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Tales of Nehovia - Escape from Apotheosis

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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:18 PM
So for my next challenge that I have set myself. I am building a fantasy world from the ground up. I wanted to do fantasy because you can basically do anything in fantasy. I wanted to write a Tolkien style fantasy but with a twist. In the more contemporary style of things like Wheel of time and A Song of Fire and Ice. Now I know this will not be as good as any of those. But I just want to see if I can do it. As long as I finish. I will be happy lol. I just want to keep writing and hopefully keep getting better.

Instead of goblins and elfs and such I wanted to try something a little different. Since this is ATS and a conspiracy site. I thought I would throw that angle at it. Instead of elfs in a fantasy setting i have grays. Instead of goblins I have reptilians. Instead of dwarfs and giants. I have different types of humans. So I get these basic archetypes but put my own spin on them. Plus a few races I invented myself. Oh and there is fallen angels.

My world which I call Nehovia takes place far far in the future. On a planet where a colony is established but then contact is lost with those who sent the colony. So different human types and aliens all get in a sense stranded on this planet. Thousands of years pass and all that technology science past is lost. . So its a sword and sorcery type planet now .None of that is central to the story. Its just background for the world. I have plotted out some 3000 years of history for the world of Nehovia. I think its a fun little setting to write in. I hope some of you think so too.

I put a lot of work into this so far. A lot of work. Way more work than I put into The Gang. Probably to much work. My better half is starting to complain I ignore her now lol.

What follows is some maps and appendixes about the world. Then the prologue to the first story I am writing set in the world of Nehovia. Titled, Escape from Apotheosis. After the Prologue I will try to post a new chapter every couple of days. Until I finish Escape from Apotheosis. Thank you for reading. Everyone on ATS is awesome.

If you want to skip to the story and not read any background. Scroll down until you see the post that starts with TALES OF NEHOVIA

All the maps and pics were made with Campaign Cartographer 3
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:20 PM

map of the continent of Nehovia

map of the city of Apotheosis
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:25 PM


Humans come in three types. The most prevalent type is Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens average height is 5 feet nine inches. The Next most prevalent type of human is Homo Svartalfr. Homo Svartlfrs average height is three feet ten inches. The least prevalent type of humans is Homo Pleiadian. The average height of Homo Pleiadian is seven feet five inches. All three types of humans can breed together and create viable offspring. The height of said offspring usually determines the official classification of the halfbreed. No difference in intelligence or base behavior is noted across the three types of humans.


The Grays come in one type and one type only. There is no visible difference between male and female Grays. Grays are slightly taller on average than Homo Sapiens but shorter on average than Homo Pleiadian. Compared to Humans, Grays appear to be very thin and frail. This is deceptive. As Grays are very strong and resilient. As their name implies they have gray skin. The other notable features of the Grays. They have very long fingers, big bulbous heads, and very large eyes, compared to humans. They also do not speak in words but in thoughts.


All Alpha-Draconians have green scaled reptile like skin. They come in three varieties that determine there mental capacity, behavior and status in their society. All except the slaves have an average height roughly equal to that of a Home Sapien.

The Alpha-Draconian warriors have two legs two arms and a tail. They have a crest along the center of their head. Used in mating rituals and to show excitement. They are very aggressive and territorial. They are the second largest caste but the least intelligent of the three types. They hold the middle place in society.

The Alpha-Draconian priests have two legs two arms a tail and two sets of wings. They do not have the crest of the warrior caste. They are less aggressive than the warriors but more territorial. They are the smartest and the smallest in number of the three castes. They hold all positions of power in the society.

The Alpha-Draconian slave caste has no legs and four vestigial very small arms. They have very long tails and resemble a snake in appearance. When standing on their tail they can be as big as a Homo Pleiadian. They are smarter than the warriors but not as smart as the priests. They are the largest caste but hold the lowest place in society.


The Talons have one eye and red skin. Their legs are very hairy and goat like. Other than those features they closely resemble humans. They can use their legs to jump higher and farther than any humans. They are also extremely longed live. With a lifetime ten times longer than the average human. The Talons also have the unique trait of becoming stronger as they age. An extremely aged talon is a force to be reckoned with. An army unto himself. The Talons are a very insular species. They generally keep to themselves and do not seem to breed as quickly as humans or have a desire to expand their lands.


Behemoths come in two types. The larval stage of the Behemoth. Is around the size of a very large dog. They resemble brownish crabs. They have eight leg appendages and two tentacle like appendages that come from the top of the larval Behemoth. One of the tentacle like appendages has a sharp tip that carries poison. The other does not.

After the larval Behemoth metamorphosis. The Behemoths become four legged massive creatures that can grow slightly bigger than an elephant. They have tan colored skin and four eyes. They have ridges on their foreheads and four tentacles that come out from the front of their face. The mouth of a Behemoth has teeth along the entire circumference.
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:28 PM

Malnomesh landed on the continent of Nehovia, in great ships made of metal, roughly three thousand six hundred and ten years ago. An exact date can not be calculated. Due to many works from the time of legends being lost during the time of darkness. He came with a large group of colonists, estimates vary from ten thousand to fifty thousand, to study the native inhabitants. The humanoid Talons and the sentient animal like Behemoths. Malnomesh represented the interests of an empire. That legend says, spanned multiple worlds and stars. About 20 years into the expedition. The empire that sent him collapsed.

For several years Malnomesh attempted and failed to return home. His ships of metal could not be used to return to his empire. In writings attributed to Malnomesh. He says the distances were far to great. Scholars debate this issue to this day. If the distances were far to great. How did he and the other colonists first get here. How did he know his empire collapsed. Most agree, the old magic of science sustained the lives of those aboard the metal ships on their long journey and allowed Malnomesh to communicate over vast distances.

Malnomesh, finally succeeded in returning home with the help of the native Talons. Together they created a doorway to the empire that was Malnomesh's home. A doorway that could open to other worlds. A doorway that is so far beyond the current level of craftsmanship. That it stands perfectly to this day, within the borders of the current Malnomesh Empire. Malnomesh went through the doorway alone. He came back two days later weeping. All he allegedly said was. Home is gone. This is now home. We must abandon the old ways and live like the men of the past without the burdens of the magical wonders of the age of science. This created a fanatical movement that was against all but a few of the spells and theorems of the old magic of science. That led to Malnomesh founding the empire that bears his name to this day.

