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Gambler's tale: When the Dealin's done

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posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 02:51 AM

July 4th 2022
City of Sagan
Craine underground Mansion

Craine held up his chilled mug of Mountain Dew, "Texas has voted to suceed from the United States.. Mississippi, California, and New York legislatures are all in session to consider sucession.. "

Jebidiah held his Grand Daughter and looked at his son in law, "It really happened.. Maraim we have to go home and get our things.."

"Dad," Gaia spoke.. "No.. You have a home here.. Nothing of value is left there.. I had it brought here.. "

"Young lady you are still my daughter," He glared at Cladius.. "If you were not pregnant again I would put you over my knee.."

Cladius brings up the news..

"Riots over Texas's vote for freedom," The Reporter shakes his head.. "Good ridance I say.. Let them go.."

"The Texas governor has ordered all the military equipment in Texas siezed.. Temporary Rationing has been ordered.." The female reporter shook her head, "Idiots..The US Government should go in there and teach those conservative bastards a lesson.."

The door Chimed, "Sir.." ROMEO the drone responded, "It is the Retired Vice Admiral Munch.. "

Juliet goes to the door and answers it, "Come in sir.."

"He comes to tell us that the Comptroller is above us demanding we turn over half our food supply.." Cladius shakes his head, "A direct Emergency tax.."

Vice Admiral Munch looked at Cladius, "That psychic crap.. The commission has been appointed as temporary city council.. They have appointed you Mayor pro Tiem.."

"Mayor," Jebidiah looks at his son in law.

"Mr. Orwel.. I am appointing you as Lt. Mayor," Cladius takes a deep breath.. "Mr. Orwel your still mad at me.. Let me just get this aired out.. I love your daughter.. And yes my brain dead girl friend to.. I have to move one.. Your mad because you think I stole your little girl.. The truth is she saved me.. For some reason she loves me and I do not know why.. Your family, even if you do not like it.. The people of this city need competent blue collar leadership.. It is just another shop floor.."

"You two are married," Jebidiah glares at Cladius.. He looks down at his granddaughter, "You .."

"No.. I never saw it coming.. When she came to me I," Cladius looks at Gaia.. "I cant explain it.. All my pain went away and I felt alive again and all the numbers cleared up.." Cladius takes Gaia's hand and kisses her, "I love you and I do not know why.."

The ROMEO drone blinked red, "Security Alert.. Security alert.. SWAT teams have been deployed.. Admiral Much the city Militia is requesting orders.."

"Damn," Munch takes a deep breath..

"Relax.." Cladius walks over, "ROMEO.. Operation monday morning Quarterback.. Pass the word.."

ROMEO glows red and interacts with the house systems.. The lights in the house dim as several Drones decloak and take up choke point positions around the house..

"Jebidiah.. That shotgun over the mantle has been up graded.. It is a street sweeper.. Murphy's law.. " Cladius looks at the Drone, "ROMEO.. Your with me.. Put me through to the other drones.."

"Baby.. I do not want to be a widow," Gaia was worried..

"Go Cladius," Jebidiah had set his grandson down.. He had walked over to the mantle, "First one theough that door thats not recognized gets their hair split for a new hair cut..."

"Baby.. I am not fighting.. " Cladius grins," I am supervising.. ROMEO.. Make sure we get the feed out to the gulf.. I want a visual on the SWAT teams.."

Everyone looks at Cladius..

"Oh," Gaia grins evilly.. "No look poker.."

"The SWAT team has entered the Cattle range," ROMEO replies.. "Drone Battleship series is deploying.. Air Borne recon is cloaked and circling.. SWAT has.."

The Sound goes out as Cladius switches to his ear piece.. "All right people you have been trained to deal with these people I want knock out gas deployed.."

The Holograms show the SWAT team just breaking into homes.. A video shows SWAT killing a child who crosses their path.. The fighting intensifies as the Battleship class drones deploy and pin down the SWAT team and NG units..

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 02:56 AM

An Hour Later
Tree Grove outside City

"As Mayor of Sagan City I here by find you all guilty of Cattle rustling," Cladius sees the SWAT team members being dragged by drones.. "The low in this county is quiet clear on this crime.."

"You monster.. Texas has Succeeded from the Union, federal Laws do not apply.. " The Comptroller responds, "Martial law was declared by the Acting President of the Republic of Texas.. We came to make sure that the US did not seize the supplies here.. This area is under Texas law and we are authorized to use lethal force.. "

"So you admit you were stealing cattle, that you have no warrants, and that you attacked with the intention of killing the good people of Sagan City.." Cladius looks to an old man, "Judge.. I have received no notification of this change in power.. What I do have is an admission of cattle rustlin and murder.. The old laws on the books clearly state.."

"It is a hangable offense.. Doesnt matter who is in charge, they never sent notification they were the legal power.. However, TEXAS law in the county is quite clear," The old judge looked at the Mayor..

"Very well.. I am declaring a city wide emergency," Cladius looked at the fifty SWAT members.. "Drones hang them.. The crime is cattle rustlin.."

For the next few minutes the world watches as the Drones proceed to hang the SWAT members.. Cladius's phone rings and he ignores it as he watches the next set hang..

