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please respect my religion

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:03 PM

if you disagree - please give reasons , not dogmas

synopsis for those who have connection / bandwidth blocks on y-tube:

" the vid quite succinctly makes the argument that people who demand that their religion " be respected " hold creeds and dogmas that are mutually exclusive to other religions and condem , threaten or demean all other adherents , [ essentially boiling down to ` my way or the highway - or worse ]- where as true respect must be mutual further many dogmas from religions demanding "respect " cast sections of society as second class - or disposable - what happened to respect ? "

that synopsis is just my opinion of the content - but is also my opinion on the subject

so want respect ? why should I respect you if you will not reciprocate the favour ?

I respect your thoughts, but does that it mean it is logical faith based off logical evidence?

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:54 PM


reply to post by Danbones

Well dan I cam to that conclusion from reading the bible . No religious back ground or organized religion involved .There are way too many things that I don't agree with about organized religion . I guess for me it was when I realized what the church was in fact and seen that what society calls the church today is not . Like someone said earlier that people met in their homes .And where two or more are gathered in His name ,that constitutes a church . It's not a building made of wood and stone .It's not a man made thing .

i agree the churches are problematic
to me if you live your life in dignity and allow others to have their dignity
you are golden

I think that the mistake that's often made is to assume belief in a diety allows one to not have to take responsibility for one's own actions. That gives some permission to do they have paid for an indulgence.
I aspire to behave the way you describe but, i will proudly wear my mistakes on my soul, and say yeah, I effed up.

I also think that without fixing the damage done...with a humble attitude...
forgiveness from a third party is like monopoly money...looks good, but it won't get you a room in a blizzard.

There is a story about vikings in Greenland,( i can not verify this, but it is told, ) who were starving and the weather was getting worse because they were entering what we call a mini ice age. No supply ships made it through the pack ice, which was further south that year then they had ever seen it, the animals were eaten, and the meager crops failed the last year.

The Innuit said we will help you hunt, but you must come to our ceremonies to ask permission from the spirits of the animals we are about to harm to ask their permission as they have a right to be as much as us, and without their spiritual permission we will be unsuccessful in the hunt.

The priest forbade the vikings to go because the heathens were blaspheming the lord with their pagan ceremonies, and so were EVIL.

They found the bones in the church yard had the kind of cut marks that indicate cannibalism...

The priest was the last the last go, they say he died completely cut marks on his bones...
And he was buried by the Innuit as a sign of respect, or fear that his spirit would walk the land...hungry.

never verified this but it is told.

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there is something wrong with the timeline of your "viking" story
vikings ( the real ones) were pagans and mini ice age happened when there were no vikings around

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