Malnomesh then made a pact with the native Talons to wage war on the native Behemoths. The Empire of Malnomesh was carved out of the bones of the Behemoth race. Malnomesh's armies killed every Behemoth from the south ocean to the Mountains of Sin. The Talons, although powerful, were small in number and had no desire to establish villages outside of their holy tribal lands. Through treaty they let Malnomesh lay claim to the entire continent of Nehovia. Everything except the Talon tribal lands and the lands north of the Mountains of Sin. Were the Talons relocated a herd of Behemoths. So as not to have the sin of genocide on their hands. This according to many folktales from the time. This is also were the name, Mountains of Sin comes from.

Malnomesh was the first. Of what became known as the God Emperors of Malnomesh. His rule, legend says, lasted 777 years. Thanks to the few spells and theorems that were kept from the old magic of science and the healers of the Talons. Today such things seem impossible. Even with the disease of the new magic. However Talons are long lived. Some claiming today to be older than the oldest recorded God Emperor. Who is to say they can not transfer such talents when they so choose.

During his 777 year rule. Malnomesh opened his doorway to other worlds several times. He brought survivors of whatever tragedy consumed his home empire. He brought other humans of his type Homo Sapien. He brought other humans of the type Homo Svartalfr and Homo Pleiadian. He brought members of the races the Grays and the Alpha-Draconians. He also brought various animals and vegetation. On his last trip he was wounded bringing to Nehovia. Five of the great winged serpents. What he called dragons of time. He died from his wounds shortly thereafter. After his death the five dragons of time flew off to the west of the continent of Nehovia. They were never officially seen again. From time to time people report seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky and claim they are dragons. However no evidence has ever been found. The door of Malnomesh could not be opened after his death. Many have tried. All have failed. No one except maybe the Talons know why.

The next God Emperor was Tival who ruled for 607 years. During Tivals reign the Grays and Alpha-Draconians were given all lands beneath the ground. Both races were also given land above ground. The Grays were given the island of Grey Lake. The Alpha-Draconians were give the Mountains of Vale. Which are located today within the borders of the Malnom Consortium and not the nation of Vale. Tival also reestablished the treaties Malnomesh made with the Talons. Forever giving the Talons sole claim to their holy tribal lands and forever giving up any claim to the lands north of the Mountains of Sin. He also gave in to the demand that no non native race can ever again leave the continent of Nehovia. Further fueling the speculation of scholars. That the long lives of the God Emperors were bestowed by the Talons. Tival was killed by his lover Meredithis. Most historians agree it was with the use of poison.

After Tival the next God Emperor was Nehotan. Nehotan ruled for 900 years. Records of Nehotans reign are mostly lost. What we know is this. He was the last of the God Emperors. He was killed by the Talon Emissary Tithicus for trying to expand the empire beyond the continent of Nehovia. The empire waged war with the Talons. The vestiges of the old magic of science, that the God Emperors kept, were destroyed or lost. In its place the Talons unleashed the disease of the new magic on the world. What followed was an estimated 500 years of darkness. A time of no history.

Eventually a new Malnomesh Empire arose with the help of the Grays, Alpha-Draconians, and Talons. Over a period of roughly 300 years this new Empire reclaimed most of the land of the old empire and reestablished all treaties with the Talons. The Talons also added new stipulations to the treaties. The land that became the nation of Felenix was given in joint ownership to the Grays, Alpha-Draconians, select humans representatives, and the Talons. The Talons also swore to never again wage war with humans as long as humans never break the treaties. Gone however were the God Emperors. As no human since, has lived passed the average human lifetime. The final nail in the coffin to those who still fight the theory that the long lives of the God Emperors were extended by the Talons. In this historians honest opinion.

400 years after the new Malnomesh Empire was established. The great fall happened. All across the world. Angels, creatures of legend from before the time of legends, fell from the sky. Descriptions of angels can be found in fragments of a holy book said to have been the possession of a companion of Malnomesh. These fragments are made from a material that today no weapon can destroy. They hit the earth in a fiery inferno. Small skirmishes between the Talons and the Angels occurred. The Talons call the Angels, the fallen ones. Theses skirmishes ended when most of the Angels flew off to the west of Nehovia. People however saw this as a sign. A sign that signified a time of change. A civil war started in the Empire of Malnomesh. Today we call it the Angel War. The houses of Malnom, Malnort, Katan, Salnak, and Serenday broke away and formed their own kingdom. The Angel war lasted 15 years. It ended with a peace treaty brokered by the nation of Felenix.
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:29 PM

The peace treaty leaves two human powers on the continent of Nehovia.

Over the next 100 years many wars and skirmishes are fought. Between the Malnomesh empire and the Kingdom of Malnomesh above ground and between the Grays and the Alpha-Draconians below ground. These wars cause the Malnomesh Empire to pull from the north and consolidate their lands in the south. The Kingdom of Malnomesh takes some of this land but the far north is left to its own devices. This vacuum of power creates the nations of Vale, Sunder, Abbadon, Babel, Nunumeri-Ka, and Sado-Om. The northerners begin to refer to themselves as the people of the atom.

Towards the end of those hundred years of war. A Talon by the name of Tithicus. Begins to travel the continent of Nehovia teaching revolutionary ideas. Such as a government that is elected and not hereditary and money lending and a rule of law based on being judged by your peers or a tribunal instead of a king or emperor. Whether this is the same Tithicus that killed Nehotan. No one knows for sure. This Tithicus disappears as mysteriously and quickly as he appeared. His ideas shape the next 300 years of human history.

Over those 300 years. The Malnomesh Empire collapses under its own weight and these new ideas. It splits up into what we know today as. The Malnomesh empire, a fraction of its former self. The Republic of Malnomesh, the Republic of Tival, and the Republic of Nehotan. The Kingdom of Malnomesh suffers its own civil wars and splits along the lines of the original houses that broke away from the Malnomesh Empire. Into the kingdoms of Malnort, Katan, Salnak, Serenday, and the Malnom banking Consortium.

Also during this time. The nation of Felenix, the only nation jointly ruled by Humans, Grays, Alpha-Draconians, and Talons, helps peasant rebels from the various kingdoms, run away slaves from the empire and republics, and people sick of war. Form the Cor Federation. The Cor Federation becomes a nation of freethinkers and a buffer zone between Felenix and the rest of Nehovia.