The phone rings again and Cladius waves his hand as the world sees a hologram pop up with a 3D picture of the governor, "Damn it Cladius.. You cant hang our people.. This is a crime.."

"Governor.. Or is it president? Anyway, It was a crime," Cladius coldly speaks.. "These officers raided our homes and killed our children.. Then they tried to steal our cattle.. I received no notification that the law had changed that allowed tyranny.. " Cladius looks at the smug looking Comptroller, "Hang that c$%^ next.."

"This .. We will level your city to the ground," The Governor was very pissed.. "We need that damn food and the repair parts for our troops and soldiers.. You have to do your part for freedom.. Your whole town is nothing but a bunch of.."

The Governor Pauses as he watches the Comptrollers neck break..

"The Little girl they killed Governor.. What about her," Cladius responds?

"Accidents happen... You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet," The Governor was angry in his voice but pauses. "Mayor Craine.. We will get those supplies.. If we have to level your city we will.. I cant let the Federal Government.."

"Governor if we are having eggs," Cladius nods as more SWAT members necks break from the rope.. "Might as well have some Ham with bacon.." Cladius takes a deep breath and cuts the line to the Governor but leaves the link up with the outside world.. " We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness......"

Everyone around the Mayor was wide eyed as he quoted the Declaration of independence.. Several of the towns people who had fought off swat took off their hats and closed their eyes..

After He finishes the declaration,"As of this moment.. I declare Sagan to be a freeport with no Allegiance to either side in this conflict.. We are freemen.. I will not stand for tyranny of a central government trying to take my life's work and my blood sweat and tears while they kill our children in the name of Peace.." He looks around at the tired and dirty towns people, "Its too late to Apologize.."

The music from the song of the same name begins to play in the Back ground...

The new colonist listened to the songs and went grimfaced.. After a few moments one of the members of the Commission spoke, "Cladius.. Mayor Craine.. We.."

"Legally empowered me to make this call.. The only way ladies and gentlemen to see our way through this, is to be Like the english queen that faced the Spanish Armada.. We must also be like her and commit to no man.. History dictates our tactics and our brains turn the old new.. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Great hoards will be at our walls soon.." Cladius looked at the dirty and tired people, "I will address the world after we repulse the United States attempt to takes us.. Battlestations.. Admiral Munch.. Scenario, Battle of Thermopylae and prepare to change to Scenario Battle of Isandlwana on my command.."

The militia members all look at Cladius and then the Admiral.. They are wide eyed and confused..

"You heard the Mayor," Admiral Munch took a deep breath.. "Baton down the hatches, boys.. Set out our best china. We got guest comin for super.."

A grim look crosses the face of Militia members.. Finally one of them yells, "Remember the Alamo!!!"

The rest of the Militia repeat the phrase and they all look to a very calm Admiral.. He takes a deep breath and looks at the Mayor, "Remember the Alamo!!!"

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 01:42 PM

July 15th, 2021
The City of Sagan

"Their goes 12 more billion dollar jets," Cladius looked from the make shift City Hall.. "Have the damage crews retrieved the nuclear ordinance?"

"They have retrieved all five bombs.." Admiral Munch was watching the battle, " We have yet to change scenario's.. I half think you said that just to make people think we were prepared.."

"Just make sure the world see's Sagan Militia chillaxing," Cladius looked at the Commission slash Acting City Council.. "Gentlemen.. And Lady.. I report that we have held the full against the might of the US Military.. We have a grand total of twenty thousand three hundred and forty seven prisoners.."

The holo-projection showed The two tank divisions bogged down outside the city..

"These Divisions might still punch through," The lone Female on the Council spoke..

"ROMEO.. Have the Boyd hacking wing deploy," Cladius watched the feed change as ROMEO blinked green.. "Admiral Munch.. I give you Two Divisions of Armored tanks.."

"Thats not possible," The woman watched as the tanks stopped advancing.. She looks over as Admiral Munch moves the Tanks, "My god.. This is.."

"I am going to pull them to the Prisoner grounds.. It should take me about ten minutes to unload.. Damn it.." Admiral Munch smiled for the camera, "We actually have to work today.."

The whole room snorts..

Mayor Cladius looks at his pad, "Admiral Munch I want you to hold off on air dusting this area.. Redploy the Boyd hacking wing to this location.."

"Mr. Mayor," the Admiral followed the orders as he looked at Cladius..

"Its your birth day.. I am getting you an Aurora bomber or two," Cladius grins..

"Please.. You cant be serious," The Female Commission member looks at the screen in front of her.. "Damn, Three Aurora Jets are now part of the defense system.."

"Mr. Mayor," Admiral Munch takes a deep breath.. "We have several world leaders calling for the US Bombardment to stop.. The Leaders of China, India, and Russia are on the Line Mr. Mayor.." Admiral Munch looked at the Mayor, "The Prime Minister of Canada and the Prime minister of the United Kingdom as well.. They are now on lines 5 and 6 respectively.."

"All right," Cladius grins evilly.. "Just have patience.. Admiral Munch.. The Subs and their surface fleet.."

