything?"

"Gaia.. Everything.." Cladius takes a deep breath, "This snow globe tells you a lot.. It is over priced sold, to tourist, and probably.." He flips it over, "Made in Tiawan.."

"So its made overseas," Juliet is very curious but downplays it..

"Mrs. Orwel.. This one is all yours," Cladius looks to Jeb's wife..

"Um.. They can buy it cheap and sell it for a lot more.. " She see's the receipt, "I could have got this off of E-bay or SMC for cheaper.. "

"Which means," Cladius looks at Mr. Orwel?

"They are making money.. We do the same thing for parts most of the time.. A small mark up," Jebidiah looks at Cladius confused.. "But why spend all this money.." He pauses, "Because no matter how much book learning you get you still have to get under the hood.. This whole trip is to get a look at the whole banking market off the.." Jebidiah shakes his head, "Mr. Craine remind me not to play you poker.. I get it.. "

"What is he talking about," Isa looks at the mechanic?

"Its just like an engine.. He is trying to figure out the whole car.. So he is looking at different engines.. And my daddy always said .." Jebidiah shook his head, "You want to learn on the old muscle cars first then work your way up.."

"Exactly.. " Cladius smiles and slaps Jeb on the back, "This whole trip is worth every penny in research.. Iceland is the outlier so I get a feel for the whole state of the system a lot better.."

"You are wanting to get your hands on Jap car.. See what they did different," Jebidiah smiles.. "Lets go Mr. Craine.. I am going to enjoy this.."

Both ladies looked at the men and shook their heads..

As the group walked off one of the people in a business suit looked up, "You catch all of that?"

"Kellog," the other man in a business suit narrowed his eyes.. "Mr. Craine has made a high volume of trades.. They have all been very profitable.. Several people are very curious.. He is batting at about 7523% profit off of his investments.. The SEC is very curious as to how he is doing it.."

"I read the file he is not bragging online, not setting up a tweet or blog and is definitely not using classical methods.." Kellog looked at People around them, "What did he mean with what he told Gaia Orwel?"

"Well if I followed it.. Iceland did tell the banks to go to hell.. they turned around and do make an interesting study in finance.. If he is treating this like he said it is legal.. All he has to do is have a scientist take the notes and review them.. It makes this whole trip a tax deduction.." Making a note on an I-Pad, "His tax strategy has been to start reinvesting in Real estate through the trust the accounts are in.. Deferring the taxes on the dividends for three years.."

"Bob.. It has to be inside trading," Kellog shakes his head.. "A man with out an education could not have accomplished that percentage.. He is cheating and we are going to find out where.." A look of Anger passes over Kellog's face, "I hate people like him.. They think money makes them immune to the law. "

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:42 PM

Reykjavík, Iceland
December 29th, 2014

"Baby," Isa calls out.. "This has actually been fun.. Mariam is a very nice woman.. Even Jebidiah seemed to straighten out once you two bonded.."

Typing into his specialty pad, "My love this is just amazing.. I think I have another set of numbers.. I have refined the whole thing by about anothe two percent.." Craine shakes his head, "I knew the nature of the game but the numbers fit.. When I get home I will put these numbers into the computer.. We are going to be a lot richer..."

"Those two men who were following us," Isa calls out from the bed..

"Feds my dear.. Department of the Treasury and DoHS I think" Craine grins evilly.. "So I put a word into the ear of a newspaper man.. They ran article on the US operations Iceland.."

Isa Stood up and walked over to the Table, "This title says two American spies arrested doesnt it.."

"They are being brought in for questioning.. Seems the newspaper got a tip of two american agents staying at this hotel.. "Cladius Craine grins as their is a knock at the door.. Cladius walks over to it.. He holds the pad up to the door "Sorry ladies.. I have no interest in buying any girl scout cookies.. Well do you have mint chocalte chip.."

"Very funny Mr. Craine, " Kellog growls.. "We are going to the US Embassy.. We are filing extridition papers.."

Cladius snorts, "For what crime.. Not doing what masser says.."

"We will go visit the rooms the kids are in.. We will recall the kids Passports," Kellog growls.. "Your a crook and I know it.."

Isa looks at Cladius, "My babies.."

Cladius walks over, picks up his phone, and points to the door, "When I tell you to open the door.. This is gonna get spooky again.." Cladius brings up a number on the phone.. He dials it and it rings..

"John is a little busy Cladius in a contentious hearing.. Can I take a message.." A thick female texas accent comes through, "Is there any thing I can do?"

Motioning for the bath robed Isa to open the door, "Just tell John I wont be able to make the ten thousand dollar a plate dinner on News years eve.. "

Kellog walks in, "I am going to bring you in personally.."

"But that is Mrs. Heinz's charity event.. You bought twelve seats," The voice sounded worried.. "What happened.."

"This is Treasury Agent Isiacc Kellog.. This man is going to the US Embassy and then we are going back to the US," Kellog was sounding very pleased.. "Mr. Craine has lead us on a goose chase through Iceland trying to prove he is not cheating the system.. I am the one that is bringing him down.. And just who am I talking with.. I want to make sure that I bring you in for questioning.."

A male voice comes over the phone, "What this about you not being able to make the fundraiser.. My wife was looking forward to meeting you Mr. Craine.."

Bob went wide eyed, " Kellog.."

"I said who is this.." Isiacc Kellog growls, "Who ever you are I am bringing in with him for questioning.. Where are you.."

Bob puts his hand to his forehead, "Isiacc.."

The man on the Phone gives Kellog the idea that he writes down, "Ok citizen.. This 1600 pennsylviania Avenue.. What state is it in.."

"Washington DC," The Voice on the Phone pauses as he waits for the man to catch on..

"Mr. Kerry.. The President's sent a message.. Him and Valerie want you to stop by afterwards.."

"Thanks Sam," John responds.. "Agent Kellog is it..You and your partner report back into the US Ambassador.. You two morons have already caused enough issues with the local government.."

Kellog's face loses color, "Mr. Secretary.. My Apologies.. But this is an ongoing investigation.."

"No.. It is not.. You were supposed to only observe.. No offense Mr. Craine, but your rise to success is odd to a lot of people.. I had hope to use the dinner as a chance to question you myself but it appears these men jumped the gun.."

Cladius looks coldly at Kellog, "Its all right Mr. President.. I mean Mr. Secratary.. "

Kerry laughs, "I can get use to mistakes like that.. Theresa will be upset if you do not make her charity event.. I hope these two bozos are not stopping you.."

