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Homeless people-is it our duty to protect, feed & keep warm?

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:14 PM
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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:19 PM
I don't know of any in my town who are homeless. There is a Salvation Army around here, and a free clinic.

Detroit is a different story. Right near freeway on-ramps you see people with signs saying "Will Work for Food."

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by thelibra
I've had mixed feelings on the homeless my entire life. I speak as someone who has actually been homeless (as in, sleeping on the street, waiting at the back door of bakeries at night for the trash, and learning what it was like to have "well-meaning young men" visit you in the middle of the night with fists and feet).

I would applaud you but I ran out of votes for this month but I will be back and you have my first vote for the next monthdo.

I am glad you are here to share your life experiences.

You most has been young when found yourself in the streets.

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:22 PM
well From a Prevesly homeless person heres the inside .
Raised in gov foster homes or just no family to turn to and getting on to 18 ? watch out here it comes . So now your on the streets first and for most is food AAA theres a place right down the street over there serving .
Opps to bad only enough for the first 200 sorry aa mabby tommrow .
well tommrow comes and still no food this was my first WEEK . Finly relizing no way to survive going on like this . Get a job you say .Humm goood idea only every manger gives you the LOOK home phone please address please um generial dilivery. Sorry we dont need you.
walking through the intersection hearing the locks clicking .Funny I keep clean shaven and hand wash my cloths wonders how they know?
Getting despret now time to learn dumpster diving . and yes we do that .
As hard as it was befor to find food now its Glotion CITY .
Do you relized Donut joints through away 400 pounds every day . Just because donuts are 8 hours old. how manny of you buy donuts leave them on your kitchen counter and grab one the next morning?
MC donalds gets payed for the burgers even if you dont buy them its call a tax refund on lost productivy. So they make ten times what they sell the rest are consined to the dumpster . Pizza joints .
Finly In a total fit of desperation goes way out near a interstat off ramp no town there but a truck stop willing to hire anyone under any conducions.
One toe still in woods no food again no dumpsters here .scround from truck stop bearly get by. Probly would have had no choice but to go back to the city soon.
Except going to a small town 10 miles down the road on weekends to buy what little I can . Making 160$ week of corse no rooms to rent and well I do have to eat and cooking is very hard. Shop keeper saying one day you seam like a nice kid. Have been helping her on the side Im a reagular fixit man . she says have a extra house you can stay for a wile .
Off the streets finly only took three years .PS dont drink or du drugs .Most out there dont a few bad ones do im sure you see the difference.
so finly finding a real job even on job site living quarters no rent bills no electricty bills company Clunker car to boot . saving tones of money NOW .
two years go by have my own car now lots of money good job people in town now know me and I live happly if poorly ever after marred with kids and buying my OWN real home im talking a house here not a box on weels.
But for that one woman who gave me just enough time to get a grip Id still be under that tree.
Ps to everone who stop to drop a bag along the road Thanks and to thous who even gave me a buck or two thanks even more . But sadly that only barly keeps us street people alive .
we want to be here you say ? yea a few the ones who belong in the lunie bin .The rest No i have seen whole familys there . You say you care and yes just enough to through a bread crumb so you feal better .
Ps your in your 30des working that desk job GREAT pay but company moves to china you proced to louse everthing your home cars little by little .
Hi welcome to real life ill be glade to show you the ropes.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by thelibra
The only way I pulled myself out was to get a job, stick to the job, work my arse off and have an employer forgiving enough to let me sponge myself off in the employees restroom so that I could be presentable enough for work, and allow me to work extra shifts so long as I showed up, did my job, and stayed sober (which wasn't that hard, considering I wasn't even ON anything, nor was I a drunk, I just happened to become flat broke at a bad time).

As an employer, it is your duty to give that homeless person a chance if they show up asking for work. If you're worried they will stink, give them a stinking job, like cleaning the toilet. If you're worried they'll steal, then get some insurance and shell out a couple of beans for a security camera. Make them earn your trust if you want, but at least give them the -chance- to earn it. Let them work to rebuild their life and sense of respect.

