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Zodiacs and the Bible

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posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by MerkabaMeditation

The golden calf myth

The myth about the golden calf that the Jews made in the Sinai desert are just a small part of a slightly bigger story? The story is not so long and I therefore taught it could be a good idea to present it here, even though it is a little off topic.

It is correct that the air born shuttles that the ‘Gods’ of Israel used to evacuate the Jews across the red sea during the exodus had carvings of the four fixed signs of the zodiac on them. According to different biblical texts all the alien vehicles had these images. It was the image of a Man, a Lion, an Eagle and a Bull. All the images was in the shape of a man, but they had animal heads. That’s probably why the Egyptian’s started to make such images. The reason the Jews chose the golden calf when they decided to make an idol in the desert, was because the image of the Bull was the image that was best visible from the ground beneath when those aircrafts hovered through the air over their heads. We can read this in the Legends of the Jews here:

“But the people worshipped not only the Golden Calf, they made thirteen such idols, one each for the twelve tribes, and one for all Israel. More than this, they employed manna, which God in His kindness did not deny them even on this day, as an offering to their idols. The devotion of Israel to this worship of the bull is in part explained by the circumstance that while passing through the Red Sea, they beheld the Celestial Throne, and most distinctly of the four creatures about the Throne, they saw the ox. It was for this reason that they hit upon the notion that the ox had helped God in the exodus from Egypt, and for this reason did they wish to worship the ox beside God.”

The mixed multitude

But, why did the Jews make this idol anyway? The thing is that Moses granted a mixed multitude of non Jewish people to join them during the exodus. He insisted on this because he meant that the Jews alone were too few to fight a war against the stronger Canaan’ites. Even though, this decision was strongly apposed by ‘The Gods of Israel’ it seems that Moses got his ways eventually.

“Moses," said God, "when Israel was still in Egypt, I gave thee the commission to lead them out of the land, but not take with thee the mixed multitude that wanted to join them. But thou in thy clemency and humility didst persuade Me to accept the penitent that do penance, and didst take with thee the mixed multitude. I did as thou didst beg me, although I knew what the consequences would be, and it is now these people, 'thy people,' that have seduced Israel to idolatry."

The arming of the Jews

After the aliens descended to Earth and landed in their Sinai base with their mothership, the Jews was armed with alien weapons and dressed in alien military uniforms. I am aware that this information seems incredible , but we can read it in the legends of Jews here:

“Their weapons, which every man among them had received at the revelation on Sinai, and which had miraculous virtues, having the name of God engraved upon them, were taken from them by the angels, and their robes of purple likewise.”

The mutiny

The mutiny happened (according to the texts) while Moses was occupied in meetings with the alien leadership some time after they had landed their ship in the Sinai base. Armed with these modern alien guns, the mixed multitude (in the absence of Moses) rebelled and tried to seize power. It seems like they eventually succeeded in this , and as a result an idol in form of a golden calf was made. According to the legends of the Jews as many as 3000 people died in this coup. When the aliens eventually managed to gain control over the situation, the weapons was taken away from them. The aliens blamed Moses for this uprising, and thus the friendship between ‘the God of Israel’ and Moses began to weaken.

Aerial support

One of the big argues between Moses and their alien forefathers (and allies) in the war against the Canaan’ites was how the aliens would contribute in winning the war for the Jews. Moses argued and wanted the aliens to fight along with the Jews on the ground, but this request was denied by the aliens. The aliens only granted the Jews aerial support. Without alien weapons, Moses was thus forced to fight the war against the superior Canaan’ites with primitive weapons of the time, but with alien air support the outcome of the war was nevertheless given.

“God, who now addressed him kindly, and promised that he would send His angel, who would lead the people into the promised land. “
“I have," said God, "already told thee, that I shall send and angel before them." But Moses, by no means content with this assurance, continued to importune God not to entrust Israel to an angel, but to conduct and guide them in person.”

In the future

Moses never stopped begging their alien allies to get the alien weapons back. However. Moses never did get them back, but he was promised that they would be given back to the Jews in the future.

Moses at the same time begged God that in the future world He might restore to Israel the heavenly weapon that He had taken from them after the worship of the Golden Calf. God said, "I swear that I shall restore it to them."

Enoch and the Zodiac

In the second book of Enoch (The book of the secrets of Enoch) , Enoch reports that he saw a carving (or a painting) of a Zodiac beneath the ceiling aboard the alien space ship that was standing in the garden of Eden before the great flood. He also reports that the twelve alien Ministers (ministering angels) each kept an office (heavenly homes) aboard with a carving of the twelve zodiacal signs on their doors. Thus we must conclude that the knowledge about this universal calendar (the zodiac) initially came from our alien forefathers and was passed along (partly) to the human beings.

"And Gabriel caught me up, as a leaf caught up by the wind, and placed me before the Lord’s face. And I saw the eighth heaven, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Muzaloth, changer of the seasons, of drought, and of wet, and of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament, which are above the seventh heaven. And I saw the ninth heaven, which is called in Hebrew Kuchavim, where are the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament. “

But wait a minute. Does this mean that our alien forefathers could observe the precession of the equinox from their own home planet also? Yes. That’s exactly what it means. Otherwise their spaceships wouldn’t contains painting of a zodiac aboard. This also IMV. means that our solar system and their solar system are rotating around a common (unknown) star. Thus we have more in common that we realize. This is probably also how and why these aliens can travel to earth so seldom. The window for travel between our planets only opens up when the orbit between our solar systems are close enough. That happens once every 24000-26000 years.

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by GrassyTroll

It really would be!

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