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Hallucination, Vision, Coincidence or Synchronicity

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posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 01:06 AM
I don’t know if something funny is going on…or if I’m just experiencing some kind of coincidence…but…
Two nights ago I put up a thread regarding a funky dream…which had to do with a blue triangle-shaped aircraft that went into a ‘tumble’…and crashed.
I had, likewise, been involved in a thread that regarded another member’s recent experiences (or – their interpretation/s of those experiences), and was asking the OP of that thread to expound upon a couple of ‘minor’ points…as something stated might have had an intimate connection with an rather lengthy experience I, likewise had…beginning in 2007.
Following is the content of an email I sent to my/an online journal, dated as shown…

Subject: Tumbling
Date: Tue, November 06, 2007 6:04 am

I awoke…the clock said 5:19 (it was set for 5:30’something)…I got up…to step outside and smoke…and my mind went to the number…and then started trying to run the math…for what time 5:19…would be…if…it really told…Time…and arrived at 4:59 (though, I think I was wrong…I think it was really 4:57…but…since 4:59 is what my mind settled on…I'll just leave it at that)…
On the porch…I looked at the sky…and could see stars…and felt like I should be seeing the moon…in a certain region…and kept looking there…and…got to see an eclipse…as it began…and I thought it was just my imagination…until…it remained…and enlightened…more…and more…and then, it showed me…a Beautiful Fingernail…

This email was sent from the office where I worked at the time (23 miles from my home).
In a later ‘journal-entry’, I filled in more detail…to include the position in the sky (which included – ‘slightly south of due east’, and, at approximately 33° from the horizon, etc…).
Another detail included in the ‘follow-up journal entry’ was that the Moon, as it was revealed…first (the first part that came to light – being the part I called a…Fingernail) was a golden/blonde color…but the rest (approximately 12/13ths) was a reddish/amber color.

I thought – “How Cool!”…and, other than making note of it in the journal, and, perhaps mentioning it to one or two people…pursued it no further, until a week later, when deciding to look online at what others were saying about it (I figured there would be an uproar of End Times &/or Apocalypticals, at least)…but…found nothing.
In fact, I found no reference to a Lunar Eclipse on that date…anywhere.

Eventually, I realized that this ‘sighting’ was either an hallucination, or a ‘vision’ (if there is a difference).
As time passed, I wrote-it-off to ‘hallucination’ (it would have been the first such hallucination in more than 50 years of living).

Or – last night… … …
I had stayed up later than intended, due to finding a number of live performances of some of my favorite musicians…and, when finally deciding to shut the music down, and head for bed… …went outside for one last cigarette.
As per the usual, I was facing eastward, looking at the sky (moderate-to-heavy cloud cover)…
The city lights set a soft glow to the low-flying clouds south of me…but, my eyes were fixed in the distance…on nothing but dark gray.
After no more than a moment of this…a small, but brilliant light broke through the mass of clouds in the distance… Then more and more…
It revealed the clouds moving at a steady pace from south to north…
As the clouds continued moving, more of the Moon shone through until I had full view of the Moon’s phase…
Of course, my mind went back to 7 years ago…
I continued smoking the cigarette…watching the clouds rolling past the moon, when…
…the clouds stopped in their tracks.
The configuration of clouds in this ‘stopped’ pose clearly framed the moon.
I could see the outline of the cloud/s, clearly.
They just…stopped.
I held my breath wondering if this was a momentary pause…or…what…
The cloud/s remained stationary… …and then, in the opposite progression of what I’d seen 7 years before…the Moon progressively darkened…until it was no longer visible.

I will note that this ‘sighting’ was at virtually the same position in the sky, and in relation to me (slightly southeast and at about 33°) as the 2007 ‘experience’.

The entire episode would have lasted no more than 6 or 7 minutes… It ended at 3:44 a.m. – June 21, 2014.

I am placing this, here, primarily for reference sake.
As I have never found “a meaning” for the 2007 ‘vision/hallucination’…I don’t know that I expect to find one for this, either.
Furthermore, I fully recognize that it could simply be ‘coincidence’…
Nevertheless – if it ‘means’ something to you, whether philosophically, metaphysically, experientially or otherwise…I would like to hear/know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 02:14 AM
a reply to: WanDash

fwiw.. i think there's no such thing as coincidence
everything else back there was a bit of a minefield

when it comes to this stuff, i've found it requires you (the observer, whatever) to already have a small portion of knowledge to build on in order to 'get' the next portions that come along, the universe is a a bit like having a conversation with a wise old man in a distant tavern, if you're continually building & expanding on the concepts and mythos being presented and it makes more sense as it goes along it won't just seem funny

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: UNIT76
Thank you, UNIT76
Will have to spend some time considering your thoughts.
By the way - 'a wise old man in a distant tavern' .......couldn't be Gandalf...could it?
Interesting perspective.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 03:51 AM
You have experienced a deja vu dream. And you actually kept a log of your dream as evidence. You should try lucid dreaming. I do it a lot.