Problem is, most employers won't hire you unless you have a home address. That's a real catch-22. No home unless you have a job, no job unless you have a home.

And I agree employers SHOULD pay a livable wage. Minimum just doesn't cut it. I'm thankful I've never had to live on the street; then again, I could always bunk out with my mother and sister or any other relative. I guess I'm lucky there.

Makes me feel more grateful for a husband with a good-paying job.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:33 PM
Oh, yet another post here. I think I say what I wanted to, and find I have more.

I think a reason a lot of people won't help is there are people who fake being homeless so they get freebies. It's not right, and it screws over the truly needy royally.

My dad always said you don't want to give money to a homeless person 'cause they'll buy booze. He said give them food, like stop at McDonald's or something. I know that's not always true, but you don't know that.

One time my husband and I were out somewhere and there was a person with a sign saying Will Work for Food. We gave him a five, since we were at a traffic light. Figured that'd at least give him one meal. I mean, it's not like you drive around with a lot of food expecting to run into homeless people, not where we were.

You know, that's an idea. Next time I visit my relatives in Detroit, I ought to get a cooler and toss some stuff into it. Especially if I go along Eight Mile Road.

We've been down on our luck ourselves, but never homeless. I just feel very lucky that we have relatives to go to if we have nowhere else to go.

You guys that were living on the street, I just about broke down and started to cry reading your stories. I can only imagine how lonely and abandoned you guys must have felt.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by marg6043
You most has been young when found yourself in the streets.

I was both young -and- stupid, a not uncommon combination, unfortunately. I lived in Austin, had broken up with my girlfriend of the time, while simultaneously was robbed of everything I owned by two previous roommates. Since I'd been living hand-to-mouth as it was, I had nothing saved, and due to my own idiocy, had lost my job a few days earlier because I felt like calling in, instead of going to work that day. Too many blows at once, and I was left with nowhere to go, no money, nothing...

So really, it was my fault that I ended up in the situation. I guess that's why I felt it was my sole responsibility, and not society's, to get myself out...

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:46 PM

Originally posted by thelibra

So really, it was my fault that I ended up in the situation. I guess that's why I felt it was my sole responsibility, and not society's, to get myself out...

That's a pretty good attitude, though, and I'm glad you managed to climb up out of that.

My dad was thrown out when he was 12, and one of my mother's brothers found him and took him home. Since one of my aunts had just died (at the age of 10), and my grandparents were used to having 8 children anyway, they took him in. Mom was 3 at the time.

My dad knew how hard it was. This was during the early 50s btw.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 01:49 PM
You can't get any help from social service unless you have an address also.

Oh ya, and um....some of yas, only a few, are really great examples of that good ole compassionate conservativism that Bush occasionally talks about. You're really making your fearless leader out to be one heck of a joke....compassionate my eye!!

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 02:06 PM
Not having time to read through most of the other replies, I just want to add my own. I think it is our duty to feed and help the homeless. I just don't think its our right to force others to do so. I think its a fine and moral thing for a person to give to someone who is less fortunate but to then take the self-righteous opinion that we must forcfully extract and confiscate from non-willing people is not..and it is actually un-constitutional.

posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 02:13 PM
In todays society, there are many homeless people out there who ,through no fault of there own, find themselves without anything or any place to live.

We live in such a selfish world, that when we shut the door, nothing else matters until we see it the next day.

We are all guilty of this to some extent.

Some people are homeless through no fault of their own, but some choose to lead the life of begging and being homeless. I see regularly on my way to work two men who are always begging for the price of a coffee.
I tend to drop any change i have in there worn out caps, not for feeling sorry for them but ,i suppose to make my self feel better that i have actually helped these unfortunate people.

I was asked once by these men for the price of a coffee and i actually went and bought them one each. The gratitude they showed was something i cannot describe.

