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Good books to read from ATS Members opinions

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posted on Nov, 16 2014 @ 06:31 PM
I'm amazed that no one has mentioned the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. One of my best reads ever. Much much better than the movies.

posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 07:03 AM
Huxley - Ape and Essence, Brave New World.
Lovecraft - Anything.
Clive Barker- Cabal and Books of Blood.
Phillip K Dick- Anything, but try and read Valis and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Stephen King - Cell.
Hinduism - Baghadva Gita, Upanishads.
Robert Anton Wilson - Try reading some of the Illuminatus trilogy, even if you can't finish it at first.
R.A. Salvatore - Drizzt series. Lots of fun, better than Tolkien if you're into elves, dwarves and that kind of stuff.
Gibson - Neuromancer.
Dumas - Count of Monte Christo. Must be unabridged, it is huge, but amazing.
Homer - Anything.
Montague Summer - Vampire and his kith and kin, and Werewolf in lore and legend. These are hard going, with lots of Greek and Latin, as these languages were commonly used in that time among academics, but interesting as texts rather than entertaining reading material. You can't open at first page and read until the end. Choose the bit you're in to a read it very closely.
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posted on Jan, 18 2015 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: fltcui I prefer the movies. Whenever I try to read the books I get to the council of Elrond and give up. Probably because I watched the movies so many times before going to read the books. Not a fan of Tolkiens writing, though. Heavy description is fine if it is written beautifully, but I don't think Tolkien is that good of a writer in a fictional sense. He should have written it as a history textbook instead of a novel.

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: fltcui

Circle of Dawn - Ralf Isau

It frames the time from 1900-1999.
It´s about the "century child" who´s destiny is to fight against the circle of dawn, their master and their masters right hand "necromanus"
Very interesting, ties into historical events!
I ate them all, it´s a series of 4 or 5 books

Fermats last sentence
-If your into mathematics, you will love this book

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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 06:00 PM
I picked this up today at the $10 bookstore

posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: Eunuchorn

Just bought the bound version of Space Wars from William Scott, used in very good shape for 7€ including shipping from USA->Europe.
Edit: It´s 8€, shame on me

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Edit: no its 7€ ^^
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posted on Mar, 2 2015 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: verschickter

Operation Wildfire by Nellson DeMille

and I see, there is a second book,
the sequel to Space Wars - First six hours
Counterspace: The Next Hours of World War III
for everyone who read Space Wars, and does not know

posted on Mar, 12 2015 @ 10:54 AM
One of my favourite books ever? The Mall, by SL Grey. I absolutely love that book. I've read it and read it again, and never get tired of it. It's a cross between a paranormal and sci-fi story, set in a USA shopping mall, where two people become locked in over night and find that things ..... come to life....

It's creepy and weird and plain scary. I highly recommend it.

posted on Oct, 13 2015 @ 10:39 AM
Good thread. Will not miss reading it when in lack of ideas of what to read.

Some books I loved:

First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie
The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe
The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Restaurant at the End of the Universe was also quiet OK. After that, the series went to bizarre for me.


posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 11:05 PM
a reply to: TomFitch
Tom Robbins "Another Roadside Attraction".

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 02:35 PM

originally posted by: vethumanbeing
a reply to: TomFitch
Tom Robbins "Another Roadside Attraction".

Thanks for the tip. Book is on my to read list.


posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 06:59 AM
Lovin this thread! I've already got some of the suggestions on request at the library

A good fantasy series is The Dragon Prince (and Dragon Star series) by Melanie Rawn
some really neat concepts in there, (ex. is the 'Sun runners', who weave light to communicate) I really enjoyed them!

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