"Well sir.. I keep a few good judges on retainer," Cladius laughs.. "Bad joke.. It is just If I have to fight jealously driven charges I cant donate to one of my favorite Eco causes.. I cant afford both John.."

"You have my word we are only curious," John Kerry's tone was charming.. "Those two are going straight to reassignment in Liberia with the CDC.."

"Its not really necessary Mr. Kerry.. I dont want to create resentment among the peasentry," Cladius looks at both agents.. "You have to have competant driven men, otherwise S$%^ wont get done.. They are workin stiffs I got a perfect punishment.. I will pay for their plates at my table.. Thats if its ok.. This way they can watch me up close.. Hell they can come on in my house and look around.."

"Boys.. You are going to be on your BEST behavior.. My wife appreciates your generousity.. " John pauses, " They are going to bring dates I assume.."

"You old horse thief.. " Cladius laughs, "Of course.. I wouldnt have it any other way.."

"Mr. Craine.. If you dont mind," Bob takes out his pen and paper.. "What the hell did you come to Iceland for?"

"Agent.. You cant tell a soul.." Cladius Nero Craine whispers, "I am thinking of buying a bank.. So I came to study the ground floor of a system that works different then the American one.. It was this of a muslim country's system.. I chose this one because it was safer.."

Kerry laughs, "We have a lot to talk about.. You are looking at buying a bank?"

"Thinking about it," Cladius calmly states.. "I have to learn the functions first.. Then get my hands dirty in dealing with it.. this is just research.."

"You flew your family out here over the holidays, to research.. "Agent Kellog sounds doubtfull.. Isa hands him the stacks of paper everyone filled out, "This is.."

"Agents.. I assume that answers your questions.. Leave Mr. Craine alone till his flight leaves. I want to talk with you two later," Kerry responds.. "I have to go.. Mr. Craine I cant wait to meet you in person.. Thank you for your uderstanding.."

After Kerry hangs up the two Agents nod their heads and leave..

After the door shuts, "Your thinking of buying a bank?" Isa looks at her boyfriend, "We dont have that much money.."

"I stopped counting after ten million dollars," Cladius shuts the door and walks over to where the agents walked by.. as he feels around hidden spots, "I feel we can help.." He pauses when he finds a small device, "those that have to keep going to payday lenders.. "

Isa's jaw drops when she see's the small device..

"Baby," Cladius takes the microphone device and puts it back.. "The numbers never lie, Just the interpretations."

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 11:42 PM
I hope everyone loves it s far

I got a way to go with it

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 11:24 PM

January 15th, 2015
Craine House
Plano Texas

"How rich are we," Isa was astonished as she saw her picture online?

Cladius saw the Article, "Bloody hell.. It was gonna happen.. I kinda got busy baby and forgot to tell you.."

"Forgot to tell me," Isa reads the screen.. "The Damn article says we are worth 0ver 500 mil.. You are still recieving social security?"

"The Judge I have on retainer is already prepped to handle it," Cladius was reviewing numbers on a pad.. "And the Trust that handles all of this is almost worth a billion.."

"I would have," Isa freezes.. "A billion.. As in Dollars.. " She looked at the bowl of macaroni and cheese she was eating.."

"Yes my love.. A billion dollars or so.. I know it has been less then a two three months but I am real busy refining the numbers," Cladius grins.. "Money grows on a tree and I have planted a garden.. You want a new car, plane, yuaght, or something.. We can move.."

"A billionaire," Isa looks at the screen.. She tries to reload the page, "What.. Article pulled due to copyrighted content.. It just went up.."

"That.." Cladius waves his hands, "The beginning of tyranny.. So I gambled that it rolls a certain way. again I was right.. Right now they are more concerned with appearances and their is a mexican standoff over freedom of speech and human cussedness.."

"Tyranny," Isa looked at her screen.. "How does this have to do with what you are doing.. You can predict behaviors with a high damn accuracy on a personal level and societal level.. " Isa sounds frustrated, "How is human cussedness a quantifible termanology?"

Cladius looks at Isa..

"What I share your bed.. Your lovemaking has changed.. I got curious and started my own investigation.. I have read every damn book by Issiac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and every damn thing on these shelves.. You know you have over five thousand books in this house.. I had to go through and try to figure out what you have done.." Isa looks at her boyfriend, "I asked Mrs. Shoemaker how smart a man would have to be to create an actual new science.."

"I thought you were mad Marcus was schluping her," Cladius was smiling.. "See it needs perfection.. I gambled you would not risk your reputation and talk with her over the subject.."

"That whore is another story," Isa shakes her head.. "She told me that Marcus has become an idiot savant in math.. She doesnt realize it, but she is love with him for his mind.. She asked me who was tutoring him at home.. He had already figured trig and had moved on to higher subjects.. She wants to put his name up for MIT.."

Cladius Craine snorts, "Of course my dear.. She put his name up because she .. Well she practices the Liberal faith.. Its not a crime because it is all natural.. What did Mrs. Ovilitch tell you?"

"She put his name up for Berkley.. I have two members of the colleges coming to visit us.." Isa looks at her boyfriend, "You planned this.. My baby boy is F$%^ing his way to college?" She throws a couch pillow at him, "Your going to tell me that she practices the Republican faith.. The numbers are the same as a religion?"

"That is why I love you," Cladius grins evilly.. "As for predicting it.. A free ride college is very good right now.. We can afford any school.. Psychologically it is better Marcus thinks he has earned this and keeps working towards his goals.. In fact, he has grown a lot mentally since he has realized his smaller goals.."

"You know what happens if that get outs," Isa was very upset.. "You are playing with fire.. My baby boy.."

"Your mad at me.. Please consider this," Claduis goes very quiet. "Social inertia of the situation.. Juliet cant leak the news.. One you son is rocking her world.. He took a very deep intrest in the structure of the female anatomy.. Two, socially it destroys her.. "

"What," Isa is lost?

"We ran the numbers.. Well I did," CN Craine looks at her. "First her parents are friends with us.. One social angle.. Two, Marcus is a quet legend because his reputation in school has been altered quietly. . The old spice girls song, He is like total BFF's with her BFF's.. The caveat is he does not sleep with them.. He act like a closet gay with them.. Spends at least an hour doing a faux gay thing with them.. Third, he cant brag about the scores because he loses points.. More then he would gain.."

