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My Wonderful Demo EP: Three New Songs, One About 9/11

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:07 AM
Hello again, Colin Burt here. If there ever was an artist who should be at least somewhat successful, or just fully professional, it's me. However, though I hope I'd be wrong, it very much appears the System - whatever exactly that is in the overall sense - has a mysterious yet quite monolithic way of thwarting and ignoring those who are politically-oriented as I am, or definitely for those of us who pack a little extra punch in their message(es). No one out there with any at least minimal amount of popularity presents any real challenge to the status quo.

When listening to these songs, one needs to imagine how a truly GOOD singer could perform them. My songs are good enough to deserve WAY better vocal than I can manage, though I'm technically not altogether lousy; I hit the notes on pitch probably enough of the time (with no vocal punch-ins/edits). I would seriously, as objectively as possible (for one evaluating his own art), place my work among the most wonderfully melodic and harmonic stuff, say, since the '60s - or at least roughly in the ballpark.

Again, speakers lacking bass (as in most computer speakers) are unacceptable, especially since it's all keyboard bass. If nothing else, please use headphones. Lyrics with brief introductions to follow.

For lyrics to the first 3 songs, see this thread:

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:10 AM
If I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one; it's probably my best combination of vocal melody and instrumental harmony. Lyrically I'm very pleased with its positive message.


I’m howling at the moon and it feels good, awake from the dead move ahead in a purposeful way, it heals me, on a walk in the night, never saw anything quite so lovely, oh the joy to start again, seems to be some great masterplan, helping hand, and it glows all over
I dream that I can fly and breathe underwater, the quantum it shows us that matter is not what it seems, look closer, from the soul we become everything we desire, it’s here for us, time has come to start again, it’s all about making new friends, spacecraft comes, and it glows all over


these are the days that we will remember if everything is darker, now we can fly far away to wherever we choose, ever higher until we see the curve of the Earth, what a great creation, work for its preservation, dreams become real as the sun when the third eye awakes, loving all that we can, we attain a clean slate, and the walls tumble down like they’re made out of dust, we rejoice in our day in the sun, and it glows all over

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:13 AM
This is about how and when the United States (in particular) went completely off the deep end. Will sanity ever prevail?


the Twin Towers fell like something from Hell, and it was not by jet fuel, let physics be damned, they’re forcing their sham hook, line and stinker, now where is the science?, where is the sanity?, where is the truth?, no jet at the Pentagon, it was hit by a missile-bomb, how in the “bleep” did they get away with that?

explosions were heard, yet never a word from the ignorant media, the heat was so felt, work boots they did melt some three months later, it’s controlled demolition in a clear field of vision for those who have eyes to see, so where did the logic fail being smacked with a fairy tale?, who can believe all the lies they have told?

make a stand for justice, time has come for reckoning, come alive and shine your Heavenly Light, let’s begin again, learn that things are not what they appear, try forgiveness and mercy for a change, there’s a way to get home from the brutal battlefield

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:18 AM
Here are my only totally goofy just-for-fun lyrics, though musically it's pretty damn good. It's purely fictional dark humor (as far as I can tell). Guitar goes a little flat (out of tune), or again; it's the only one I could borrow easily and for long enough, and I'm actually grateful for it.


flaming lizard head hors d’oevres are served on moldy rolls, if you pinch the hostess on the butt it will crumble off in your fingers, breaking wind like mad the goblins roar all day and night, take that noise and shove where the sun don’t shine, you little freakazoid bastards!, slow dance in hell all you monsters, and hope you make it to Heaven one day, it’s your torture chamber, ready torpedo bay…

(BREAKUP) fire!, agony and the stench of gas from the king of beans, Lucrezia, with her whiskey baritone growl, beckons you for her daily servicing, around and around and down the bowl you roll in a royal flush, electric egg jumps inside you now and then, the oracle warned you of the inferno

raving “whizzereds” beg the bondage queen to tie them up, when they’re feeling empty they walk a mile to lick the floor of her dungeon, slow dance in hell all you wretches, it’s all you have for the rest of your stay, it’s your hall of mirrors, walk through it every day


posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:39 AM
Great stuff
I listened to glows all over.
Was it you singing? you sound like Kermit the frog

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: boymonkey74
(Much laughter). I've realized the EXACT same character that I sound like. That's what I mean about my being ONLY a songwriter, NOT a singer. One might expect me to break out into "The Rainbow Connection."

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