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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Charlottesville VA Stuck Hosting (Arguably) Largest Hate Rally In Decades 1685
  2. LIVE COVERAGE: Boston Free Speech Rally & Protests 1238
  3. Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse 1125
  4. Trump says the 'alt-left' bears some responsibility for violence in Charlottesville 754
  5. I was in Charlottesville. Trump was wrong about violence on the left 606
  6. I Just Want To Say I Told You So. RE: LGBT 509
  7. FBI Raided Manaforts House 436
  8. Virginia Was A Setup. Dems Wanted The Violence. 409
  9. Charlottesville Driver Innocent? 406
  10. Absolute Proof Jesus Christ is God 352

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Jim Marrs has Passed Away 178
  2. Sometimes Trees Just Don't Give A Crap 154
  3. The Fermi Paradox - What It Is and Categories 128
  4. Black female blogger shatters the media's agenda on Virginia, the KKK and "White Supremacy". 124
  5. ET disclosure? Are you sure you want to know? 107
  6. I Am Needing Prayers 107
  7. Virginia Was A Setup. Dems Wanted The Violence. 103
  8. Haiti Official, Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation, Found Dead In Miami 102
  9. BOMBSHELL: New Report Shows Guccifer 2.0-DNC Files Were Copied Locally—Not Hacked 98
  10. Proof of some on the lefts double standard on Trumps condemning both sides comment 93
  11. Charlottesville Deputy Mayor's Racist Tweets 89
  12. Man Stabbed By Antifa Mob Outside His Home For Not Condemning ‘Nazis’ Hard Enough 88
  13. BOMBSHELL: Attorney Links Clinton Foundation to Mayo Clinic, Peter Smith and more 87
  14. CNN's Ratings Collapse - Primetime Shows Draw Less Viewers Than Re-Runs Of "Yogi Bear" 86
  15. Seth Rich Attended Party With 'IT Workers' The Night He Was Killed - Possible Awan Connection 85
  16. Two Books From 1800s Predict Trump as The Last President?? 85
  17. Trump Threatens To End The Congressional Exemption From ObamaCare! 84
  18. ITS GOING DOWN NOW! ANON Hackers Release 28K emails from Hillary's private Server #WHITERABBIT 83
  19. Congressional Investigation into the Lynch-Comey-Clinton Scandal Has Begun. 83
  20. Largest Sex Trafficking Ring in Western US Busted — Children Openly Sold “In Plain Sight” 83

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