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Doomsday By Design -- [STORY THREAD]

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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 11:40 AM
The night before, as they left the room, Angus asked Maggie for pencil and paper. She reached behind the bar and handed over a legal pad and a few mixed pencils and pens.
Angus then followed Alan out. They met Skip just outside. He was going in for a bite to eat.

"We need somewhere we can plan and work." Angus says to Skip. "We also needs some more tools. I have my backpack toolset and my lap top but they are not enough for some of the things I have in mind".

Skip stopped and scratched his beard "Hmmm, you remember Randal's place? Well Randal died last year, probably some tools laying around, the place may be a bit nasty if you are doing any precision work though."

Angus thanked Skip and headed out.

Alan slows down. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

Angus smiles and says "A bunch of nonsense", referring to Alan's earlier comment to Sandra. Alan just looks at him.

"Alan, you really need to try and loosen up some." Angus laughs.

"If you haven't noticed our world has ended, most of our family and friends are dead and we have an army of raiders marching to kill us." Alan says dryly.

Angus cocks his head sideways and looks at Alan as if he is trying to figure out a puzzle.
"All that you said is true, but you are still alive.
Your family and your friends memories are still alive in you. You can make a difference now, is this new world, more than you ever could have in the old one. We need you, we need you to have faith and hope. We need you to believe in what you're doing. Flame throwers, RC toys and landmines may seem like a 'bunch of nonsense' now but shortly you will see it in a new light."

Angus stears him off to the left side of the gate. They passed by several buildings until they came to the one he was looking for, RANDAL'S AUTOMOTIVE AND REPAIR, the sign read.
Randal had opened this place, just out of town, to try and help raise money for their growing community and to work on the community vehicles as well. It was the only service station for miles.

"What are we doing in this greese trap" Alan asked.

"We are looking for tools my friend" Angus replies. He trys the door but it is locked. He moves around to the bay doors and sees that the last bay is open.
They make their way around and step inside. Angus reaches in his backpack and pulls out two pen lights. He hands one to Alan.

"Well, there does not seem to be much left" says Angus. He steps into a small room at the back of the garage and exclaims "Aah Ha!"

"What?" Alan asks

Angus is leaning down checking out a box with knobs and wires. "It's an old Miller Syncrowave welding machine. Most repair shops have them because they are versatile. They have a built in high frequency for TIG welding aluminum. You can also Stick or TIG weld carbon and stainless steel with this baby. It should come in handy with some of the 'nonsense' we are going to make. Sue-Lin actually gave me another idea earlier".

Alan shines his light into the corner and spots a large tool chest. He makes his way to it and opens a few of the drawers.
"Well, I don't know exactly what you had in mind, tool wise, but this is full of all kinds of precision and electrical tools".

"Great!" Angus replies. "Now lets get out of here. We will talk to Seamus and Sandra first thing in the morning. We will need some people to gather all the stuff we need. We also need a clean, well lit, spacious working area. Seamus should be able to help us out with those in the morning. Right now, you and I need to make a list of needed supplies and material. Then we need to rest, we have a busy couple of days ahead."

"Sounds good to me" Alan says. "But I have a question, what kind of idea did Sue-lin give you?"

"Something I have not done since I was a kid. Have you ever made a Tater Gun Alan? Ya know, granades are about the same size as taters" Angus smiles.

Alan returns the smile and mutters "A bunch of nonsense".

They both laugh as they leave the garage.

Back at the saloon they run into Skip again. "Seamus told me about some of your ideas and said I should help anyway I can. He and Sandra have both turned in for the night.
"Well, no time like the present" Angus replies. "Skip we are gonna need a good size room with plenty of light and a work bench or three. Also there are a few things I would like from Randal's. Then there is the RC toys, the landmine parts Dorian has stashed, and how many grenades do y'all have? , and............Uummmmm, prehaps I should just make a list".

Alan, Skip and Robbie sit down at one of the tables. Robbie pulls out the legal pad and begins to write, stopping frequently to add suggestions from Alan.
When all was said and done, Skip had a couple of sheets and was heading out the door. Then stopped.

"Almost forgot" He said, and showed them to a large room behind the saloon. "This is where we do all of our gun smithing and reloads. Also you will find all the parts for the landmines stored in the corner over there. Will this do?"
"Yes and thank you Skip. This will do rather well."

Skip leaves them to inspect the room. Angus looks at Alan and can tell that he is beat.

"Hey Buckaroo, why not go get some rest. I am just gonna tidy up a bit and take a look at the mines."

"You don't like my company?" Alan said smiling. "If it's all the same to you I will stick around for awhile."

"No problem, kinda glad actually. There is a lot to do." Angus replies.

