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Hunting for the Mushroom Hunter: , the Search Continues for Hildegard Hendrickson BIG FOOT??

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:27 PM
Interesting story (real) from Author David Paulides (brought it to my attention) I've read all of his Missing 411 books (and a new one is coming out) For those that haven't read them ..they are very good!!

below from : Seattle News By Patrick Hutchison Tue., Jun 3 2014

Hunting for the Mushroom Hunter: A Year Later, the Search Continues for Hildegard Hendrickson

A community still mourns and speculates.

On the eastern slopes of the Central Cascades, the last traces of snow are melting away and the tiny, delicate heads of morel mushrooms are pushing up through carpets of pine needles to greet the beginning of summer. Their emergence marks the start of one of the most prized mushroom-foraging times of the year, drawing hundreds of recreational and commercial mushroom pickers onto narrow Forest Service roads, hiking trails, and ORV paths to harvest their share of the venerable fungi. But this year, those passionate foragers will miss an ally, a teacher, and a friend, because last June 8, Hildegard Hendrickson, the godmother of Washington mushroom hunting, ventured among the burnt remains of a pine forest looking for morels and vanished.

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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:33 PM
For those that have read his books.. you know about berry picking also..I just did a fast search and look what I found.

N.L. man missing after going berry picking

By The Canadian Press
Published July 30, 2013 - 9:04am
Last Updated July 30, 2013 - 9:14am

"HARBOUR ROUND, N.L. — Police in Newfoundland are searching for a 74-year-old man who hasn’t been seen since he went berry picking on the weekend.

Chesley Sweetapple, who has unspecified medical conditions, was reported missing near Red Indian Lake in the Harbour Round area on Saturday.

Sweetapple’s vehicle was found 59 kilometres southwest of Millertown.

Police say the search for Sweetapple has involved a canine unit, about 30 members of ground search and rescue and personnel from fire and emergency services.

The RCMP sent out an alert early Monday evening about the search and they’re asking anyone with information to contact the Grand Falls-Windsor detachment." (all from above source:Herald News)

Lots of berry picking stories and folks missing stories!!

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:11 PM
Here is the link for the books (again hahahaha!) there are really good reading..if you like mystery stuff

I had to read some accounts a few times to get a grasp of the strangeness ..I mean ..WTW!! kind of weird !!
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posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:34 PM
Does the Author go into the stretch of Highway going through Canada where a number of people have vanished without a trace?

Missing 411 sound so familiar, I haven't read any of the books but might have come across something linking to it or the stories contained within.

I had to read some accounts a few times to get a grasp of the strangeness ..I mean ..WTW!! kind of weird !! - See more at:

Any chance of sharing some, the books are 25 dollar each and I would assume many that haven't read them but have a spiked interest in the subject matter from what you have said would like to hear some these strange accounts you had to reread to grasp.

Is the Author attempting to link the disappearances to Bigfoot or is there more to it?

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:06 PM
So many stories and accounts ..the stretch of highway you mention ..always comes up ..among folks that ask him questions..but, mostly there are so many stories of the missing (that went hiking ..hunting.. alone ..or in groups)

Wildmen are mentioned ..a witness that saw from a distance something running on a ridge carrying what looked like a small boy (that went missing...and army green berets were called in for that one!!) ..folks ..or trails being followed by something out of sight..but..following them.. (a real scary story by a woman that gives a real good account of this) ..

search dogs that won't follow..bodies found in places that just don't make sense..

a reply to: InhaleExhale

UC Berkeley student Vernon “Cody” Matthews went missing while hiking in the El Dorado National Forest Friday evening.

“He had been watching our house for us since the break in. And I think he got bored, just wanted to take an evening walk,” Cody’s father, Vern Matthews, said on Sunday.

Vern and his wife, Cindi, say their son came to stay at their vacation cabin off Peavine Road for the summer. When he arrived, he called his parents and said it looked like the cabin had been ransacked. Vern told FOX40 News whoever broke into their home stole their security camera. Vern said his son was not approached by, nor did he confront, whoever broke into their home.

