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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. US Drops MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan 815
  2. ANTIFA Girl Hospitalized By Nazis! 747
  3. Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Consequences. 635
  4. Dove Soap Ad Features Transgender Mom, Facebook Censors Critics 521
  5. Man Violently Dragged Off Plane After United Airlines Overbooks Flight 511
  6. The right to offend and the right to be offended 423
  7. I am a fan of science, but the Big Bang doesn't seem realitstic to me. 391
  8. Yea Alabama 260
  9. First evidence for higher state of consciousness found 248
  10. Freemasonry and The Coming Storm 238

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. A sad day for us all. 237
  2. A man disappeared in Brazil and left behind 14 books full of encrypted hand-written text 193
  3. NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department 142
  4. UFO reported by workers on Off Shore Oil Rig Supply Vessel in the Gulf of Mexico 21 March, 2017 125
  5. I Miss ATS 125
  6. US launches Tomahawks on Syrian airbases 122
  7. CNN Goes on Rampage Against Susan Rice Bombshell, Instructs Viewers to Ignore Story 115
  8. Trump Wiretap Confirmed "Incidental Collection" Becomes the Scapegoat for the Lying Media 113
  9. Anti-Trumpism is Fanaticism 111
  10. MARS Anomaly: Can anyone shed some light on this picture? 101
  11. America, All of These Problems Are Your Own Damn Fault!!! 98
  12. Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Elite Pedophile Rings in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil 98
  13. Just noticed that ATS has an Art forum, so im sharing some of my work. 93
  14. The President Lied To The American People Again. When Will Enough Be Enough? 93
  15. Trump Redeemed - No Russia Collusion and 2 Warrants 92
  16. Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity - The Wall Street Journal 91
  17. Mystery of the Lost 35 Foot Granite Disc-Cutter Used in Ancient Egypt 90
  18. Archaeology dig in Spain yields prehistoric ‘crystal weapons’ 87
  19. Elongated Skulls from Peru DNA Results 86
  20. Sara Carter Is Back And She Lets On That Trump Wiretap Traces To The top 86

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