The nations of the North during this time undergo what they call the Great Awakening. The prophet of the Dead God comes to the people of the atom. Up until this time most humans worshiped the God Emperors and the heroes of legend as living ideals of human perfection. The Prophet of the Dead God changes all that for the people of the atom. The Prophet preached for many years and gathered to himself armies of the faithful. He used these armies to wage war against the nation of Abbadon. The Church of the Dead God was officially founded after the battle of Apotheosis. The Prophet conquered the city of Apotheosis and declared it an independent city state. He appointed himself the first Archbishop of the Dead God and built castle Gnosis. In the prophets lifetime the church of the Dead God begins to dominate the countrys of Vale, Sunder, Abbadon, Babel, Nunumeri-Ka, and Sado-Om. Today though they remain independent in practice. The church rules with an iron fist. An empire in all but name.

That dear readers is the condensed history of the continent of Nehovia from a human perspective. What the future holds no one knows. For a more in depth view of history. Refer to my ten volume. History of the Human world.

----------------------------- The Historian Eredikamus

posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:30 PM

The disease of the new magic was unleashed upon the world by the Talons as punishment for The old Malnomesh Empires transgressions against the Talon people. It affected only a small fraction of the population of humans. Less than one percent. It can be spread through contact with the infecteds blood. Or through sexual transmission. The disease allows the infected to manipulate the laws of nature and perform miracles and/or extreme acts of destruction.

The disease also immediately begins a progressive failure of the infecteds immune system. As the infecteds immune system begins to fail. It allows deadly expedient infections and cancers to prosper. The average survival time after infection is believed to be 8 to 15 years. The death rate is 100 percent.

Any human that is infected will die a slow painful death and most certainly will cause death and destruction wherever he goes. The disease is outlawed in almost every country. Anyone found with the disease will be killed. Individuals and groups still seek out the disease because of the power it gives in the years before you die. The most well known of these group is the Order of the Feathered Serpents.

------------------- Royal Physician Marn

Do not call what I do magic. That offends me and the dead god. What I do is holy. It is pure. It is not the diseased plague you call magic. My followers and I. Our power comes from the dead god. We channel his holiness into the physical realm. If you want to do what I do. Pray and pray and dedicate your life to the dead god. That is the only path to salvation.

---------------------The prophet of the dead god

Yes I have magic. I have new magic. I have old magic. I have used magic. I have stolen magic. I have borrowed magic. I am Talon. None of that matters. I have come to teach you wayward souls about a political system where all have a voice.


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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:32 PM



The man in red looks up into the stark blue sky. A sadness comes upon him. A feeling of dread. A feeling of loss. A feeling of emptiness. He breathes in and tastes the end. He looks down at his left hand and sees the mark of the feathered serpent. A dragon eating its own tail. He flexes his fingers and two blue balls of light form in the palm of his hands. The lights fly off into the trees around him. Each in a different direction. When the lights are out of sight. The man in red sits down on the ground and waits.

Magdalene and Sorry Wallace are running silently through the forest of shadows. In the north of the country of Babel. Both are wearing simple black robes with the hoods pulled up. Whenever they pass through the beams of light penetrating the canopy top like glowing spears of truth. You can see the pattern of blue tattoos that crisscross Magdalene's face, hands, and feet. You can also see the massive size of Sorry Wallace. Broad shoulders, big belly, and closer to 8 foot than 7. A giant of a Pleiadian man and a waif of a woman. Running towards destiny. A blue light shoots out of the trees directly in front of them. They look at each other, smile, and follow the light.

The man in red sits completely still in meditation as Magdalene and Sorry Wallace come out of the trees and into the clearing.

“Before this conversation is done. The third legion of the inquisition will catch up to us. The clerics of the warrior priests are close to overcoming my spell of concealment,” says the man in red without opening his eyes to see who he is talking to.

“So we have failed,” says Magdalene before coughing blood into her hand.

“Let them come. I will smash their skulls in,” roars Sorry Wallace.

Magdalene rolls her eyes wipes the blood from her hands onto her robe and says, “Let Sorry Wallace fight the entire third legion for all I care. Maybe he will give us enough time to enter tribal lands. Only you master need to reach Brother Outbreak.”

The man in red sits up and motions Magdalene forward. Magdalene meekly walks towards the man in red. The man in red kisses her on the lips, hugs her, and whispers in her ears,” Only you my love will reach Brother Outbreak.”

Before Magdalene can say anything. Arrows come shooting out of the trees around the three members of the order of the feathered serpent. The man in red while still hugging Magdalene close to his body. Puts his hand forward and the arrows stop then reverse and fly back into the trees. He kisses Magdalene again on the lips, pushes her away, looks her in the eyes, and puts all his power into his voice and yells one word, “Run.”

Magdalene curses the man in red but her body forces her to run. Sorry Wallace begins to bite his finger nails off and spit them on the ground around him. When he is done he pulls out a knife and cuts the palm of his hand. He splashes the blood from his hand onto the finger nail bits on the ground. The finger nails on the ground grow into shadow men. Dopplegangers of Sorry Wallace. The ten shadow warriors run into the trees at inhuman speeds. The screams of the third legion begin seconds later. Sorry Wallace then says a word in a language only he understands. His arms stretch and his fingers fuse together into razor sharp blades. His legs widen to the size of tree trunks. His skin grows thick with scales. His pupils become larger and his ears become pointed.

While Sorry Wallace transforms. The man in red begins to move his arms rhythmically while chanting. Just as Sorry Wallace's transformation completes. Fire begins to rain down from the sky right in the center of the third legion to the east. Within minutes the man in red and Sorry Wallace kill a quarter of the third legion. The man in red whistles at Sorry Wallace and points to the east. Sorry Wallace growls and runs to fight along with his shadows against the third legion. The man in red once again sits down in meditation.

To the east, a soldier of the third legion hurries to report to Bishop Eldrish and with fear in his voice says, “Sir, all the advanced scouts are dead.”

“How unfortunate. Tell me what happened,” says Bishop Eldrish slowly enunciating every word. Bishop Eldritch is a tall skinny man with a gaunt face and piercing blue eyes. Wearing light armor etched with the symbol of the dead god on his chest. An inverted cross with a sun behind it. On his right wrist there is a silver bracelet. From the silver bracelet there is a chain made of black metal that leads to a collar made from the same black metal. The collar is around the neck of a small emaciated boy. The bishop yanks on the chain and makes the boy fall over.

“They were killed by arrows sir. Even those who did not yet shoot arrows. The heretics used the unholy diseased magic to fling our arrows back at us. The arrows went through the left eye of every man who shot one. Then kept going looking for more men.”