“I talked to him right before he went on his hike, He was looking for a compass,” said Cindi.

Cindi said Cody called her Friday, looking for the compass, but eventually found it in his pocket.

The compass is one of the few items Cody’s mother believes he was carrying on the hike.

“Gorp, water, and a hunting knife,” said Cindi."

if you go on facebook to his page ..tons of stories there ...

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

check this out!
S y n o p s i s

During this interview we discussed David Paulides' fourth book (Missing 411: The Devil's in the Detail), the latest in the blockbuster “Missing 411” series that describes unusual incidents of people that have disappeared in National Parks and forests of the world. It is a significant step forward in the understanding of the missing phenomena that adds several new elements never before identified. As in the book, the interview discusses additional victims, new locations and circumstances while outlining new geographical clusters. The number of people that fit the identified profile and the distances and elevations covered during their journeys will mesmerize you. It is highly recommended that you listen to our prior interview and/or read the other “Missing 411” books prior to this so that you can have a background on the topic prior to listening to this new interview. The prior interview can be accessed here

David Paulides returns to discuss more strange disappearances in national parks. The new material spans six continents. As in the previous interview and books, the little pre-teens seem to be the largest targets of some entity that concentrates on kidnapping and leaving the victims often, dead or alive, and missing articles of clothing or shoes without any indication of molestation. Usually the victim has no idea what happened, is dazed, or can’t tell. David mentions that the last-in-line of hiking groups often disappears, and comments on the number of missing people found at the base of steep cliffs, found near water or swamps, in brier patches (victims often found with horrible scratches), have traveled many miles, or have unknowingly traveled uphill.

Often their pets disappear with them and come back confused or never do return. Search dogs cannot find their scent of the missing and bloodhounds and cadaver dogs appear baffled. And in so many cases, an area previously searched multiple times eventually turns up a victim that’s in plain sight. In many occasions the victims are found without their shoes or their shoes are found in the area the subjects were lastly seen. As of right now the total list is of cases investigated is 1,240. Looking at the “Devil’s Detail,” an introductory page has a long listing of place names with Devil in them. David covers interesting facts that boggle the mind: Like little 7 year old Jack who in two days managed to get 50 miles from where he was lost. And he was found in good condition! How can that be? Another 11 were found 20 or more miles from where they had disappeared. Not all of them were as lucky as Jack.

Many other interesting listings are tabulated: Weather conditions turn inclement when lost; occasions when the first or last in a line of hikers vanishes; there are those that turn up missing from in the home (in one case a house alarm failed to ring); or from a locked car with no inside door handles, or the puzzler of the disabled disappearances; and the “climbers”-those that when lost go uphill, often being found on top of a barren peak (20 in four books climbed 1,000 feet or more). Impossible cases are cited, like 2 year old Ryan, sleeping with his sister Shawna next to the wall. On awakening he was gone, only to be later found dead under a dock at a nearby lake.

And then there was the mystery of Megumi. Hiking on a well- used trail in New Mexico, when lost she simply dialed 911 on her cell phone (need to triangulate). She was forwarded to the non-emergency dispatcher…not once but seven times! It had never happened before or since! Finally routed correctly search teams found Megumi. It started to snow! A helicopter is called in for evacuation of the cold and weak graduate student in physics nanotechnology and optics. The tail rotor of the helicopter hit a tree! In a debris field 800 feet down the 12,000 foot mountain the bodies of the pilot and Megumi were found. It appears that at times the well-educated are targeted!