"So he stays quiet and everyone involed does.." Isa looks at him, "That whole damn trip was designed to protect my two kids.. Your whole friendship is a manipulation with her parents.."

"No.. Well in that light yes.. But they are healthy friendships.. I ran the numbers.."

"So what is going to happen," Isa looks at her boy friend..

"In econmics.. Easy, the market is starting self corrections.. We should make a few more hundred million off of it," Cldius grins evilly.. "You mean with Marcus and Juliet.. Thats easy.. Julie doesnt like you Isa.. Conciously she is hidng this, but Marcus is a momma's boy.. She already dug her grave on the issue.."

"Juliet doesnt like me," Isa was stunned.. "She never.. The numbers.."

"Do not be hurt.. Baby, she views you as competition for his time.. She knows on some level he is doing both teachers, but blames you.. So as time goes by Marcus is getting bored with her.. They should be fighting right now over.." Cladius closes his eyes, "Over ... Over.. One of her friends talking with him.. She has to close ranks and one of her BFFs should be on the outside.. Easy prey to vent on.."

The security code beeps and Marcus comes in, "Juliet.. She is YOUR friend but mne too.."

"So, Wendy did try to slepp with you.. I do not like her," Juliet growls.. "I do not want you talking with that tramp.."

Isa shakes as she looks at Cladius, "Damn.. Thats.. Thats black magic.. Their is no way?"

She listens as the young couple argues...

"To answer your earlier question my dear," Cladius stuck his nose back into the pad he was reading.. "I am trying to figure out which planets alien life is on.. Numbers from 1947 piss me off.. Not aliens just F$%^ing allies using advanced Nazi Technology?"

"What are you talking about," Isa looks at her boyfriend? The argument in the kitchen heats up..

Cladius pauses and looks at Isa.. He turns to the pad and types in something, "My darling dear.. " He looks at Isa and choses new words.. "The Liberal religion is tyranny.." Cladius catches a wince in Isa's face so he keeps typing..

Controlling her emotions, "Cladius.. There is no need to be rude.. Liberals are not.." Isa freezes as she sees a very cold look from Cladius.. "Baby.."

"It was quet simple mam," Cladius coldly responds.. "The propaganda machines of the Clintons were in full strength when they stopped that Video about her.. Add in the fact the Obama administration got a lot of passes.. It doesnt have to be direct control.. "

Isa starts to move, "Mr.Craine.."

"Darling Dear, no need to get up and leave. We apparently need to spend more time getting to know each other," Cladius responds..

The woman starts to slowly move realizing her cover was blown..

Cladius moves his hand over the pad as Isa bolts towards the door.. She falls face first as something hit her.. The drone crinkled as it re-cloaked.. "Marcus.. "

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Hours later
Hidden Basement
Plano, Texas

Isa was in tears," Please Cladius.. Your just having a manic episode.. I am your girlfriend.." The Car battery was attached to her body.. She arches as the electricity arcs through her body..

"The numbers state I have to put you through five hours and thirty minutes before any programming starts to crack.." Cladius looks at Marcus in tears, " Now .."

"Marcus," Isa looked at her 'Son's ' cold face.. "Son please.. I will leave your name out of it.."

"I am not your son woman.. God Cladius I thought you were insane.." Marcus is wide eyed, "Juliet made it home.. I told her I was in trouble and would call her later.." He looks at the woman claiming to be his mother.. "I never would have slept with Aunt Claudia.."

"I knew she had her tubes tied.. She is my sister," Isa looked at Marcus.." Un-ziptie ME!"

Cladius looks at Marcus and nods, "Worth a shot.. Tell her.."

"Aunt Claudia never had her tubes tied.. I could have easily knocked her up," Marcus looks coldly at the woman.. "Where is MY mother.." Marcus backhands the woman.. "You know what.. She is all yours.. I.."

"You cant leave the house," Cladius looks at Marcus.. "I may need back up to find her.. Just go upstairs and call your brother.."

"This B$%^& is all yours.. You sure I cant stay," Marcus gulped as voltage went through Faux Isa.. "Maybe you are correct.."

After he leaves," Damn it Cladius.." A new person seems to emerge.. "Lets be honest.. You have made a fortune quickly.. You should be smart enough to.."

Cladius pushes a button on the pad..

After the pain subsides, "Damn it.. I do not have any information.."

Cladius pushes a button causing her to arc in pain..

"Argh!!!!" The Faux Isa looks down.. She looks up, "Isa had an allergic reaction.. She went into a Coma.. She was brain dead from the shock to her system to save her.. I found out.. This was supposed to be only a three day operation.. Listen to me, I cant give you anyone.. I report in.."

She screams as the shock hits her body and passes out..

Cladius reaches over to her.. He removes the helmet from her head, "You all heard her.."

Trenton is in tears as Mariam holds him, "Virtual reality.. Jebidiah.."

Marcus sit down in the corner of the lab, "Moms brain dead.." He drops the helmet and puts his head in his hands..

Juliet is in tears as she walks over.. She sits down next to Marcus and holds him as he breaks down in his arms..

"Cladius.." Mr. Orwel has coldness in his eyes, "Mariam.. Get the kids out of here.. Me and Cladius have some work to do.."

"No.. Jebidiah," Cladius coldly speaks.. "Your family does not need to get mixed up with this.. I messed up.. Now my mistake will cost me.." Pausing for a moment, "I need a week.. Get the boys out of here.. These people play hardball.."

"Mr. Craine.. These boys just found out they lost their mother.. You can not put yourself in," Mariam pauses as she looks at Marcus.. He stops crying.. She looks down and sees the same coldness in Trenton's eyes..

"Mariam.. Its a man thing," Jebidiah takes a deep breath.. "Boys get the girls up stairs.. I want to talk.. To talk with your father.."

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Part one

A week later
Dallas Texas

"Mr. Craine.." The man in the three piece suit calmly spoke, "This has been a misunderstanding.. Tell me where my family is and I will see to it that.."

Craine tosses a burn phone to the man.. "Your first child is on speed dial 1, second on 2, wife on 3, mistress on four, your mistress on five, your son with her on six, your mother on seven, your mother in law on eight.." Craine cold bloodily stares at the armed group of men, "I also brought friends.."

Drones decloak making the soldiers with the man in three piece suit take a step back unconciously.. The clicks marking loads being chambered fill the air..