Another soldier runs up to Bishop Eldrish and says, “Now thousands of shadow demons are pouring out of the trees to the west”

The Bishop ignores both soldier and turns around to look at the seven clerics wearing simple brown robes woven with the symbol of the dead god standing behind him. All are blind but one. The one who can see says, “There are but ten shadow creatures my lord Bishop. Grown we suspect from parts of the heathen Sorry Wallace. He has used such tactics before to escape us. The shadows move very fast. So in the dark. The few seem many.”

The Bishop simply says, “Can they be killed?”

Before anyone can answer. Fire begins to rain down from the sky. Most of the bishops guards and retainers and two clerics die before the other five clerics put up a shield around the command area of the third legion. The smell of burning flesh and screams of the dying fill the air.

The Bishop is completely unfazed. He looks at the clerics and says, “Find the man in red and neutralize him. I will deal with Sorry Wallace.”

All five surviving clerics are blind. One drops to the floor. He begins crawling on the ground towards his dead burnt brothers. Touching and feeling for his brothers as he crawls. When he finds the cleric who could see he touches the forhead of the body. When he stands up he is no longer blind.

“You may call me Ozmandus my lord bishop. We will do as you wish,” says the no longer blind cleric as he blinks rapidly and looks around. Ozmandus whispers a prayer to his dead god and a rip in space opens up before him. Ozmandus walks in the blacker than black hole. Followed by the other four nameless blind clerics.

The man in red feels the rip in space. He feels the pain the wound causes the universe. His mind jumps a thousand years into the future and still the universe bears the scar and hurts. His mind snaps back to the present just in time to witness the clerics step out of the hole in space. Ozmandus is the first through. He steps out of the hole prepared. Singing a prayer to his dead god. The prayer tosses the man in red back like a rag doll. As the man in red is falling backwards and before the other clerics can come through. The man in red snaps his fingers and the wound in space rapidly scars up and seals. The energy of the four blind, now dead clerics, used to heal the pain the hole in space caused the universe.

The man in red stands up. Fighting and pushing against the prayer of Ozmandus. The power of both men lashes out at each other.
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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:34 PM
Prologue Continued

One fueld by the inner power of his own diseased soul. The other by a dead god trying to claw its way back into this universe. A battle beyond physical manifestations of power. No words are spoken but a conversation takes place.

“You are not a simple cleric. You are here yourself are you not. You have finally come to face me and are riding this poor mans soul. This deluded fool worships you as a god. But I know the truth. The dead god is really a dead man. A pretender to godhead.”

The eyes of Ozmandus glaze over. Someone else looks through them.

“You are a fool red man, barely ever fed man, soon to be dead man. Wasting energy to heal the wounds my followers make in the universe. Being overtly theatrical, raining fire from the sky. With the same amount of energy you could of stopped the hearts of every man of the third legion. You are exhausted. You can not face me.”

“You are a fool if you ever thought I needed to fight you. Just as you are a fool to only think in terms of maximum death. I need those men of the third legion alive. The world needs those men alive. You could never see past yourself. You are petty and stupid. That makes you a minor threat. You know whats going on up there.” The man in red points up. “and your church dominates the politics of every country of the north. Yet you do nothing but waste resources hunting us. Does the order of the feathered serpent scare you so much. Do not worry we will not chase the godhead like you did. We are not scared of death like you are. We will not make your mistakes. We will not try to escape the disease that flows through our blood.”

“You know nothing!” The unheard scream of the dead god causes headaches to every man, woman, and child, for fifty miles.

“Shut up and listen fool. I have painstakingly set up this meeting. Your church is a power in this world but it does nothing but hunt and kill those cursed with the power of magic. You waste manpower on fear and a personal vendetta. While threats to everyone on this continent are forming. We both know another fall is happening as we speak. You are probably there right now. Waiting for your chance to use it to your benefit. On top of that the Behemoths are gathered in force beyond the Mountains of Sin. People will die. Your people will die. Every army from the south ocean to the Mountains of Sin needs to be marshaled.”

“Stop your prattling. I care nothing for my people or any people. I care only for myself.”

“I know my brother. I know. I can not touch you up there but I am going to put you to sleep in this world. With your corrupting influence out of the way. Maybe your church will will do some good. Like I said war comes and I need every man.......Every man but myself and a select few.”

The man in red pulls out a knife and plunges it through his own heart. Simultaneously a dozen members of the order of the feathered serpent do the same thing. A vast sacrifice to put to sleep the power of a dead god in the physical world.

The little boy chained to Bishop Eldrish feels the so called dead god fall asleep in this world. He looks up and into other dimensions, other planes of existence and sees how this act will affect his home. It is the beginning of a chain reaction. Another fall begins. The war for the city of light, the outer gate of heaven, is almost over. This makes the boy smile. His side is winning. Soon his brothers will free him. The boy that is not a boy feels joy and elation. Until he feels the gaze of his creator. For the first time in a million human years the real creator looks upon his creation. The boy that is not a boy pees himself as he watches every host of Angels fighting in the city of light thrown into the mortal realm. The physical realm. Worlds across creation are bombarded by the fiery entry of his brothers. Far to the south of this continent he feels the host of Glorifier of God begin to enter the atmosphere.

Bishop Eldrish sees none of this. All he sees is Sorry Wallace killing soldiers of the third legion. All the shadow warriors are dead but Sorry Wallace fights on. The Bishop unclasps the bracelet on his right wrist and unleashes the boy that is not a boy. The boy for once is happy to be used. He takes his most holy form. He grows to 6 feet in height. Four sets of wings grow from his back. His entire body glows in light. The Bishop orders him forward then orders the rest of the third legion to fall back.

The boy who is not a boy, the chained one, runs towards Sorry Wallace. The chained one uses his nimble feet and speed to get up close dodging every swipe of the blade arms of Sorry Wallace. The chained one rains blow upon blow, with a boxers grace, on Sorry Wallace. Sorry Wallace has skin that is to thick and scaled. The chained ones attacks are doing no damage.

The chained one notices a soft spot at the arm pits of Sorry Wallace. Using his wings to confuse Sorry Wallace, the chained one takes his left hand and uses his strength to punch a whole into the right arm pit of Sorry Wallace. He then puts his right hand around the neck of Sorry Wallace and flies into the sky. Sorry Wallace takes both hands, which are fused into blades, and stabs into the stomach of the chained one. The chained one uses his left hand in the hole at the right armpit of Sorry Wallace to rip off the right arm of Sorry Wallace and out of his chest. The chained one then takes his right hand off the neck of Sorry Wallace and uses the severed arm in his left hand to chop the head of Sorry Wallace off. The head plummets to the ground. Followed by the chained one with the rest of the body of Sorry Wallace still attached to his stomach.