"Black sheep squadron Deploying," Admiral Munch looks at the screen.. He brings up a hologram, "This is Admiral Munch.. To Admiral Washington of the US Navy combined fleet.." He takes a deep breath, We accept your unconditional surrender.."

After a few moments of no response..

"Admiral Frank Simon Washington," Cladius speaks.. "This is Mayor Washington of the City of Sagan.. Surrender or suffer the greatest tactical loss in history.."

Silence is the response..

"They are launching their air forces and missiles.." Admiral Munch responds, "Very well.. this is Admiral munch to Black sheep.. Initiate Yellow rose of Texas.."

"What the hell is that," The Female Council member ask..

ROMEO the Drone changes displays.. The whole room watches as the The US Navy fleet stops dead in the water.. Several Drones come up from the water and attach to the ships.. The Jets that are in the air slow down and eject the pilots..

"My god.. You have control of the Jets and boats," The Female Council member looks at the projection..

A very angry male voice comes over the horn, "You rat bastard.. Admiral Munch.. I order you to stand down.. Your state and city is in a state of rebellion.. You will cease attacking my legally present vehicles.."

"Admiral Washington.. "Admiral Munch looked at the carrier Washington was on, "I never liked you.. If nothing else was the same and it was just you.. I would still be doing this job.. Let me put it to you very simply.. You will get the HELL off my boats.. Or I will throw you off.."

"This is treason most foul," Admiral Washington growls.. The collision alarm goes off as the order to abandon ship is given in the Admirals voice.. "You bastard.."

Admiral Munch closes his eyes and grins.. "The little things in life.. Admiral Washington your fleets are mine.. "

"Admiral Washington.." A voice from the other side exclaims. "The Subs have locked onto us.. Our system shows they are prepared to fire on the ships in the fleet.." After a half second pause, " Our anti-air is.. Admiral, it has locked onto the other ships in fleet and theirs have locked on to each other.. We are dead in the water.."

"ROMEO.. Prepare to have the ships fire on each other," Admiral Munch coldly speaks.. "Ten.. Nine.. Eight.. Seven.."

"F$%^ing Pirates.. " As the count reaches three, "We surrender.. "

"Two," Admiral Much counts..

"Damn it Munch.. We surrender," Admiral Washington growls..

"Have all your people stay away from any electronic devices and make no attempts to sabotage the ships. We will be taking immediate control of them," Admiral Munch seemed very happy.. "I will transmit your full orders.. You will all begin disembarking from the ships in ten minutes.. You will lower your flags in defeat.."

The Projection showed one of the newer boats breaking away, "Admiral.. I want the stealth boat alive.. They are hiding something.."

"Admiral Washington," Admiral Munch shook his head.. He manipulates the controls..

The City council watches the escaping boat get swarmed on the holo-projection.. The Drones come up out of the water..

"I do not control what the Captain," Washington goes silent..

Screams can be heard from the other end of the communication.. They go silent quickly..

The City of Sagan's council looked at the Mayor.. The Female member took a deep breath, "You executed them? " She holds up her hand, "I am not questioning you Mayor .. You have our full support.. I thought we were dead.. Just curious chatter.."

"Libby.. We just took them prisoner," Cladius Nero craine looked at the blinking light.. "Hang on.. Its the call I was waiting for.. Now you answer Britian, China, and Russia's call.." He presses a button, "Mr. President.. Quite an eventful day.. Your down about 500 billion dollars in equipment.."

"Craine.. Your a God D#$% traitor," The President growls.. "Stand down and I offer you amnesty.. You dont stand down and I will bring the full might of the US Military.. Surrender.."

Cladius grins, "Strike my colors.. Why you murdering bastard I have not yet begun to fight?" The Mayor looks at the Holo-projection of the President, "Since history is listening to these words.. Lets make them ones that echo down through history.."

"Cladius.. I had nothing to do with the Previous Presidents Death," The President shook his head.. "You are stubborn and stupid.. We have weapons in our arsenal that you have no clue exist.."

"I do declare.. I am shaking in your wife's panties," Cladius's comment makes the City council laugh to themselves.. "Man up and grow a pair.. I call your bluff.. " Cladius looks at the President, "I raise.. I advise you not to deploy those three weapons.. Bad Idea.."

The hologram of the President looks at the screen, "I play poker to Mr. Craine.. " The President turns off screen, "Open fire on The City of Sagan.."


posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 09:58 PM

Cladius looked at the President, "We are waiting Mr. President.."

The Sec Def got a horrified look on his face, "Mr. President.. NORAD is gone.. What did you do Mayor?"

"Not a damn thing," Cladius looked cold bloodily at the President.. "You still have four COSMIC level weapons to fire.. I double dog dare you to fire them.."

"You.. You monster.." The President took a command level pad, "I said fire!!"

The City Council (the former Commission) all take deep breaths. They watch the Presidents hologram shake..

"Mr. Sec Def that was the Pentagon going bye-bey," Cladius looks at the screen..

"Mayor Craine, " The British Prime Minister interjects.. "Their is no need to keep antagonizing the US President.. Mr. President it is clear to the world leaders that.."

"This is an internal matter you Limey bastards," the President growls.. "Fire HAARP.. NOW !!!"