The man in a three piece suit opens the phone.. He dials one and waits.. When the phone is answered, the Wharehouse echos with porn like sounds... "Regina.."

"Please.. Please make them stop," Regina responds and then the noises get louder.. then the line went dead..

"You might get her back alive," Craine took out a cigerrette.. As he lit it, "Isa had me stopped cold.. # changes.. Mr. Cromwell there has been no misunderstanding.. You genetic line is in danger of going extinct.."

Cromwell dials again and again.. He listened and got the same results on all his family members.. His face turned red, "You have no clue who your F$%^ing with you white trash.."

A holograph projection appears as a flat screen, "Cromwell what have you gotten us into.. You may be chairman.."

"I have been attacked by this barbarian.. " Cromwell glares, "He is dead.."

Craine sighs, "I assume this is the Comittee or Syndicate.. Not really important.. Just so you know you have made a lot of F$%^ed up decisions recently.."

A female member Speaks, "Cladius Nero Craine.. You have attacked one of us, thus you have attacked all of us.." She moves and presses some buttons..

Cladius's drones all fall to the ground causing him to laugh, "Actually.. I was defending myself.. So I am the defender.. The problem is your a herd of predators.. Your B%^&* boy Cromwell has bitten off a piece of rawhide he cant digest.. Unless.. Well, are you all 100% behind his recent action to execute your plans.."

Cromwell growls, "Kill him and be done with it.."

One of the armed men goes to raise his weapon only to fall over dead.. The rest of the arm men all pause and look around..

"Its just a single sniper," Cromwell Growls.. "Worse it is probably a drone.. Kill him and their is no one.."

Several of the men step forward only to fall at the same time from sniper bullets..

"Like Oh my god," Craine Mocks Cromwell.. "He must have back up or more then one set of drones.." Waiving his fingers, "Or does he.."

The men all freeze as red lines appear from no where and seem to be rotating..

"Boss.." one of the men slowly backs up, "Look at your chest.."

The female on the screen presses more buttons and the red lines fall, "Mr. Craine.."

Cromwell looks up and sees a single shot, very small, dillenger at pointed at his face.. Cladius is closing the distance..

The men all raise their weapons and circle Cladius..

To their surprise Five drones raise from the ground.. The Drones rise and surround Cladius..

"How is this possible," The woman pushes buttons? The screen blinks and two of the drones crash into two of the guards. "Three still stand.."

They watch as one seems to partially falter.. Keeping Cladius covered, they aided the Failing one.. Their three systems link and the lights turn blue.. The faltering one changes its actions and starts spinning..

The People on the screen start talking among themselves.. One of them is very queit as he eyes Cladius..

The Armed men in full gear watch the now spinning drone trying to link with several of the fallen Drones..

"Kill him.. The monster has my family.." The Chairman speaks coldly, "He will do the same to yours.. Draw your weapons and kill him.."

Several of the downed drones turn blue in powering up... Three more float into the air..

Cladius has not waivered with the single shot in Cromwell's face.. "Why did you order my Fiance grabbed and replaced?"

"I said kill him," Cromwell growls as another drone returns to the air spinning..

The Silent male speaks, "Enough.. Mr. Chairman.. This situation has exposed us for no reason with nothing to profit.."

The other members on the flat screen all turn towards the Speaking male..

"You have one phrase to justify these actions," The now speaking man responds.. He looks at the other members, "This gains us absolutely nothinng and the whole damn endeavor has been a waste of My time.."

"Heinz.. You are a damn traitor," Cromwell growls.. "I said kill him.."

Sensing the opportunity, "Drone.." Reading the designation, "Romeo.. Scan the man designated Heinz.." Cladius points at the holo-screen..

The Drone Romeo floats over to the screen.. After a moment it chirps as its lights blink green..

"Good.. Mr. Heinz," Cladius smirks.. "I am going to gamble here.. I take it by the responses you the opposition and you lack power.."

"You have planned this," Cromwell growls..

"No Cromwell.. Your an idiot.." Cladius looks at Heinz, "You messed up in not being able to stop me.. A sign of weakness that has already shaken your position.. Heinz.. As a suplicant I beg you for my and my family's protection.. As sign of respect Drone Romeo.. transfer the command of the prisoners designate Cromwell to Heinz.."

The female voice chimes in, "He is not in charge.. He can not.." She stops when she hears the others whisper, "This is Bulls$%^.. Their are others with more.." She listens are horse trades are going on, "Heinz is one of the weakest here.."

"Cladius Nero Craine,"Heinz hears the whispers.. "I am offically listening to your plea of mercy.."

"You cant do that.. He is," Cromwell looks at the screen and see's the others sit back.. "He had my daughters and wife raped!!!"

Heinz's phone goes off.. He takes it out and reads the files..

"I said I am chairman," Cromwell growls..

Reading the file, "I am forced to move for a vote of no confidence.. " He shows the files to the Member next to him..

As that member laughs, "I second the motion.. "

tbc in part two

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Part 2
same location

"Drone Romeo.." Heinz speaks through the screen, "Please order the Prisoners designate Cromwell released to this address.." He flashes a piece of paper on the screen and puts it away quickly..

The Drone glows and blinks green..

The men with Cromwell look in amazement..

Heinz moves to the middle of the screen as the others start whispering.. "What is the straw vote?"

The female voice crack speaking, "Chairman Heinz?"

"What.. You cant just remove me.. I will have your families killed," Cromwell growls..

"Please hold your drones back," Heinz speaks.. "You men down there.. Arrest Cromwell for stupidty please.. Bring him directly to us.. " The new Chairman pauses, "Mr. Craine.. That was inventive.. He heard a porn video added to the background as he spoke to his family.. You never even had them over a day.. Asleep from chloraform.."

The men in the wharehouse grab Cromwell as he is tasered and ziptied..

"Now what to do with you Mr. Craine.. His family will remain with my people," Heinz looked forward.. "Your drones are nothing more then remote controlled.. " He pauses, "I do apologize for your fiance.. His behavior was uncalled for.. We can you her body on life support.. It still leaves us what to do with you.. You did manage to attack us.."

Taking a deep breath and fighting tears, "My plea.. Return her and let my people look at her.. " Cladius looks at Heinz, "It was merely Mr. Cromwell and a personal matter.. I would be unaware of you if not for his behavior.. Plus if you grant me this I owe you an equal favor.."

The others on the screen are whispering with each other..