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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 07:08 PM
Angus and Alan lost track of time as they started working on the landmines. Skip, with the same four youths that helped gather weapons off of the battlefield, showed up several times through out the night to deliver things from their list.
Angus takes a moment to study Alan.

"Alan you look exhausted, I am sure Maggie has breakfast on. Why don't you go grab a bite and take it easy for a bit?" Angus suggests.

"You scared I am going to mess something up?" Alan asks.

"Nope, I just don't want you over doing it. We have a long way to go and it will go quicker with both of us doing the work." Angus explains.

"I can work just as long as you!" Alan says kind of harshly.

"Your tired and stressed. I need you at your best. Go ahead, I am stopping soon anyway. I just want to take an inventory of the stuff Skip brohght." To Angus's surprise Alan does not argue again. He simply gets up from the work bench and leaves.

Angus goes over to the crates and starts cataloging the supplies that were brought in through out the night. To his surprise they had found two RC helicopters and three planes. Two of the planes were on the cheaper end and in rough shape, but the other was the Rolls Royce of RC planes. The 100cc J3 Piper Cub with a 120 inch wing span. It was disassembled, in it's own crate, but everything looked to be there. Angus could not have hoped for anything better.
He continued looking and it seemed that Skip had located almost everything on the list.....except the detonators.
He would have to find Seamus and talk to him. Prehaps he knew where they were. If not then he would need to talk to Sandra and Su-lin about possible alternatives.
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posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 09:38 PM
Sue-Lin did not go with the others. She knew how to fire a weapon well enough. She wondered what Seamus would make of Marcus' accuracy out to 750 yards. That thought put a grin on her face.

She found Teddy easily enough and he smiled as she approached saying, "Our little Ninja is awake. Have you had enough rest, you looked like poo at the end of our little mission, lethal little Ninja is what you are. I have a proposition for you."

Sue-Lin smiled and returned, "Your old enough to be my Grand Father."

Teddy let out a belly laugh, sat down, indicated that Sue-Lin should sit next to him and became serious. "We have various people here in this town. A goodly number, eleven in fact are ex military that served in combat, on the front lines so to speak. Of those, two are ex green berets and one is an ex recon marine. No one except you have been trained as a sniper. Oh, we can all shoot well, in fact many of the townsfolk can shoot very very well, but very few can accurately put slugs on target out to that ridge line. 500 yards is a hellava good shot and that is how far off that ridge line is."

He looked at Sue-Lin and continued, "Sue-Lin, you have been trained by the best, what I need to know is how much of you ability is yours and how much is due to the weapon you carry? I don't any any proof, I will take you on your word."

Sue-Lin understood the question very well. She answered, "Sniper MOS is about acquiring a target and shooting the target before the target shoots you. Going up against counter Snipers is the big test. Additionally, knowing how to deal with a frontal assault from a snipers viewpoint is a matter of tactics. I am well versed in the art of sniping. As for this weapon, it is not the best for me at these ranges. I can take down any target at 500 yards as long as the bullet will make the journey. But this weapon can take an average hunter and increase their range dramatically. They will still die if they encounter a counter sniping team. What other weapons do you have available."

Teddy was very serious when he asked, "Will you please take charge of our sniping team, we have 11 people including myself that can reach out to the ridge line, 13 if your two weapons are used. Let's go shopping in our armory. Cut price end of humanity sale, everything is free!"

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 02:28 AM
They passed Seamus on the way and gave him an update, he seemed pleased. The armory was well stocked. Sue-Lin found what she was looking for easily enough. A semi auto .308/7.62x51 sniper rifle just like the one she had at home.

She said, "I'll borrow this one, it is just like the one I have at home and unlike the .338, it does not have the potential to injure my shoulder with constant use." She picked up five boxes of match ammo for it and smiled. Teddy smiled. Sue-Lin handed over her .338 saying, "Give this to someone who can make good use of it, but I want it back later please."

Sue-Lin looked around, something was just not right. She sat in a chair and spoke to Teddy as she looked around the room. "My Dad developed the Archangel teams for a reason. As far as he was concerned, he had finished the task when his twelve years were up. The army wanted more from him and offered him this and that including the rank of Major and then Colonel, all within two years."

"Dad was a little smarter. He joined Military intelligence as an outside contractor and they paid him 5 times the pay of a Colonel. He continued setting up the Archangel teams, but readied them for their real purpose. They are Sniper heavy teams with the MOS of WTSHTF, that is what Dad actually named it. They are the ultimate survivalists and their mission, right now, is to eliminate those worms living in bunkers, the ones that did this too us."

Other countries have other teams and most of those teams were set up by the military without Government permission. You may wish to consider that while we are here, going through a mass extinction event, many of the world's Navies are just floating on the oceans doing lazy circles to conserve fuel. At some point, the A-holes will come up from their bunkers and try to exert control to dominate the survivors."