Some of the so called homeless actually don't need any help, but beg on the streets fleecing people for money. They lead a better life than most of the working class. These people are easy to spot. Don't give them money, just buy them a coffee and see how they react.

To me, if the person is genuine and wants some help, then why not give it?

We have war vets over here too who deserve a lot of respect for what they did. Its a shame that our governments cannot help these people. Or maybe they don't care. I choose the later.

In my book, if they look and sound genuine, then why not spare a few bits of change to buy them a coffee or a sandwich? Failing that, go and buy them something to eat. They would be grateful and it would make you feel good that you helped.

We all give to charities now and again, but do we really think about what we are giving to?
I don't.
We just empty our pockets and tend to feel good about ourselves.

Homelessness is a government problem that needs addressing big time. Until they eventually get their acts together, these people have only us to depend on.

I say, help them out when you can. You may never know when you might be in the same situation.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 03:28 AM
I was waiting at a bus stop on my way to work once when i saw this homeless guy with torn filthy trousers far too small for him, obviously from a clothing bin, bare feet and a singlet and hugging himself to keep warm as it was freezing at the time. He was just walking along aimlessly minding his own buisness, but he looked so miserable that it struck a chord . So I strolled over to a newspaper vendor and ask him to mind my bag, and I go over to the guy and give him Some money for a meal and some cigarettes and I turn to go and decide to give him my jacket, afterall, ill be warm once i get on the bus and I have other jackets. The guy looks at me like im an alien, so I smile at him and say buy a meal. He puts on the jacket, its a little short in the arms for him but he dosent care, and hes smiling as he goes into a shop and buys food. The vender ask me who he is and I tell him I havent the foggiest idea, just a cold hungry fella. And boy was he hungry, he came outta the shop eatin like no tomorrow, and I could tell,
He was thankful indeed tho he never said a word to me.
I cant pass by a homeless person and not have compassion, regardless the reason they might be there. I cant give them a job or a home, but i can buy them a meal, and stop for a freindly chat. You wouldnt step over your brother, sister or parents lying on the footpath, nor even your freinds, so why pretend a person isnt there, they are someones brother, sister, son, daughter, etc etc.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 03:29 AM
I refuse to give to the beggars, whether its the price of a cup of coffe or a single penny I am heartless.
I often however buy 2-3 newspapers a day from the homeless guys on the side of the road and get my windshield cleaned at least twice.
You see to my way of thinking if a guys begging he has already given up, he has neither hopes nor plans of getting off the streets, and I'm not gonna pay him to be there.
If hes workin though, even if its just using water and a newspaper to clean off peoples windsheilds for spare change, hes still trying, still fighting, and one thing I know from having been homeless myself is you aint beat till you think you are.
However one issue I take with what is been posted on this thread is the idea that some people are homeless through "no fault of thier own"
I was homeless because I was young dumb and to free with money.
Most people who are homeless now had 2 color TV's and went out to dinner 2-3 times a week before the streets.
I hear a lot of people say they are living hand to mouth when the have a car in the garage, credit cards maxed out, and a DVD player.
You spend the little money you have on cigarettes, beer, TV's, DVD's etc when the # hits the fan you're gonna find yourself on the street.
If you get laid off then you lost the job through "no fault of your own" but if yo didn't save when you were working, and end up on the street it is your fault.
You want a job I get you one, Yu wanna clean my windshield you can, you wanna sell me a newspaper or a trinket I'll buy, you wanna beg then get the hell outta my face.

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 06:10 AM
Well, let's see, we could just chose not to eat everyother day, that might save us maybe $30-$50 a week....of course, we still have one kid who's legally dependent on us, if push comes to shove, I imagine the gov't could have something to say about it.

We could neglect to go without electricity, but then, winter is coming isn't it.

Phone, well, ya see, the boss likes that my husband has a phone occasionally calls regarding situations at work. And, well, I very seldom get to drive anymore, haven't in months I think. So, Don't think I'm driving into town to make the phone call if he happens to want to call in sick.