"I hear your plea supplicant.. In exchange for services renderd to us, I make this statement.." Chairman Heinz pauses and looks at the members.. As they go quiet, "I have demonstrated my power.. Lets drop the act.. I have seized power and am now in charge.. Cladius Nero Craine was operating on my orders.. His family are under my protection.. I am forced to utter these words.. Mr. Craine will no longer have access to politicans at the state level and above.. His power is checked and this is the deal we reached.."

As Heinz looks at him, "Understood Mr. Chairman.."

"Cladius Nero Craine.. You know the rules of silence.. I am truly sorry for these events," Heinz is sincere in his speech.. "Isa Dref will be delivered to you.. If their is anything you need let me know.."

As the screen goes blank.. Cladius has to sit down as his knees shake, "Your coming home baby.."

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It is moving slowly forward..

I have one last small post to make before we go a little more forward...

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March 15, 2015
Childrens Hospital
Frisco Texas

Gaia Orwel was spitting up blood as Tubes ran into mouth, a monitor was keeping track of her vitals, and IV's ran into both her arms..

Maraim held Jebidiah as the man from the CDC spoke," .. from. It appears she has been exposed to a new form of the disease.."

Cladius Craine closed his eyes and balled his fist up, "F$%^ing SOB's.. You cock suckers could have stopped this S#$% if you had wanted to.. Now someone close to me is paying the price.."

"Sir you will have to leave," The man with a badge that read CDC growled.. "We do not appreciate being talked down to by the uneducated masses.."

Cladius broke the mans nose with the first hit.. His foot twisted the CDC man's knee cap to the side, tearing a lot of connections with his second hit.. When the man hits the ground, Cladius's boots go to his face breaking out teeth with the follow up breaking ribs.. "Fight back you elitest S#$%bag.. A child might die and all you can say is that there was nothing that could have been done.. I am going to make sure that everyone above you and their families become infected with something.."

As Cladius's boot forces a rib into the mans lung, "Help me.. Please.."

One of the doctor's looks down and back away.. One of the nurses looks at the Doctor, who points to a sign..

'In honor of Isa Dref, beloved mother paid for by the Dref Research foundation'

"Mr. Craine," The Doctor speaks.. "You have suffeciently injured the man.. He wont be doing anything for at least six months.."

The Female CDC agent was on the phone, "Yes.. We have a situation up here.. I want this man arrested for.."

Cladius Craine pimp slaps the phone out of the womans hand.. She screams when Cladius follows through with a punch to her gut.. He grabs her by the hair and drags her towards the door..

One of the other CDC agents tries to grab him, "I dont think so.."

Cladius Craine kicks her above the pelvic region, "You want to come along for the ride.. Hit the button for me Jebidiah.. We are going to save your little girl.."

Jebidiah hits the enter button as Cladius drags the two CDC workers into the middle decontam area.. After the front closes, Cladius opens the room door. He drags both women into Gaia's room..

"NO," the second agent escapes as she tries to leave.. "Open the door.. Open the door now!"

The newly arrived security personnel move Jebidiah away from the button.. One pulls his side arm and motions everyone away from the door controls.. He presses the lock down button..

Mariam, Juliet, Marcus, and Trenton all look at Cladius Craine through the window..

"Dad.. What did you do," Marcus has tears in his eyes?

"This familiy is not losing another person.. To hell with the status quo," Cladius walks over to Gaia.. "You still with us baby girll.."

A weak voice coughs on Cladius, "You gonna get sick. I cant do this anymore.. It hurts Mr. Craine.." Tears come down her face as she coughs, "It hurts.."

Cladius kisses the forehead of Gaia, " We have a lot of work to do.. We are going to f$%^ing walk on water and we have to find those damn stepping stones."

Maraim has tears in her eyes, "There is no cure.. He is as good as dead.."

The two agents are trying to argue with the armed men to let them out..

Cladius walks up behind them, "Welcome to the frontlines Ladies.. We are now on death ground as Sun Tzu put it.. Its fight or die... We have four days before Gaia is supposed to die, and three before we show symptoms ourselves.."

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May 17th, 2015
Childrens Hospital
Frisco Texas

Gaia watched as Cladius was in the induced coma from the neurotoxin.. She sat in the chair next to his weird looking bed," Mr. Craine.." She had tears in her eyes, "Isa is still in her coma..I have your book paperweight sir.. You read to me.."

Outside of the room,"Vice Admiral Munch.."

"We did it Doc," Munch looks in.. "The surgeries, the life support machines, the blood cleaning, and a # ton of other weird crap.. A neurotoxin induced coma every three days."

"Low level poison," The doc was reviewing information.. "Ms. Orwel has made one hell of a recovery.. Agent Yearwood is not out of the woods.. So damn simple a series of solutions and we missed it.. "

"Doctor Schtien," The Vice Admiral takes a deep breath.. "The bastards could have stopped the deaths occurring all across the US.. Agent Ray was part of problem.. She refused the treatment provided and paid the price.. Her families wrongful death lawsuit was tossed out.."

"I still cant believe we have done it.. It is a completely new field of medicine created by Twelve people. " Dr. Schtien monitored his three living patients, "I do appreciate you running interferrence with the Feds.. We were able to use Agent Ray's body as a growth medium as you know.. The problem is.."

"This location is being over ran by request for antibodies from the blood," The Vice Admiral shakes his head.. "They dont get that its more of bacterial patch.. Your supplies are bieng over ran.."

"I am treating only children here.. DARPA has overrode the FDA," Doctor Schtien grins evilly. "I take it that was you.."

"Doc.. You have twenty new assistants. Both doctors and Technicians from the military for training.. Yes.. DARPA overrode the FDA.. One of the Senators has a child that caught it from school.. We suspect it was immigrant children.. He watched this on the News.. His daughter is in room 17b," The Vice Admiral Watch the scene inside the room.. "Bonding.."

Doctor Schtien shook his head, "We damn sure cant release that.. Senators daughter gets bumped up in line, Damn.. " The Doctor turns the Sound up, "Gaia is reading to him from the I-Pad.. It is cute.."

The Vice Admiral smiles as he listens, "The man who sold the moon.."

"Old D.D. Harriman.." Doctor Schtien pauses and looks at the Vice Admiral.. He burst out laughing, "The common thread.."

The Vice Admiral looked at the Doctor confused..

"Always store beer in a cold place," Doctor Schtien spoke..

