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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. *****Republican National Convention thread. Let the games begin.***** 3999
  2. BREAKING NOW Possible Terrorist Attack Nice France 1621
  3. Police operation underway at Munich mall 1021
  4. Reports of multiple officers down in Baton Rouge - CONFIRMED 905
  5. Melania's RNC speech versus Michelle Obama's DNC speech 794
  6. Shooting heard in Ankara, military jets & helicopters flying over city 601
  7. Reports of Nationwide Martial LAW in Turkey ! 555
  8. I'm a Physicist at CERN We've Done Something We Shouldn't Have Done 464
  9. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? 445
  10. LIVE: Loretta Lynch to testify on Capital Hill. 405

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Orlando Nightclub Massacre 194
  2. Dallas shooting! 187
  3. Link between Orlando Terror Shooting, San Bernadino and Washington Naval Yard...and more? 167
  4. ATS - Needs moderation - no support 123
  5. BREAKING NOW Possible Terrorist Attack Nice France 123
  6. Shooting heard in Ankara, military jets & helicopters flying over city 118
  7. UK Votes to Leave EU 116
  8. Insider Claims Inside Knowledge on Clinton Investigation = "Entire Government is Treasonous" 116
  9. BREAKING! Congress requests investigation into Hillary for PERJURY!! 116
  10. Strange egg shape object falls from the sky... 114
  11. Reports of multiple officers down in Baton Rouge - CONFIRMED 107
  12. Gun store owner: We called FBI before Orlando shooting 103
  13. CONFIRMED: Fluoride Damages the Brain 91
  14. Orlando 911 calls will be edited to remove references to "Islamic terrorism". 89
  15. Media in full spin mode: "British regret voting BREXIT". 88
  16. WOW! Larry Elder Deals a Death Blow to BLM 86
  17. Why did Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meet on her airplane in Phoenix this week? 85
  18. Rome is burning, the Emperor is playing his fiddle and censorship 81
  19. The Hypocrites Iron Fist - The PC Movement in light of the War on Drugs - (TRULY EPIC! image HEAVY!) 80
  20. FBI releases document with detail of Alien bodies, spacecraft and planet 78

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