What’s happening to all these people? David wisely doesn’t speculate. It’s just too crazy. In one case you think a Bigfoot has kidnapped them. Then in the next a UFO has abducted them, or they vanish into a dimensional hole or orb, or the culprit is an entity that reaches through from a black hole that grabs them and transports them for miles, dragging them unmercifully through briers. I can only scratch my head and ponder. Don’t know how much just plain old bad luck is involved either. One can only offer a silent prayer for all the unfortunate missing people, past and present, especially the children…the poor little babies, etc. And those left behind to suffer: spouses, siblings, mothers, grandparents, friends…all of those and more. More cases are discussed during the interview but the book goes beyond the boundaries covered by their predecessors.
(source for the above is Vertas Radio)

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 07:57 PM
Paulides brought to my attention the magnitude and attitude of authorities towards many disappearances with hypothesized bigfoot habitat. Sightings, when mapped, fall into areas with the most rainfall, which non-coincidentally are the areas with the most forests. Go figure. Anyway, I am not convinced that "kidnapping" people is bigfoot's forte, but it does seem likely that it occurs. Even going back to Native American accounts sasquatch were sometimes portrayed as kidnappers, especially of women and children, and to a rarer degree as murderers also.

It is not so much the disapperances that interest me, even though some of them are highly unusual, but rather what interests me are the cases of small children who go missing only to be found so far away and/or in a location that they alone could not have reached. And occasionally some of the stories of just what these children state happened is intriguing.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 08:33 PM
a reply to: RUFFREADY

It is called The Highway of Tears.

It is deserving of a book series of its own.

I often wonder why there have been no better publicised accounts of the high strangeness.MANY people mostly women have simply vanished,no witnesses,no bodies.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 08:44 PM

originally posted by: one4all
a reply to: RUFFREADY

It is called The Highway of Tears.

It is deserving of a book series of its own.

I often wonder why there have been no better publicised accounts of the high strangeness.MANY people mostly women have simply vanished,no witnesses,no bodies. said it. I agree very much. Is it because most are native americans ..or what? should have someone write,investigate and get all over it..yes.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 09:47 PM
Bump!! hahaah! anyone else here read David's books? or have a thought about the missing?? It is so interesting..and the stories spell that out.

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 10:44 PM
I didn't see it brought up, but David Paulides was on ATS last year for an Ask Me Anything session.

Here's the link to that thread

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: RUFFREADY

The high number if indiginous women and the historical track record that national and Municipal Police forces across Canada have of investing MINIMAL resources into such investigations could lead one to think this might be a Primary driver behind the dis-organised suppression.

There have been sporadic bursts of interest in the story but nothing ever seems to have any substantial staying power for "some reason".

Anyone with intimate experience with the Canadian outdoors will know what it feels like to encounter a Bigfoot.

Sometimes when you are alone in the Forest,going about your business,blending in with nature on its terms not your own,you reach a peacefull state of co=existance. When you are at the point where you can walk through the Forest and the Birds do not stop chirping and the Squirrels do not stop scurrying and you do not need to look at your feet to run silently,when you are so in the zone that you are timing your footfalls with the individual sounds around you differentiating between Apex warning critters and the chatterboxes and dropping your feet when the right ones are busy talking so they do not start the chain reaction warning system,when you are right there walking in the eye of the storm that a normally functioning Forest is strange things can happen.

I have "felt' myself being hunted by "something" in the Forest before, I have felt the prey dynamic and had to allow the fight or flight instinct to lead me immediatly.

I was doing some hiking in an area I had hunted in many years earlier, I was tracking my old movements as exactly as I could remember enjoying the memories,playing a game of perfection, trying to match tactile landmarks with specific memories I had, reliving a stalk I had done on some Whitetail deer ten years earlier,I was following the contours on the landscape re-creating the hunt and the trail the deer had followed back then.I was literally replaying every step as closely to my original stalk as I could.

Suddenly 'something" shut off the music around me in the Forest, then after a normal period of time --- a short one--- signifying that it was simply a run of the mill disturbance and NOT an emergency , the music started again and became normal......... but about three minutes later which is an eternity in forest time as a LOT happens in that timeframe dynamiclly, the musice was "shut off" again, for AN EXACT same short length " no big problem" timeperiod, "something" intelligent was stalking me,AND it was also aware of the ways of the forest FROM A HUMAN PERSPECTIVE.