"If I understand who is listening," A voice with a Chinese accent speaks.. "I motion the Security Council to recognize the City of Sagan.."

"We do not care," The President goes wide eyed.. "How.. Nellis Air Force base is gone.."

"As is area 51," Mayor Craine looks at the screen.. "Thank you Mr. Premier.. China has motioned the Security Council to recognize the City of Sagan.."

Th President of the United States gets very angry, "Launch our space borne weapons platforms.."

Everyone in the the makeshift city hall command center looks to the Mayor..

"Mayor," Admiral Munch gets a grim look on his face.. "The USS Nightshade was carrying bio-weapons.. We managed to incapacitate the crew.. We are proceeding with complete isolation of the USS Night shade.."

"Bio-weapons," Libby swallows hard.. "Exactly what type of bio-weapons?"

"Mr. President.. The whole world is watching.." Cladius speaks very coldly, "We will have official confirmation in less then thirty minutes.."

"Fire," the President orders..

"Mr. President.." The Secretary of State whispers, "The Speaker is on the line.. He wants to know what the hell is going on.."

"Tell them I do not answer to them for another few hours," The President growls.. "the Sagan bastards cant have defenses for this.."

The Area shakes a little causing everyone but the Mayor to panic..

"Fire Again on the Sagan Bastards," The President orders..

"Admiral Munch.. What is the charge sitting at," Cladius responds..

"What charge," Admiral Munch looks at the Holo-projection of the city.. He enlarges it, "Its at seventy five percent.. My god.. The whole city is acting as a capacitor.."

"Prepare to return fire on the satellite.."Cladius responded, "Wait till the system reaches near max capacity.. Then blow the SOB out of the sky.."

"Their is no way you should still be standing, "The President was very pissed... "You are a damn traitor.. I fired you because of crap like this.."

"I was not fired Mr. President," Cladius gets a look in his eyes, "I quit.. I was not going to work with an SOB who killed his way to the top.. "


Next day
The City of Sagan

"Thank you," Gaia responds.. She stands there as several people just start clapping, "Sis.."

"Get used to it.." Juliet smiles as she waves with her sister, "Your the first lady of the new world power.. The City of Sagan.. I am still surprised the Speaker removed the President.."

Gaia walks to the table, "I will have a sweet Tea.."

"Madam First lady," The teenager spoke..

"Its Gaia.. " She looks at her wedding ring and smiles, "I cant be more then three years older then you.."

"Your married to the Mayor," The Waitress grins.. "Mrs. Orwel.."

"You know my name," Juliet looks at the waitress.." Olivia?"

"Let me grab your drinks first and then your food orders," Olivia answers. "Then if its ok I will explain.. Dad says keep the customers liquored up.. Then milk em for tips.. Is the Mayor joining you?"

"Olivia.. She will have a sweet tea.. As for other guest.. His mother, My Mother, My Father, Marcus, are Joining us.." Gaia looks at Olivia, "One of the hardship colonist.. " Seeing the look on Olivia's face, "Relax.." Gaia whispers, "My dear husband said you are the most important of the new arrivals.. The yeast.. Those labeled hardship were secretly pre-selected.. Then.."

Olivia broke out into a grin and whispered back, "To hide the paperwork and give the old Mayor a damn excuse.." Olivia laughs, "I will let dad know.. He will laugh.. TANSTAAFL.."

"TANSTAAFL," Gaia responds..

"What does that mean," Juliet pauses..

"There aint no such thing as a free lunch," Gaia watches the waitress walk to the back.. "Sis.. To be honest.. This is more then I thought on an emotional level.. Our city is free.. The people here have started on a new destiny.."

"Did he plan this," Juliet looked at her sister? "I was in the nursery watching the news as it played out .. We have an underwater part to our city out in the gulf.. The US military withdrew from Texas.. Yet for some reason we did not join the Republic of Texas.."

"A buffer zone between us and the US as she falls apart," Gaia looks out for a second.. Coming back to reality, "We are strong enough to remain independent but not strong enough to attack.." She shakes her head as the Sweet teas show up, "We are not out of the woods yet.."

"You ready to order Mrs. Craine," Olivia ask Gaia?

"If you answer the earlier thought.." Gaia looks at Olivia...

"Thats simple," Olivia shook her head.. "Dad Met Mr. Craine years ago when he was a lobbyist.. Dad got in an argument with him.. " She smiles, "He told dad that if he really feels that way.. Put his money where his mouth is.. "

"Your father did that," Juliet looks at Olivia..

"Him and mom ended up divorcing over it.. Dad moved out here and I kinda followed.. I do NOT like mom's new boyfriend." Olivia coldly spoke, "Dad took all his money and bought this little hell hole then bought three years worth of supplies.. We are not wealthy but here in Sagan.. Well dad's a lot more happy.. He has several new girlfriends.."

"Your father gave up a lot of power and position to be here," Juliet was amazed..

"Yeah dad said it was a culling point.. " Olivia shakes her head, "He loves science.. Just couldnt cut, it so he became a lobbyist.. It is supposed to be a natural selection process.. Where the herd gets improved..."