"Violence is the last resort of the incompetant," Vice Admiral Munch

" Roddenberry or Lucas," The Doctor shakes his head?

"At first it was Star Trek.. It became B5," The Vice Admiral realized what the common thread. "I think your on to something.. This weird little group that pulled this off is all sci-fi fans.."

"Take a look at the future," Schtien watched the various machines move..

"Doctor Schtien.. You will probably be going up for the Noble," Munch watched the now thirteen year old read to the comatized Craine.." Not bad considering they were two days from taking your right to practice medicine.."

"It was made worthless because they played politics..Same with the damn Nobel.." Doctor Schtien shook his head, "I will take the money to fund these additional research projects we have coming.. A whole new field of medicine.. Cladius should have chosen a better name then Auto- Sapienism.."

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November 12, 2015
Unknown location

"This is where we will make one of three stands," Cladius Nero Craine looked out over the area.. "The Final area.. Where civilization will survive the dark ages.."

"What the hell is your dad talking about," Juliet looked at Marcus? "Dark ages?"

Trenton was with a new girlfriend, "Dad.. Are you sure this is not a side effect of the treatment.."

Cladius knelt down in front of his girlfriend's now 13 year old son,"Look around you.. Your standing on what will become a city.."

Maraim looked at her husband then to Cladius.. "A city.. Your building a new city?"

"And I have a very select set of people who will be the initial colonist.. An oasis of ," He pauses and looks at the group.. "You will not believe me.." He closes his eyes, "Munch.. "

"This is insane," The Retired Rear Admiral shook his head.. "This has yet to work anywhere.. A whole damn city built around a Super Library and research Facility.. Listen its your money and the Court will probably hand down a judgement sending the case back to the lower court.."

"Four point three years for the court to come to a decision." Cladius picked up the dirt, "I have not flipped my lid.. Look at it this way," Cladius looked at Jebidiah.. "What will take place to build a city of stone using new methods.."

"Jobs.. Your gonna need a whole set of skills, supplies, and equipment," Jebidiah looked at Cladius.. "I do not see it surviving however.. Once the construction is done what is going to keep them here?"

"Basic Anchor Location Retail strategy," Cladius picks up some of the rich dirt.. "Trust me the I can see the numbers.."

Doctor Schtien shook his head and whispered to the Vice Admiral..

"No," Gaia was very angry at what she heard. "He is not insane.. Their is a good chance we would not be standing here.. Dad.. I am alive because he risked everything to save me with his intellect."

"Admiral.. Doctor.." Mr.Orwel takes a deep breath, "My daughter would be dead right now if that insane bastard played by your common sense rules.. You," Jebidiah got in the Admirals face.. "Munch.. I had to sober you up and the misses had to hide your alcohol.. We got the preacher to help you.."

The Vice Admiral looked away from Jebidiah..

"Doc.. You got one of your married twenty year old patients pregnant.. The Texas Medical Board went for your livelyhood.. This insane bastard now has you set up for a damn Nobel prize.." Jebidiah Orwel Rolled up his sleves, "All twelve of you have ghost that were preventing you from suceeding.. The wolves were at the door.." He walks over to where Cladius was looking over the ground squatting, "Buddy I am completely blind to what the hell your doing.. I am in either way.."

Cladius stood up shaking Jebidiah's hand, "Thank you.. I need everysingle one of you to have.." The words have a hard time coming out, "Trust.. For this to work, It will require every single one of you.. Even then.."

"What are you up to," the Retired Vice Admiral spoke? "You sound as if you believe everything is gonna fall apart if you so much as hint at what this is.."

The group all looks at Cladius as he closes his eyes and grimmaces..

"You said Dark Ages," Maraim looked at Cladius worried.. "You cant be that smart.. There is no way you can predict.."

"Mother.. He spent over 500 million dollars creating a cure.. This morning companies he is supposed to own were worth over ten billion," Juliet looks at Marcus.. "Go ahead and tell them.."

"Me and Juliet have been broken up since Gaia went to Childrens," Marcus looked at Cladius.. "The woman impersonating my mother tried to plead with me. She said Cladius was prediciting the two of us would break up.. Over the fact we were two different people.."

"That is just a wise parent, " Maraim looks at her oldest daughter..

"The republicans barely took the senate and almost lost the house last year," Cladius laughs.. "The US congress has reached a point where it is mostly paralized.. It is not from deadlock, but from money flow.. They are prevented from taking an active position.. Our vote really does not matter at the late stage of the game.. "

"The damn money," Munch shook his head.. "Same in the military.. You want to get promoted, You have make those systems work.. To keep those dollars flowing.. It has paralysed the militaries ability to wage war.. A good officer's hands are tied and bad officers just ride the system.. Sociopaths fill the ranks.. "

"The systems cycle and as the numbers change," Cladius looks out at the small group.. "The feedback in the machine becomes worse.. I want you to each think about something.. Whens the last time that we established a new colony.. A brand new city that lasted.. Most have just been villas of the new corporate dons or vacation hamlets for them.." Pausing for a second, "Listen just watch the Poker tournament.."

"You really are going through with that," Trenton looks at Cladius..

"Cladius has already competed in the lesser tournaments," Gaia looked wide eyed at Cladius.. "Mr. Craine," She kneels down and draws an X in the dirt.. "We are building here.. Why here?"

"Conditions are perfect for a new garden," Cladius looks at Gaia.. He shakes his head and sighs, " Little one.. It will be just like an Iceberg with the majority of it out of sight."

"Underground construction," the Admiral looks at the people present. "That makes more sense.. A lot more sense.. How deep are we going?"

Cladius smiles," Gaia and Trenton will be finishing their high school education.. Juliet will be working and Marcus will be at college.. I will be in DC.." Cladius looked at Gaia and shook his head, " Project Asimov will be up and running by then.. "

"I am going to college," Juliet growls..

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May 23, 2020
Plano, Texas
Prom Night

"Damn," Trenton see's Gaia in her full dress.. "Dad.."

"Yes.. The Principle is very simple.. " Cladius shook his head, "The President will win re-election.. The whole issue of the Non-Political Commission investigating Roswell is VERY necessary.. Wait till the other investigations start.."

"You are wasting tax dollars," The Female Sociology teacher complains.. "We should be paying teachers more.. Not looking into the past.. You are just organizing a witch hunt.."