"I would not want that to happen. That is the real bigger picture. The reason I am telling you this is because Dad taught me a great deal and this room is really the room that you have when the FBI raid you. This room does not contain the best weapons in this town. There is another location, very close to us right now. This room would satisfy the FBI or ATF and they would not continue looking for more."

Sue-Lin got up and said, "let's have a look at the roof!"
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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 02:56 AM
Since they arrived at Los Oculto their group had been well received, Seamus discussed with the group what they could contribute to the towns defense. Angus, Alan and Sandra all were heavily involved in the conversation. Which suited Marcus just fine since he was still in a bit of awe over what they had found there.

I could get used to this. Marcus had thought over his meal. The conversation had went to Seamus teaching them about defense and strategy. It surprised both Sandra and himself when Carol volunteered to fight in the front lines. They exchanged a quick look at that revelation. Training would start in the morning.

Great a early morning trip to the firing range. He couldn't help but grin at that thought. It had been a while since he had a chance to "plink" some targets. Seamus's wife showed them where they would get to sleep and after the events of the past few days sleep came quick.


With a groan Marcus opened his eyes to see Seamus standing in the door way pounding on the wall.

"Time to rise an' shine, laddies." Seamus said. "Ass crack o' dawn, just like I said. Ain't got a moment to spare, all those who're wantin' to shoot, come to the saloon an' have a bite to eat first. Come on, come on!"


After a few final bangs, Seamus left.

"Man this is way too early!" Marcus said with a yawn. But he got up anyway and made his way to the saloon for some food to start the day.

Maybe a hour later they were at the site of their shooting range. Empty bottles were set as targets and made it easy to tell if you hit or missed. Marcus was practicing with a old Lee Enfield rifle. The bottles he shot at more often than not exploded into shards.

"Your a fine shot lad." Seamus told him after shattering eight of the ten bottles he was told to shoot. "You handle a rifle before?" He asked Marcus as they went to set up some more.

"Yea, my pop and I would go to the range all the time." Answered Marcus as he finished placing some bottle for Church to shoot at. "Never thought I would be doing it for anything other than hunting, you know?"

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 04:59 AM
"Yeh' get used to it, laddie." Seamus told him, stealing a glance at Church. Sandra was explaining the details of Seamus's instructions to him.

Seamus gave Marcus a grin and a pat on the shoulder, then raised his own gun--the massive 44 magnum--and fired off three shots. It could've blown out everyone's ears... the kickback looked horribly harsh, but nevertheless, Seamus kept a firm hold on it, and obliterated three of the bottles.

Everyone froze, staring at him.

After seeing the look on their faces, Seamus laughed.

"Like I said, ya' get used to it!"


It was soft...

The touch of a soft, tender hand, lying itself gently on his forehead... her thumb stroking him, ever so slightly... she was always so worried...

"Are you okay, sweety...?"


Alan felt the words slip from his lips... everything seemed foggy... it took a while for his eyes to adjust, and he realized his mother was not there.

Instead, Carol was sitting on her knees, rubbing his head and watching him intently. Alan swallowed, suddenly feeling incredibly nervous and embarrassed.

Mother...? God... I hope I didn't say that out loud...

"Are you coming around, sweety?" Carol asked politely. "Are you feeling alright now...?"

"What happened...?" Alan mumbled tiredly.

"You... you passed out, dear. You hit the floor." Carol told him. "Sandra and I brought you in here. I've been in and out... looking after you and keeping an eye on James while the others are away..."

"How long...?" Alan asked weakly.

"A few hours." Carol replied, giving him a sad smile. "You should go back to sleep for a bit, sweet heart... you were awake for two days straight."

Alan stared up at the ceiling, looking tired, distant, and vacant.

"Sandra's a lucky girl." Carol said, making him turn his head and give her a strange face. "You're loyal to her... and to all your friends out there. Just like Jackson was."

Alan gazed into her, still appearing entirely depleted of energy.

Carol's grin grew.

"Get some more sleep, hon." She gave him a final, swift pet, then leaned forward and planted a small kiss on his forehead. "I'll check in on you again soon, okay?"

After Carol left the barracks, Alan stared after her, accompanied only by the echoing silence, the sunlight peeking into the windows, and a warm, content sensation he hadn't felt in many, many years.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 11:01 AM
The detonators had Angus a little concerned. Before going to get breakfast he headed out to the shooting range.
Seamus was talking to Marcus, while Marcus was setting up more bottles. As soon as Marcus had reached Seamus' s side he pulled his handgun and blasted off three shots, three bottles busted.

"Seamus, I didn't think you could move that fast" Angus said jokingly. "Nice aim" he said more seriously.

"Thanks laddy but what's bringingya way out here tis mornin?" Seamus responded.