You are not the only one who can indirectly dream about your own future. I have had dozens of dreams where I am in a weird situation that seems silly or even too crazy to be a reality.... and then it unfolds in front of you.

I just recently had a deja vu dream myself about me being in the passenger seat of a 2011 dodge charger. I couldn't see the driver but I could hear him. In the distance to the left I noticed someone parked in the fire lane acting sporadically nervous as someone else was bringing a bike over. It was midnight. In my head the other person said "think we should call security? "And I said "naw... just leave them alone. If they have to steal a bike they must be really hurting for money. Leave em alone."

I never looked at the driver. I was holding a motorcycle helmet. This dream occured just three years ago and the events took place just two Fridays ago.

I like to refer to these as a sort of checkpoint dream. In my own way to describe this ability I call it amaurotic verso engrossing. You see.... when you lucidly dream.... your mind is very active. And if you have played the zero escape series, namely virtues last reward, or assasins creed 1, it delves into our minds to bring about a theory. A theory of which our minds are capable of traveling to our ancestors minds, or to our own future.

Amaurotic Verso Engrosser are the words I like using because it is much easier than saying I can indirectly dream of the future.

It is not easy to dream about your own future and it is very hard to remember your dreams unless you lbecome very good with lucid dreaming techniques.

But try this because it works wonders for me.

Whilist in a dream, or lucid dreaming, try searching for something simple. Like your wallet. Right in the middle of your dream. You have to fill your head with some doubt of it being where you usually keep your wallet.

When you do this your mind instantly races through your brain to find an answer. It will automatically search for every known possibility within your brain. While doing this in your dream, and searching for your wallet, you have to guide your thought process to search within itself for areas that you once never thought it would be. And give yourself a false positive that indeed yes it should be there.

I hope that is easy enough to explain. Like since you smoke cigarrets try to think about smoking a cigarret.... but you are not sure if you actually have your lighter with you. Think of something to say to someone nearby who might or might not have a lighter and watch what your mind creates. Pay attention to the scenery.... pay attention and try to focus on words, names, anything. See if you are able to do it.

I know this sounds bat # insane but.... I have abused this ability a lot.

The only problem with dreaming about the future like this.... is whether or not you will be in that situation, if ever, for your mind to portray it. The conundrum of my theory is wether or not certain elements would be at play. Try to record it for future proof.

posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 04:15 AM

originally posted by: GiulXainx

I never looked at the driver. I was holding a motorcycle helmet.. This dream occured just three years ago and the events took place just two Fridays ago.


So get this. The OP's date of their first experience was about a month before my good friend's death.

I thought about the idea of "what if there is a correlation?"

So I went through my list of friends who are roughly about the same closeness as my deceased friend.

Then I thought of who this may most likely apply to.

That would be my friend, B. He bought a motorcycle last year. He totalled that one, and bought another recently. Keep in mind my motorcyclist friend came to mind before I read the above about you holding a motorcycle helmet.

What's more? Right before I wrote this, as one of my favorite tv shows was playing in the background, a drunk driver on a motorcycle (in the show) crashed and killed someone.

Heh, coincidence...
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posted on Jun, 22 2014 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx
When you say 'a deja vu dream' - is this some kind of 'waking dream'?
I ask, because I was awake and up and about during both 'events' (though, it is true that both occurrences were very close to the time that I would be in bed).
Thanks for your thoughts.

posted on Jun, 24 2014 @ 12:31 AM
Just to be certain that I'm not putting anything out...that is not as accurate as I have the ability to relate... ... ...
In going through the "journal" noted in the OP...I found that, the day following said 2007-journal entry, I made another entry, regarding said it is...

...Subject: Lunar Planning
...Date: Wed, November 07, 2007 6:07 am
I'm not attempting to correct an earlier statement in this Journal entry…but…will clarify it…
In the Journal Entry - "Tumbling" - I talked of a lunar eclipse that I witnessed the morning of the entry… In said "recollection" I stated that I got to watch the eclipse…as it began… And…for me…it did…begin…then…though…half of the eclipse…had already passed…and…I didn't know it…until the second half…began ...

