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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Lets Get Ready to Rumble!!!! (Trump Vs Clinton) Tonight 9pm ET FINAL DEBATE 1089
  2. Project veritas part 1 Rigging the election 710
  3. Locker room banter 625
  4. WTF Do These Wikileaks Numbers Mean?---BREAKING 571
  5. Teen Pageant Contestants Say Disgusting Donald Walked In On Them Changing 529
  6. Frenzied Donald Trump Fans Are Turning on the Media -- And It's Getting Scary 461
  7. Two women come forward and say Donald Trump groped them. 371
  8. James O'Keefe Deadmans Switch On: Hillary Will Be Implicated Monday Part III Project Veritas 350
  9. BREAKING: O'Keefe Video #3 335
  10. At charity roast, Donald Trump delivered what might as well be a campaign eulogy 293

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Announcement regarding Benevolent Heretic 227
  2. Project veritas part 1 Rigging the election 183
  3. WTF Do These Wikileaks Numbers Mean?---BREAKING 174
  4. Reddit post apparently related to Clintons email coverup 154
  5. UFO Lights over Charlotte NC 15 October 2016 154
  6. WTF? Chelsea's Apt. Has Same Address as a Medical Facility!--Hillary's Secret Hospital? 152
  7. ROCK in Gentle Peace BlupBlup 150
  8. Maybe Trump Did Cheat 143
  9. Exclusive MSM Analysis Reveals: They Have Gone FULL TABLOID (Trump Tapes vs. WikiLeaks Reveals All) 143
  10. BREAKING! Proof That Benghazi Was Preventable? 140
  11. A strange situation in France 138
  12. Wikileaks Hillary knew Saudis sponsored ISIS took money from them, and helped cover it up 132
  13. Now It All Makes Sense. Trump Doesn't Plan To Win. He's Launching A Media Empire. 129
  14. Trump Supporters Charged with Domestic Terrorism 127
  15. FEMA Hack / NJ Train Crash 126
  16. Michelle Obama addresses Donald Trump’s lewd comments in fiery speech 123
  17. Trump Moves To File Charges Against Clinton 121
  18. Donald Trump Openly Calls For Voter Intimidation 120
  19. Where are Trump's tax returns? 118
  20. Two women come forward and say Donald Trump groped them. 117

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