"Well, to cut to the chase, it's the detonators. Do you perhaps know where I can find them? We have everything layed out and we are ready to start assembling the landmines. I would like to get the detonators and see if they need any work.

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posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 02:09 PM
Seamus stroked his mustache, looking down in thought.

"Lassy!" He called to Sandra just as she was about to take a shot, startling her. "What year where ya' born in? Huh?"

Sandra gave him a bewildered face.

"2009." She answered. "Why?"

Seamus didn't answer. He turned back to Angus, looking serious.

"Dorian had himself a little lock box stashed out here... forgot to pop it open. The detonators oughta' be in that stash, along with a few other useful goodies." He told Angus. "Big metal trunk in the back room of the saloon, it'll have a big wheel shaped contraption rigged onto it... should have everything you need in it. He told me once... Sandra's birth year was the password to the lock box. 2009 should do it, laddy."

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 09:54 PM
It did not take long for Teddy and Sue-Lin to uncover the hidden massive fire place filled to the brim with canned food, bags of rice and spaghetti pasta. It took longer to move the food out of the way.

Sue-Lin muttered under her breath, "Dorian, you should have at least lit a few fires here to make it look authentic."

Teddy added, "It does look a bit suss without any soot!"

Removing the hearth stones uncovered a small set of steps leading down. Sue-Lin was in wonderland. In the cellar were 4 crates, each containing a computer controlled, 3 axis, auto seeking, semi auto, belt fed, .50 caliber Sniper rifle. The unfortunate thing was, that they would never get them set up in time. Each would have to be assembled and then it would take a reasonable time to sight in and align the optics. Not something you could do in half a day!

But next to those were ten rifle cases, each with the same weapon that Sue-Lin had liberated from the bad guys. Now those could be used as is. They were hauled out and distributed. Ten more snipers that could reach out to the ridge and beyond was awesome.

At the back of the small cellar were 100 long cylinders about 4 feet long and 18 inches round. There was an inscription on each one. It read, 'Dorian's gift to the future. Use these only for the betterment of humanity.' It was repeated in five languages including Chinese and Russian. Under the first one was a note from Dorian, 'If you find these then send them ten by ten to the far corners of our United States so that they may be found by future generations.'

Sue-Lin was quite excited as was Teddy. They unscrewed an end and like children at Christmas, assembled the first one. It was made of very fine wood. A blend of a long bow with the ease of use of a cross bow. Unwieldy in combat but with the range of a long bow .... who cares!. An instruction book mainly using pictures went through how they were made.

Sue-Lin considered everything she had learnt about a fall of civilization and considered the gift well thought out. If society had to claw its way back from the brink, the bow was one of the best inventions ever made. It was right up there with horse riding and the plow.

Sue-Lin put 10 of the bows into the main armory saying, "Ted, I have a place where ten of these can sit and wait to be discovered." Ted nodded and replied, "I dare say you do. Well, we will just follow Dorian's instructions then."

They marveled at the workmanship and then disassembled and re-packed it. They put everything back the way it had been, even the food and then hid it all with the cleverly designed hidden panels.

After lunch, all of the people designated as snipers, had a meeting as Sue-Lin took charge and set the tactics for the upcoming battle. She had placed herself out in the dessert to get a crossfire position. She knew how important it was to eliminate the enemy's snipers before they could reek damage on the defenders.

She made it quite clear where she would be and then stated haughtily that she detested friendly fire. Between the town covering the front, her Dad having a 30 degree attack angle on the left and her position on the right with a 35 degree angle of attack, there was not going to be many rocks to hide behind. She set the primary snipers, the best the town had, to engage in constant battle with the enemy snipers, that was the primary mission. The second tier snipers would engage any target on the ridge line and only when the ridge line was clear would they engage closer targets.

Sue-Lin asked for a single volunteer to accompany her. Teddy smiled and said he would find someone she could rely on. They all dispersed to their assigned positions. The attack had to come that night, there was no water in the enemy camp, they just had no choice.

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posted on Jun, 16 2014 @ 03:17 PM
After hours of shooting, everyone had slightly improved their skills to a satisfactory extent. They marched back into the heart of town around three in the afternoon, all laughing and conversing about their best shots, and poking fun at one another over their worst ones. No one took offense... it was all good fun. Probably the most fun any of them had since the day the world ended...

Seamus was in the lead. When everyone walked into the town, they all stopped, realizing that Seamus was no longer taking part in their conversation. His attention was on the front gate (as was many other people's), and his expression had intensely darkened.

Everyone along the gate, the guards, were trading ideas and whispering worriedly to one another, all looking rather nervous. Seamus stepped towards them, hands wrapping around his belt casually, his eyes shining as he stared at the scene.

Sandra followed him closely behind. She got the feeling that he didn't want her to, but she disregarded this.