"He sounds just like my brother in law," Juliet looks at Gaia..

Snorting, "Tell you what.. Tell your dad to come over for dinner tomorrow.." Gaia looks at Juliet, "I think it would be interesting to hear them talk.."

"Exactly what is Mr. Craine doing right now," Olivia ask innocently?

"A new experiment.." Gaia grins, "Something about the tree of liberty and its seeds.."

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:27 AM

2030, January 1st
Mayor's residence
The City of Sagan

"Daddy.. Daddy.. Daddy," The little girl came running up to her father.. "I got kicked out of math class again.. The teach's a moron.."

"Abigail Eleanor Craine," Gaia waddled out of the kitchen.. "You Mr. Mayor are a bad influence on our children.." Gaia kissed her husband and whispered, "Welcome home baby.."

"Abby," Cladius smiles at his oldest daughter.. "What was the discussion over?"

Abigail goes into very exiotic math.. After three minutes of explaining the situation, "And that is why.. "

Gaia is wide eyed and looks to her husband, "She is speaking greek.."

"Abigail.. While your teacher, Who you will address properly young lady, was wrong.." Cladius looks at his daughter as he brings up a hologram, "You my dear were way off.." He brings up the mathematics and scrolls through them, "ROMEO.. Please load Abigail's numbers into the database.."

"I am not wrong daddy," Abigail gets defiant..

"Lets wager.. Loser has to do the others household chores for the next month," Cladius smiles at his daughter..

Maraim hearing this walks out of the kitchen with her toddler grandson behind her, "Gaia.."

"Momma they are.. She got his brains.." Gaia is watching the numbers, "Abigail is debating the odds on doing the chores of the house for the next month.. Versus her pride.."

Maraim looks at the numbers floating in the air as her husband walks in.. He kisses his wife and sees the numbers, "Abigail trying to win a bet with her father again.."

"Jebidiah.. I think you may have been right.. " Maraim took a moment,"I got lost when my darling granddaughter was telling jokes based on trigonometry at five.."

"Nah.. She cant beat her dad at math," Jebidiah responded coldly.. "That little heathen descendant of mine was counting at one and half and never gave up the habit.."

The four of them watched Abigail try and argue with her father..

"Dad actually picked up a geomtry book and trig book trying to get the jokes Abigail was telling.. " Gaia looked at her father, "I gave up on the exact math part with that little devil two years ago when Abigail told the kyosk merchant to stop being a jew and have the hutzpah to deal.. Or did she need her husbands permission to use her checkbook.."

Maraim got a look on her face, "You did not bust Abigail's butte over that?"

"Not when the two of them argued over prices for ten minutes.. " Gaia looks at her daughter, "She pulled the no look poker thing her father does.. We have not paid more then twenty percent below what everyone else's cost is.. The lady enjoys attempting to renegotiate with Abigail everytime she comes by.. Her husband only did it once.."

"She skinned him alive," Jebidiah shook his head with a smile..

"She threatened to tell you he was inappropriate with her.. I was mad at her till she explained her rationaliztions.." Gaia watched the numbers go by with a lot of speed, "She told me Mr. Rajesh comes from a mixed household.. His mother was muslim and his father Jewish.. Mrs. Rajesh is puerto rican.. " Seeing the look on her parents face, "She had his number.. "

"Your attitude and her father's brains," Maraim shook her head as she watched the two get mor polite..

"Grandma," the little boy whispered.. "Daddy just pulled a card over Abigails eyes.. "

"It wool darling," Maraim stops dead in her tracks.. "You understand that math.. You never.." Maraim looks at her son in law and narrows her eyes, "You sneaky little devil.."

Giving everyone an innocent look, "The Grandmaster of Science fiction says not to show your cards.. Grandpa says not to let everyone know what you know.."

"Lazarus Seldon Craine," Gaia was very surprised at her son.. "You do not understand this.. You tested average on math.."

Lazurus walks over to the hologram projection, "Dad I saw you palm that card on sis.. " He rotates the hologram back to the earlier part.. "It will not flow.. Wait this is abigails equation.."

Jebidiah shakes his head, "And he has his dad's personality.. Great.. Remind me to not give him any more handicaps in chess.."

They watch as Lazarus joins the argument over math..

"I need to talk withthier Nana.." Gaia looks at her husband, "There are three of them.. She raised the ring leader and warned me.."

"Grandma.. Grandma Orwel," Lazurus shook his head.. "Was teaching me to cook.. That damn function can do that to a small degree.. Otherwise, the yeast in the bread would just automatically rise.. It does not.. It has to be set out.. Same with that function Sis.."

Maraim looks at her daughter, "He never showed interest in my cooking.."

"Their Nana Saraphene warned me.. Mother.. Cladius did that all through his child hood.. He was a quiet good boy," Gaia shook her head..

Abigail got louder, "But dad.. Grandpa Jebidiah prove this works.. It is the same proces of degradation of fuel injectors on the old muscle cars.. I did the math two years ago.."

The listen as the three of them start going over the numbers faster then the computer can keep up.. After thirty minutes Abigail starts to get mad.. She heads out of the discussion..