My husband could cease driving into town every night to sit at his friends house and thus leave me without transportation all day and night.....gee, that would not only save us maybe $20, but give me and our oldest son an opportunity to see just what kinds of jobs are out there, but well, that would be his choice, now wouldn't it.

Or, heck, he could opt to not travel so far in the first place, that would save us lots of money...but then any job that he would get around here pays so much less that we'd then be elgible for the free healthcare, the food stamps, ect. ect.........hey....BINGO!! The jackpot!!!

The point I am making is that it's kind of impossible to save when you are running a deficit week after week, and your credit cards are getting maxed out making up for the shortfall. And, well, we've eliminated just about every non-essential item that was on the budget years ago. We're just waiting for income tax time, hoping that the gov't can see fit to return all that money that they just had to take, but then decides we should have it back later, before they decide to foreclose on the house or every other year.
Of course, one of these years, the kids won't be in school, so we won't have to worry about pulling them out in mid-year...then well, we'll be seeing yas!!! They can have the danged house.

Besides, any money we save, we'd probably have to hide under the mattress....otherwise that long list of medical providers would be sueing us for it......they wan't their payments on those bills that are twice as much as what they would have charged anyone with medicial insurance or medicare, medicaid......
Oh, ya, we did drop one unnecessary expense from the budget, after I broke my ankle, my husband decided maybe it would be a good idea after all to insure me....well, what good is the insurance, without the money to pay the out of pocket, right? So, I won't go, since I don't see the money for the past bills coming from any direction and I sure the heck won't make more!! Beside, maybe if we hadn't been paying that money we wouldn't be two months behind on some of these bills!!

I don't buy the "it's their fault" argument....I still say the fault lies within those businesses that are placing their profits above their employees welfare, thus making you and me look after them instead. I also tend hold those employees who, even knowing that others in their place of employement are having to rely on these programs, will still accept that awesome pay raise every year. And, well, let's not forget those fine people in government, like our state legislatures here in NY, who after failing miserable all year at doing their job, has pointed toward our medicaid bills as the excuse to raise taxes and increase (create also) fees, ect...but then, decide they deserve a nice raise again!

Our state is getting killed by the obligations that the medical system is placing on it....shouldn't the healthcare system also share the blame also!

Plain simple truth is....I asked the powers that be from husband, to employer, to gov't for help when I first had a problem. I was working then, and continued working for about a year after....without medical care, since no one wished to help me.... The day I quit, I was fought tears the whole half hour I drove to hurt that much. I had already taken more than my two alloted days off before a doctor's note would have been needed, and well, I was still not fully able to work. I walked in, and well, there on the board, again, was the days off will be given for the next month...we've got too much work. Well, that was the end for me, I had already pushed myself for months, even though I had over a week of paid leave....they just weren't interested in giving it. So, what societies lack of willingness to help had got them was that I went from being someone who was at least working, just needing a little someone who now really isn't in any position to find a job, then that job HAS TO BE something that I don't need my feet for....and oh, ya, it now has to pay enough so I can have enough money left over to pay the many healthcare providers that I own money to. The time to have helped was when I first asked....I won't ask again.
After I quit my job, well, I had my backpack packed, I wanted to just leave your society in the dust. I really didn't care if I only got to the one of the many areas around here that are wooded and well, have alot of hiding places. I didn't care if I froze to death, really, I just wanted to go. I stayed for the kids....I can at least do some things still to make their lives a little better. The youngest one will hopefully be done with school this year...and well, that excuse will be gone won't it.
Maybe somewhere in this story is the reason why some people are homeless. They just got sick and tired of asking for the help, when gee, it really would have made of difference, and well, no one helped, they lost everything, and well, why care now.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 09:47 AM
Dawnstar, wow that post was from the heart.