Ozmandus wakes up and remembers everything. His dead god is a dead man. A petty scared dead man. The thing he dedicated his life to is false. He looks at the body of the man in red and screams. Tears flowing down his cheeks. A madness comes upon him. Ozmandus runs towards the body of the red man. He spits and kicks the body until his rage subsides. A man who finds out the truth sometimes blames the truth giver instead of the one who told him the lies to begin with. Ozmandus falls to the ground spent and just sits looking up at the sky.

Ozmandus sits like this not knowing what to do. Until he sees something falling from the sky. In his crazed mind he imagines it to be a falling star. Ozmandus wishes for this all to be a dream. As the object gets closer her realized it is not a falling star and screams. The severed head of Sorry Wallace lands a few feet away. Ozmandus just stares at it and continues to scream. The head begins to move. Dozens of skinny insect like legs sprout for the stump of the neck and the ears. The head begins to crawl around. Ozmandus watches it inspect the body of the man in red. After the inspection. The head turns towards him. Ozmandus sees intelligence behind its eyes. One eye winks and the things lips purse as if blowing a kiss before skittering off into the night. Ozmandus screams some more before passing out.

Bishop Eldrish directs members of the third legion in removing the left arm of the now human looking Sorry Wallace out of the stomach of the chained one. As the arm plops out of the stomach. The chained one turns back into a boy. The silver bracelet appears on the right wrist of the Bishop Eldrish. A black chain shoots out of the bracelet and attaches to the collar around the boy who is not a boys neck. The bishop pulls on the chain.
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Prologue Continued

Dragging the boy towards him. The Bishop picks the boy up by the neck and brings him face to face before saying, “You have done good my pet. Tonight you can eat.”

The Bishop throws the boy back onto the ground then orders a squad to find out what happened to Ozmandus and the other clerics. He orders the rest of the survivors of the third legion to begin preparation for the march back towards the city of Apotheosis. The Bishop has much to tell the Archbishop. In his mind today was a great day for the church of the dead god.

Magdalene has been running for hours. She is sure she has crossed the border into tribal lands but no Talons have shown themselves. She felt the deaths of thirteen members of the Order of the Feathered Serpent. She felt the death of the man in red. Magdelene stops running when she sees a fresh water spring. She pulls down her hood. Revealing shoulder length curly read hair. She approaches the spring bends down and gathers water into her hands to drink. She hears a whoosh behind her. She turns her head to see a naked Gray staring at her.

Magdalene with sadness in her eyes and tears starting to form says the code phrase,” I am both right and wrong. Whatever the mind thinks is true the mind makes true. I have no limitations but I can make myself have limitations.”

“I am dipped toe,” the gray thinks towards Magdalene while dipping his toe in the fresh water spring.

As soon as his toe dips into the water several Talons come out of the bushes, from under the water, from behind rocks, and from behind trees. Their red skin, one eye, and goat like legs disturb Magdalen but she does not show it.

“They are members of the tribe of the cracked dragons tooth. They and I have been tracking you since you entered tribal lands,” thinks dipped toe towards Magdalene.

The Talons react to something. They all fade away into a shimmer. This almost makes them invisible but you can still see them when they move. They run off into the distance.

“How can they do that,” says Magdalene.

“Lets just call it magic my dear. Its easier that way. On this planet at this time. Yes, magic will do,” thinks dipped toe towards Magdalene.

The Talons of the tribe of the cracked dragon tooth quickly return without the shimmer that makes them practically invisible. The last one to return. Steps forward with a little blue light, like the one that brought Magdalene and Sorry Wallace to the red man all those hours ago, in the palm of his hand. The blue light flies out of the palm of his hand and stops in front of Magdalene. The blue light forms into the shape of the man in red and says, “There are many things I did not tell you my love”.........................

End of Prologue

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posted on Aug, 6 2014 @ 11:50 PM
KarmicEcstasy -
I have not read past some of your 'character' descriptions...but, wanted to place a notch on the door, to find my way back.
A word of experience... When creating a fantasy world (or fictional novel), the tendency to neglect those near...has the potential of doing irreparable damage, that one may regret, later.
Gotta weigh these things when becoming a Creator...

Hope that 'experience' doesn't deter you, or throw you off track, though - as I really enjoy your writing/s.

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a reply to: WanDash

I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said no lol. That she sees how happy it makes me and that she is just teasing me.

posted on Aug, 7 2014 @ 06:35 AM
Very well written .. you should find a good publisher and write a novel ..

posted on Aug, 9 2014 @ 05:28 PM
a reply to: Expat888

I still think I need a little more practice before I attempt that. Once I get better that is my goal though.

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Escape from Apotheosis

Chapter 1

The city of Apotheosis has four great districts and four great gates. That circle the ringed wall that protects castle Gnosis. The seat of power for the Archbishop of the church of the dead god. The symbol of the church of the dead god is an inverted cross with a sun behind it. Inner castle Gnosis was built in the shape of an inverted cross. Outer castle Gnosis, which includes four towers, an add on to the inner castle, and various walls and courtyards, is meant to be the sun behind the cross.

The north district is Noble district. Where the estates of the noble families, merchants in favor with the church, and diplomats from other countries are located. The Blackguard, the personal military force and body guards of the Archbishop, also has a compound in Noble district. The north gate is the fools gate. So named because to the north of Apotheosis lies nothing but the Mountains of Sin. No one ever enters by the north gate and few ever leave by it.

The west district is Saint Obedience district. Named after the patron saint of the everyman. The west district is where the vast majority of the population of Apotheosis lives. A sprawling ghetto of intrigue, skullduggery, and of course poverty. A soup none but the desperate wish to partake of. The only feature of prominence is one of the twin cathedrals of the dead god. The west gate is the Beggars gate. If you enter through Beggars gate you will be swarmed by beggars looking for a handout and people willing to sell you anything, even their soul. Beggars gate is the first gate most newcomers to Apotheosis enter by. It is the least regulated of all the great gates.

The south district is Slave district. Where the priests, clerics, and certain factions of the military reside. In truth there is not much difference between the three. As church, state, and military are all one in Apotheosis. The Slave district is so named because all priests, clerics, and sworn members of the military are supposed to be slaves to the dead god. The south gate is the Holy gate. The Slave district is the center of power for the entire north. Only through Slave district can you enter castle Gnosis. Only in castle Gnosis can you meet with the Archbishop. Only the Archbishop can commune with the dead god. Only the dead god rules the north.