"Wha's goin' on?" Seamus called to one of the guards.

They all turned to him.

"People are here." The closest--a burly black man--responded.

"Raider folks?"

"Nah. Army or somethin'."

Seamus squinted at him.

Knock knock knock.

Loud knocks echoed from the wooden gate, followed by the muffled, deep voice of a man on the other side.

"We just want to talk. No trouble." The voice spoke through the wood.

Everyone looked at one another.

"What're they wearing?" Seamus asked as quietly as possible.

The guard peeked through the crack between the door and the wall, then turned back to Seamus, inching closer to him.

"Black armor n' sh!t." He whispered.

"Then they ain't army." Seamus replied, his tone turning grave. "Worse than army. Much worse."

Vivid images rushed through Sandra's head like a swarm of wasps.

Black armor...

Knock knock knock.

"We need to talk. Please." The voice said again.

"No." Sandra said in a hushed voice, grasping Seamus's wrist without thinking. "No. Don't. They'll kill everyone."

Seamus and Sandra shared a long, profound stare.

"There's three black trucks out there..." The guard said, narrowing his gaze through the crack again. "Just three, and a few armed guys. We got 'em pretty outnumbered, man. If anything happens, I mean..."

"Ain't nothin' gonna happen." Seamus told him.

Knock knock knock.

"I'll have my men get back in the trucks. We don't want to breach you. I will come inside by myself, if you'll allow me." The voice beyond the door spoke for the third time, making everyone trade eyes again.

After an eternity of tense silence, Seamus gestured to the guard.

"Open 'er up." He said. "Let him in."

"Are you serious?" Sandra exclaimed.

"We got 'em all outnumbered. Especially if one single man is gonna be strollin' in here by his lonesome. We got it covered, lassy." Seamus assured her. "Nobody reach for yer guns. Lemme handle it."

When the guards hesitantly opened the wooden door, they only allowed it to open about two feet wide.

A tall, toned man stepped through the small opening, looking between them all. He was the only man from the group of special ops who wasn't wearing black armor--but instead, a simple, sleek black suit. His deep, crimson colored hair was slicked back stylishly behind his ears, and his crystal blue eyes were glistening under the Mojave's beaming sun.

There was a small holster on his hip containing a revolver, but he made no move to grab it. Instead, his right hand seemed to be more focused on balancing a cigarette between his fingers.

There was a small, tense quietness in the air for a full minute before anyone spoke aloud.

Sandra and Seamus, standing closest to the stranger in black, were staring at him in a subtle, anxious way.

"My name's Victor." The man finally told them in a firm, fluent voice, taking a puff. "We've been riding around for a while now, trying to get a feel on how many people have... survived."

Victor looked up, slipping the cigarette from his mouth, and his eyes met Sandra's. Her heart skipped a beat... she was unable to look away from him...

"Who're you with?" Seamus asked, standing his ground between Victor and Sandra, cocking his head to the side. "Yer buddies outside look a lot like the bleedin' bastards who killed a lot of family members of ours."

Victor's stare smoothly coasted from Sandra to Seamus.

"There are a lot of branches... of a lot of different and nameless organizations dressed like that, my friend. That's why they're called black ops." He said. Sandra barely noticed his faint smirk.

Seamus appeared to be anything but amused.

"Anyway..." Victor went on, releasing a cloud of smoke from his mouth. "We're basically... a routine check-up. Just here to see how many survived, where you're all from, all that good stuff. The usual red tape and all..."

"No." Seamus said without a second's thought.

Sandra glanced at him.

Victor's unusually calm eyes seemed to sparkle as he glared at Seamus.


"Ay. I said no. I ain't got a clue who you are, and after what's happened, a gang of armored thugs in black trucks ain't exactly the type we're gonna trust." Seamus stated firmly. "Kindly leave."

Victor gazed endlessly into Seamus, then looked Sandra's way again.

Sandra found herself captivated by his eyes again... something about him...

"Alright, alright." Victor said, giving them a single nod. "Have a nice day."

Then, he turned and vanished from the town, slipping through the open gate, which was quickly closed and sealed seconds afterwards.

posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 09:12 AM
After all the planning and the orders which had been issued for the Op “PAYBACK” it was a simple affair for the Teams to get through the gate at Peterson A.F.B. and head directly to Peterson AFB Operations where they were met by the Deputy Base commander Col. Roads.

Col. Roads and Ray were old buddies from their academy days and Ray greeted Colonel Roads as Dusty.

Jason and John with their teams only had a total of 40 men for this undertaking.

With Ray's insistence he would accompany the teams to the tunnel entrance gate at DIA .

