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Chris Cristie Administration Caught Manipulating Traffic For Vendetta (Bridgegate)

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 10:59 AM
So, this happened:

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie's deputy chief of staff had advance knowledge of a plan to shut down local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in September, and was aware that the closures would snarl traffic on Fort Lee streets, according to documents obtained by The Star-Ledger.

"Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," read an email message from the deputy, Bridget Anne Kelly, dated Aug. 13, nearly a month before the Sept. 9-13 closures, which snarled traffic and sparked a scandal that has drawn national attention.

Amongst many other emails surfacing showing the CC Aids shut down many lanes strictly to punish a mayor whom didn't endorse Christie.

Now, I know plenty (most) of the republican fanboys around here will either fully stand up for the abuse of power for personal vendetta's against governments that dare go against any republican nomination (not the 7 degrees conspiracy type abuse of power but actual real corruption and abuse), but consider this.
During the lane closures, 1st responders were delayed. Imagine if you were in the area affected in an emergency. Would you be happy about the governments decision to punish you for simply being in the area where your mayor didn't agree with the policys? Would you cheer them as a loved one was on the floor and an ambulance was nowhere to be found?

This is called bullying. Should this be directly linked to Christie himself (its all his aids and the like definitely, investigations going to see how much Christie knows (he has currently cancelled all interviews and is keeping out of sight)) I would hope that not a single soul would vote for this man to run a country, state, or local mcdonalds.

New Jersey Politics. mhmm.

Second Source: turn on CNN

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:14 AM
He is going to be elected POTUS in 2016. Can there be any question about it??
His actions are so typical of a spoiled corrupt politician. He's a shoe-in. Pretty awful ....

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:21 AM
Christie is yet another big government progressive.

Full of himself.

And wants to grow government.

Just like Obama.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:23 AM
What a crock.

When isn't traffic snarled there?

I seriously doubt it will make any difference.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:40 AM
Chris Christie for president? He has all the earmarking's of another epic fail I'd say he has a great chance!

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by beezzer

Christie is as progressive as Hitler

Ask the school children in New Jersey or the people cut off of Medicaid in that state how progressive he is.

They were building an extension of the tunnels and he throw out of work thousands after he canceled it.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:00 PM
Emails released today revealed two political bombshells: Gov. Chris Christie's office had advance knowledge of the traffic nightmare at the George Washington Bridge that crippled Fort Lee in September. And his top officials at the Port Authority did indeed close the lanes as a form of retribution against the town's mayor. "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," Christie's deputy chief of staff wrote to David Wildstein, a top Christie appointee at the Port Authority. Wildstein answered, "Got it." Which confirms what critics have suspected all along: This was an outrageous misuse of public resources, a reckless endangerment of the public, and apparently a massive lie. But by whom? The official line from Christie's lieutenants at the Port Authority has been that this was all part of a secret "traffic study"; that they were simply curious to see what sort of mayhem would ensue if two of Fort Lee's three access lanes to the bridge were cut off, suddenly and unannounced. That's clearly a bogus story. But was the governor lying, too?

Christie has said that after checking with his staff, he determined that no one from his office was involved in these lane closings. He scoffed at the very idea that it was political retribution against the Fort Lee mayor for refusing to endorse his re-election, and joked that he had moved the traffic cones himself. His attempts to laugh this off now appear to be dishonest, though we can't yet be sure that he personally knew about the correspondence of one of his top aides. Still, Christie bears responsibility either way. If it turns out he did know, he is obviously lying and unfit for office -- let alone a 2016 presidential run. And even if he did not, his officials are liars. If Christie can't control them, how can we trust him as a potential future leader of our country?

These emails show beyond a doubt that Christie's deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, was directly involved in the planning of this massive gridlock and got periodic updates. And she knew his executives at the Port Authority were ignoring the mayor's frantic efforts to get a reason behind the lane closures, as emergency responders and school buses full of children got ensnared in the mess. Wildstein has been called to testify about these emails, supplied in response to a subpoena, before a panel of state lawmakers tomorrow. And given their explosive content, we'll need subpoenas to hear Kelly's testimony, as well as that of Christie's chief of staff at the time, Kevin O'Dowd. The most damning evidence against Christie's officials is their utter indifference to the consequences of this prank. "Is it wrong that I'm smiling?" an unidentified text message to Wildstein reads, in response to news that buses of children are trapped in traffic on the first day of the school year. "No," Wildstein wrote back.


So our choice in 2016 is between the sinister Hillary Clinton and this apparent liar and hypocrite Chris Christy

God help us!
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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:12 PM
The utter greed of this political hack, he was beating his opponent in the polls by 40 to 50 percent and he wanted more!

The democratic mayor of Fort Lee didn’t support him like many Democratic mayors who wanted favors did.

So Chris Christie's administration endangered the lives of innocent people in order to reap a political vengeance on the mayor of Fort Lee NJ for not supporting him

This was on the George Washington Bridge, is where he caused a deliberate traffic jam!

I don’t know how many of you folks have been on that bridge but believe me it ain't no fun being on this ugly double decker bridge with the wide Hudson river underneath. You want to get over that bridge as fast as you can.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by SaturnFX

How can you not look at this guy and think shyster?

Christie is a tool, bought and paid for just like all the others.