"No.. Young lady you go right back over there and keep a smile on your face," Gaia spoke..

"Dad's cheating again momma," Abigail spoke.. "Their is no way with his education level he can know this and be right.."

"Young lady we are not sore losers.." Maraim looked at her Grand-daughter, "We Orwels live by our honor.."

Abigail gets defiant and glares at her Grandmother.. "Dad has to be cheating.. There is no way an uneducated man could do what he just did.." She see's the look on her Grandfathers face.. "Grandpa.. I did not mean it that way.."

Jebidiah closed his eyes and walked over to the hologram.. He brought up Abigails numbers, "This young lady is where you made your mistake.. If I reckon correctly this is the answer to the problem.."

Everyone but Cladius was shocked as Jebidiah manipulated the controls.. "Gand daughter of mine this is very basic.. The solution is quite simple.." He brings up certain functions of the formula and starts changing them, " The answer is based on the Decline of Detriot as Japan entered the market with better mass production methods.. This is nothing more then a direct application of Braess's paradox.."

"Jebidiah," Maraim looked at her husband in shock.. "You understood all that.."

"Their is a reason I appointed him Lt. Governor.." Cladius grinned, " You should have seen the look on the City Councils face when he held a session with them.. He played dumb country boy with them.. And then proceeded to wipe the floor with them.."

"My little Heathen Grandchild.. " Jebidiah looked at Abigail, "The only difference is in official training and Practice.. As I have gotten older, between you and my son in law.. I was forced to learnn.. I may have went the long way but I do learn.."

"Dad.. You understood that," Gaia was showing her shock..

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posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:30 AM
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"Abigial.. You placed a bet with the house and you WILL honor it," Jebidiah responds to his Grand child.. " As for you my little girl.. You act Like I did at your age.. It was why I was mad at first over your choice of husband.. Now as a proud grandfather, I have plenty of time to study and read.. I love tech manuals so text books on engineering principles were easy to transition to.. " He bumps fist with Cladius, "I agreed to not kill your husband if he privately tutored me.. My dearest love.. I wanted to be able to keep up with my daughters and grand babies.. Our other offspring's children are nearly as bad.."

"You secretly studied," Maraim looks at her husband..

"I went without eating lunch for years my dear.. I have been putting my money where my mouth is.. " Jebidiah grins, "That little nest egg is worth about sixty million Sagan.. I did all by myself.."

"You understand Dad's mathematics," Abigail was in complete awe.. "Or are you the Dancing bear who misses a few steps?"

"That my lovely child is a secret you have to figure out.. Your grandfather just disproved your theory.." Cladius looked at Abigail and then at his son, " And you.. God your Nana is gonna laugh about this.. Karma.." Cladius took Abigails hand.. "I want to go through a complete examination of your mathematical abilities.. Let me get your Brothers on the horn.. Jebidiah.."

"Cladius," Jebidiah looks at his son in law.

"I need you to sit as final arbiter.. I might get a little pissy and we are gonna need your age and wisdom to ride shotgun over this," Cladius responds..

"Maraim.. will you please grab me a glass of water," Jebidiah sighs.. "This is gonna be a long test.. Very long.."

"This will teach me to open my mouth," Lazaus opens a personal file.. "I am ready for this placement test.."

"Actually Bubba," Abigail responds.. "Dad already knows about your being prepared for this test.. He laid a fake test out hidden in a file.. You dug it up.." Abigail looked at her grandfather..

"You and your two step brothers will help administer this test," Jebidiah responded.. "Get ready Lazarus.. "

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Secret meeting
2032, July 4th

"I propose we form an alliance," The Czar of Administrative Duties spoke. "We aide the Mississippi Caliphate in its jihad with the City of Sagan. Ambassador Gutez of Calexia, I can offer you free Access to the technology.."

"I am Listening, "Ambassador Gutez responded. "We have other issues pressing us. Their technology they are hoarding belong to the people.. These one percenters are hoping to establish a corporate overlord.."

"Czar Rhodam," The man from Texas speaks. "Whats in this mess for Texas?"

"Ambassador Helot," Czar Rhodam speaks. "We will give you control of their Food production.."

"Who controls the City and the other two ones," The man with a turban responds..

"We will provide the administrators Ambassador Ali , " the Czar smiles. "We split taxes minus cost and use our worse soldiers to guard the city.."

"Will there be an issue over females," Ambassador Ali pauses.. "Your Ships have.."

"all of you stop before we go here.." The Czar speaks, "We have to worry about the threat the City of Sagan represents. I want everyone of you to keep in mind that the Mayor managed to erase all copies of the notes over the damn cures.. We are trying to recreate the cures.."

The other Ambassadors are very quite..

Ambassador Gutez takes a single moment, "We have one other Issue.." She brings up the hologram, "The Mexican Government is about to lose its Civil War with this gang.. They call themselves the Sons of Genghis.."

"They have hit our ships engaged in missions to spread the word of Allah," the ambassador of the Muslim Caliphate growls. "If we want this alliance to succeed perhaps we add this measure in.. The US government will also engage the SOG."

The meeting broke into a series of discussions.