Once in the tram tunnel (through some handy work by Dusty) the teams were able to change into their normal battle Rattle except for John and Jason who remained in their service uniforms with only upper body Kevlar vest under their service blouses. Other than their displayed rank, Kevlar, and their side arm they looked for all purposes like two full bull colonels who would come a knocking on someone's door.

12 miles to DIA was provided by the existing tram line which was inspected and ran every month; compliments of the maintenance team from Peterson AFB.

The first block to their success or failure was a massive steel door at the DIA underground entrance.. John who usually would come up with something to lighten the air looked at Dusty and Ray while wondering out loud, “Which Swiss Bank vault door had they managed to skip country with”?

Dusty just smiled and said, “ It does look like one doesn't it”.

Everyone stayed back from the door except for Dusty and John. Dusty pushed the intercom button and a bored voice came over the speaker, “ Colonel Roads I have not seen you for a while what brings you down here”?

“Hey Sam is that you”?

“Yep, it be me, SIR”!

“Sam I have orders to take Colonel Stark to meet with one of your moles (the security staff called the residents moles) ..

“Roger stand by.... Colonel I do not see his name on the access list... and neither is yours”.

“That is correct Sam and I will not be accompanying Colonel Stark to meet with Senator Beechman”. This is some top secret stuff and the orders just came across the Ops secure line about an hour ago”.

John pulled the orders and held them before the camera that was watching their every move.

The document had “for eyes only” and “Secret” across the top with the NSA logo.. The cover sheet for “Eyes Only” had two names which were Senator Beechman and Col. Stark...It was signed and proudly displayed the new assistant director's signature.. All fake but good enough for most government work.

”I tell you, Colonel things are breaking down and not working like they are supposed to... This must have been a big rush job or someone's big F'up for them not to notify this desk... Break..... Sorry Sir. it is just coming inbound now.. Col. Stark is permitted to enter”.

“Sir upon entry please follow the arrows”.

Hydraulic locks disengaged and the massive door swung open. John walked through like he had nothing better to do and followed the arrows except instead of turning left he went opposite or right and opened a nondescript gray door with the number on the frame that said D-1. The door wasn't even locked.. Sam was just starting to rise when John pulled his side arm and suggested he sit back down and reopen the tram security door.
Sam had a look on his face of disbelief and somewhere in his mind he was figuring this was some kind of security drill that he just messed up on big time!

“Screw the S.O.B.s I have the orders and everything, they can hang someone else for this crap”!
The big massive door opened and Jason, Ray, Dusty and the teams all came through.

Dusty and Ray escorted Sam back with them to the tram tunnel after securing his wrist behind his back with the latest in zip lock attire... they then made camp and waited for the all clear.

Jason now took "point" because he was wearing a Marine uniform and there would be marine guards at the next check point.

As Jason approached the two bored Marine guards saw him and snapped to attention as he approached.

With his best impersonation of a Marine Drill Sargent Jason asked when was the last time they had cleaned their weapons.. The marine on the left stammered and said “last night, SIR” as Jason approached and reached for his weapon.

The second Marine was to locked jawed to say anything but watched with saucer eyes as Jason disarmed the first marine and made a face as he inspected his weapon.

“Give me yours too and you better hope it is in better shape than this P.O.S”

When in possession of both rifles Jason transferred them both to his left hand and pulled his side arm at about the same time as the teams who had all been behind the corner came forward weapons at the ready.

There was no serious bloodshed throughout the entire operation even though 186 people were zip locked and transferred over to a waiting security team and vehicles at Peterson AFB.

One of Senator Beechman's security guards had tried to play hero and demonstrate his martial arts craft with Jason... All he got for his effort was a broken collarbone.... which was very painful to walk with.

Once past the DIA security guards the personnel guards were not armed; so the children would not get the wrong idea or some accidental discharge would be prevented from happening..... was the mole's thinking..

Jason and John had both joked the military and gate guards were serious because they actually had bullets.
No one could supposedly get into DIA without proper clearance.. “Wrong”!

All the newly acquired prisoners names and I.D.s were taken and when back at home base it was determined that the number one Rat they were seeking had left two days before the teams raid !

Piss poor timing.. But otherwise a well executed Op.

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posted on Jun, 17 2014 @ 07:39 PM
Angus, intrigued by the thought of a lock box left by Dorian, heads back to the Saloon. He decides to check in on Alan.
When he steps into the room where Alan is sleeping, Carol pops up of his bed holding a damp washcloth.

"Hello Sweety" she says to Angus.

"Hello Carol, is he still out?" Angus asks.

"Yes, the poor thing keeps drifting in and out. He had a very hard road here and needs rest." Carol said gently but protectivly.

"I have lost track of time, how long has he been asleep?"

"Oh, only about four hours, hun. You look like death walking as well. Why don't you wash up and get a little rest?"

"I do need it but there are a few things I need to take care of first. If he wakes and is ready to start back, tell him to meet me in the back of the Saloon please."

