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IS militants vow to 'de-throne' Putin over Syria support

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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 03:25 PM

originally posted by: la2
a reply to: MrSpad

Russia would use Iran and Syria to get it's troops in, or just go via Azerbaijan to Iran, that's a road route a Russian convoy could take.

Syria is blocked by Turkey, Iran by Azerbaijan Turkeys best buddy. Neither of them are letting Russian in their territory nor would Iran. The Russian military simply does not have the ability to project power to the region. They had a hard enough time just in Georgia. Their is a reason Russia has not sent troops beyond its border states for a very long time. Outside of few ships they simply can move and support a force of any real size.

posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 08:15 PM

originally posted by: lestweforget
The majority of posters on this thread seem to be focused on the puppets in this game rather than the players, i thought the majority of ATS members were beyond this!
This leader is crazy or that leader is clueless, cmon people get with the game! Who are the real PTB who pulls the strings of these figureheads and what are their true intentions, goals?
Aren't these the real issues at hand?
Currently the real leaders of this world are the bankers. They print the money and control governments, they fund the wars and become richer and even more powerful. They are Satanists also which is why the holy land is so important to them. Satanists, Muslims Jews and Christians all have an age old agenda concerning the lands currently at war.
What is really going on in the middle east is a massive push toward fulfilling religious ideology and prophecy. All world religions and world powers have a vested interest in this one, yes even the Satanists!
Most members here are obviously not believers of one of the three main religions so unfortunately, have probably skipped to the next post.
Note; please open your minds and hearts!
No one can deny that since recorded time the middle east has been the center of a religious war. What we are witnessing now is the beginning of the battle that finally ends this war. Islam (satan) v Jews and those of the cross.
If you are truly interested in how it plays out? Go read a bible, for every battle in this war won or lost has been foretold and come to hand!
Dont believe me?
Do some research, over two thousand prophecies in the bible have been prophesied and come true! Yet Nostradamus, Casey and Co seem to continue to be the go to when it comes to prophecy, regardless of the bibles proven accuracy.

Note; You cannot gain insight from bible prophecy with a closed mind or a closed heart! I know there are allot who genuinely want the truth, who search for true knowledge and while i acknowledge there exists more than one source for knowledge, there exists only one source for truth!
1; God our father in heaven.

Isis will not be stopped from gaining complete control of Syria and Iraq full stop! They will regain power in Egypt, Saudi Arabia (royal family murdered), Lebanon and Jordan killing Jews Christians and shia Muslims where ever they may find them until Israel is completely surrounded fulfilling the Islamic Caliphate and of course Turkey will be their Capital.
This also fulfills Biblical prophecy.
Why do the powerful (satanists) assist Isis while pretending to resist them? Why are European and western countries currently becoming Islamified? Why are most influential people (film and music celebs) self confessed satanists?
1; The world is controlled and influenced by Satan via the rich and powerful Satanists
2; Allah is Satan himself
3; Mohammed is the false prophet mentioned in the book of Revelations
4; Islams Mahdi is the Antichrist
Note; Many so called Christian churches along with Islam are currently being deceived by Satan.

In the end Russia and the wests involvement if anything will ensure Islams victory until Israel is finally surrounded and then attacked. The outcome of this religious war will effect everyone of us regardless of where you reside.
Want to know how it ends?

The very same players corrupted Christianity as well. There's not a religion on this planet that 'Satan' hasn't gotten his hands on. To think any religions are talking the 'true word of god' is beyond ignorant. You're playing on the wrong side, man. This whole Illuminati, God VS Satan crap was disinfo to keep people off the Mind Control trail. It's goes much deeper than two warring Gods. Energies and Math and Magik proven by math is what this is all about.
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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 11:47 PM
a reply to: SirKonstantin

I think Saudis are itching to exterminate the Shias. It is quite likely that it is a globalists supported plan.

However the plan has not worked as expected due to China/Russia factor. The globalists want total control of the globe and anybody who is in the way has to be removed.

Globalists thought that end of cold war will make every adversary fold up. It has not happened. China is now practically a super-power. Russia has regained a lot of USSR's strength. The West's aging population is creating financial pressure on the West, thus causing aversion to war. USA is seriously over-extended and crushed under massive debt though it pretends to have unlimited resources.

The globalists have called the shots for quite some time and have started believing in their invincibility. However they do not know that Vedic history contains 7 instances already occurred on earth when the planet was completed emptied of warriors. So catastrophic war is not unknown on this planet. Absolute power is not possible and nobody should strive for that. This is the reason Jesus Christ gave a message of love, not hate. Power and hate make a man worse than animal.

Unfortunately globalists are drunk and certain of their invincibility. This will only result in massive pain for the world.
ISIS or Islamic State will continue to grow at this time. The USA strikes are sham and make believe. USA is very much colluding with IS.

posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 01:44 AM
IS is the secret army of the Saudi king. The appearances are deceptive. It is not possible for a few thousand men to suddenly win a huge land area involving two countries.

The Saudi as usual continue play both sides and proclaim publicly that IS is grave threat. The logic is simple - if West is not able to subdue IS, then IS become a unstoppable force that Saudi monarch can control and thus realize his dream of directly controlling the middle-east.

Saudi monarch is not satisfied with a spiritual position as protector of Mecca and Madina, but wants physical control over the Muslim world as well. This has become urgent due to declining oil reserves of Saudi kingdom.

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