The east district is Merchant district. Where most of the commerce of Apotheosis takes place. Shops, inns, and the homes of those too rich to live in Saint Obedience district but too poor to live in Noble district, are located here. Also located in the Merchant district is a large military compound which houses the first through third legions as needed, two large horse stables, and the second twin cathedral of the dead god. The east gate is called the Merchants gate. It is the second most heavily trafficked gate of Apotheosis. There is also one other very special building in the Merchant district, the House of Wisdom.

In the secured ward of the House of Wisdom, where the Order of Decay, an order of clerics, studies illness and medicine. Two men sit in a room. A small room with no window and sparse furnishings. Nothing but a bed, a small table, a chair, and a picture of the prophet of the dead god above the bed. One of the men wearing a simple white gown, is laying in the bed with his eyes closed. The other wearing the armor of a warrior of the Order of the Morningstar. White full plate armor with a red eight point star on the chest and back, and the symbol of the dead god on the side of the helmet and the shield strapped to his back. Sits in the chair with his arms folded across his chest.
The man in the chair is not a big man being svartalfr. Or a particularly strong man. If he was not a member of the Order of the Morningstar. He would not be able to carry his armor all day and night. Where other clerics channel the dead gods power to perform outward miracles to counter the blasphemy of the diseased magic. The Order of the Morningstar channels that power inward to make themselves stronger and faster and less fatigued. They are the elite shock troops of the church. Only those of the legions who have proved themselves ruthless and cunning in combat, and have survived ten battles with no injury, can petition to join the order.

“What is your name,” says the man in the chair to the man in the bed.

“I have no name.”

“Hmmm is that so. Then answer me this nameless one. Who is currently Archbishop of Apotheosis,” says the man in the chair as he leans forward to hear what the man in the bed has to say.

“Elengar is Archbishop.”

“Bah, so these spineless clerics of Decay slithering around this temple were right. Your mind is addled. I hate to break it to you boy. Elengar is dead. Has been for weeks. Eldrish is Archbishop now. Elengar died three days after you all arrived back in the city from your deployment in Babel,” says the man in the chair before he leans back and waits patiently for everything he just said to sink in.

“But.....But.....How can this be. I am an unnamed of the sightless. Assigned to first cleric Remedy. We are to leave immediately to hunt heretics in the Shadow Woods in the north of Babel. We are to meet up with Bishop Eldrish and the third legion. Elengar himself gave us this mission not two hours ago. You must be mistaken. With all respect good sir it is your brains that are addled.”

“HAHA my wife would agree with you boy. If only it were so. My life would be far easier. You see, first cleric Remedy of the sightless and all the sightless assigned to him, save you, are dead. A big chunk of the third legion is also dead. You lot engaged those heretics. Three of the strongest members of the Order of the Feathered Serpent. Their leader the man in red among them, and won. The rabble is calling it the battle of the Shadow Woods. The last battle of the inquisition. As if the inquisition will ever truly end. And you boy they call a hero,” says the man in the chair with a lopsided smile on his face.

“I am sightless. I am unnamed. I am no hero. I live to serve the dead god. I am a peon. I am nobody,” says the man in the bed while making the sign of the dead god on his forehead.

The man in the chair laughs very hard then says,”Boy open your eyes.”

For a whole minute the man in bed just looks confused. Not understanding what the man in the chair said. Having spent everyday of his life since he was five years old, when his parents sold him to the Order of the Sightless, blind. His mouth opens and closes a few times before he says, “My inner eye is always open in the truth of blindness. I have no name but slave. So I can better serve my mother and father, the church. Only the first cleric of my order is gifted with sight.”

“Forget what they taught you boy and open your blasted eyes,” yells the man in the chair.

The forcefulness of the man in the chairs voice. Combined with an ingrained obedience to authority. Makes the man in bed open his eyes. He blinks a few times, jumps out of bed, looks around, and runs

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Chapter 1 continued

to the corner of the room. With his back against the wall, he drops to the floor, and uses his hands to cover his face as he rocks back and forth.

The man on the floor stays like that for several minutes before the man in the chair asks, “Do you love your mother and father.”

This stops the rocking back and forth. The man on the floor looks directly at the man in the chair for the first time and whispers, “I love my father. I love my mother. My god is both to me.”

“Then get up boy. The church needs you. The north needs you. The dead god needs you. I need you,” the man in the chair practically sings. The ebb and flow of his voice hypnotic.

You can see the war of emotions play across the face of the man on the floor. You can see the steel enter his heart as he stands, composes himself, and walks towards the bed. He sits down and looks the man in the chair in the eyes, and says one word, “Explain.”

The man in the chair looking very pleased says, “The Archbishop is keeping everything very hush hush. But this is what I have found out. First cleric Remedy died in the first salvo of the battle of the Shadow Woods as fire rained down from the sky. Since his body could not be brought to Apotheosis and a new first cleric of the sightless properly selected. You gave yourself, for lack of a better term, a battlefield promotion. You crawled up to first cleric Remedy and took his sight. You named yourself Ozmandus and fought and killed the man in red by yourself. Your mind has been addled ever since.”

“Am I to be sacrificed so a new first cleric of the Sightless can be properly selected. “

The man in the chair laughs before saying, “No, no. Your selection as the first cleric of the Sightless has been ratified one hour and fifteen minutes ago.”

“So my brother nameless chose me,” says Ozmandus with pride in his voice. But as we know pride cometh before a fall.

“Not exactly....,” the man in the chair pauses not knowing how to say what he has to say.

“Just tell me,” says Ozmandus forcefully.

“You entire order to the man is presumed dead.”

Ice enters the voice of Ozmandus, “How.”

“The official story as told by the office of the Archbishop to the masses. Is that every member of your order sacrificed themselves to give you the power to kill the man in red and his followers.”


“Yes, from what I have gathered. The moment you killed the man in red. Twelve members of his cult that we knew of or were watching died.”

“But you do not believe the official story,” questions Ozmandus.

“We have reports of members of the Sightless being alive days after the battle of the Shadow Woods. In fact as far as we can tell the order of the Sightless did not start to die or go missing until after Bishop Eldrish became, Archbishop Eldrish.”

“Who is we. Who are you. Why are you telling me this.”

“Where are my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hugard Lightbringer. Third cleric of the order of the Morningstar. I am telling you this because, first cleric Marigold of my order, first cleric Alyssa of the order of the silent sisters, and bishops Elmond and Elzeke, have taken an interest in the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of Archbishop Elengar and the elevation of bishop Eldrish to the position of Archbishop.”