Republican party would be better off to put as much distance between them as they can. God help them if he gets the nomination.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:23 PM
Sadly, I actually had a bit of hope for Christie. I mean, he definitely plays the partisan party game as strong as the rest, but he did seem to have a pre-2008 McCain flare for saying bunk to party politics and instead do what is right verses what is Right...Now, I am still reserving judgment on Christie himself, but already it shows he keeps very poor company if all his aids are damn near criminal in their vengeance towards any whom go against the grain...I wonder how you can work in politics and abuse power...not the spirit of the country (I wonder, but I am not surprised).

I wouldn't say Christie is definitely going to be the frontrunner for the R ticket. This may sink his chances actually if he does, he seems to be very calculating though and clever. He was smart not to run in 12, and he will judge the winds quite accurately. Waiting for a no-name with no articulation to run on the D ticket before he goes. So, unless Biden is front, then I am thinking perhaps not.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:29 PM

Sadly, I actually had a bit of hope for Christie.

He's a very different kind of person from who he was in 2008.
Either that, or his corrupt side wasn't well exposed.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by SaturnFX

Anyone who is a career politician knows how to play they game. If they don't, then their handlers do. Almost every step they make is pre-calculated with odds as to how it will make them look with one demographic or another.

Political positioning for the sake of money, greed, power, etc. makes me sick.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 12:49 PM
What people don’t know about Christie is that he is a real bully.
A bully defined as someone who picks on the weak or the perceived weak.

He is gutting the educational system in the urban areas with charter schools that are as bad as the regular schools, and Cory Booker has helped him do that so this isn’t even a partisan issue.

These inner city schools have no power, since the state runs them, and like Chicago that just closed over 50 schools; this is all a plot to privatize inner city schools.

He is abusing the politically weak, that is the minorities in NJ and school teachers.

Christie particularly picks on them…female school teachers and rails against them.

Imagine a sadistic bully like him at the helm of the presidency!

It is understandable that a con man like Obama would get along with a bully like Christie.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:05 PM
Chris Christie is the "Honey Boo Boo" of the republican party.

And that is me being nice about it.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:46 PM
Wow, the clinton democratic attack machine is starting early! The smear campaign is easily spotted by anyone. This shows how scared the machine is. Attack his looks, attack his character, next they will attack his family. Huge smear campaign all this is. Shame on you guys.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 01:52 PM

Wow, the clinton democratic attack machine is starting early! The smear campaign is easily spotted by anyone. This shows how scared the machine is. Attack his looks, attack his character, next they will attack his family. Huge smear campaign all this is. Shame on you guys.

You are either full of crap or you can't see what is right in front of you. Nasty and dumb is no way to go through life son.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 02:12 PM

Wow, the clinton democratic attack machine is starting early! The smear campaign is easily spotted by anyone. This shows how scared the machine is. Attack his looks, attack his character, next they will attack his family. Huge smear campaign all this is. Shame on you guys.

Clinton isn't any better and is probably worse!

Between Clinton/Christie it's like looking at Darth Vader and Lex Luthor to see who is the better bad guy!

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 06:24 PM
Fort Lee woman died as GWB closures delayed medical help, report says
The controversial lane closures at the George Washington Bridge last September delayed emergency responders from attending to at least four medical situations in Fort Lee — including helping a 91-year-old woman who lay unconscious and later died, according to a report by The Record. Democrats have long accused Republican Gov. Chris Christie of ordering the lane closures as political retribution for Fort Lee's Democratic mayor refusing to endorse his re-election bid last year. Today, newly unveiled e-mails show that one of Christie's top aides knew about the closures in advance. The governor himself has denied being involved and today issued a statement admonishing the aide. As traffic clogged the area, the response time doubled in at least two medical calls, according to a letter from Paul Favia, the head of Fort Lee's EMS department, sent to the borough's mayor, the Record's report said.

This is the result of playing with peoples lives.

On the morning of Sept. 9 — the first day of the gridlock — EMS crews took seven to nine minutes to arrive at the scene of a car accident in which four people were injured, when the response time should have been less than four minutes, according to the report. It then took responders seven minutes to reach the unconscious woman that morning, the report said. She later died of cardiac arrest at a hospital, according to the report. Favia did not say whether the delay directly caused her death, but he noted in the letter that "paramedics were delayed due to heavy traffic on Fort Lee Road and had to meet the ambulance en-route to the hospital instead of on the scene," the report said. Responders were late getting to a third call that morning, in which a person was experiencing chest pains," according to the report. More traffic issues the next morning caused responders to reach a man experiencing chest pains in seven minutes, when it should have taken three to four, the report said. It is unclear whether there were more delays in medical help. Favia's letter was dated Sept. 10; the traffic problems persisted until Sept. 13.

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 06:30 PM
I want to say that as far as I am concerned, Hillary Clinton may be worst than this barbarian Chris Christie.

This has nothing to do with politics…it’s a politician caught with his lies down

Sure the dems are going to use this for political gain, that’s politics, the GOP uses Benghazi against Clinton.

I am just glad the American people are getting a good look at someone, who like Obama fooled everybody( not me though), who is a barbaric bully, something I ALREADY KNEW!

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 06:41 PM
Am I the only one here sick enough of Democrats and Republicans not to vote for either one anymore? Some people enjoy low wages, expensive medical care, and endless wars for corporate profits.

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