On the second red flag,I began without changing pace or interest level to work my way over to an open area with little to no cover shortcutting me out of the Forest area I was in, I did not panic or show an interest in evading anything or take a panic route out ,I did not want to trigger a predator/prey reaction and encourage an early attack,because I already knew I was being stalked and attack was imminent.I was trying to pick a time of my chooseing ,playing mental chess with something intelligent that had specific parmeters to its scope of influence and actions something that was anticipatory beyond anything but a Human.

"Something" had come in behind me downwind,had stalked in behind me, something had stalked me like I had stalked the deer I had hunted and what freaked me out was that the first and second red flags occured at points i had had full advantage on my original stalk ten years earlier,something THOUGHT like I did, and simply didnt know I had already travelled the path we were both on once already and was familiar with it.

The dangerous thing was that the third red flag would have been final one where the attack would have happened as it was the last ambush spot utilising the natural landscape and cover.

I had to work my way over away from that last ambush spot to buy some time to think and then i had to ADD another semi-blind spot to my new extended path that would peripherally give me a better shot at making safe ground clear of cover.

I had to actually play it coy to make it to a relatively safe spot,and when I had made it to such a spot i looked back at the final ambush spot the 3rd one I had intentionally circumvented by extending my outlet path and I could FEEL something looking at me,sizeing the distance between us and circumstances up,gauging everything.It was smart enought to not have followed me on my extended path through less than optimal cover,it was picky and had strict SOP rules,it had followed the 1-2-3 optimal ambush spots as a predator would and when it ran out of time and space in which it could engage a successfull attack ,it simply stayed in cover and glared out,looking for any change in circumstance that it could use to STILL win and get me.

Had i not been so self-aware of how I was perfectly blending in with nature and how long it took to do and by what methods it was accomplished ,and had I NOT been over the exact terrain as a PREDATOR myself then I might not have realised that something had been stalking me and trying to time its closure of distance with existing chokepooints in the terrain,something knew that ground as good as I did,NOT BETTER,but as good as.

Anyways,I looked back and could FEEL this intelligence still locked on to me, I was not PREFECTLY SAFE at that point < just had the field tilted in my favor under optimal circumstnces for me,no trips or falls at high speed and i was likely going to make it to safer ground. Well the intensity of the experience actually catalysed the fight or flight instinct again as it had while I was still in the Forest, but this time under different circumstances and parameters I casually turned around to egress further towards safer ground and after about three steps I OPENED IT UP AND RAN FOR MY LIFE for about 300 yards,till I was winded.

I will further say that once you hear tree knocking,you will understand if you are a rational thinker that the sound is NOT NATURAL in any way possible and is a communication delivered in that type of cadence many times.

I think it is possible that people are prey to bigfoot,and what is worse I believe some are abducted and kept alive for various reason including teaching lessons,how many little kids abducted from national Parks or elsewhere end up becoming the answer to Bigfoot not having refrigeration or as play toys for young Bigfoots,how many little kids have been broken by little Bigfoot children after they got bored??

I do not make non business forays into the Forest alone anymore,never will again since I was stalked..... there are NO LARGE PREDATORS IN MY AREA to least none that always walk on 4 feet.

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 01:28 AM
a reply to: one4all

Thanks for that!! I'll read it again when I'm thinking better.. I promise. Like I said ..there is something going on ..(in his books ..and on talk shows) David Paulides says that the park service keeps no records of the missing!! What!! He has tried to get info ..but ..road blocks ahead!!

posted on Jun, 11 2014 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: RUFFREADY

my conspiracy glands are getting excited.

Coming across some of these cases or similar ones of disappearances in national parks with such mind boggling finds it sort send my paranoid mind in overdrive and suspect an agency that is dependent on information and knowledge would have investigated these cases with unlimited funds, gained results and concluded to keep it hush hush.