City of Sagan
City Central building
Council Chambers

"Mr. Mayor.." Libby growls upset, "You can not just sit there aand ignore all of the issues the good people of Sagan have.. We have grown.."

"A null term.. We has no value in the way your manipulating it," Mayor Cladius shakes his head.. "This crap was predicted by me.. "

"My constituents demand," Libby gets angry when she sees the Mayor yawn.. "I move for a vote of no confidence.. We then remove the Mayor from his post."

"Libby dear your power grab is failing.. I resigned ten minutes ago then took a nap," Cladius Craine gets a grim look on his face.. "I am not going to have my neighbors abuse me and call me names because someone who has committed treason against her neighbors, wants the reins.."

"You cant resign I," Libby pauses cold in her track..

"I just made Jebidiah Orwell the second Mayor of the Cities of Sagan.. Jeb I would change that to that.." Cladius stands up and stretches, "Well Libby.. Enjoy your little mess.. I know you cut a deal for trade with Calexia and the Czar of Administrative duties.. The Problem is now you have spent your time running me down not Jeb.. He is well respected and the good people want the feeling of genuine warmth he gives them.. I am out of the way but my way leaves you screwed.." Cladius looks at the council members, "You all stab in the back so do not ask me for S#$%."

Cladius Nero Craine walks out of the area.. As he reaches the doors, "A word of caution. We will be at war in a year. Two years from now you will be facing the Sons of Genghis.. Just picture them like their namesakes.. Mayor Orwel.. I will send you the evidence on Libby.. You can all go to hell, but have a nice day.."

Several of the council men all yell and plead for the former Mayor to return, but he keeps walking out.


City Of Sagan
Exotic food and Diner
(five star restaurant)
Later that night

Cladius danced with Gaia as the music by Brantley Gilbert played..

"You are my kind of crazy," Gaia has a smile on her face. "We have not been dancing in years."

"Well things are gonna changes for about two weeks.." The former Mayor holds his Pregnant wife, "Your dad is pissed at me again. "

"Mom has called fourteen times.. Dad is still in the middle of an emergency session," Gaia shook her head.. "I know your up to something. "

Cladius whispers in her ears and she blushes, "and then I am going to.."

"I am not that type of girl,"Gaia hits Cladius playfully.. "I meant what type of activity .. You dirty old goat.." She crinkles her nose, "I love you.."

"My dear.." Cladius closes his eyes, "I want to spend the next two weeks with you before I do anything else.. Just me and you.. Then.."

Gaia closes her eyes, "That bad.."

"The numbers never lie.." Cladius holds Gaia, "Just the interpretations."

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July 15th, 2032
Grocery Store

The Mayor saluted the reservist in uniform, "No, but thank you.." the reservist returns the salute, "Which isle is the frosted flakes on? Abigail wants some and she actually behaved this week."

The Sargent laughs and takes a box out of his basket, "Here you go Mr. Mayor.. I will go get more.. My wife will not find it as funny as my son. He is studying mathematics now because he watched Abigail on TV.. He wants to be an Arbiter and thinks he has to be able do particle physics.. When I tell him Abigail eats Frosted flakes to he will freak out."

Mayor Craine shakes his head, "Sargent Earls.. I want your opinion on something. " Every person in hearing distance pauses trying to listen in, "Bring you wife and Son to my house for dinner.."

"I am actually on duty.. I have to go pick my son up because my wife is a nurse.." The Sargent Pauses as he sees Cladius Craine open a hololine..

"Hey Maraim.. I promise to attend the dinner but only if one of our brave men in uniform is there," Cladius craine winks.. "Sargent Jame P. Earls, out of the 3rd Ppatton Division.. his wife, son, and daughter will be joining us or I will hide in the bedroom with your daughter Gaia doing dirty things to her."

Another voice comes on the line, " Alright.. He can stop me from strangling you.. I will make sure their is food for all. Admiral Munch and the whole command staff will be in there sunday best.."

"Think Jebidiah.. Remember I retired so I only promised to be there." Cladius hung the line up and the holo disappeared. "You.. Yes you listening in.. You look like an Officer."

The Woman took a deep breath and stepped forward at attention, ""Mr. Craine.. I am Lt. Comma.."

"Lt. commander Louisa Jays Richardson.. Assignment classified," Craine looks at her as a shocked looked passes over her face.. "Yes I know all fifteen military members in this store by name and rank.. four more will come in the door in the next two minutes.."

The military ones all stood straight at attention and stared forward..

"Good.. Now Lt. Commander Richardson, please pass the word that Mayor Orwel has politely requested This Sargents to eat dinner with him.. And that Admiral Much has ordered his presence for military purposes.. tell His little First Lt. that he is not authorized to discuss this matter with the Sargent and the First Lt. will stand his watch."

"Third Patton Division, Sargent Earls first Lt. will stand his watch and ask NO questions." The Lt. commander gulps, "Any other Orders Mr... Mr.Mayor."

"Sargent.." Cladius grins, " Your wife is about to call.. You do not have to bring anything but them. Tell her boss that Lt. Commander Richardson will be calling him.. Richardson, if Jose does not let her off.. Reactivate him and have him in our MASH training unit as soon as you reactivate him. No that wont be a punishment.. Tell Jose he wont be in the MASH unit, if he agrees he can go there.."