"Will do sweety, but make sure you don't over do it." Carol says as Angus leaves the room.

Angus has a growing fear that time is running short. He is starting to worry about whether or not they will be able to get everything done. He needs to know exactly how far the raiders are and how long before they reach the town.

Instead of going to the lock box, Angus goes to the RC Piper. He pulls the parts out and puts the plane together. He then gets a small digital camera and mounts to the plane. Being a gasoline based engine he decides to modify the exhaust to make in quieter. Having had done something similar with lawnmowers in the past, the work does not take him long. Next he opens the planes controls a tweaks it, adding a few miles to the flying radius.

By this time he is beat and can barely hold his eyes open. Alan walks in and still has dark circles under his eyes.

"Man, you look like crap". Alan says.

"Same to ya. Look, I need to get some rest. If you wouldn't mind I need a couple of things." Angus replies.

"What is it you need? Did you find the detonators? " Alan ask.

"See that lock box over by the wall? They should be in there. If you get a chance, before I get back, could you pull them out and start assembling the mines? The combination is '2009'.
We still have a few hours of daylight left. I would really like to get them all together before night fall so Sue-lin can set them. If need be, you can ask Skip and his boys to help.
But Alan, I have something else I would like you to do first." Angus wanted to be here for this but he was done. Pushing himself any further would only slow them down more.

"The landmines should not be a problem, what else did you need?" Alan ask.

Angus moves over a little so that Alan can see what he has been working on. "This is a 100cc RC Piper. I have modified it to run very quietly. I also have a digital camara on board that will feed live to my laptop, here. All that is left is to get it out and attach the wings, which can be done like so". Angus shows Alan the wing brackets and how they should be installed. "Have you had any experience with RC planes?"

"Dad bought me one when I was a kid. This is a lot bigger but I think I can fly it." Alan replies.

"Good. I need you to check and see where the raiders are. You can fly it around town a couple of times, to get a feel for it, then take it up high and towards the ridge. I need to know if there is even any reason to worry about the landmines at this point."

"I will try, but no promises. Now you need to go get some sleep!" Alan says.

"You scared I am going to mess something up?" Angus asked jokingly.

"Yes" Alan said as Angus left the room.

He made his way to their room and cleaned up as much as he could. He was beat and as soon as his head hit the pillow he heard Carol come in.

"You ok hon?" She asked.

"Yes" Angus said, fighting back a yawn. "I need a favor, we have about 7 hours of daylight left, could you please wake me in two hours?" He asked.

"Two hours? That's not nearly enough sleep sugar. Maybe four hours would be better?" She asked caringly.

"No, please wake me in two. There is still a lot to be done Carol. This is really important." Angus says.

"Ok, two hours it is. I won't keep you awake any longer. Sweet
dreams." She says as she quietly shut the door behind her.

Angus does not remember anything else until Carol is gently shaking him aw ake.

posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 07:38 AM

Alan turned from the counter, spotting Sandra.


"What're you doing back here?" Sandra asked, stepping into the saloon's cluttered storage room. "Where's Angus?"

"Went to take a nap." Alan answered, holding up one of the toy planes. "That's why I'm here. This has to get done as soon as possible."

Sandra eyed him closely.

"Do you remember what happened?" She said. "You haven't had much sleep either. Why're you awake already?"

"I slept for nearly five hours." Alan replied. "My sleeping cycle is probably the last thing you need to worry about, anyway. I'll sleep when I'm comfortable here, and I'm not going to be comfortable here until I'm sure some Las Vegas savages aren't gonna break down our walls in the night and slit our throats."

Sandra gave him a long, odd stare.

Alan, noticing, squinted questioningly at her from behind his small, transparent glasses. He adjusted them, returning the peculiar look.

"What?" He said.

Sandra revealed a small smirk.

"Who are you?" She muttered.

Alan blinked. "What...?"

"Really, who are you and what have you done with Alan?" Sandra went on, crossing her arms smugly. "I've never seen you so driven to do anything... except school work. I've never seen you so selfless, either. Its scary."

Alan continued to gaze at her, looking lost.

"I don't have time to be myself." He finally responded, turning and facing his counter top again, fidgeting with one of the planes.

"I think you have that backwards." Sandra said.

Alan stuck a screwdriver into the plane, twisting it, attempting to ignore Sandra and only half succeeding.

"I think you used to be a stuck up douche because that's all you knew how to be. And now, the world's given you a reason to be who you really are."

Alan said nothing.

He placed the screwdriver on the counter, sighing.

Seconds passed by, then Alan met eyes with her again, looking mistified and speechless. Sandra stared back at him, seeming to be in thought.

"Remember the guys who shot up our school...?" Sandra said moments later. "Another group of people came here... they looked like they were from the same... black ops group."