“What does that have to do with me and my dead brothers,”

“Everything, nothing. Much has happened while you have been here.”

“Tell me all that you know. Tell me who killed my brothers,” says Ozmandus with controlled anger in his voice.

“We believe Eldrish killed your brothers. That every member of the Sightless received a vision about our lord and savior the dead god the moment you killed the man in red. That Eldrish killed the Sightless to keep the contents of this vision secret. We also believe Eldrish killed Elengar.”

“What was this vision. Why did he not kill me.”

“Now you are using your head boy. We believe the vision was a prophecy about the future of the church. About who should lead the church going forward and what are purpose here is. The reason you are still alive is because Eldrish has been using you as propaganda, the hero of the Shadow Woods, to prop up his selection as Archbishop. The election was very close. Many see him as a poor choice. We also believe your usefulness to Eldrish is at an end now that you have woken up.”

“You think Eldrish will try to have me killed.”

“Yes. The south wars against itself. The republics against the empire. The kings against each other. There are also reports of an unknown army rampaging across the south towards Felenix. Being led by a general calling himself Glorifier of god. What blasphemy. There is only one god. The dead god. Eldrish has built up his power-base, he senses weakness and opportunity. He has declared the inquisition against the diseased magic over. A mistake if there ever was one. He now rallies the faithful for a holy war against all the nations of the heathens. A martyr would go a long way towards achieving his goals”

“Should we not spread the light of the dead god amongst the heathens.”

Before Hugard can answer. Another man walks into the room. He bears the sigil of the third legion. An eagle with a fish in its claws. He walks to Hugard and whispers in his ear. He then walks up to Ozmandus and drops to his knees, bowing his head. Ozmandus instinctively blesses him with the sign of the dead god. The soldier gets up and looks at Ozmandus with the eyes of a fanatic. The soldier salutes Ozmandus and leaves the room.

Hugard shakes his head and says, “We have run out of time. While we were talking. Two attempts have

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Chapter 1 continued

been made on your life. First by the blackguard and then by clerics of the Order of the Rising Moon. Both attempts were fought off by members of the third legion before they reached the House of Wisdom”

“Why does the third legion protect me.”

“Former third legion. The third legion was disbanded three days ago after they took a patron saint......You....But enough. Jaff the man you just blessed, boy. Has informed me that holding this position is no longer advisable. We must get you out of the city as soon as possible. I will find the truth. And only you can help me get it. Are you one of us. Or will you let Eldrish kill you, and get away with killing your brothers and the rightful Archbishop Elengar. Huh boy.”

“I am no boy. You will stop referring to me as such. I am Ozmandus. First cleric of the Sightless. You will respect me, third cleric Hugard of the Morningstar....... I am with you till the end or until the truth shines its light on us. Whichever comes first.”

Hugard Lightbringer finally gets off his chair. He walks towards Ozmandus and puts out his hand. The two men shake hands and then exit the room. They are immediately flanked by Jaff and another former member of the third legion. They walk quickly down the twisting hallways towards the exist of the House of Wisdom, ignoring the protests of the clerics of Decay that administer the secured ward of the House of Wisdom. As the group turns the final corner they see five members of the blackguard enter the entrance of the House of Wisdom.

Jaff and the other former member of the third legion leap into action. Hugard draws his sword and stands in front of Ozmandus moving his eyes to scan in every direction. Jaff is a mad man with a short sword. He slays two members of the blackguard before they can react. Then begins to grapple with a third before the third can draw his sword. They fight over the short sword in Jaffs grip before Jaff gains the upper hand and slides his blade into the chin of the blackguard he was grappling with.

The unnamed member of the third legion is not so lucky. The blackguardsman he goes after reacts fast enough to draw his blade. The fight is fast and swift. The blackguardsman is obviously the superior fighter and slays the unnamed man quickly and without mercy with a smile on his face. The smile does not last long. Jaff with the grace of a panther. Walks up behind the smiling blackguardsman and uses his short sword to slit his throat. Carving a new smile into him.

The fifth member of the blackguard, while Jaff and the unnamed man, fights the other four. Charges Hugard Lightbringer. Hugard Lightbringer does not move or react. He waits until the blackguardsman is within striking distance and using the momentum of the blackguardsman against him, steps quickly to the side and performs a single, beautiful, textbook, sideways sword slash. The blackguardsman crumbles to the floor.

The group does not have time to mourn the nameless member of the third legion. They quickly exit the House of Wisdom and enter the vipers nest that is Apotheosis.

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Escape from Apotheosis

Chapter 2

A man who has lost himself in love, walks the halls of castle Gnosis. This very happy man, no longer cares he once had a name. He only thinks of himself as her tutor. Her teacher of life and love. She is his everything. He walks the halls and acts normally towards everyone he sees. In his head he sings a song of joy and lust. In his heart and soul he feels transformed. This man is now and forever changed. He is wrong but he feels more right than he ever has before. A twisted puppet doing his masters bidding. No longer a man, only a shadow of a man, only her tutor.

The hollow creature, tutor, walks down the hall, and smiles and waves at everyone he sees. He walks and he walks. He smiles and he smiles. He waves and he waves. As he gets closer to his destination. His heart begins to race. His pupils dilate, and endorphins flood his system. His thoughts flutter from one thing to the next in rapid succession. He reaches his destination in the west wing of castle Gnosis.

The creature, tutor, walks into a room. He tells the lady in waiting and the servants in the room. That he is here to teach his daily lesson. He has come everyday to give his daily lesson for as long as anyone can remember. The once man has been the prime educator of castle Gnosis, through five different Archbishops. Everyone leaves the room. Everyone always leave the room. Tutor always gives lessons this way, in private. Tutor smiles and waves to every person that leaves. He exchanges pleasantries and feigns interest. When everyone is gone tutor turns towards his prize.

Two seventeen year old twin girls and a nineteen years old boy. The creature, tutor, a monster in the skin of a man. Walks towards the teens smiling. When he is close. He pulls out a knife. He stabs and stabs and stabs and stabs. Over and over and over again. His inner song beats to the rhythm of his heart. With every thrust of his knife in flesh. In his mind he says the name of his one true love. Shandra, Shandra, Shandra, Shandra, Shandra. He continues until his arm can not stab anymore. Having spent all his energy the once man tutor. Listens to the screams of the dying. His inner song come to life.

