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Hunting for the Mushroom Hunter: , the Search Continues for Hildegard Hendrickson BIG FOOT??

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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:37 AM
a reply to: Missmissie173

Oh!! Go look at your wall
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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 10:57 PM
Another female goes missing in Northern California. At the present time, this is the hottest location in north America for females disappearing under unusual circumstances :

The above was brought up by David Paulides 13 hours ago

Click the above link for missing person cases and such...

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 01:35 PM
A firefighter goes missing in a creekbed chasing his lost dog. His friend looks for him till dark and is unable to locate the fireman or the dog. Another article states he wasn't wearing shoes and just wearing shorts when he ran from the campsite after the canine. This is going on the 4th day without finding him. This doesn't sound right, or good.

full story here with picture :

posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 07:01 PM
From David today :

I've continually talked about the disappearance of Hildegard Hendrickson. The physical similarities between Hildegard and two women who disappeared at Craters of the Moon Monument cannot be mistaken. I wrote about both cases in "Missing 411-The Devil's in the Detail" ( This article addresHunting for the Mushroom Hunter: A Year Later, the Search Continues for Hildegard Hendrickson so many of the issues that originally concerned me about Hildegards vanishing.

good link for you folks again

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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 11:19 PM
Reading through the missing 411 cases and also reading peoples in the woods hair raising experiences in this thread; it appears one pattern of the predator is to focus on people who are hunters themselves. A person hunting in woods will have their full attention naturally diverted on the prey they are stalking; which is in front of their movement and not behind them. The hunter if they are familiar with the area will push the prey slowly forward to a choke point where they know the prey is naturally most vulnerable. The predator stalking from behind then naturally has the advantage on the human hunter because he can choose the most opportune choke point on the hunter himself, in fact he probably jumps him just as hes pulling the trigger.

The question that comes to my mind is what kind of predator could it be, could it be like the thing in the predator movie and can use the trees to move.

Assuming for a moment this thing can stalk, stealth and move as efficiently as the predator in the movie then what plan could be devised using whatever technological means to catch this thing?

If the Predator is an intelligence which does follow patterns to stalk people then at some point a lone hunter stalking prey in one of the cluster areas will have the predator stalking and looking for an opportunity.

The question becomes is it feasible a plan could be put together where a trap can be landed on the predator using the hunter (acting as bait).?

posted on Sep, 6 2014 @ 01:47 AM
a reply to: AthlonSavage

Yes, and no.

Bottom line is we need a (small) team to go into an area that is hot.

The team needs to stay there for a long time.

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