"Your just pissed the witch hunt is bi-partisan.. Not the Presidents fault several congressmen from your party got caught trying to influence the commission.. I had them horse whipped for treason.. Let us assume we do it your way.. Then what," Cladius looks at the Liberal Teacher? "Whats the next step in the witch hunt? Hold the guilty parties hands and sing kum bi ya.." In a mocking tone, "We shall overcome and other hogwash.. The Problem you have is the fact the President is Republican.. "

"Why he brought you to DC to be the First Czar is beyond me," The Teacher shook her head. "You give him advice on matters you are not trained in.. A rich man does not know the requirements for education.. As the Union rep for the Teachers we are not happy.. If you think we wont strike, you tell that damn RINO we will.."

"I kinda hope you do, but you dont got balls lady.. What is wrong.. You do not think it is important that America has trust in her governme," Cladius pauses when Trenton moves his dads head..

"Wow," Cladius takes a deep breath.. "Is that little Gaia?"

"Yes.. She spent thousands of dollars on her whole outfit and came by herself.." Trenton looked at his non- father, "Dad.. Go say hello.."

"Mr. Trenton.." She turns and see's Gaia, "Yes she is dressed.."

"She was your girl friend.. She is so ," Cladius is awestruck.. "Damn she grew up.."

"Dad.. You promised her a dance at Prom remember.. Me and Gaia never did anything.. She has had crush on you for years.. Into the trenches old man," Trenton shoved his dad forward.. "Go.. Mom would not want you to just live off ramen and vitiamens.."

"Trenton.. I am not," Cladius pauses as his eyes meet Gaia's.

He swallows hard as she bites her upper lip.. Gaai's friends all go quiet..

"WTF," The girl in an all black dressspeaks.. "Your after the richest bachelor in America.. " Several of her other friends all giggle.. "He is worth billions,.. No wonder you were not interested in the colleges.."

"I am hunting big game," Gaia takes a deep breath.. She sees Trenton shove Mr. Craine towards her.. Gaia's palms go sweaty, "Mr. Cra.. Cladius.."

"Gaia," Cladius has to take another deep breath. "I heard you turned down MIT, Brown and Cal Tech.."

"I.. I.." Gaia goes doe eyed..

"That feeling is nothing to be ashamed of.. Its the moment when your plans meet the reality of the situation.. You set this up," Cladius sees her tear up.. Cladius takes her arm and heads out to the dance floor, "Never let them smell the fear dearch.. No your definately a woman.."

Gaia lays her head on Cladius's shoulder, "Dont call me shortie.. Its your fault you know.. My grow rate is lower then it should be.."

"I know my dear," Cladius responded.. "I told you years ago to go live your life.. Your young and.. Besides, you know I have no privacy.."

Gaia looks at the little Camera on Cladius's tie, "Dad.. Your watching this probably.. Mother bop him on the head for me.. Good luck finding your shotgun father, I hid it and the bullets.. This is my night and you can shut up. Stay OUT of my business.."

Gaia lays her head on Cladius's chest.. The two dance as the Music plays..

"Gaia.. Your still," Cladius swallows hard as I dont want to miss a thing plays..

"You should not be alone Cladius," Gaia laughs when she realizes Cladius cant dance.. "You have no rythmn.."

"I am all soul.." Cladius takes a deep breath, "Gaia.."

"Just shut up and dance old man.." Gaia moves slowly as she laughs, "God.. You really need lessons.."

The two dance as the music plays.. Gaia just lays her head on Cladius's shoulder as he wraps his arms around her..

After the song ends, Gaia stands up on her tip toes and kisses Cladius.. "The only person we did not tell was Dad.. Mama took his phone and is talking with him.."

Cladius just takes her back into his arms and kisses her again to her surprise, "I make no pormises Gaia.. I warned you to hunt else where.."

Gaia blushes again as she kisses Cladius back..

"God your so beautiful.. " Cladius closes his eyes and puts his hands on the side of Gaia's face, "Now where did you learn to kiss like that?"

posted on Oct, 12 2014 @ 04:45 PM

Craine houshold
May 28th, 2020

"Father is PISSED," Juliet looks at her sister.. "You and Mr. Craine.. EVERYONE is talking about it ..The Preacher visited Dad and mother.. Mama just snickered at them all..For some reason she is on your side.. The Press has already tried to speak with our family members.."

Gaia bites her lip in a guilty smile, "Dad can get over himself.."

Juliet's toddler ran into the Kitchen, "Momma.. ROWR.." The Drone following the child had projected a tiger..

"ROMEO," The flying drone stopped.. Juliet looked at the drone, "Cladius reprogrammed it again.."

"ROMEO's data base was updated.. Safety Procedures and training of self mobile bipeds," The Drone's voice protocol responded.. "Unit is ROMEO.."

"You need to be careful," Juliet sighed as her toddler ran out of the kitchen.. "Cladius is not a saint.."

"Marcus doesnt know that Lucas is his son.. You never told Marcus he was a dad," Gaia watched her nephew play..

"So we are both bad girls.. No.. I went through a bad time Gaia," Juliet sighs.. "I cheated on Marcus and he left me.. He thinks Mr. Craine is just feeling pity for me.." She pauses and looks at her sister, "Why do you care?"

"I am going to DC with Cladius," Gaia looks at her sister.. "Its what I want.. We will not be there for more then two years.. " Gaia looks at her sister with big eyes, "I know he is no saint.. Juliet.. Furthest thing from it.."

"Are you ok," Juliet realizes that her sister has aged overnight in her eyes?

Gaia closes her eyes," I am fine.. My baby has some baggage I wasnt ready for.." She looks at her sister, "I want you to do me a favor.. Put your application in for the Colonies.. Please.."

Gaia hugs her older sister.. Juliet see's the tears in her sisters eyes, "I will.. I do not have any of the skills they require... I cant get in.." She sees the the tears in her sisters eyes, "What has you scared Sis?"

Cladius walks in with shorts and t- shirt, "Juliet.. I have already approved your application.. Family clause.. Now we need to make sure you have some more skills.."

Gaia reashes up and hugs Cladius, "Thank you.. Dad is very pissed at you.. I am sorry.."

Sighing, "Dont be.. I am not.. After this late lunch," Cladius whispers to Gaia.. She blushes as he kisses her, "You ok?"

"It is just taking a lot," Gaia sighs.. "Juliet.. Get your bags packed and please head out to the site.. The last bits of the main constructionn should be finished.."