"What?" Alan exclaimed.

"The guy... their leader... some guy in a suit... he said they wanted to know how many people were here, and how we're.. surviving." Sandra finished.

"You didn't tell him anything." Alan said half-questioningly. "Did you? You didn't, did you?"

"Of course not. But... I wasn't the one talking to him. Seamus..."

"He didn't tell them anything, did he?"

"No, he's not stupid. He told the guys to leave. We had them outnumbered anyway, nothing was gonna happen--"

"Sandra, they didn't come here to shoot up the place." Alan said anxiously. "If they were being civil... there are two possibilities. They came to earn everyone's trust here, and maybe slowly enlist them onto their side... or... they're trying to get an up-close-and-personal synopsis of how many people are here, and how we plan to defend ourselves... so they can plan around it. They might be planning something against us. Know your enemy."

"Well... we'll fight them too, if we have to." Sandra said. "I know fighting the black ops is the last thing anyone here wants... but if they back us into a corner, we're gonna fight. That's all there is to it."

Alan exhaled heavily, looking away.

"Come into the bar when you're done. Seamus wants everyone to relax after they've done their jobs for the day." Sandra told him. "See ya' soon."

Sandra left the back room, leaving Alan standing alone in the clutter, accompanied only by silence, and a new, deep sensation of paranoia he'd never felt before.

posted on Jun, 19 2014 @ 01:37 AM
During the walk back to town everyone's spirits were high, with lots of bragging and laughing over the lessons of the day. With Seamus leading the way they all made their way back. When they got into the town proper it became apparent that Seamus's attention was on the crowd that had formed at the front gate. Sandra and Seamus made their way to the gate leaving Marcus and Church behind in confusion.

"What do you think is going on?" Church asked as he and Marcus stood there bewildered. Marcus shrugged as he started to follow after. When the two of them got closer they heard one of the guards say that they had visitors and it wasn't raiders. Marcus and Church were then close enough to hear the knocking and a voice beyond ask to talk.

Who would come knocking at our front gate to talk? Marcus wondered. He could see but not hear the conversation Seamus was having with the gate guard. Surprisingly to Marcus they opened the gate to let the speaker inside, Sandra didn't seem pleased with that.

The man who stepped inside seemed to be overdressed in Marcus's opinion. Wearing a Sleek black suit and a revolver on his hip. He stood there smoking a cigarette while talking to Sandra and Seamus, asking them about the town and how many people were in it. Seamus flat out refused to answer and after being told no numerous times the man who had introduced himself as Victor left.

After he had left Marcus called out to Seamus. "What was with that guy?" Sandra her face flush with annoyance walked away.

"Someone I think we will be seeing again laddie." He replied as he turned his gaze back to the gate. "Lets go get some food lads!" He gestured to Marcus and Church as he turned to make his way to the saloon.

posted on Jun, 17 2015 @ 08:35 AM


Alan jolted awake. He hadn't realized that he'd fallen asleep on top of his folded arms, his unfinished work lying before him. The look of the sunlight outside of the tiny window indicated that not much time had passed at all.

"You said you'd come to the bar. It's been an hour." Sandra told him.

"I said no such thing! You volunteered me--and I have work to do!"

"Yeah, I can tell."

"Stuff it!"

"Come have a drink, asshole."

"Why don't you just--"

"Come ON!"

Sandra grasped Alan and pulled him out of the back room, hoping to meet up with the others and catch up while they had the chance.

posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 10:45 AM
"What do you mean 'you're leaving '? We need you here for what's coming, Dorian!.......Think of your niece. ......."
"It has to be done Angus, there is no one else"
"There's me, I will go, let me go!"

"Hun, the only place you need to go is back to bed"
Angus wakes as Carol gently shakes him "how long?" He asks.
"Two hours, just as you requested. Though the way you were tossing, turning and talking there's no way you rested. It's just as well you're up though...... they want as many as they can find for a meeting in the bar."
"It should start in about thirty minutes. " She replied.
Angus went to the rest room, splashed copious amounts of cold water on his face and tried to tame his unruly hair. Giving up he headed to the bar.

posted on Jun, 24 2015 @ 06:12 PM
"Gui'ness for me, lassy!"

Seamus hollered at his wife, who scowled and slid a large glass down the wooden bar's surface.

Sandra and Alan sat with Seamus and began sipping on their homebrewed guiness, and they both winced at the ungodly horrible flavor of the brownish alcohol.

"Oh I know it ain't got a decent taste, youngin's." Seamus told them. "But I bet you my bottom button it damn well works."

"Can I have some water to chase it with?" Sandra asked and revealed a sly smirk. "I kinda wanna see how much I can take."

Alan gave her a judgmental look, and Seamus laughed.


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