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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -8- 2009
  2. OIG Report Released: Full text 468
  3. Melania Trump Wears Jacket With ‘I Really Don’t Care’ On It To Visit Immigrant Children 416
  4. WATCH: Two Transgenders Blow Out Girls In State Meet 411
  5. LIVE: President Trump Meets Kim Jong Un 364
  6. FBI agent Strzok reportedly texted 'we'll stop' Trump from becoming president 362
  7. "Don’t worry, the Republicans, and your President, will fix it!" 343
  8. Notice its all about the Child Camps NOW in effect since b4 2014 btw and NOT the IG report?? Hmmmm 339
  9. Donald Trump is Better Than You 338
  10. Peter Fonda Calls for People to Target the Children of ICE agents 337

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. -@TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -s3V3n- 177
  2. -@TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -8- 132
  3. #WalkAway Campaign- Leaving the Democratic Party 126
  4. The DOJ-FBI-DOS-NSA-DNI-CIA-GCHQ-MSM All Conspired to Destroy Candidate-President Donald Trump! 120
  5. TWO FBI Agents Murdered One Day Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton!. 111
  6. OMG - Trump did something right and that is why you are not hearing about it 105
  7. Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal 98
  8. President Obama's A.G. LORETTA LYNCH Did Something So Bad - Its CLASSIFIED. 95
  9. Donald Trump Demands Investigation into Obama Admin 90
  10. Get ready - Internet as you know it will be gone "The EU is About to Destroy The Internet" 90
  11. Caged Migrant Children Photo Goes Viral As Left Rages At Trump; Except It Happened Under Obama 87
  12. Flood is Coming - Watch The Water 84
  13. First DOJ Leak on IG Report Reveals Obama AG Loretta Lynch Tried to Hide Evidence 84
  14. Evidence Mounting that Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett Worked to Keep SPYGATE Hidden. 80
  15. When life gives you lemons... 80
  16. Melania Trump Called the Secret Service Over Peter Fonda’s Threatening Tweet About Barron 80
  17. BREAKING: Pentagon Releases Declassified 13 Page 2004 Tic Tac UFO Analysis...AAV Not From Earth 79
  18. CNN - Clapper - Comey - CONSPIRED to Keep President-Elect TRUMP From Being Sworn In on 1.20.2017 79
  19. Well, $#!%, I was WRONG ... Trump is EXACTLY What We Need! 78
  20. They're Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes 75

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