Juliet looked at her younger sister as held Cladius, "You changed.. Am I going to the same site we visited years ago?"

"Yes mam.. You need to go ahead and get your dad and mother out to the site," Cladius took a deep breath.. "Your dad will hate me the rest of his life till.." Cladius looks at Gaia and crinkles his nose, "Your mother will keep him in line.."

Juliet looked at Gaia, "Your not wearing protection.. Oh.. " Juliet looks at her sister, "No offense.. This is not good.. You do not have an education, you two are not married, and he still has to love Isa.."

Cladius closes his eyes, "Juliet.. Please go pack your bags.. Get to the site.. There is numerically not a lot of time.."

Cladius levaes the room coldly..

"Damn it Juliet, "Gaia looks at her sister.. "Just go pack your S#$% and get to the site.. Of Course I know what I am doing.. There is just not enough time.." Gaia stands up, "I love you.. Even when your being a B$%^&.. I have to go take care of My baby.. And yes, tell mother I think she is going to be a grandmother again.. I could give two s$%^s about walking across the stage for my degree.. "

Juliet looks at her younger sister after she hugged her.. "Where did this B$%^& come from.. You seem to be made of steel and not.. You love him.."

"He talks in his sleep," Gaia crinkles her nose.. "It took me five years sis.. I am not going to lose now.. I am sure as F$%^ not going to lose him now.. To hell with the mathematics.."

posted on Oct, 13 2014 @ 11:19 PM

Washington DC
New Years Eve party
Hotel room
January 1st, 2021

"Wow," Gaia took a deep breath.. "You just F$%^ed the VP over.. Those Marines were saying that him and all of his associates will get life for that little act of Treason.. The Secret service as a whole was relieved of its duties.."

"We did not win anything here.. I just stopped Ceaser.. Not Augustus," Cladius looked out the windows.. He held the Pregnant Gaia in his lap, "Baby.. I will have to make sure you have the result of our love at Our primary site.. I do not want you to be here when you give birth.."

"Doc told me your secret.. " Gaia looks at her love, "He told me that you cheated with the world watching.. You altered my DNA and yours.. The Other Lady got the standard treatment.. You found the aging Gene and changed ours.. "

"It will take you twelve months to carry our child to term," Cladius responded.. "I have never been more scared in my life.. Gaia, the VP's attempted coup is the last part, I prayed to a god I do not believe in, was wrong. We have the Commission, I have conned the President to cut the Cabinet and Czar's pay to a dollar year, We attempted to restore the peoples faith in Government, and I destroyed the Fed.." Cladius Craine held Gaia tightly, "It is to little to late.. The tree trunk is hollow and the roots are dead.. I just want to hold you and sleep.. My country is dead and it has just hit me emotionally.."

Gaia tried to sooth Cladius till she saw the tears.. She pulled him close, "Baby.. It is Ok.."

"I actually loved the country I grew up in.." Cladius took a deep breath, "We are going to see the S#$% hit the fan in the form of a frog being boiled.. The cops in the local municipalities will have to make quotas, crime will rise, Immigrants will start b%^&#ing that they are being mistreated, The value of the dollar will crash, and the worst part.. The Idiots will claim its all doom porn when you try to warn them because they are cowards.."

Gaia sits up and looks at Cladius..

"I know my mother called.. She was mad at me but VERY happy that you are pregnant.." Cladius was zoned out as he spoke, "She is coming out to DC to visit me and you.."

"That is just.. Spooky baby," Gaia shakes her head.. "You do the Psycho-history thing way to naturally.. Its scary and I know how you do it.."

"At least the tit fairy is visiting," Cladius massages Gaia's back..

"You are bad, " Gaia lifts her dress over her head.. "A year for carrying a child.. Baby?"

"No my dear.." Cladius hits a spot on her back, "Their are no health issues.. Our little girl will be healthy.. She is not underweight so you know.. Her development will be different then ours was.."

"We are having a girl," Gaia was relaxing as the massage covered her back?

"Yes my love, " Cladius turns on the Television.. "They are Complaining about the Presidents construction of the Three Cities.." He shakes his head, "Their is a sucker born every minute.. I am playing go against chess players on a risk board.."

"I cant believe you got DARPA and NASA to pay for this as a sociological experiment," Gaia watched the news play a follow up on the former Vice President being taken away in chains..

"He threatened you," Cladius took a deep breath.. "Yes DARPA paid for it as an experiment.. We are moving everyone who receive Benies, as they call them, to free housing.. Three whole cities of over a hundred and fifty thousand people who get free benefits.. " Cladius snorts, "We got other socialist leaning companies and countries to put money in.. Not to mention a whole Christian only city next door to Dearborn Michigan..God bless them all.."

Gaia snorts, "The Muslim town.. Why.." She pauses, "Your evil.. When the S#$% hits the fan they will go at each other.."

"Its called digging up to ant piles and putting the the ants from one pile in the other.. Watch and wait.." Cladius snorts, "We both know what is going to happen in those three cities.. Not a single on of them will be worth crap.. I love natural selection, because the smart ones will NOT move to the area.."

"Your using the Four as testbeds for additional construction," Gaia leans back into her massage. "And your funneling resources out of the projects.."

"It is important how you shave as what you shave off the top," Cladius grins evilly.. "I looked for skills among the people and stole the good ones.. They will be prt of the new home initiative.. I moved them to conservative leaning states.. The equipment has to be tested and ran into the ground to verify its safety.."

"Your building our site with their crap," Gaia laughs as she listens to the Democratic Governor of California applauding the construction efforts with all Green and bio-friendly technology. "I cant believe they are.. They let you build this in their neighborhoods.. The numbers said they did this because it will increase the number of Liberals in California.. Causing an increase in a few years in the number of congressmen they get.."

"Pretty much.. Genius's think they will get more federal Taxes to pay for thier bad mistakes.. Just wait.. California will be looking like Detriot in less then twenty years.." Cladius runs his thumbs down Gaia's back in circles, "I would be more nervous over meeting my mother.."

"How do I explain the fact the pregnancy will be much longer," Gaia leaned all the way back.. After she leans back further and kisses Cladius, "She is old and will think I am lying to her. She sounded so country on the phone..."

"Its easy.. Do not explain it to her.." Cladius grins, "She just wants to know your ok and that your eating well.. She cant cook healthy either.. Expect to put on a few pounds.."

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