Sounds like things are not great for you, things get out of control, I know.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 09:58 AM
You have to have compassion for your fellow never know when you may need a bit of it someday. Yes, I have been burned on countless occasions where I actually saw the person I gave money to, buying alcohol. Because of that, I will no longer give any money to anyone. I will buy them food, and if they are telling me they have a child that needs help, I will buy for the child, telling the store manager why I am buying it so it can't be brought back for drinking money. I have had some people tell me, "never mind then" but for me, it's worth it for the ones that honestly needed it. As I said above, no, it's not our responsibility, it's our compassion as humans to help if we can.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 11:32 AM

Originally posted by LadyV
You have to have compassion for your fellow never know when you may need a bit of it someday. Yes, I have been burned on countless occasions where I actually saw the person I gave money to, buying alcohol. Because of that, I will no longer give any money to anyone. I will buy them food, and if they are telling me they have a child that needs help, I will buy for the child, telling the store manager why I am buying it so it can't be brought back for drinking money. I have had some people tell me, "never mind then" but for me, it's worth it for the ones that honestly needed it. As I said above, no, it's not our responsibility, it's our compassion as humans to help if we can.

I would say it is our responsibility as humans to be compassionate. Which, in effect, makes it our responsibility to provide for the needs (as opposed to the wants) of the poor and homeless.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by tsuribito
It is here.

You are telling me that anyone wherever you are is given a modest apartment and kept well fed?

lady V
it's not our's our compassion for our fellow beings that dictates we should help those in lesser situations than ourselves!

I like that take on it.

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 12:22 PM
Yes we should help these people, every bit as much as we help other countries feed, educate and shelter thier peoples.
But you can only help those that want it. Some just want your money, but others really do need help and should be helped.
I've helped people holding the "work for food" signs that needed it. But some will tell you quickly they will NOT work. Hard to weed through the truthfull and the deceitfull. Use your better judgement when giving to anyone.
Don't let anyone take your kind heart for granted. But please if you can give to someone in need that deserves it, do so.

posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 01:14 PM
Thanks for all your stories, pro ad con.

Let me tell you I am a Native American person, an Indian.

Now let me tell you a story from a forgotten time.

A time when people lived in Freedom with God.

You see, we have lost our Freedom, and that is why there are 'homeless'.

When my ancestors wanted a 'home', they dug it from the Earth with a shovel made from the shoulderbone of a Buffalo or Elk. They did not need permits, or the imaginary idea of money. The family just built it from what was there. These homes are comfortable, healthy, and beautiful. They are in harmony with the natural environment. I call the Navajo hogans 'jewelboxes'. You can still visit traditional homes at Kule Loklo Miwok Village near San Francisco, at Patrick's Point State Park in Northern California, at Anadarko and Tahlequah, Oklahoma and many other places near where you live. We Indians grow corn, and beans, and squash and save the seeds for the next year, all for free. Think of all the unused land near you. It is illegal in America to plant a garden there. A home and garden like this costs nothing but labor, and needs no permission but that of God.

There is the problem. American society has assumed the Authority of God by forbidding the freedom to build a home and grow food.

But American society has not assumed the Responsibility of God by ensuring that everyone who can work has work, that everyone who can build a home has permission and material to do so, that people have the right to grow food on unused land.

America is afraid of freedom.

I have lived in the wilderness in the traditional way. I was happy then, and well fed, and warm.

I think in modern society these homeless people should have a place to go- even if its only a tool shed with a sleeping bag- warm clothes, food and a place to grow food, and opportunity to work.

Germany, the EU, and Great Britain have welfare programs. Canada has social programs for the poor. Mexicans can build a house on unused land from found materials in Mexico. Of course the infirm should have an infirmary. And children must be protected. This is our responsibility, both as individuals, and as a Nation.

Unfortunately, Social Darwinism has a long history in America. Most Americans never stop to think that they are one car accident or layoff away from a rendevouz with the reality of Freedom and God in America.

Freedom and God cost nothing but bravery and work.

I wish we were free.

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