I mean some cases could simply be explained by down to earth concepts that are simply highly unlikely to happen but they do, on the other hand some of the findings could be out of this world so to speak and tie in to other great deceptions already put in place.

Cheers for the links.

There are a few hidden worlds out there, I believe some of these disappearances are direct results of these hidden worlds that overlap ours.

posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 09:05 AM
I read the first Missing book and it freaked me out smooooth!

The thing is, I not quite sure why. David Paulides writing style is pretty bear bones and he certainly doesn't sensationalize, but for some reason the book really scared me. Honestly, I got up and closed and locked my window...and I live in the middle of Dallas and my husband was home in the other I said freaky.

Read it if you dare. *bwhhhhaaa*

Also, I would be very interested in reading or hearing any interviews with survivors. Has anyone come across any?

Thanks for the thread, OP - hoped this subject would come back around.


posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 07:29 PM
a reply to: Missmissie173

He writes like that because he was a cop (I did a short bit of law enforcement myself and lol!! we just want to get it done!! go home!! haaha)

You have to read all of his books!! You have to go on his facebook page..that way you will have all the info you desire!

I do!

It is fascinating to say the least. It is sad that folks go missing. It is a human condition. It is weird!!

And your welcome

posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 11:24 PM
a reply to: RUFFREADY

There is so much more here than meets the eye...maybe that is why it scares me so much.

When we put a face like Bigfoot on what ever takes these people (and not sayin' Paulides ever said the cause was Bigfoot, cause he didn't) it could be that whatever people see is soooo much worse than the face of Bigfoot our minds can't handle it.

Native Americans have acknowledged this phenom for hundreds of years, and took the smart road, stay away from them. They are evil and strong, and not of this world.

How can thousands of sightings be wrong but no pictures? Is everybody in on a giant HOAX, don't think so...


posted on Jun, 13 2014 @ 11:36 PM
a reply to: Missmissie173

I don't think so either Miss!
It is so weird that I just keep reading about it and wonder how I made it throught the woods when I was younger ..back in the day. I lived on the Island of Guam when there were still Japs (ease of spelling) in the boonies!1 I might have been walking right by them!! Also, in my later years while in different National forest ..some strange things happened ..which I won't mention here becauses I hate typing this much!! lol!!!!

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:21 AM
a reply to: RUFFREADY

i am a child of "The Legend of Boggy Creek." Honestly, we begged the Moms of the neighborhood to take us to this movie, and then to Sambo's after for brunch/lunch...ya'll have to be from the South to know about Sambo's, could not possibly be more racist, but hey it was the 70's....

My parents had me and my sister late in life and were fairly indulgent. They had money when we came along, unlike my four older brother and sisters, so me and my younger sister reaped the benefits.

We actually went to Foulke, Arkansas (not that far from Dallas where we grew up) for one of those "stay free and see our vacation home specials" that were so popular in the 70's...

Well, my parents went out for dinner with some friends, and my sister and I, probably around 13 and 10 at the time, would have been around 1976, stayed in this vaca property in the scary a## woods...parents did that back then...

We are sitting there watching the cable tv which was a novelty in itself at that time, when we hear something slam against the wall of the vaca cabin...a scream from hell itself goes flying from whatever this thing is, and I grab my sister and run to the ladies room and lock us in.

We cry and shiver for about another hour till my parents come home...and tell us how silly we are!

Well the next day we are heading home and packing up , when my parents notice the front screens of the vaca homes windows - all mangled and tangled. Needless to say we didn't buy one and it became taboo to talk about that trip until much later in family folk lore.


posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 12:32 AM
a reply to: Missmissie173

Oh my!! I remember Sambo's!! My family would go there (with me) when I lived in Virginia!1 But, anyway..your story is so good (bad!! lol!). I'm about out of typing energy (the sun is down) but I believe you.

Maybe we can talk more about this when I recharge

Thanks for your story..I really love it..and believe it

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