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USA and Canada vote against Russian initiative in UN

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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: kitzik

She's right though. DJW001 does a great job quoting the actual resolution and pointing out how it can easily be used for Russian propaganda in this thread

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:26 AM
I have been signing my Canadian content posts with the phrase "Heel Harper" here for years
now it can be seen what I meant by that

Funny enough, after ww2 "Ike" ordered over 2 million Germans ( the surviving non Paperclip government beaurocrats mostly ) to be starved to Death
I wonder how many of their modern NATO equivalents are familiar with the sayings:
"History repeats Itself", and "Those that don't know history are bound to repeat it"

posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:29 AM
a reply to: Xcalibur254

I missed this thread, since i wasn't in ATS long time.

I started to read and stopped right there

The draconian Russian resolution was supported by China, Venezuela and other totalitarian regimes:

This draconian Russian proposal backed by 109 nations. Need I say more, although this particular user sometimes can be objective but in this case I can't even read till the end. Propaganda wars.

Yes, it is propaganda wars on both sides, I'm not naive to think that it is on sided.
But I'm more interested on substance on the changes of the international "mood", and who and when started to vote "Yes" or "No", abstain etc. Under what excuses votes are changing etc.

This proposal goes on for many many years like 6-8 I think. And it will be a good working example for the future historians how the world "chess board" was changing.

I read through comments on this thread by DJW and in some of them he said

None of which voted in favor of the resolution, for obvious reasons:

well, it is obvious lie.

You can check the actual votes in the link to pdf document from UN site that I provided earlier.

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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: Xcalibur254
does he mention the US hiring of the heads of the NKVD and the Stazi to help design HOMELAND SECURITY ?

prolly not

Nostradamus and his three antichrists:
napoleon roi - napoleon,
Hister- Hitler,
mabus -US 'bam' Obama

and I have much more faith in Nostradamus's insites then I do DJW's
time tested and all
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