What does this say/do...?
Nothing... Just shows that I recognized the fact that this was not a 'full lunar eclipse'...but rather...the latter half of one, by the following day.

I will further note that, a few months later (February, 2008), I witnessed a real-life Lunar took sooooo long...I gave up waiting for it to complete.
So - I DO know (now) that what I saw was not a REAL-LIFE/REAL-TIME Lunar Eclipse...on the morning of November 6, 2007.

Phase out.......

posted on Oct, 30 2014 @ 01:59 AM
Don't want to start a new thread…because of another dream - but - want to address this, in a 'public' setting…should it ever be worth recalling.

Not that there have been no dreams of intrigue or possible-import since the Blue Triangle dream referenced in the OP of this thread…but - - this - - - was disturbing enough, that it continues to buzz me at the end of the day, and so…

I was riding in a car through the southwestern U.S. with someone I do not know, or do not recognize…in this life.
He could have been Native American, Mexican or even Asian…
Seemed like 'a friend'.
He was driving.
It seemed to have been his car.

The first I recall (though I seem to recall dream-sequence preceding this), we were travelling through West Texas as it leads to El Paso and westward…
Something was concerning me about planes/aircraft in the skies past the Guadalupe Mountains…and I asked his thoughts…
I do not recall his response…though it seems that he did respond.

Oddly - Very Oddly - it seemed that this entire configuration of the States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada & California (and, presumably Colorado & Utah), at least…was different than its present situation and layout.
Nevada had somehow grown to extend to the Mexican border…between New Mexico & Arizona…
I had another dream in recent months where, I believe, the configuration & layout of the States was the same (in addition to having a map)…
That dream, however, focused further west…at what could be a giant inland lake, that may have taken up much of the western portion of Arizona, and an even greater swath of California (that may actually have extended all the way to the Gulf of California…and up to Sacramento &/or beyond)…
I do not really remember Arizona…but rather…Nevada - having, perhaps, adopted/absorbed the eastern half that remained dry land.

We turned north after rounding the Guadalupe Mountains…
It seemed we travelled a little distance past the Lincoln Nat'l Forest…as, we were in dry, flat, dusty, Billy-the-Kid land…and had stopped in a dirt-town where the street/s and walkways were covered with tumbleweeds and sand.
I don't recall if the 'town' was layed out in a square or more rounded…but, it was if the only street/roadway was the one we arrived on…

There were a few people.
At least as many of them were 'just passing through' as…belonged.
It was day time.
I was walking across a large open area between the town's buildings lining the west side of town, toward a long building (like the Bates Motel, maybe) on the north side…
A woman was walking with me…or - in the same vicinity going the same direction and perhaps even, conversing with…
I saw/heard/felt something… Like a shock…that precedes the event.
I don't want to describe it…so will keep this as innocuous as possible.

A human body, slammed to the dirt with great force…near one of the buildings.
The girl/woman and I and others - all startled - all wondering if we're even seeing this…
And the terror and realization that whatever fear I had had of the skies earlier on this trip…here it came…
I looked directly above…into the sky, to see the entire passenger list for a large commercial jetliner…dropping from the sky, as if the aircraft had opened its belly, and ejected them toward the earth.
One - maybe a woman in her later 20's to mid 30's…was coming straight at me…
I shouted, grabbed &/or pushed the girl/woman that had been walking with me…
The body hit the ground within 5 or 10 feet behind us.
I was in fear of being hit/killed by flying body parts…as the sounds behind and around were loathesome and horrifying.
Trying to escape the raining bodies…building roofs were no match – no shelter…

I/we somehow escaped this horror…

That's all for now.

posted on Nov, 11 2014 @ 06:34 AM
When I had the dream I found it weird to be holding a motorcycle helmet inside of a car. What I was actually doing was getting a ride to where I left my motorbike.

I know it sounds completely psychotic to think that something so simple can cause a connection with yourself in the future. But I have had way more dreams than just a handfull of my own future. And I am trying to use it to win the lottery.

posted on Jun, 11 2015 @ 11:21 PM

originally posted by: GiulXainx
...But I have had way more dreams than just a handfull of my own future. And I am trying to use it to win the lottery.

Wish you luck with the lottery.
Sounds like an interesting life.
Do you remember/recall all or most of your dreams?

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