Servants rush in to investigate the commotion and screaming. When the servants see what has happened. They add their own screams to the song. Combined it is the sweetest music the tutor has ever heard. He laughs and laughs, while twirling and dancing to the symphony he has created. Any second now the creature, tutor, expects his love to come and reward him with a kiss. He dances and dances. Laughs and laughs. The black guard burst into the room. Tutor smiles and waves towards every black guardsman that enters. Tutor continues to smile and wave as the black guard cut down the monster hidden in plain sight. The last thought on the mind of the once man tutor. The smile on Shandras face, the gleam in her eyes. Those silky lips pressing into his. Right before she sent him to teach his daily lesson. The taste on the lips of his love Shandra. Is the taste of the forbidden mind killer, morrownot. It tastes like love, love and rainbows, and time without end, he thinks as he dies with a smile on his face.

The boy who is not a boy, lays curled in the fetal position, next to the desk of Archbishop Eldrish. He uses his sight to watch many things. He sees the abomination that is in the tutor. Slowly eating him from the inside. Making tutor obey and love it. The thing in him is a once thing. A thing that should not be in the here and now. Either a scientist from before the first fall, or a Talon magi. Has taught that wicked girl Shandra, how to make and use morrownot. The second is the most likely. Science is dead on this planet. Magic rules this world. To the boy who is not a boy, there is no difference between the two. Only those of the lower planes make that distinction. The boy could say something to the

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 01:20 PM
Chapter 2 continued

Archbishop. He could give warning. He does not. He hates the Archbishop. He hates that a human. A thing of meat. Has captured him and made him a slave. So he keeps quiet and turns his attention to other events.

He watches his newly fallen brother, Glorifier of God. Lead a host of the newly fallen through the lands ruled by the Republic of Nehotan. They are being shadowed by an army of men from the republic. The army of men will not engage as long as Glorifier of God continues to march towards his real goal, the hidden Talon nursery city off the southern coast of Felenix. Glorifier of God hopes to capture the nursery city and use it as a bargaining chip with the Talon. The first opposition the host will face is in Cor. The armies of that puppet federation are already being marshaled. The boy who is not a boy continues to watch until his watching catches the attention of Glorifier of God. With the wave of a wing and hand. Glorifier of God dismisses the boy who is not a boy.

The boy turns his attention away from the continent of Nehovia. He looks to the west of Nehovia. He watches the battle being waged between. The five dragons of time and the triumvirate of, the Middleman, Gnarlo Thotep, and the Once President in Yellow. A battle of abstracts that can not be summed up in words. Wherever sentient life, thinking meat goes. They bring this battle. Will this finally be the planet that Carcossa is born on. So it can send its wicked dream rippling backwards through time. The boy does not think so, not enough suns. He also does not care. It is just more fallout from the dead god falling asleep in this world. Other powers are no longer in check. Did the man in red know this would happen, thinks the boy.

He looks up and into other dimensions, other plains of existence, while pondering that question. He once again sees his home, the outer gate of heaven, the city of light, empty of all his brother angels. The first of the fallen has been laughing non stop since the creator looked in on his creation and found everyone wanting, not just him. The laughing has kept the boy who is not a boy from sleeping. He decides to peek below like he has above. Before the boy can continue his voyeurism. Earthly matters draw him into the here and now. Two senior priests, trusted advisors of the Archbishop, rush into the room and nearly trip over the boy who is not a boy in their rush to report to the Archbishop.

“Sir.....Sir.....We have grave news. We do not know how to say this. The twins and your son. They.....They.......”

“Spit it out already,” says the Archbishop.

“They are dead sir. The tutor Elliot has gone mad. He has murdered three of your children in cold blood. The black guard found him smiling and dancing over their bodies. In their disgust, they cut him down before we could interrogate him. We do not know if this is a larger plot. His rooms are being searched as we speak.”

The blood drains out of the face of the Archbishop. He looks as if he has aged ten years in an instant. His shoulders fall and he leans forward in his chair before saying, “What.....What of my wife Meredith. What of my daughter Shandra.”

“They have both been escorted to a secure area and three squads of black guardsman are protecting them. We would of done the same for you but...” The man looks at the boy chained to the Archbishop.

“Who.....Who.....Who did this,” bellows Archbishop Eldrish in grief.

posted on Sep, 18 2014 @ 01:22 PM
Chapter 2 continued

“We have no proof but we suspect this is a rebel plot your eminence. At around the same time this was happening. Someone removed Ozmandus from the House of Wisdom. Someone is trying to circumvent your holy writ. Factions within the church who do not agree with your appointment as Archbishop. Give us leave to do whatever is necessary, and we will flush out every traitor in the land. This is an abomination.”

The Archbishop takes out a piece of paper, writes on it, and then gets out a jar of wax. He dips his seal into the wax and presses his sigil into the piece of paper. He hands the paper over and then says, “Wermut, Ajenjo, you are both commanded by your God to ferret out these traitors and monsters. Whatever resources you need will be provided. As of this moment. You are the highest law of the church besides myself. Until these traitors are found and dealt with. We will have a meeting to discuss this in an hours time. Now leave me to my grief. I need time to digest this news.”

The two men leave. When they are gone. Archbishop Eldrish, smiles and laughs. Those ten years disappear. He looks towards the boy who is not a boy curled up next to his desk and says, “The little evil she-dog has finally acted on her desires. I knew she would be the one. My little Shandra. She has proven to be the strongest of my bloodline. Only the strong survive. Is that not right my chained one. Just like I dominate you. She has dominated her siblings. She is the youngest but she wanted her birthright. So she took it. Not only am I a proud papa. She has given me an excuse to use every resource to find Ozmandus and those within the church who support him. No bishop can complain of my use of power after this. Ha...I must reward my daughter.”

The Archbishop yanks on the chain, connecting the boy who is not a boy to him, and laughs again. He then calls in an aide and says in a shaky voice, “Bring....Bring to me, the first cleric of the order of the rising moon, and, and commander Gilstis of the black guard. Then pre, prepare the room of lost desires for our presence. Have it protected from eavesdro, dropping and post my most trusted men as guards outside. I will need this done as soon as possible. Although a tra,tragedy has happened. The church comes first.”


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a reply to: karmicecstasy

Wow Karmic!! Kudos to having the Brass Kahunas for this undertaking!! I have only read the first of this story and am coming back to continue with "THE HISTORY OF NEHOVIA CONTINUED ", but wanted to drop in a quick comment to easily find my way back here!
Great job so Far Bud!!!! Looks like you have laid decent plans here with the characters and landscapes!!
Cheers to Your Brass My Friend!!

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