The military personnel all jump when the Sargent's phone line rings.. "Its my wife.."


Next Day

"The Mayor promoted you himself," The Three squads were milling around waiting for the order to prepare for inspection.

"Lance Corporal Reynolds.. He was being badgered to do something.. They wanted his advice and foresight," Captain Earls shook his head. "He promptly got mad at them.. Mrs. Craine has a rule that no business is to be discussed at the table. The Former Mayor got pissed, Walked over and busted a family memory's box. He reached in and pulled the old railroad tracks here. Said there I have won the war for you your welcome.. His statements made no senses to me but you Know the Mayor.." The former Sargent smiled after a pause, "Mayors cousin who had served in World War Two in the General Pattons Third Army, got these off his Captain who was killed. The family legend was the Captain died in his cousins arms. Gave him his rank and Asked the Sargent Craine to give them to his wife and take care of her.. "

"THE GENERAL PATTON," one of the Corporals looked at the Captains bars with awe. The others in the squad are staring, "Our namesake.."

"One in the Same," the former sargent shakes his head. "Turns out That General Patton himself had pinned these on the Captain.. They were an extra pair he had kept with him that he had worn for good luck.." Captain Earls took a deep breath, "Sargent Craine ended up comforting the widow. Thats how The Former Mayor ended up with it.. His old cousin said he had a feeling about him and the wife gave it to him. Now its on my collar."

The three squads were in awe..

"It aint no big deal boys.. The officers here do not like this. I am not trained in the ways of the officeri and they are looking to get rid of me." Captain Earls shakes his head, "I think the old man has lost it."

"Why do you say that," The lance corporal was concerned?

"Lance Corporal.. He spent the rest of the time I was there telling me Sea Stories and other damn tall tales.. " The Captain shook his head, "He was just an old vet now.. He spent hours over the mistakes king Leonidas made, or General Custer, or General Lee, or the British in the Zulu lands, and he even included the city of Sagans Zombie defense plan .. What was that last one..."

The Captain pauses and turns as he hears sounds

The others hear the sounds and go wide eyed as they look to the Captain..

"General Van ripper and the Millennium Games....Everyone out of formation now," The Captain had no clue what was going on.. "Behind cover.. I need information Now. Lance Corporal Reynolds.. Take Hase and Formi.. Sneak up to where you have a LOS, but do not expose your self. Remember to provide cover for each .. Each other.." Captain Reynolds closes his eyes for a second as the Previous nights conversations run through his head. "Corporal Green take your fire team and get me that Mother F$%^ing high ground on those buildings. Single shot, Head shots. If it doesnt work find the best way to kill."

Corporal Green looked at the Former Sargent, "Sir.. Take high ground. Best way to kill."

"That SOB.. Corporal Franks.. You got one damn job.. You are to sound the alarm.. Use the survivors that come running through here, command needs to know were are here. One way. PFC Tusk take Franks fire team and organize the survivors as they Retreat through here. Priority is as follows. High grounds security, Ammo to the high ground with bare minimum on the security force, Injured that are not critical stand guard at the.." The Captain gave a series of orders, "You are NOT authorized to turn over command to ANY one but those three squads under my command.. Regardless of rank. Regardless of orders, we are the command staff.."

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Two days later
Outpost Sargent McKinley

"..and somewhere in the darkness .. The gambler he broke even...," The Com line played the song..

"What in Sam hell is that Captain Earls doing, "The Republic of Texas General Slammed his fist into the table.. "That bastard wont come out and fight.. If I get my hands on h.."

The General Falls over dead from a sniper shot..

"Son of a B$%^&," The Colonel growls as the senior NCO falls over dead before he can finish the thought on the General..

"Sir," The Gunny speaks as the two men are in the dirt.. "The Czar of Administrative duties is on the line.. He wants to know why we have not moved forward in two days.."

"We have hit a brickwall.. Our spies have failed.." The Colonel shook his head, "They called begging for their lives.. Even our paid off General was wounded by a damn PFC.."

"That is a complete breach of military discipline," The gunny shakes his head as they laid in the dirt.

"Where the Hell did this Captain Earls come from," The Colonel was mad.. Then the Command headquarters shook from explosions, "What the hell.. We have air superiority.. those sound like turbines on.."

The colonel closes his eyes when he sees something fall through the command tent..


Cladius Craines underground Mansion
City of Sagan

Admiral Munch looked at the retreating ROT forces, "I'll be damned the old planes.."

"They were upgraded.. The A-10's were good girls and the Air Force were morons," Cladius craine yawns. "Is there a reason the whole Council is here.. "

"You damn straight.." Mayor Orwel was mad at his son in law, "You knew that Sargent Earls would hold the line.. You knew these bastards were coming.."

"Major Earls held the line and Admiral Munch is going to let him and his boys rest.." Cladius grins, "The US, The Republic of Texas, and Calexia are with drawing.. The Czar of Administrative duties has even odds to live through this.. They are facing a bigger threat then we could hope to be."

"You forgot to mention," One of the Councilmen pauses.. "The Sons of Genghis.."

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